Monday, October 28, 2013

Asian Massage: One-stop Beauty and Health Hub

I am not sure if you will agree with me, but I guess women in general are naturally vain. Society dictates as young girls that we all had to look good all the time. I remember in grade school, I'd often come to class with my hair all up in colorful beaded braids. The bullies back then would take pleasure in annoying me, but perhaps they just wanted to get my attention then. Now that we're adults, it is inevitable to try at least to look good or make ourselves look nice--after all, they said first impressions last. Regardless if it is true or not, we owe it to ourselves to look somewhat presentable because we get to face and meet a lot of people whether you're a working mom, a young professional or simply a homemaker. 
It is important that we find time for ourselves. And having discovered Asian Massage in their Pearl Drive Branch, I'd like to share with you what I've just found out about this one-stop shop for your beauty needs. 

Ever found a place where you practically had almost everything you need? Asian Massage had more than the usual spa center had to offer. For one, it had an Asian Salon (yes, you can have your hair treatments, your makeup done, color your nails just as I did), Body Care via Asian Clinic (radio frequency treatments, cavitation, facial treatments to whatnot), and of course, Asian Massage signature massages to de-stress and knead those tensions away. 

Take time off slaving work and reward yourself with a royal treatment. Asian Massage, Asian Clinic and Asian Salon prides itself in offering indulgent services to choose from that are sure to please the princess in you. Spoil yourself from head to toe starting with dainty nail art and nail treatments followed by stress reducing body massage or hair treatments. 

Asian Salon has a wide variety of Korean branded nail polish--so you have plenty of choices. I picked purple pink for my tootsies. It's so pretty! 

Now a vacation getaway is just a quick shopping detour away. Escape to Asian Massage, located right in the heart of Ortigas, near the shopping and business center. Experience the height of relaxation with their signature massage that's sure to make you feel better as the therapist knead strokes of pressure points into your body, you might doze off to slumberland in no time! 

Experience the height of relaxation at Asian Massage, it promises improved blood circulation, strengthen immunity, reduced anxiety and come out with a healthier and more vibrant glow. Visit Asian Massage at 103 Greenrich Mansion, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

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