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The Triumph ramp at the Philippine Fashion Week

I have just been caught up in the fashion show frenzy after this blogger was recently invited to cover Triumph’s Spring/Summer collection ramp show for the Philippine Fashion Week, held at the cavernous Function Room 4 of the SMX Convention Center in SM Mall of Asia. It was indeed an evening well attended by stylists, a sprinkling of celebrities, and fashion magazine editors on the look out for stylishly sexy lingerie collection.

A corset circa 1886.

If you happen to be there, I guess you must have had your share of “oooh’s”, “aaaah’s”, and geez, I wish I had her body/breast moments just like us after witnessing sexy models gliding down in seductive Triumph lingerie.

With a few video clips shown on Triumph’s history and their different product brands, the song captured the mood, with models looking comfortable, even only in their underwear, exuding both elegance and style in their own sexy ways. 

A real head-turner.

Every woman will surely find a pair to covet among the Triumph’s spring summer collection that was presented that night. Timeless styles of black and nude color were also featured along with the more colorful one such as crimson red, purple (my fave!) and aqua hues in sexy and functional pieces. We particularly liked the Valisere collection, it spells ALLURING. Need I say more? 

Sexy and seductive lingerie in high quality.

Standouts were lingerie with memory cushion cups. These are the new comfort innovation. Sensationally soft and incredibly comfortable, these memory cushion cups perfectly moulds to individual body contours, delivering the ultimate comfort experience and super smooth fit. 

Stylish Triumph lingerie in different colors and style.

Models in their final catwalk.

Ms. Ruffa Guttierez does the finale for Triumph.

It wouldn’t be Triumph show without a blitzkrieg of a celebrity to take over the runway from hard-working models. The show’s finale had former beauty queen, Ms. Ruffa Guttierez joined the models as they sashayed down the runway in her black lingerie.

From a tiny corset factory in Southern Germany with only six sewing machines and six employees, Triumph had really gone a long, long way by becoming the world’s leading supplier of trendy lingerie and shapewear today with around 37,500 employees working in over 120 countries worldwide, Triumph International celebrates its 125th anniversary this year.
Ms. Ruffa Guttierez graces the Triumph event.

Ms. Guttierez with Mr. Kenneth Marshall, Triumph's Global Government International Project Manager

The Memory Cushion cup bra that perfectly fit--so comfy, yet stylish!
Triumph International, known for their quality brand of lingerie are still in the hands of the families of its founders—merchant Michael Braun and corset maker Johann Gottfried Spiesshofer—the company still develops, manufactures and sells fabulous lingerie, shapewear, undergarments, beach fashion, leisurewear, and sleepwear for both men and women, under such renowned brand names such as Triumph, Sloggi, the seductive brand Valisere, and HOM. 

Perfection, innovation and a passion for supreme quality comfort and cutting-edge design is what makes Triumph a well-loved brand through all these years. The company’s solid commitment that brings seductive power to Triumph’s lingerie and shapewear: every piece flatters the body, lures the senses and expresses sublime fashion and body awareness. Stylish, high-performance, contemporary designs—no other intimate apparel company offers such extensive portfolio of desirable brands and products.
As a way of thanking all its loyal customers, Triumph International will continue to strive for the very best in design, materials, and craftsmanship along with their utmost dedication, passion and vision that the company has embraced for the past 125 years in perfecting the female silhouette.

And in line with their celebration of 125 solid years, Triumph International will be having an honest-to-goodness steal price ONLY for TODAY, October 28, 2011: 2 Bras will be available for only P1, 250 and a panty at P125, available at all major department stores nationwide.

More power to Triumph International!

Like Triumph International Philippines on Facebook or visit their website at
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Leungdeleon Marketing and Ms. Claudine De Leon for the invites.


Bioessence: 17 years and Loving it!

I had been looking for a spa where I could just relax and pamper myself without thinking about beating my deadlines or the household chores I’m about to do next.   I think we all deserve to spend time for ourselves no matter how busy we are. And in my case, I want to have exactly just like what Bruno Mars’ says in his popular Lazy Song, “Today, I feel like not doing anything.” God must have finally heard my prayers when I received an invite in celebration of Bioessence Skin and Slimming Spa’s 17th year in the aesthetics industry.

The facade of one of the Bioessence branches.

Cozy interiors makes the spa more inviting.

Comfort and privacy for all guests.

Bioessence is one of the leaders in the beauty and wellness. Their loyal customers had trusted them for a fruitful 17 years of making lives beautiful. Bioessence is not only about making your skin and body beautiful, they also aim to provide a relaxing environment conducive to meditation, relaxation and having a deeper connection to oneself. Oftentimes, we take ourselves for granted because we would always prefer to prioritize those whom we love. But how are we going to take care of those we love if we take ourselves for granted in the first place? At Bioessence, it’s all about YOU. Loving ones self and taking care of ones self leads to better relations.
Facial treatments for your skin's special needs.

State-of-the-art machines and latest innovation on skin and slimming care.

Here’s the good news: In line with their anniversary celebration, Bioessence is giving a 50% discount on premium services, plus a chance to win a designer bag or jewelry, and hundreds of other items from September 9, 2011-October 30,2011. And in their effort to be able to provide holistic wellness, they have partnered with a! Life, Medchef, Boardwalk and Yoshinoya.

As I’ve said earlier, I had always been looking for a spa that suits my needs.  You see, for some people, going to a spa for a facial can be traumatic, especially if it’s your first time.  I could vividly recall my first facial experience (no, not with Bioessence) where I had to remind the therapist that she was pricking my face and not digging up dirt from a construction site. I even shed tears because of that. I thought: “Geez, that must be the price I had to pay for vanity.”
This invite says it all!

Cute and girly details for the talon digits courtesy on the nail technicians.

Fashion blogger Angeline Rodriguez of

Ms. Cha Sampang demonstrates the use of the power pore minimizer.

Look at my digits! Aren't they cute?

Fellow blogger Renz enjoys her back massage.

Facials need not be painful, this I’ve come to understand later on. At Bioessence, each therapist is professionally trained and guided by a resident dermatologist to make sure that you are in good hands. Customers also get a VIP treatment each time they’d come into the spa. I had been to Bioessence a couple of times so I should know exactly what

I’m talking about. You will be greeted by the soothing aroma and a warm welcome by their friendly staff that’ll surely put you at ease right away. If it’s your first time in their branch, they would be happy to give you a guided tour of their facilities and give a detailed description of the services they offer. Hot or cold refreshments are also served together with free consultations.

Bioessence also boasts of state-of-the-art beauty equipment such as the power pore minimizer and thermoshape radio frequency machine. During the bloggers’ event, Bioessence’s friendly training officer, Ms. Cha Sampang, gamely tried it on so we could all see how it’s supposed to be used. According to Ms. Sampang, it’s the same item used by NASA people to instantly heal a wound and it also helps fight acne problems and delayed aging, sagging and wrinkling skin as well. With such beauty innovation, I see no reason why women wouldn’t want to try it.

I had tried their refreshing facial with diamond peel as well as their back massage. The facial therapist’s hands were so light, her hands almost lull me to sleep. I also loved the fruity mask she had put on my face. My skin felt tight and looked smooth and supple after that treatment. I realized, facials aren’t something to be scared of when done the right way. My massage therapist, Ruth Jenisan and good friend Milette Sison, both encouraged me to try the thermoshape (radio frequency) treatment. Ate Milette said the procedure is safe and easy but it effectively burn fats. I begged off but promised myself I would try it next time.

After my relaxing day in Bioessence, I’ll be coming back for more facial treatments and I might eventually give the thermoshape a try and see for myself why my friends are all raving about it. All the pampering services such as relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials and effective slimming treatments will surely make one feel like a Queen even just for a day.

With 51 branches nationwide, you’re sure to find a Bioessence branch near you. Get that ultimate pampering experience that’ll surely makes you feel like a Queen! You may call 0918-8BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments.

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Claudine De Leon, Ms. Mica Agdamag of LeungdeLeon Marketing, and Ms. Cha Sampang of Bioessence.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Polecats Manila's Polarity Show: Truly Amazing!

 It was an invite I could not resist. My fellow blogger friend Darryl Dial Villena of had asked me if I wanted to watch a different kind of show that features pole dancers. And I’m not talking about any ordinary pole dancers here; I’m talking about the fast-rising group called Polecats.

Tickets and mementos from the Polarity show.
I had to admit, I’m not really into dancing. It’s probably not just my kind of art. Although I was told by my relatives that I had been a pretty good dancer when I was a kid, I figured it doesn’t seem to matter anymore as nobody would believe how lithe my body was when I was younger.

Right now, I’m more into virtual arts like photography and painting. So when an opportunity presents itself such as this case, where I could appreciate dancing as an art, I could not let this event pass, Darryl immediately got my nod.

The members of the Polecats Manila

To be completely honest, I had no idea what the show was all about. I mean, it felt kind of weird at first because pole dancing used to be only known for those that would want to see a sexy kind of show. But on Polecats first appearance on the Philamlife stage, I was instantly hooked!

Imagine pole dancers twirled, swayed, and pole danced on stage to the music of a 20-piece live orchestra, that included violins to the tune of Eraserheads’ El Bimbo? Yes, that was such an explosive number to start a show.

I am amazed that those women had made pole dancing as a form of exercise. Polecats had proven at that one-night only show that pole dance performances are no longer only for strip clubs and sleazy bars. The group even had male performers that night that also did pole dance numbers on their own.

Ms. Christina Dy, Founder and Director of Polecats Manila

As the orchestra played further classical style arrangements of both modern and mellow music, dancers of both genders swung and climbed gracefully up to 12 foot poles on stage, showing their flexibility, strength and moves bordering acrobatics with sensuality.

Here's a video I had taken from Polarity show. Just to give you a glimpse of what happened during the show:

Before the show started, Ms. Christina Dy, Polecats Director and Founder was interviewed by members of the media, “I would like people to see that we’re really good at what we do and not just sexy. Our routine involves swings and twirls need balance, coordination and technical skills. What we do is really hard, but we’re doing it for art and athleticism.”

Polecats employed the help of fast-strutting practitioner of Parkour—a movement method of French origin involving running, jumping, vaulting and rolling around obstacles—to introduce the more acrobatic type of routines in pole dancing that would be more suited for men. Polecats expects more male recruits in the coming days as soon as lessons are in
full swing.

Art lovers and dance enthusiasts were present in Polecats’ Polarity show. Darryl and I were able to see University of the Philippines professor and part-time on-cam talent Ramon Bautista and director Lyle Sacris as part of the audience.

After the show, I no longer ask why pole dancing is such an instant hit. I may not be able to do it, but seeing the difficult routines those Polecats members had to go through, I know that it not only entails discipline but also love and dedication to pole dancing. The show is truly an eye-opener for me. It had changed the way I look at pole dancing and I learned to appreciate it more than ever. I only had two words for it: truly amazing!

To learn more about Polecats Manila, Like them of Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at . Learn pole dancing from the country’s premiere pole dancing group by sending them an email at

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Darryl Dial-Villena for the tickets. 


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Women, Work & Wellness Seminar/Workshop

Career and family? Yes, we can have both! It is possible. We can be an effective parent, wife and a working mom all at the same time.

Most mothers today, find themselves working either by choice or need, then have a difficult time handling issues at home and in the workplace. We want to cherish and embrace our growing family, yet deadlines in the office require our time and attention. From attending the parent-teacher meeting to facilitating the management meeting and everything else in between, it can test our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual state.

The juggling, nurturing and negotiating that happen in our house and in our offices are more complex and important than ever - because how working moms respond nowadays, is reshaping our cultural landscape.

 The Parenting Company, Inc. in partnership with Inspire Leadership Consultancy, are privileged to present "Women, Work and Wellness" a Moms@Work series on November 23, 2011 (Wednesday) 1:30-5:30PM at Rockwell Tent, Makati City targeting200-300 single women professionals, working moms and moms to beThis isa half-day workshop with celebrity mom and mompreneur,Ms. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan as she shares her insights and experience as a working mom. Joining her are special guest speakers,Miriam Quiambao, Jaymie Pizarro and Mutya Laxa as they share their thoughts on balancing career, business, fitness and motherhood.

Set this day with us - so when you come home from work, your family gets the BEST of you not what is left of you. We hope to see you there!

For inquiries, call 687-2614 and look for Krisselle or Leng, or email us at 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Diana Stalder's 15th Year Anniversary: Get that skin you've always wanted!

Some of Diana Stalder skin care products.

Diana Stalder recently celebrated its 15th year Anniversary by coming up with a fashion show held last October 16, 2011 at the SM City Calamba in Laguna. Loyal customers, mall goers and fans alike where thrilled to have met two of Diana Stalder’s celebrity endorsers Ms. Yayo Aguila and upcoming teen heartthrob from GMA 7, Derick Monasterio.  There were even special production numbers and fun games for the audiences, with the program hosted by Yes Fm and Love Radio’s talented DJ’s Diego Bandido and Cheska San Diego

The invites for the said event at SM City Calamba.

As if that wasn’t enough, Diana Stalder also had an unbelievably amazing 15th year anniversary treats for clients and customers. With every P500 purchase of products and services, entitles a client to buy any soap, essences; personal care and foot care products for only P15 each. (Limited to 5 products of any kind per client) For spa goers like us, that’s really a great value for money! Imagine different kinds of soaps for your skin’s special needs such as kojic, whitening, anti-acne, licorice, fruit-scented soaps that used to be P135 and up, you can now get for a steal price of only P15 each? Foot care products such as foot lotion and foot scrubs are also for P15 each. Isn’t that enough reason to rush to the nearest Diana Stalder branch? You better believe it for it is Diana Stalder’s way of thanking its consumers and clients for a fruitful 15 years of existence. But better hurry up for the said promo’s only good while supplies last. Promo period is from October 1-31, 2011.

Diana Stalder promo girls give out samples and flyers to mall goers.

YesFm and Love Radio's DJ Diego Bandido and Cheska San Diego hosted the affair.

The audiences wait for the program to begin.

Fellow bloggers Momo Adam Lim and Darryl Dial-Villena.

Dermaline, one of the country’s leading companies that produce quality skin care products, also owns Diana Stalder.  They have provided excellent quality skin care products especially made for Filipinas all these years.  So you can be assured of its high standards in services and excellent quality products as well.

I had tried using Diana Stalder’s Clean and Tone lotion. It is a toning lotion that also cleanses, with its formulation of Allantoin and Salicylic Acid. It is especially formulated for oily skin, keeping my skin clean and fresh. I like it so much simply because it doesn’t leave my skin feeling too tight unlike other products I’ve previously tried. And I also love Diana Stalder’s Lemon Soap. It comes in a yellow packaging soap that smells so citrusy; it helps to cheer up my day each time I wash. It’s a cleansing soap specially formulated to cleanse and remove dirt and excess oil for a smoother skin. Other Diana Stalder products help protect from damages caused by free radicals and sun exposure, leaving your skin nourished and supple. They also have a line for those with really sensitive skin that are guaranteed hypoallergenic.
Celebrity endorser Ms. Yayo Aguila shares her beauty secret using Diana Stalder's products with the hosts.

Young actor Derick Monasterio of Tween Hearts rendered a special song to the delight of the audience.

Beautiful inside and out, Ms. Yayo Aguila still looks as fresh and as young during her Bagets days. 

The Diana Stalder reception area at SM City Calamba's packed with customers.

Diana Stalder's products sold at unbelievably low price for the anniversary.

Loads of soaps in different colors and scents are at the reception counter for you to try.

They say that the largest organ that we have is our skin. It is always exposed to a lot of different factors such as stress and pollution among others. When our skin sags and wrinkles, we tend to look older than our real age. And when you’re in your early thirties like me, it’s never too late to care for your skin. So we better give our skin the attention it rightfully deserves. It’s such a good thing that Diana Stalder’s products and services are made available. 

Facial Supreme treatment tops the list of most loved services.

Diana Stalder Face and Body Skin Care Center by Dermaline has branches in Alabang, Antipolo City, Araneta Center Cubao, Makati City, Paranaque, Cebu, Davao, Greenhills, Malolos City Bulacan, Manila, Santa Rosa Laguna, Tanay Rizal, Tutuban Center Mall, and SM City in Bacolod, Calamba, Iloilo and Lucena. 
Like Diana Stalder on Facebook : dianastalderfacebodysurgicenter and log on to their website .  Call their hotline for details on how to get the skin you’ve always wanted at +63 (02) 638-8417/631-4941. 

The Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Ia Adam Lim, Ms. Leila Balane of Diana Stalder, the very accommodating branch manager of Diana Stalder’s SM City Calamba (sorry I didn’t get your name).
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun Ranch's Halloween Party

Mommies, get your little ones ready for another spooktacular halloween party. Say BOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's time for the annual Fun Ranch Halloween Costume Party.

The event happens on Saturday, October 22, 2011 from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at The Great Big Room of Big Red Barn in Fun Ranch, Ortigas. Trick or Treat around Fun Ranch immediately follows.

Sparkle with Glitter Tattoo! Take a snap of your costume and bring home a photo souvenir. Get amazed with the magic of our Junior Kadabra Cup winner or; listen and be fascinated with our story telling activity. Find all these and more in this year's grand party.

Boo Time! is sponsored by Star Cruises, Layers & Layers, Gee Whiz Stuffs, Digiprint, Adarna House and Global Art. Lootbag sponsors are Regent , Chupa Chups,  Mentos, Tomy Fruity, Twin Oaks, Jack ‘n Jill Animal Bites, Jack n' Jill Magic Coated, Jack n’ Jill Choco Knots, Wiggles, Pinoy Kendi, Star Fruits, Dynamite Chews, X.O. Duets and Chumbos.

Ticket Prices:

Child – Php 500.00 inclusive of snacks, food cart treats, entrance, one Ride All You Can wristband, lootbag, access to all activities and trick or treat stub

Adult – Php 250.00 inclusive of snacks, selected food cart treats, entrance and access to all activities

Tickets are pre-sold and limited to one hundred kids only, first come first served. There is no limit to the number of paid adults who will accompany a child. For more details, call 706-3029 or 706-3031.

Purple Plum Fairy's Christmas Giveaway

A very colorful picture book for your toddler.

Hello Mommies and Daddies! It's time to share another giveaway from the pixie dusts of this Purple Fairy! Woot! Woot! I know this is just my small token of thank you to everyone who continuously read and subscribe to my retarded blog entries. I am so sorry as I had been quite busy with other stuff lately that going online had truly been impossible. 

Loyal followers must know that I just had two previous giveaways. The first one was last summer where I had given away three tubes of Banana Boat sunblock for kids (There's another one left in my possession, so for the winner who haven't received her prize please get in touch with me within this month, otherwise, I'll have to forfeit your prize.) Then I had given away Fashion Blendz items for three lucky readers from our generous sponsor. As of this writing, all the winners were able to receive their prizes. Again, thank you so much for all those who joined my previous contests.

As early as this month, I am posting my Christmas giveaway because I'm pretty sure I'd be busy again come the holiday season preparing the Christmas feast dinner, presents for my family and all stressful stuff.  For this year, Mommies and Daddies could win any of the these items: A book for their child called The Very Lazy Lady Bug (hard bound), a book for you based on Universal Pictures' Robin Hood (paperback) and a beige Mimi Purse from the Rags to Riches' design of Rajo Laurel. There will also be two educational videos for kids ages 1-5 years old, two tickets + four complimentary drinks to the Liquid Bar @ Manila Ocean Park, Sundance Hailey purple/lavender blouse worth P315.00, and of course, the grand prize--an educational V-tech toy for your baby/toddler worth P1,700. For my food blog, Security Blanket, I'll have another limited edition Nestle Coffee Shaker for one lucky follower/reader.  There will be a total of eight winners because there are eight prizes to be given away for Christmas. 

A Mimi Purse from the Rags to Riches design of Rajo Laurel.

The RobinHood paperback with two educational videos + purple Hailey Sundance blouse. 

Here's the V-tech toy I will be giving away to one lucky follower/reader of Purple Plum Fairy. Check it out:

*PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING: By the way, this contest is only for Philippine residents only. Winners must understand that prizes will not be delivered to them and must agree for a meet-up. You may join if you're living in the province, provided that you'll agree for a meet-up. Winners will be informed where they could pick up their prizes. Winners must claim their prizes until January 31, 2012, otherwise, prizes will be forfeited.

How to score these amazing loot: 

1. You must publicly follow Purple Plum Fairy via GFC (Google Friend Connect) and/or Networked Blogs.
2. Like Purple Plum Fairy on Facebook
3. Publicly follow Security Blanket and Soulful Travels via GFC.
4. Subscribe via e-mail (you have to confirm your subscription once you receive the message in your inbox)thru Feedburner.
4. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post.
5. Publicly follow @purpleplumfairy on Twitter.
6. Answer this question: What do you know now that you didn't know when you were not yet a parent (a mom or a dad)? Send an email to with the subject: PPF X'mas Contest, together with your answer, name, email, mobile and mailing address. I am sorry I need to do this so that there will be no copying of answers. 
5. When you did all the first steps, kindly comment at the end of this blog post to make tracking easy enough for me. 

I hope you guys can join my Christmas Giveaway. Thank you!

Advance Merry Christmas,

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