Sunday, October 13, 2013

Real UnliCHAT Experience with Globe’s GoUnli30

Mothers always wish they had more of two things: time and energy. And as much as possible, I try my best in making the most of each day by doing and being more. And since I am far from being perfect, I admit that there are times when I take on a lot more than I can chew to the point that I tend to sacrifice quality time with my family without meaning to. It’s such a good thing that there’s technology. We communicate with people around us in a number of ways: through gestures, by word of mouth, in writing, texting or sending SMS messages, through online live-streaming videos and social media platforms and by using our mobile phones. Thank God for Globe Telecom’s GoSakto promo, it allows me to both maximize my time and make up to those dear to me. 

Using Globe’s UNLI 30 gives me the time to do a whole lot of things and supports me as a multi-hyphenated mom. With Globe’s UNLI 30, I have an entire day of unlimited calls to Globe and TM mobile subscribers + UnliTEXT to ALL Networks, not to mention Freebies such as Free Viber, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Line, GMessage and FB Messenger! And I get all these without the need for any wi-fi, how’s that? It’s truly a good value for money considering it’s very affordable at only Php30 a day. Times are hard and we all need to budget our expenses wisely. I know all Mommies can relate to what I am saying here. So it’s really helpful to find something of an excellent promo such as Globe’s GoUnli 30.

In this day and age, where the Pinays are no longer just limited to stay-at-home-moms, Globe’s GoUnli30 allows me to do more without all the hassle I used to encounter. For one, I can call on all my possible clients via its Unlimited Call or even send them SMS thru its UnliTEXT.I could follow up on Soviet Camera Store’s lomography camera orders and payments with my boss in faraway Ukraine through the free Viber. I could also answer inquiries and questions regarding Abisabi Fashion—my good friend’s an online clothing store for women as I also do its social media pages online. Sometimes my bosses (I happen to have three—and they live in three different parts of the globe: two in Europe and one in Asia) and I would hold our weekly meetings via Kakao Talk’s group call features where at least five of your friends (in my case my three superiors) can converse with each other. Globe’s Unli30 chat feature gives us that power to converse despite the distance that separates us. As we talk, we try to tackle which items to sell, what other promotional stuff we can do and what products to highlight for the time being. Using Globe’s unlimited call and text, I check on my elder sister’s pregnancy from time to time. I also get to call my Mom and catch up on each other’s lives.

 I also use Globe’s Unlicall each time I needed the advice of my former teacher and to ask her expertise on some items each time I practice my profession—each time I bake. I would also so the same when I seek for my friends advices in times of discernment or when I am faced with myriads of problems. It is indeed truly helpful for people like me who are always on the go. I bet that Globe’s Sakto Unli30 is also considered as heaven sent by people involved in LDR’s (read: long-distance relationships)! What do I say? Been there, done that during my early 20’s. If Globe Telecom had made the same promo around ten years ago, then maybe my ex and I would still be together. It could have made things easier for us to maintain the relationship. I could still recall I used to spend Php500 for an hour’s call to my Ex-boyfriend who lives on the other side of the planet. It felt good to hear his voice—the sound of his voice was enough to make my heart go flutter. That’s why LDR’s back then were only for the dorks because it’s really expensive to maintain one. Nowadays, those in LDR’s need just Php30 to get access to unlimited talk to their significant other. Well, I guess people in LDR’s are luckier than we were. Anyways, past is past. My love story is an entirely different story. I just figured out that my love story could have been a little different if Globe Telecom had this offer back then.

What I love best about Globe is their crystal clear connection and signals--it feels like the one you're talking or chatting to is just someone who lives next door when in fact he or she's a thousand miles away from you or in the other part of the globe. Globe has a strong reception. I used Viber before using another wifi, but I was surprised that in the middle of my conversation with a friend, we've lost each other's line. It is not the same thing when you use Globe's GoUnli30 promo with Viber or any free chat apps Globe has partnered with, even without the need for a wifi. I think, clear connection and not chappy lines are truly important in connecting with those you love. It is when you feel their warmth the most when you hear how they sound like and how they react to your stories. And each time you do, it feels like they seemed to be just right beside you, as if they never left home or you're never apart from each other. 

  • With GoUNLI30, subscribers get unlimited texts to all networks, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and unlimited chat with the best messaging apps like Viber, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and the telco’s very own messaging app GMessage without the need for Wi-Fi or additional data charges. Available for only P30 valid for 1 day, GoUNLI30 gives you no excuse to stay out of the loop and connect with more than 1 billion users around the world regardless of mobile network or location.
  • Go all-out unlimited with GoUNLI30 and UNLICHAT25 now. Register by dialing *143# and then choosing GoSAKTO on your Globe mobile phone or texting GOUNLI30 or UNLICHAT25 to 8888
Apart from these, I could still read messages and answer inquiries on Black LabeI Photography (which my boss also owns). I could do all these and still be able to hook up with my son Kyle on FB messenger. Yes, folks. We’re Facebook friends and I also befriended his friends so that I am updated with his online social circle. Don’t get me wrong, I do not practice some hovering parenting style, but I just want to make sure about my son’s safety. I don’t want to be the last to know that my son’s being bullied online. Sending him a note and ask about his day at school may not be much, but it is important to let him know that I’m here for him anytime. After all, he’s always been my top priority.

Living a full, balanced life can lead to a happier you because a job or career outside the home can encourage a sense of equilibrium. And Globe’s Unli30 assists me to become the total package and multi-hyphenated that I am: mom, daughter, sister, blogger, friend, social media assistant, pastry chef, and freelance writer—all into one.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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