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Milestones and the Importance of Age-Appropriate Milk in Pre-School Children

The very first thing that a parent worries about once his or her child goes to school for the first time would be: “Is my child ready?” Nowadays, children as young as 2 or 3 years of age goes to pre-school for play time and to be able to mingle with kids their own age. It is the most interesting stage where our kids will gain their foundation towards good learning and camaraderie. But at the same time, it is also the period in which they encounter the most mishap or accidents. The 3-4-5 pre-school stage is said to be the most vital years of developmental milestones of a child. 

This is also the crucial period when every moment becomes photo images of discovery. I would love to call these as ‘camera moments’, when you’d always want to be with them and support them in every endeavor or activity that they take interested with. Most psychologists also call it the ‘learning curve’. I remember seeing Kyle when he first held a crayon over his stubby little fingers, he was in such a great awe and I felt so proud seeing his very first drawing using such crayons. It is through these very moments that they build their confidence and boosts their own self-esteem. Developmental milestones such as these are essential. Thus, proper nutrition and guidance are very much needed.

The school is a ‘new world’ for each child—a new environment that he or she can explore, try new stuff, test his or her limits and gain new friends. It is best that they’re equipped with nutrients to fully support their brain and body development so that they can do all these things.

Proper diet enhanced by drinking milk ilk is most appropriate for their age because it will help them cope, adjust and succeed in that unfamiliar and exciting setting,” said resident nutritionist and dietician for Alaska Nutribuild 345, Tifanny Anne Santuyo.
As parents, we’re naturally anxious to keep tabs on our child’s activities. We need to shower our kids with encouragement and affection as well as positive kind words as we show them our love. 

Pre-school children are naturally choosy when it comes to their food preferences. I remember Kyle’s pre-school days when he wanted nothing but ‘fried chicken’. I really had to do something creative just so he won’t stick to his ‘fried chicken diet’. I know pretty much that growing children needs milk along with proper balanced diet (which means nutritious meals) to help them stay active, energetic and alert. As parents, we should be wary of what our kids eat. Sadly, some moms find themselves giving in to what the child wants without considering its nutritional value. I don’t mean that we force our kids to eat up their meals although we all get frustrated sometimes with picky eaters. Moms may actually give in to the child’s preference while providing the nutrients they need for optimum development.  Simply remember that the more varied and nutritious the food items are, the more that they are enabling their child to absorb nutrients needed to get them ready for school,” quipped Santuyo.

“In a mommy’s search for an answer, the best indicator is the child him/herself. Look no further. Milestones become successes when mommies teach by example, because pre-school children mirror what they see. Preparing nutritious meals supplemented by milk that is best for their age, and showing them the right way to eat to avoid misconceptions about food, are some of the healthiest ways the best mothers practice in preparation for the first school years in their child’s life. 

Age appropriate nourishment is the main focus of Alaska NutriBuild 345. A nutrient-rich milk formula packed with essential nutrients made specifically with those pre-school age children in mind, it is a particular growing-up milk that helps and supports mental and physical needs of children as they go through the four major developmental milestones: physical, lingual, intellectual and emotional (socio-spiritual) components. 

“Following a breakfast of fruit like papaya and a glass of the right milk, a baon of mini pizza slices for the little one’s school snack would make them anticipate the next meal too.  A robust helping of lunch like two pieces of meat and half cup of vegetables in pork sinigang, and a piece of fish fillet with another glass the right milk for dinner, is a good example of balancing their nutritional requirements,” concluded children’s nutrition expert, Santuyo.

With a reputable trademark to maintain, Alaska Nutribuild 345 establishes new parameters in milk formulas for children at ages 3,4, & 5. It is enriched with brain and body builder: the right mix of iron+zinc+iodine which supports development of brain functions, enhances immunity and promotes growth; choline that helps in the development of cognitive and memory functions; and DHA/ARA that supports healthy vision and cognitive development. Partnered with a balanced diet and a healthy dose of physical activity, Alaska Nutribuild 345 helps maintain brain and body development during the pre-school stage, to unlock their potential at an early age.

When it comes to children, the oft-heard statement “Mother knows best!” is a matter of fact. As their child turns the corner towards formal learning and education, there can only be triumphs and victories, because Ang milestones kayang ma-achieve, as Alaska Nutribuild 345 advocates.  By combining proper nutrition with the right milk formula for ages 3,4&5, mommies are assured that their children are ready to transform their nerves into sweeping verbs, in the “big time” environment of pre-school.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Champs Chewable Vitamins Mothers’ Choice for Champions

I used to believe that healthy children do not need to take vitamins but experts like Dr. Ma. Lourdes Escobar says that giving additional food supplements does not hurt. The truth is that, most kids nowadays do not eat regular and healthy well-balanced meals. And in as much as we’d like to monitor the food that our kids eat, we simply cannot. I remember being upset some years ago when I found out my Kyle had been exchanging school baon with his classmates during recess time. I had explained to him that I had to go through planning his meals and wake up really early in the morning just to prepare them for him only to find out later that it was not ‘he’ who actually eat them.  Since then, food supplements, vitamins and milk had been my best buddy in making sure that Kyle eats right and gets the nutrients that he needs. I’m glad I recently discovered Champs Chewable Vitamins from Chemical Company of Malaysia International Philippines (CCMIP). CCMIP is the largest company in Malaysia that is something like Unilab in terms of good manufacturing practices.

Pediatric health expert Dr. Ma. Lourdes Escobar

CCIMP Brand Manager Ms. Alina Iledan
 If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I’m quite strict when it comes to Kyle’s diet. He’s got attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and I need to pay extra attention to his meals. A positive research says that Omega 3 helps in children with adhd, that’s why I always try to incorporate tuna and other kinds of fish in Kyle’s meals. Honestly, I had been searching for an Omega 3 food supplement specifically for kids but failed to find one until I came across Champs Chewable Vitamins with Omega 3. Alas! I was able to find exactly what I need and am so happy that Kyle loved it. Champs Chewable Vitamins with Omega 3 do not have that ‘fishy’ after taste that are common in most adult fish oil or Omega 3 food supplements. This fun heart shaped chewable vitamin had a unique tutti-frutti taste that Kyle liked. In fact, he liked it so much that he looks forward to taking them right after breakfast, just before he leaves for school.
Dr. Escobar with Mommy Bloggers

Champs is a brand for multivitamins preparations designed for the health and wellness specifically made with kids in mind. It comes in several variants formulated to address the needs of children: Champs Vitamin C, Champs M, Champs with Lysine, Champs C plus Lysine and what I’ve been raving about, Champs Omega 3. These multivitamins come in small chewable tablets in various shapes (there’s heart shaped, triangular, donut-shaped) and flavors (pineapple, orange, tutti-frutti among others). Kids will surely enjoy Champs Chewable Vitamins because it comes in a candy form with good tasting flavors. I’ve tried them myself before giving them to Kyle so I know they’re really good. Unlike the Flintstones chewable vitamins I’ve had during my childhood (I don’t think these are still available now), Champs Chewable Vitamins had no ‘bitter after taste’. 
There’s surely one Champs Chewable Vitamin for your kids’ needs:

Champs C with Lysine (pink box) come in donut shape and is for fast recovery and vitamin combination. It enhances appetite during sickness towards fast recovery.

 To boost their appetite, Champs M Multivitamins with Lysine (green box) is best for your kid. It contains Lysine 50 mg plus folic acid, 9 essential vitamins and 50 mg of vitamin C.

Champs C is every mom’s best friend against sickness in natural orange flavor and fun heart shaped tablets. 

Champs M is perfect to maintain general health with its great tasting pineapple flavor and triangular shape. 

Champs Omega 3 Plus contains 9 essential dietary nutrients, vitamin C and B complexes and Omega 3. Helps boost brain development and performance. 

The good news is that, all these food supplements offer optimum results at a very affordable price.  So you can be assured that our kids meet their recommended energy and nutrient intake or RENI or better known as recommended daily allowance or RDA without any hassle. No spills, no struggles, only a sure fun way to give your kids their daily vitamins plus great tasting chewable food supplements your kids will surely love. Indeed, Champs Chewable Vitamins is mothers’ choice for champions!

Champs Chewable Food Supplements are all available at all leading drugstores and pharmacies like Mercury Drug.

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Mommy Roxi Santiago of and Ms. Alina Iledan of CCMIP.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Brief Encounter with Fisher Price Ambassador Ms. Carrie Lupoli

Ms. Lupoli with Mattel Brand manager for Southeast Asia Ms. Lai Kwan Wong

 Fisher Price, the popular educational toy we all love recently brought in Chief Mum and most sought-after parenting speaker and Fisher Price Ambassador Ms. Carrie Lupoli to a one-day parenting talk held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. Moms flocked to the said event to learn more from our parenting expert.
 We all know that being a mom doesn’t come with a manual. Bearing and rearing kids are two different things. And once you’ve become a mother, you can’t ask for a day’s leave. You have to be a mom 24/7. And for most moms, whether a working mom or a stay-at-home-mom, balancing your time with a lot of stuff that you need to do can be a difficult task. When I became an instant mom back in 2002, I remember groping in the dark on what to do and how to become the best mother I could possibly be. I devoured on parenting books, made my research online and asked friends to be able to get by.
 As moms, we’re blessed to be given this great opportunity to mold a child into a useful citizen one day. I really thank God for parenting experts such as Ms. Carrie. I had been privileged to meet her before she flies back to Singapore courtesy of Richprime Global Inc the distributor of Fisher Price toy. She was such an awesome mom! It was such a brief encounter but it I’d have to say it was well worth our time because she was able to share so many helpful tips on how to properly raise our kids well. Ms. Lupoli had been so generous in sharing her own personal experience as a mother.

Ms. Lupoli believes that it is very important for mothers to have their own “me-time” in order to ‘recharge’ and ‘de-stress’ from all the stuff that they do every single day. Whether it is as simple as a coffee break or a luxurious pampering spa treatment, mothers deserve such break. “There are also key components to my parenting style. Love is always at the core of it. But I believe that if you truly love a child, you have to set or make a firm relationship with them, like a mentor. Eventually, I’d like my children to know that I am also their friend while setting limits for manners and discipline, for those areas the fun way. They can’t get away with everything but they are not afraid to come to me and tell me their problems,” shares Lupoli.

The author with Ms. Lupoli

Before the end of the said brief encounter, Lupoli says that we should all leave our kids with a big box containing everything that we wanted our kids to have when they grow old or when they eventually walk away as adults. Of course, we had to make sure that we fill this box with only positive traits and attitude. “We leave our kids these boxes so that one day they’ll be independent adults or when they go off on their own. Our goal as parents is to raise independent adults. And our job as parents is to fill in that box with good things while they are still with us. What do you fill your box? Let me tell you, I had some things in my box that I wanted to remove, like yelling. My family yells a lot, like anger. And that is something within my box that I do not want to have and trying to remove and not put on my kids’ boxes. What things do want to leave your children with? Love, empathy, respect, faith, hardwork, academic skills…hopefully, all the good things. So that one day when our kids move out, they’ll have these box filled with great things that they can unpacked if they needed. We have what we need to have a great box.  A lot of people think that they should just leave it to the teachers or to someone with a degree in child development, but what it takes to be a really good mom to your children is simply to be there for our kids. It’s about the quality of time that we spend with them, making them our priority. Love them unconditionally. We are raising children—a human being, it takes awesome of responsibility. They are a different kid when they were 0-5 year old and they’d be another kid when they’re around 10 year old.  Let’s remember to use play based, joyful, child initiating, encouraging and responsible learning.” 

Photo from

For more info on Fisher Price toys, check out their Laugh and Learn Collection (which promotes motor skills) please log on to

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Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Carrie Lupoli, Ms. Lai Kwan Wong, Mattel Southeast Asia Brand Manager, RichprimeGlobal’s Ms. Liann Eugenio, Ms. Julie Ann Castro and Ms. GlaizaTominio of and Ms. Monika Veas of

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Calling all Nicksters and Nickelodeon fans! Mommies get your kids ready for an afternoon of games and surprises as Nick Jr. presents Play Date. Join our friends Dora the Explorer and her cousin Diego for another fun-filled afternoon this June 30, 2013 to be held at the Hall 2 of SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. It promises loads of entertaining activities especially made for little Nicksters and Nick Jr. fans in mind to enjoy. 

What’s more? Admission to the Nick Jr. Play Date is ABSOLUTELY FREE! So gather up your friends, tell Mom and Dad, bring your family to this awesome Nick Jr. Play Date on June 30. It’s a Sunday, so what a great way to spend your weekend by going to Nick Jr. Play Date all together as one big family! It’s the smart place to play and bond with everyone.
So Mommies and kids, mark that date: June 30, 2013 as a red-letter day, be there at the Hall 2 of SMX Convention Center early because fun starts at 3:00PM-6PM. Again, admission is FREE!

Nick Jr. Play date is presented by Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. and Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste, Co- sponsored by Ocean Adventures, Purefoods Fun Stuff and Zesto, SMX as Official venue and with WorkingMom Magazine as its media partner.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Xtreme Magic Sing for a True Concert Experience

 They say that Filipinos are naturally born singers. This may be true in general. Everywhere you go, you’ll definitely see a Filipino proudly holding a microphone and singing his or her favorite songs. There have been quite a number of Filipino artists merely discovered and recognized internationally after showing their videos uploaded on YouTube while singing. There were the likes of Arnel Pineda (of the popular band The Journey who was unknown to many also first discovered through YouTube), Charice(once hailed as the most talented girl in the world by Oprah) and of course, who could ever forget ZendeeTenerefe (that girl who just tried our Xtreme Magic Sing at a supermarket) who also found fame and recently launched her very first album.

 Well, I’d say that Filipinos all love to sing. It had been said that a Filipino invented the Karaoke from the ‘80s, right? Nowadays, we no longer had to suffer carrying the heavy karaoke machine. With the advancement of technology, we use Xtreme Magic Sing—an all-in-one portable videoke microphone built-in with microchips that consists of around 2,300 songs to choose from. Yes, it is high tech, but it’s very easy to use. The user-interface allows anyone from younger kids to old ones to operate the said device with ease. And Xtreme Magic Sing never ceases to upgrade and innovate our favorite handheld microphone through all these years. They now have additional features such as the latest multimedia stuff like HD Movie, personalized background, USB Flashdrive HDD Compatible, built-in games and a whole lot more for the entire family to enjoy.

 Xtreme Magic Sing also now has different Xtreme Magic Sing Products to choose from according to your family needs: Xtreme Magic Sing Diamond has the latest innovative and high tech features with 2 digital wireless microphones, HD picture and video background, HD Movie and music playback, latest songs by Adele, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J. It has 2,627 built-in songs including 800 OPM favorites. Hi-fidelity sound quality, personalized video and picture background, photo slide show with background, real-time song, artist and lyric search, musical note display, smart echo adjustment, song recording, 4 song chip slots, dual video output-analog and digital plus it is USB flash drive and HDD compatible.

 Xtreme Magic Sing Platinum on the other hand, had 1 digital wireless microphone with control, 1 high quality wired microphone, built-in 2,422 songs including 741 OPM songs, 6 song chip slots, MP3 sound quality, 25 songs with real instruments sound, real time songs and artists search, voice multiplex for selected songs, 8 interactive games, saved personalized settings for up to 100 favorite songs and reserve your top favorite songs up to 100 numbers of chosen songs.

 Last but not the least, the most affordable Xtreme Magic Sing product, Xtreme Magic Sing Karat (affordable at Php6, 900) is super easy to use with its plug and play features. With more than 2,300 built-in songs with over 600 OPM favorites, it records and play songs, real-time songs and artist search, save personalized settings for up to 100 of your favorite songs, 4 song chip slots for expanded song bank and eight interactive games.

Make every family gathering or a simple family bonding more special with Xtreme Magic Sing…where one gets a true concert experience. Get your own Xtreme magic Sing at your favorite mall and practice your singing prowess, who knows you or any member of your family gets discovered and become another international sensation.
For more info on Xtreme Magic Sing, visit their Greenhills Showroom
3rd flr. Richbelt Tower, 17 Annapolis St. Greenhills, San Juan
Call 726-2442/726-9999/726-2443, 726-2449.
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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Aaron Craze photosource: The Asian Food Channel

AsianFood Channel (AFC) in cooperation with Ayala Malls recently brought international celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s protégé Aaron Craze more popularly known as ‘Rude Boy’ to a live cooking demonstration and food sampling at the Greenbelt Open Park in Greenbelt 3, Makati City. Hosted by celebrity TV host and funny guy Drew Arellano, guests had a blast starting off with fashionable Sabrina Artadi (of Asian Food Channel’s Sabrina’s Kitchen) lovely concoction of authentic Spanish recipes. When Aaron Craze went onstage he received a warm reception from the crowd as he showed off his witty antics to the audience’s delight.  He even invited three lucky ladies who both volunteered to help him prepare his dishes.

 Aaron Craze swings his butt, dances to the beat of the music and occasionally sings as he cooks on-stage during the live demo. He had a way to somehow ‘flirt’ with the crowd and almost teasingly pulled down his pants but was quickly reminded by Drew that the church was a stone’s throw away; to which Craze immediately apologized.

Here watch my own video on how he wiggled his body to the beat of the music:

Craze prepared three different recipes such as Mexican Beef Tortilla with Tomato Salsa and Sour Cream, Ravioli of Sunshine with Thai Asparagus, and Unbaked Lemongrass Cheesecake with Amoretti Biscuit base.

I personally loved Craze’s take on Unbaked Lemongrass Cheesecake with Amoretti Biscuit Base. For one, one does not need to bake this cake. And it tastes just right, not too sweet—just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth or sweet cravings. It’s a perfect way to cap off every meal. I would definitely try making it at home once I get the time. Craze’s Ravioli of Sunshine with Thai Asparagus was truly healthy and perfect for kids who do not like to eat veggies. The ravioli’s filled with spinach, ricotta and egg yolk.  On the other hand, the Mexican Beef Tortilla’s just fine. It had the rich flavor of coriander, tomatoes and garlic with some zest of lemon. It’s something I’d probably serve for snacks or afternoon merienda.

 Want try doing the delicious recipes Aaron Craze did during his Manila visit? Clickhere.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Nyoy Volante Supports Original Pilipino Music With the Release of His Latest Album “Tuloy Pa Rin”

Multi-faceted recording artist and popular King of Acoustic Pop, Nyoy Volante recently released his latest album, “Tuloy Pa Rin” which is composed of all-Filipino songs dedicated to support the Original Pilipino Music under MCA Music. “I love OPM. Everyone does. I’ve had an all OPM album before, but this time I was really set to do it all Tagalog,” said Nyoy. 

During a bloggers’ conference, Nyoy mentioned that although the said album was conceptualized as early last year, since he had played an important role in the musical play Rock of Ages, which had eaten most of his time, it’s only now that his album’s been released. Unknown to many, Nyoy’s very hands-on when it comes to making his album. Starting from the scratch to conceptualization, the selection of songs to pre-and post-production as well as creating the music videos, all the way to promotion of his album. “I’m very happy that I’m given the freedom to choose the songs included in my albums. I was able to try different genres in the course of my eight albums since I started going solo in the music industry,” shares Nyoy.  And he’s glad how his new album has turned out.

I get a different high arranging revival songs because I am challenged to come up with something else and making them come out fresh. Hopefully, one day I dream of being like Maestro Ryan Cayabyab,” Nyoy reveals. Through the years, Nyoy’s singing became more confident, passionate and shows maturity in terms of musicality as evident in his latest album.  “Here, (in the new album) we have drums now and piano plus distortion guitars, before I did percussions and beat box,” Nyoy added.

Thus his new album “Tuloy Pa Rin” was produced and re-arranged (except for ‘Kamakailan Lang and ‘Sa Isip Ko’ by Nyoy himself where in the album features his own versions of well-loved OPM hits like “Ipagpatawad Mo”, “Bakit Ba Ganyan,” “Tuloy Pa Rin”, “Magkasuyo Buong Gabi (featuring Sabrina), “Nandito Ako,” “Sa Isip Ko”, “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso Ko,” “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin,” “Basta’t Kasama Kita” and “Kamakailan Lang”.

 Nyoy also showcases his original compositions in the album via songs like “Pikit” and “Miss Kita”. “I really like “Pikit”, I find myself randomly singing this song all the time while ‘Miss Kita’ was intended to be a sweet love song but somehow turned out to be a pop jazz number,” Nyoy added.

Nyoy personally chose ‘Ipagpatawad Mo’ and “Bakit Ba Ganyan’ on his album. “It was something I cherished as a kid. Apart from being a VST fan, it’s so easy to listen to.”

 Nyoy is so grateful to MCA Music Artist Management for all the wonderful blessings coming his way. He’s able to show more of his talents as well as other sides of him that aren’t known by the public. He’s given the opportunity to further explore his talents: aside from being a singer, musician and songwriter, he’s also an arranger, producer, painter, entrepreneur, actor and video director.

Nyoy isn’t someone who rests on his laurels. He continues to improve and hone his craft. He admires the likes of newcomer Bugoy Drilon, Jay Durias (of South Border), Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Regine Velasquez, Bryan Adams, Metallica, The Eagles, and Paul McCartney. But he dreams of one day collaborating with his idol or maybe singing along side on stage with Jason Mraz.

 If given the chance, he looks forward to performing with his old group, The Manos, his contemporaries MYMP, Jimmy Bondoc, Paolo Santos and the like. “One day, I’d like to perform and jam with these guys again,” says Nyoy.

Nyoy’s message to his fans: “You are the reason we matter in this industry. Please continue to support us. Thank you so much. Hope you guys can buy a copy of my latest album, “Tuloy Pa Rin” under MCA Music, now out in CDs, it is also available online via iTunes. Mabuhay kayo! Mabuhay ang OPM!”

“Tuloy Pa Rin,” Nyoy Volante’s latest album under MCA Music is now available at leading record stores.

“Tuloy Pa Rin” (Minus One versions) iTunes link:

Listen to Nyoy's version of Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin via this video:

Here's Nyoy's single "Pikit"

For bookings and inquiries, please contact Sammy Samaniego of MCA Music Artist Management at +632 9162504 local 107, +639178565174 and +639209682991. For more updates on Nyoy Volante, log on to or

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Mc Richard Paglicawan for the invite. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make your dining table pretty with Melawares

Using plastics on our dining table had become the more practical alternative than using really heavy plates we're all used to. It prevents 'accidentally breaking plates or cups' and makes eating easier for kids. At home or at fast food chains, plastic tableware is used every day, but how can you be very sure that it’s safe to use? It is recommended, however, that the use of plastic tableware should not be just any brand. It has to be a trusted one—Melawares—for the sake of the family’s health and safety.

 Melawares, one of the most trusted brands of tableware from CDC Manufacturing Corporation, knows the possible dangers of getting harmful chemicals in your food when using inferior-quality brands so CDC Manufacturing Corporation made sure that their melamine tableware are of premium quality and safe for the family. With over 30 years in the tableware business, Melawares has more than enough knowledge to develop quality melamine products the market needs. So what makes Melawares apart from other plastic brands? Melawares only uses imported and 100% “melamine” in making their tableware. Other plastic products may only be using “urea” as their raw material. The difference between the two materials is that when melamine sets, it doesn’t migrate or “contaminate” the food we eat, while urea mixes with food and may cause health hazards, particularly in the digestive and respiratory systems.

Melamine is also durable, stain resistant and heat resistant. Urea, on the other hand, is a material of substandard quality and is vulnerable to stains, less durable and less heat resistant. For hot food, it will be a disadvantage and may cause substandard plastic tableware to chip or melt and become deformed.

 people would opt for the most affordable products to use at home, but getting plastic tableware with no assurance of quality may pose risks for the family. Urea-based tableware is known to be cheaper than melamine-based products, but would you rather choose to go cheap just to save a few pesos if it would put your family’s health at risk? You’d probably end up spending more for hospital bills or medicine in the process.

 Melawares made it a point to keep their products affordable without sacrificing quality. It is a rare feat nowadays to find household products manufactured in the Philippines accepted by consumers so CDC Manufacturing Corporation makes it a point to continue to innovate. The company will soon launch new and eco-friendly products, a testament to its innovative and visionary business and product development philosophy.

“We understand the discerning requirements of Filipinos when it comes to their tableware needs, which is why we continue to develop and design our products exclusively for them,” Ms. Chriselda Chua, Marketing Manager for CDC Manufacturing Corporation, said.

At present, CDC Manufacturing Corporation has four brands aside from Melawares, the classic brand that carries high-quality melamine tableware products. There is Bestware, Urban Kitchen, and Perfect Dining, and is also the leading manufacturer of customized dinnerware for Quick Service Restaurants serving some of the biggest names in the food industry.

Make your tableware melamine. Make it Melawares. For more information about Melawares, go to

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