Sunday, June 30, 2019

Highlights from the Smart Parenting Convention 2019

Smart Parenting Convention has about 70 plus concessionaires

I have always looked forward to attending the Smart Parenting Convention because like most parents, I get to learn so much from it. We all know that parenting don’t come with a manual or textbook. It’s nice to know that there are events organized annually such as Smart Parenting Convention where they have guest speakers that talks about how it is to be a good parent and how to properly raise kids. It’s the most anticipated event for the year. Parenting as we all know is such a challenging job. You have to be a parent 24/7 without getting paid for it, without having day-offs and all the other perks that comes with any other kind of job. But it is something that’s definitely worth it, it’s also a very noble yet fulfilling career. 

My Media ID during the event

Purple Plum Fairy at the Smart Parenting Convention 2019

Attending Smart Parenting Convention had always been fun. Not only because of the learnings one can gain out of going there, but also because of the many perks, huge discounts on shopping and lots of freebies that comes along with it. Smart Parenting added fun and rewarding experience of parenthood as they held and hosted another Smart Parenting Convention at SM Megamall last June 29, 2019. The event was co-presented by Nido, powered by PLDT Home Fibr, with minor sponsors Jack ‘n Jill, 3M Nexcare Products and Ariel

Eco friendly diapers

Colorful teething beads

Friday, June 28, 2019

Habi Pop-Up of Culture Fair Features Indigenous fabric weaving, artisanal crafts keeping Filipino tradition alive at Shangri-La Plaza

Habi Pop Up of Culture Fair at the Shang

Shangri-La Plaza’s month-long celebration of championing the Filipino arts and culture concludes by featuring the value of the country’s local weaving traditions. The country’s top dining and fashion destination, Shangri-La Plaza mall hosts its first ever HABI Pop-Up of Culture fair slated from June 28 to 30, 2019 at the Grand Atrium, Main Mall which will also highlight live weaving sessions as well as talks about the preservation of Filipino heritage.

Organized by the non-profit organization HABI: The Philippine Textile Council that works to preserve, promote, and enhance Philippine textiles education, communication, and research to sustain weaving communities all over the country. 

A local woman weaves
Mall guests will get the chance to witness a live mat banig weaving by Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association, back strap loom by Narda’s Handwoven Arts & Crafts as well as floor weaving by Evelinda Yaken. 

Woven handbags

Local accessories are up for sale

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Unbeatable savings, expert advice, celebrities galore, the SM Home Fair had it all.

SM never does anything small, but those who came to the SM Home Fair that was held from June 28 to June 30 were left in awe by how much actually happened.  Held as a follow up to the successful SM Home Turnover Fair in 2018, just the scale of the SM Home Fair, the number of participating brands and eye-popping fair exclusive discounts would have made it the home store event of the year, but the SM Home Fair had so much more and was so much more.

For starters, celebrity interior designer Tessa Prieto-Valdez was on hand to launch the grand event.  Not to be outdone, many endorsers of SM Home’s premium brands also graced the occasion. The Kramer family was at the Uratex booth for an hour for a meet and greet.  Celebrity chef Nancy Reyes- Lumen showed how to cook in volume for family reunions for Masflex, Lifestyle’s Chef Next Door Jonas Ng wowed with interesting new ways to cook with Tefal’s clay pots. The great Gene Gonzalez taught professional cooking techniques for KitchenPro.  Japanese culinary legend Kei San shared cooking hacks made possible by Tacook,and Philippine culinary icon Reggie Aspiras showed how easy cooking can actually be with Cuisinart.

What came as a pleasant surprise to many is that SM Home actually carries appliances for making designer beverages right at home. Brewmaster Lloyd Eric Lim demonstrated just how easy it is to tweak a brew to fit your own definition of coffee perfection with Hario, and master barista Ernesto Mesina Jr. showed how Saoco and Gaggia have made it possible to be an instant home barista.

As befits an SM Home Fair though, the three-day bonanza was loaded with designer-led talks by some of the most respected and impeccably tasteful designers in the business such as Rachel Medina and Grace Moslares; as well as rising star Erika Uichanco-Villanueva.

“SM Home has always been more than just a ubiquitous home store with unbeatable prices on a wide range of home items. We’ve always strived to have our customers think of SM Home as a partner in making their house a home,” shared SM Home AVP for marketing Tom Castaneda, “That’s why this year we decided to take the store on the road, so to speak, at the SMX Convention Center Manila, and offer three jam-packed days of activities to help more people make their houses, apartments or condos homes.”

Apart from the usual talks one would expect from a home fair, this year’s SM Home Fair also featured talks on more holistic topics such as “Healthy Slumber” from Uratex, conducted by noted wellness guru and stress management coach Mary Lagdameo.  There was also a very practical talk on the very new KonMari method of organizing, given by certified KonMari consultant Christine Dychiao for the innovative Asvel brand of storage solutions.

 For additional inspiration, SM Home turned the venue into an incredible show house for the entire weekend with creatively executed booth spaces, special pop-up vignettes and stylish photo booths.

“From the moment attendees reached the registration area for the SM Home Fair, we wanted to have design inspiration waiting for them,” explained Castaneda. “Along with our own special pop-up vignettes, we asked all participating brands to spruce up their booth spaces in stylish ways, as a way of inspiring people to say ‘Hey, I think I know how I can do something like that at home.’”

“With more than 60 branches nationwide, SM Home is your one-stop-shop for the home. So if you didn't get a chance to attend this year's SM Home Fair, you can still feel at home with SM Home by visiting a branch near you; where it will you can still get great bargains on the widest range of home items.” says Castañeda.

About SM Home:
SM Home is an affiliate of the country’s leader in retail industry – SM. It is a one-stop home shop for Storage and Organizers, Furniture, Kitchenware, Glassware, Linen, and Décor items for the modern home. The company started out as SM Home Center in 1975. As SM preeminently grew to be the largest chain of department stores in the Philippines, Home Center likewise received an overwhelming response from its customers. Prompted by the need to create a separate team to manage and control its operations, it was then recognized as an affiliate of SM on April 6, 1992, officially named as Homeworld Shopping Corporation. Come 2014, due to emerging trends where Homeworld felt the need of leverage for its overall identity, it was re-branded as SM Home on August 1 Today, SM Home is found in all SM department stores all over the country.


Akemi brightens up a bedroom

We spend most of our time in the bedroom and for most people, bedroom becomes a sanctuary of thoughts, thereby, making it appealing and conducive to the eye can be very useful. The perfect bedroom should help cheer you up as well as get you the right outlook.
These hacks can help alter the way you see and feel your bedroom in no time.
Let the light shine
By using appropriate lighting in your room, you get to create the proper scene you want to project. Be playful and explore your options.
Dress up your walls
This maybe one of the first thing you notice when you enter a room. Walls play a major part in the presentation of your room and can become a major mood-shifter. A new paint or wall paper can spell the difference.
Invest in color accents and stay away from monotonous hues to avoid gloomy feel in your room. Hanging up ornaments such as a beautiful painting is a good idea.
Brighten up with the perfect bedding
If changing the color of your wall is too tedious and other factors does not fit your budget, investing in a right bedding might just be the solution. Your bedding is probably the most important aspect in your bedroom anyway.
Your bedding can alter your mood. Complement with proper color hues of your pillow and duvet creates an aesthetical beauty which you can change every now and then.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Need a wardrobe upgrade? Zilingo as your back.
This season, leading online fashion platform Zilingo, released their latest trends selection, boasting different cuts and highlighting textures, vintage hues and an arresting foray of silhouettes.

The brand marries chic styles and street looks in this curated collection, featuring Utilitarian pieces in Khaki, Cream and Beige. Fashion fans will also be thrilled with the platorm’s take on deconstructed lace and 80s denim pieces in White, Black and Brown matched with modern Athleisure looks and snake textured sheets that accentuate style and attitude.

Zilingo will provide customers with coveted pieces suitable for all occasions. “We are ecstatic about this season’s trends that combine style and comfort, and the best part is that these fashion fans will also be thrilled with the platform's take on deconstructed lace and 80's denim pieces. 

Recognizing the continuous growth and potential of the online retail market, and the need to constantly provide its customers with new and exciting options, Zilingo aims to showcase a unique shopping experience to its customers and enable brands to expand their reach to fashion enthusiasts across the region.

“We would like our customers to have easy access to fashion, and as our way of saying thank you for all the support we’ve received, Zilingo is having a site-wide Zilingo Payday sale from now till 30 June that is sure to delight customers with up to 90% off on selected items,” Ryza added.

Fashionistas across the country can purchase the collection anytime and anywhere via Zilingo’s website and app, and have them delivered to their doorstep at no extra charge, with multiple payment methods including cash on delivery [COD].

Zilingo is a commerce platform that is making the fashion and beauty supply chain more efficient through technology. With over 33,000 merchants on the platform Zilingo connects businesses across the entire supply chain and empowers them with everything they need to run a business - from design, product development, fabric procurement, manufacturing, cataloguing, marketing, inventory management, distribution, billing, customer service, working capital & trend forecasting. With over two million product listings on, users can effortlessly shop from a selection of indie labels, local designers, international and celebrity brands – all in one place. Founded by Ankiti Bose and Dhruv Kapoor in 2015, the company has offices in 8 cities globally with over 600 staff covering 20 different nationalities.

 Zilingo is available for download for free on the App store and Google Play across Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. 
For more information, please visit


Mr. Big Pillows

You may think that sleeping is just a way to relieve you off your tiredness and a reprieve for a long day. Research shows that people tend to overlook the way they sleep. Having a bed and using just any type of pillow might not get you the quality of sleep you need.

There’s a myriad of choices when it comes to selecting a pillow but how do you choose the right pillow for your body type? An expert went out of his way to learn and develop a specialty pillow to address this concern.

Mr. Chawakit Kaoien, founder of Mr. Big Pillow is a physical therapist who spent years working in the ICU of a hospital’s respiratory unit and was in-charge of bedridden critical care patients and see to it that they are kept comfortable and could breathe properly. This led him to develop a brand of pillows that would benefit every individual.

Over the years, Chawakit hacked the right density of pillows as well as its best position to address your sleeping concerns. Every individual is different, thus, we cannot conform to just one type of pillow.

Here are cause and effect of using the wrong pillow:
1. You might think that waking up in the wrong side of the bed caused you that neck pain, wrong! Using incorrect pillow puts a strain in your neck, thus, causing that stiff and painful neck in the morning.
2. Can’t sleep? Is it really because of your caffeine intake or you might think you develop a condition called insomnia. Think again, improper positioning and height of your pillow might be causing uneasiness that causes you to toss and turn throughout the night.
3. If your partner complains about your snore, then it might be time to change your pillow. Snoring is usually caused by blockage of nasal passages. By improving your sleep position, you can also alleviate your snoring.
4. Consistent Headache. This is such a nasty way to start your day especially if you have that important meeting ahead. Your frequent headache might be caused by wrong elevation of your pillow, tension headaches happen when your neck muscles are strained.
5. Mental Block. Sleep deprivation causes forgetfulness and lack of creativity. Improve your brain function by using the right pillow that can get you a good night’s rest.
By using the appropriate pillow according to your height and weight as well as each individual’s condition, you can maintain a good quality of sleep and overall health. Use this test to assess which type of pillow is right for you:

Incidentally, Mr. Big will be having a sale at the SM Home Fair happening on June 28-30, 2019 at the SMX, Mall of Asia complex. Huge discount of up to 50% off awaits. Plus get a special Halogel pillow worth Php1899 for a single receipt purchase of Php5000.

Mr. Big pillows are available in selected SM Homes. Visit Mr. Big Pillow Philippines FB page for more updates and get a chance to win exciting prizes. 

Buy Avon’s Free as a Butterfly Blue Leatherette Watch and help the Crusade Against Violence for Women and Children

Every woman deserves to live freely. Sadly, in the real world, many still face the realities of abuse. The abuse ranges from physical abuse to sexual ones to verbal and emotional abuse—they all come in different forms. 80% of women are still subjected to abuse worldwide.

Why is that so? We don’t have a language of boundaries, of saying no, of disappointing people with avoidance or declining to engage instead of engaging in a conversation we know will be toxic. We don’t ever say, “I don’t want to talk about that” or “You can’t speak to me that way.”  

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

NESTLE Philippines launches the very first Ready-to-Drink Subscription Service in the Country that helps upcycle used beverage cartons

NESTLE's Well-loved baon RTD  drinks available on subscription service

Parents, particularly moms would always want to make sure that our kids get the best school baon possible. For us, it has to be something nutritious and delicious that our kids will love. They need baon for sustenance especially since based on research, kids who eat well does well in class. I recently attended a press conference where NESTLE Philippines launched the very first subscription service in the Philippines. This was made possible by providing children with healthy and nutritious on-the-go beverages, and through the subscription service allows consumers to return their used beverage cartons through NESTLE’s partner upcycling facility—the Tetra Pak, thereby extending their useful life.

Some of our most favorite drinks from NESTLE

NESTLE aims every household to become a partner in raising a healthier and more sustainable future for kids. This sustainability project initiative from our friends from NESTLE is such a good example for other companies to follow as well. As a parent, it’s nice to know that a subscription is like hitting two birds with one stone: making sure that your family has stocks of their favorite ready-to-drink [RTD] through the subscription service and doing your part in helping the environment by the Tetra Pak upcycle and reuse project.

The first ever subscription and delivery service of well-loved NESTLE Ready-to-Drink [RTD] Baon Subscription on offers NESTLE RTD baon brands of CHUCKIE, MILO RTD, BEAR BRAND YOGU and NESTLE’s Fresh Milk, NESTLE Low-Fat Milk and NESTLE Non-Fat Milk.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Ballet Philippines takes centerstage at Shangri-La Plaza’s celebration of Independence Month

Shangri-La Plaza once again highlights on the Filipino talent, culture and artistry as it features Ballet Philippines at the Grand Atrium.  

The show titled CELEBRATION showcases three renowned works of the country’s leading professional classical and contemporary dance company as part of the month-long Independence Month celebration of the top fashion and dining mall destination.

Ballet Philippines members happily perform live

Mall goers were treated last June 22, 2019, Saturday, to Ballet Philippines’ world-class performance of excerpts from the Tales of the Manuvu, a rock opera ballet about the creation story of the Manobo tribe. The said special performance was choreographed by no less than National Artist for Dance and Ballet Philippines founder Alice Reyes, which debuted in 1977.

Its libretto was written by National Artist for Literature Bienvenido Lumbera based on the article written by historian and anthropologist E. Arsenio Manuel. Composer Dero Pedero (also known as Nonong Pedero) created the musical scoring along with the 70’s rock star Boy Camara and his rock band, The Afterbirth. 

An all-male ensemble for this particular number

Ballet Philippines members in Filipino costumes

Tales of the Manuvu was restaged at the Cultural Center of the Philippines [CCP] in March to close the 49th season of the dance company with Reyes tapping today’s artists such as jazz/rock band Radioactive Sago Project for its live music and young singers like Sheila Valderama, Lorenz Martinez, Aicelle Santos and Lara Maigue.

Reyes’1972 piece, Bungkos Suite, was a crowd favorite at CELEBRATION. A collection of both traditional and popular Pinoy folk songs, it underscored the Filipino’s natural playfulness and sense of humor. Songs included in the suite are popular Kundiman, Dahil Sa Iyo, Chitchiritsit, Dandansoy and Telebong

A dance involving Pinoy kundiman

This ballerina had a solo performance in native Filipina costume

Friday, June 21, 2019

Get your money’s worth with Mang Inasal’s 2-in-1 sa laki Chicken Inasal meal with unli-rice

Press Release:

We always want to get the best value for our money, especially when it comes to food. So nothing could be more Solb sa Busog than having our cravings satisfied with a hefty serving of Mang Inasal’s Chicken Inasal with Unli Rice for only Php117!

Mang Inasal is indeed every cost-conscious, hungry diners’ go-to restaurant – whether alone or with family, or barkada. Its main draw is the value-for-money, 2-in-1 sa laki, nuot-sa-ihaw sarap Chicken Inasal, often taken with unlimited rice.

Specially-marinated and grilled to perfection, the Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal is often best enjoyed kamayan-style (with bare hands), with the unlimited serving of rice doused with a mix of our personal favorite sawsawan of chicken oil, soy sauce, kalamansi or vinegar.

A generous serving of Chicken Inasal plus all-you-can eat steamed rice for the price of Php 117 (price may vary in selected areas) – what more can we ask for? This combination satisfies not only our stomach but also our wallets! Indeed, meals at Mang Inasal are undeniably ‘Solb sa Busog!’

We haven’t even talked about Mang Inasal’s Sizzling Meaty Sarap Pork Sisig, Meatynamnam Palabok, and Dabest sa Creaminess Pinoy Halo-Halo!

For updates on the latest product offerings and promotions, follow Mang Inasal’s official Facebook page (Mang Inasal Philippines).

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

EIGASAI 2019 returns to its original home at Shangri-La Plaza


The highly anticipated Japanese Film Festival, also known as EIGASAI goes back to its original home—Shangri-La Plaza’s Red Carpet for its 22nd edition which will be held from July 3 to 14, 2019. Coincidentally, EIGASAI will also be brought to various places such as Manila, Legazpi, Pangasinan, Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban and Davao.

 Film enthusiasts will surely delight with the roster of featured films lined up for this year’s EIGASAI. The Japan Foundation Manila will be having 17 full-feature films from diverse genres as EIGASAI continues its tradition of screening films to viewers of the Japanese Film Festival. 

Samurai Marathon

This year’s EIGASAI opens with a historical drama, Samurai Marathon directed by Bernard Rose. Based on Dobashi Aikihiro’s novel Bakumatsu Marathon Samurai, the film is about Ansaei Tooashi, known as Japan’s first marathon. The story revolves around how Annaka feudal lord Itakaru Kastuakira organized a run across mountain roads to get his samurai warriors in shape. But one misstep turned a simple race into a rebellion in the eyes of Bakufu central government that ordered a stop to what it thought was an uprising. 

Rolando Samson of Japan Foundation Manila
Johnny Riod, Operations Divisions Manager, Shangri-la Plaza

Dr. Kanami Namiki, Program Coordinator Arts & Culture Japan Foundation

David Fabros, Executive Director of Philippine Film Export Services Office

Tomoko Nakamura, Asst. Director Japan Foundation

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Casa Corazon Museum, Events and Resort in Lemery, Batangas Review

The serene Balayan bay on a typical morning
When you board a bus going to Batangas, you have all reason to be elated. The land of Balisong is sure to get you hopping from one destination to the next. From coral reefs to verdant rainforests and mountain ranges to heritage and ancestral houses; bustling cities to pristine sandy beaches — wherever you go, the stay’s got to be memorable. And to save you the trouble of excessive research, we’ve recently visited Casa Corazon in the town of Lemery. Here’s what you need to expect when visiting this unique resort in that boundary of Calaca and Lemery towns.

Purple Plum fairy at Casa Corazon signage
Picture yourself lazing in a hammock in the balcony or looking down on the vast Balayan bay as you relax or think of your next adventure. Casa Corazon is perched right next to Balayan bay. The spectacular scenic beauty that the resort/hotel affords as one of its main attraction.

Purple Plum Fairy with Chef Erick Sabalza, ready for a Batangas getaway

A profusion of bird and wildlife are on the doorstep of this unique resort that brings a touch of style to the discovery of a remote and beautiful wilderness. The lodge is home to an aviary, wild pigs and peacock.  It also houses an amazing collection of motorcycles, vintage cars, race cars, unicycles and bicycles. 

Erick Sabalza and moi onboard a bus enroute to Batangas

Monday, June 10, 2019

Latisha Professional Formula Niacinamide Vitamin B3 5% Serum Product Review

I was a bit hesitant at first when I learned that I will be reviewing a new skincare product for my face. I have a confession to make: Although I am skincare junkie, I’m a bit lazy putting on sunscreen lotion. So at my age, I knew that the early signs of aging are probably screaming on my face—crow’s feet, laugh lines—name it, I probably have them all. And upon learning that Latisha Professional Formula Niacinamide Vitamin B with 5% Serum(the product in which I’d be reviewing) has anti-aging properties, I decided to give it a go. 

Lightens skin, helps remove dark spots, reduces fine lines.

Niacinamide suppresses melanin from reaching the surface of the skin and protects the skin from further UV damage too much melanin can result in age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation. 5% niacinamide when applied to skin for 12 weeks results in the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It also improves elasticity and gives an overall lighter skin complexion.

I would often have a pimple when I use new products but not with Latisha Serum

Use after toner, apply the serum with fingertips on face and neck. Once it is quickly absorbed, follow with a moisturizer. Wear sunscreen, it is equally important. My dermatologist said it is considered a “mortal sin” for anyone to go out without wearing or putting on a sunblock or sunscreen. In fact, some people, even within indoors, they still put on sunscreen. This is especially true since we’re no longer as young as we once were. As a certified Titas of Manila, we need to give our skin some TLC before they wrinkled and sagged. 

How Niacinamide Helps Skin

I'm no skin expert. But based solely on experience, niacinamide is an ingredient worthy of your attention and your skin will love you for using it. Among a handful of other amazing skincare ingredients such as retinol and vitamin C, Latisha Niacinamide Serum is a standout because of its versatility for almost any skin care concern and skin type.

Latisha Niacinamide Serum

The conclusions about niacinamide are based on what the published research has shown to be true—and the research about niacinamide unanimously demonstrates how special it is. In fact, second to retinol and vitamin C, it’s one of the most exciting skincare ingredients around!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Richard Gomez Talks About His Advocacy on AED at the Philippine Heart Association's 50th Convention

Photo taken from Shutterstock

The Philippine Heart Association (PHA), during its recently concluded 50th Annual Scientific Meeting and Convention once again called on the government to increase awareness and training on cardiopulmonary resuscitation [hands only CPR] as well as the automated external defibrillator [AED] as a way to save the lives of persons with heart disease.

Mayor Gomez with the panel of doctors from the Philippine Heart Association during the Advocacy Hour held at the PHA 50th Convention.
 One challenge with saving victims of cardiac arrest is that there is often a lag before bystanders take action.

Photo from Shutterstock

Last Saturday, June 8, 2019, veteran actor Eddie Garcia was at taping when he suffered from a severe heart attack. He is still under critical observation and all his doctors are doing their best to assure he gets the best care possible. At 90 years old, he is still doing what he loves most, acting. He is a pillar of the entertainment industry and is very passionate about his craft. If there was someone who knew CPR and there was an AED machine, then maybe Garcia won't end up being in coma by this time. 

Veteran actor Eddie Garcia suffered from Heart Attack while working on the set

Prior to Garcia’s heart attack, during the PHA advocacy hour, it was mentioned by former actor and recently re-elected Ormoc City Mayor and AED advocate Richard Gomez how the entertainment industry also needed AEDs especially during long-night tapings and shootings. 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Marigold Shower Spa: Your Best Home Service Spa in Deparo Caloocan

Imagine laying on a bed, letting your stress and anxieties melt away as your muscles are therapeutically manipulated with comfortably hot stones. A regular deep tissue massage is incredibly relaxing, but the addition of hot stones makes hot stone massage therapy an increasingly popular pick at Marigold Shower Spa (for both walk-in clients and home service) in that area of BF Homes in Deparo Caloocan. 

Hot stone massage is a form of massage therapy which follows the same principles of a regular Swedish massage but with the addition of heated stones, which are believed to better open the body’s energy pathways. Hot stone massage is a form of “thermotherapy” in which hot stones are positioned on specific areas of the client’s body and allow for greater deep tissue manipulation. Massaging oils are used to allow the therapist to work with the muscles easier and the hot stones may be alternated with cold stones or room temperature stones to facilitate the massage treatment.

The Hot Basal Stones used at massages

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