Saturday, October 5, 2013

Natasha Beauty: Quality and Affordable Makeup Line

I’ve got a new favorite thing to do in-between work. I’ve completely embraced the fact that I need to groom my eyebrows and learn to use makeup because I’m no longer the teen I once was. I need to learn how to conceal my flaws and highlight my features. At first, I was apprehensive about putting a ton of products on my face for fear that it might aggravate my skin problems. But upon trying out a couple of different products, finding the right one that fits you to a T may be a bit difficult. Good thing, there’s Natasha Beauty Line to help me out.

Makeup guru Steven Doloso does his magic to a makeup model.

 Natasha Beauty Line is from the Natasha Direct Selling Company that continues to empower Filipino women by providing them with quality products at an affordable price. For this holiday season, Natasha pus the spotlight on duos, palettes and their latest product, the new White Solutions line. Most of their products are a good value for your money as instead of buying two items, getting the duos means getting two items for the price of one!

Natasha  Eye Duos

True to its name, the Eye Duo has Lash Mascara on one end and Liquid Eyeliner on the other. It gives one an incredible full lashes without the hassle of smudging or smearing. The Thyme Extract gives your peeper’s antibacterial protection while the Quack grass Extract moisturizes and Grape seed Extract protects your lashes making it more resistant.

 For those always on the go, Natasha’s Mascara Duo is your best bet. A Nutrilash mascara and Lash Primer, it gives outstanding definition making your lashes longer and fuller. It also curls and volumizes for that dramatic length on your eyes.

For the lips, Mauves and oranges come and go but reds are here to stay. Be brave and bold with Natasha Beauty Line’s rich colors prepping you up this holiday season. No matter what the occasion, a good enough reason to pull out at all stops is to wear Natasha’s Duo lipstick. It builds on color in just one glide. It has a lipstick on one end and a lipgloss on the other. The duo lipstick has SPF 18 which protects your smackers from harmful UV rays. Velvety, hydrating and oh so opaque. It is a showstopper written all over its stick self. It has the ideal consistency for that perfectly precise, bold lips that clearly every woman has to be all about.

 For a fresh batch of the reddest, baddest reds, for your pouting pleasure, there’s Natasha Beauty Line’s Tempting Pout Precious Lips Lip Palette. The palette comes in different shades that effectively creates shiny, wet finish in a soft creamy texture. It comes in a perfectly structured stick for easy application. Great for both dress up and down. It’s in your face, unapologetic shine is great for fall (“Ber” months if you desire to call it that way) or holiday glam look.

I super duper love Natasha Beauty Line’s barely Blushing Lip and Cheek Tint. It’s a translucent lip and cheek that adds a natural tint and glow. It is water-based moisturizing gel that will surely make you smile. Applying it looks like you’ve just come from a run! It’s so easy to use, just apply them on the apples of your cheeks and voila! You’ll be a pretty glowing maiden in no time. This is a must-have on my ‘kikay kit’. 

For full coverage, Natasha’s White Solutions BB Cream is also a must-try. It promises SPF protection, antioxidant for whitening and acne prevention plus enough coverage to help banish imperfections. If you’re the get-up and go-type who likes to rush through a morning routine, it is a time saving pink tube. White Solutions BB Creams gives subtle coverage. It also works as primer. Although it comes in just one shade, the cream easily adapts to one’s skin tone.

Best of all, all makeup products are hypoallergenic, thus making the Natasha Beauty Line perfect for everyone even those with truly sensitive skin.
Check out the latest collections of Natasha Beauty online at or see a Natasha dealer near you. 

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