Monday, February 28, 2011

The lesson I learned from using Facebook

 It took me a while to get on the social networking bandwagon, but when I finally did, I did it with a passion. I’ve posted pictures—I would eagerly take photos during parties, family travels, events, and holidays so I could post them on my site.

Facebook (FB) also paved the way for me to trace people even as far back as first grade classmates and friends—we eventually had a reunion late last year—it even allowed me to frequent contact even across national borders—with some distant relatives and friends abroad.
More than friendship though, FB is also a way of self-expression for me. It’s not surprising that I’ve found even older Pinoys adjusting quickly to FB and seeing it as a way of just keeping in touch but of “conversing,” all the way up to harassing someone they don’t like (or paradoxically, that they like) until they get “unfriended” by the person being “stalked.”
I’ve been so comfortable with FB that I had forgotten it was a very public media. Recently, I’ve been subjected to public scrutiny. I decided to pour out my sentiments on my FB status because I had no one else to talk to—I didn’t use names or mention bad words when someone commented on them, using my wall as a way to provoke me. I felt so violated because someone I don’t know was able to manipulate something so personal.
It may have been a rather tactless and insensitive remark on my part, but my point was that it was my page—my personal wall. Am I not supposed to write what I want without any restrictions at all? I’m allowed to be an a_hole if I want to be one, right? As far as I know, there’s no censorship or filtering on FB.
I didn’t know what she was up to. I later found out she wasn’t a total stranger after all. Just some “attention-seeker” I know. 
I really got into a hot water because of her—and although I still believe I’ve done nothing wrong, I decided to ask for her forgiveness just so this issue would come to an end. You know what, until now I could never fathom why she did that in the first place and why in the world would I ask an apology from someone who should say sorry to me? Call me a fool, but I just don’t want to think about that fiasco anymore. However, I still stand by my belief that some people really need to develop better Internet sense and netiquette.
FB can easily become a venue for gossip, backbiting and cyber-bullying. While one is certainly allowed to post their opinions online—it is a free world, after all. So now, I poke, blog, comment, post and tag…but I’m trying to do it more wisely and prudently. At the end of the day, it’s still my choice which and when to click and enter.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tang Pulpy Orange and Mango Drink

The give away for the launch.

Kraft Foods recently launched their newest products--Tang Pulpy drink. It's the country's first powdered beverage with natural pulpy bits from real mangoes and oranges. It provides an authentic fruit experience for mommy juice drinkers, also enjoyable for kids and the whole family. It comes in two of Filipinos' favorite juice flavors: Tang Pulpy mango and Tang Pulpy Orange. Pinoys can be guaranteed that Tang Pulpy will be accessible as it is available in affordable 1 liter sachet packs. Moms can make everyday a spectacular one with Tang

Tang with pulpy goodness of freshly squeezed orange.
I personally tried these two drinks, and as a consumer, I'd say they bring out the tasty goodness of each fruit in every glass or pitcher of Tang Pulpy drink.  But I've always been partial to their mango variant,  the sad part is that you have to make sure to really shake the pitcher well so that the mango bits will mix well with your Tang Pulpy drink. Otherwise, it will just remain a residue and your drinking experience would not be so good. But apart from that, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't like these yummy products.

Tang with real bits of mango in every sip.

Tang Pulpy drinks are available at leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide. Serve them to your family as a refreshing drink since summer is fast approaching. Go ahead, quench your thirst!

Thursday, February 17, 2011's I love my Family event recently held a forum at the Podium mall in Ortigas.  Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao hosted the event along with Anthony Taberna's lovely wife whose name I forgot. (sorry!). Members of the online community, were treated to different talks with topics about the family. Three mommies were also lucky to be treated for a total makeover from David's Salon and Bayo.  Rainmakers also serenaded the guests and fathers who were present were also given long-stemmed roses as an early Valentine treat. Josiah's catering also served yummy chocolate and fruit fountains. While Belo Essentials provided the lootbags that was given away to loyal members.

Ms. Maribel Sioson-Dionisio gave a talk on emoitonal parenting. 

With Ms. Tintin Bersola-Babao and member Nelly Quijano and baby Francine.

Couple speakers who spoke about how marriage work.

Rainmakers performed during the show.

Anthony Taberna's lovely wife co-hosted with Titntin.
Belo Essentials sponsored the lootbags.

Who says that Belo is only for women? There's Belo for Men too.

The author with Ms. Tintin.

Special thanks to my good friend Vix for allowing me to use the photos.
For details on how to become a member of the growing online community of, 
Log on to
or email

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That Fateful Day: The Day We Almost Lost Kyle Again

Kyle at the Hospital during his confinement.

February 10, 2011

It was a wonderful day. Mommy and I were scheduled to meet up with my blogger friend Millette Sison at the Ayala MRT so that we could claim our gift pack from Eveready at the Nuffnang office in Bonifacio High Street.  We were at the MRT station at exactly 9AM. Before we left, we had written a note for Kyle to read once he returned home from school. He was busy rehearsing their dance steps for the next morning--his school's Foundation Day and Kyle's been really excited about it. "My teacher had positioned me infront during our dance formation. That means, you can take photos of me," Kyle said with excitement. 

As we head on to Bonfacio Global City, we accidentally hopped on a West bound bus instead of an East bound. So we ended up going back to Ayala after an hour or so. At that time, I was thinking why I had forgotten which bus to ride on when we had been to Bonifacio high a couple of times. I later learned that it was destiny's call saying that I should go back home. 

By past 4PM, we're on our way home. I received a phone call from someone whose number was not registered on my phone. Usually, I don't answer calls from people not in my phone book's list, but I did. Anyway, it was my Aunt Nelly on the other end of the line and I immediately knew it was her judging by the sound of her voice.  What made my heart stopped beating for a while was the news I heard on the other end of the line: "Where have you been? Kyle was hit by a car. We're here at the ER now. Please be here. Hurry!"
The badly injured left foot.
From the moment I heard such words, I didn't know what to expect. I immediately uttered a prayer for Kyle. I had regrets why I had to leave him to my Aunt that day. I thought it was some kind of a bad joke. But when we got into the ER, I saw it for myself. Lying on his bed was my wounded Kyle. All pale, with tears welling up his eyes--he was clearly in pain. And then I saw the open wound on his left foot--totally unskinned...(If you've come to this part and you're eating or something, stop reading the following text...I had decided to upload photos of what happened to Kyle on this blog just so those who had not had the chance to visit him at the hospital would know how he is and what really happened to him. )

The Jabawoockeez mask he used while crossing the street.
I later learned that Kyle had been a good boy that day, except that he was told to buy an ice pop (sort of an ice candy) across the street by my cousin. The bad part of it all, Kyle had been playing inside our room--he's wearing a mask while he attempted to cross the street when an Isuzu car hit him hard.
One of his deep wounds on his thigh.

Another wound on his elbow.

The open wound...

The message we left for Kyle upon going home from school.

Kyle jokingly wrote a letter for us before the said accident.

It was a good thing that tricycle drivers knew who he was and where he lives. They immediately brought him to the hospital and later informed my Aunt Nelly about Kyle. I personally thanked Jake Dizon who had to carry Kyle to the ER. My other cousin Inah Teoco, Mama Sofie who texted me about the incident, Tita Reyda who called after Ate Nelly and Ate Nelly herself who had to leave baby Francine behind just so she could attend to Kyle. 

I'd also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who uttered a prayer or two for my beloved Kyle. To my Father's family--Madrid side, I thank you all for visiting Kyle at the hospital. To his teachers: Mrs. Ruste and Mrs. Yambao for consideration and support. And to my sister for finally being there for Kyle when he needed him.

Kyle never made it to his dance. He was even crying at the ER that he's not going to dance the next day. But God had given him another chance at life, and to me that's what matters the most.

To all those who texted and prayed for him, thank you so much. I swear never to leave him out of my sight again...God had a purpose for letting all these happen. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger's Newest Scent: LOUD- I'm living out LOUD!

Tommy Hilfiger's latest scents, Loud for both Him and her.

Face it. It’s not a new concept. It happens, honest. Believe it or not, there’s a time in one’s life wherein you just want to sit back, relax, grab a back of chips and say “oh, it’s a joy to be single!” Crazy?  Not really. It is downright denying yourself of discovered kisses, erotic hugs, and ticklish cuddles, but somehow, the alternative, at one point, presents a more attractive picture. Peace, for one. SELF-DISCOVERY is another. UNLIMITED OTHER OPTIONS, yet another.
Discovering the beauty of being boyfriend-less comes slowly. It’s ballet in slow motion- riveting, exhilarating. The revelation comes slowly, as somehow difficult to just let go of the old fun ways. The life for two I got used to. Somehow it’s not easy to, in-a-snap, forget just how crazy I was about holding his hand or absently caressing his locks. In time, the feeling of strange peace comes though. Strange for many, but it’s giving you peace of mind. With the dreaded V-day fast approaching, here I am alone. Solo pero no solomente. Alone but not lonely.
Why choose to be alone? When you’re out of the relationship, it’s either you make fun of it or find a corner and cry. Or you can revel. Revel is good. One can easily make fun of being “suddenly single”. But nobody would ever think of it as something you just wanted. Believe me, it’s something I welcomed. I am single and currently unattached. It is a positive development in my life. I know choosing to be alone is not the mainstream choice. It may be a weird path actually, it’s not even a consideration to most.
Being single is liberating. I can go anywhere I feel like going—at anytime I like, with anybody, everybody, somebody—without a tinge of guilt. I don’t need to pretend I like something even if I don’t. I can buy stuff for myself without thinking of sharing.
I’m living out LOUD. I could either have a miserable time trying to figure out where I went wrong and why my past relationship had turned sour or I could seize this chance to discover new things about me that I never knew existed. Of course, I prefer the latter.
There is something magical about taking a sabbatical time alone. In my case, moments like these are living the monastic life. All I have is myself, and it the tasks that I need to do.Nightfall weaves its charm seamlessly. There is rhythm to the way the wind rattles the canvas awning near my window and rustles the leaves of a nearby tree.
My fears, anxieties, joys, my inner monologues reveal themselves as I listen to them instead of resisting.
I love being single, I like living LOUD. I’m getting a better grasp of who the person that inhabits me may actually be. I quickly realize that the best surprises are the ones we learn about ourselves. I’m single, no big deal. And it doesn’t make me less of a woman without a man by my side. 
With Tommy Hilfiger's latest scent LOUD, I firmly believe it matches well with my personality. I am my own woman and nothing can stop me from achieving my goals and being the woman that I can be. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding my first love...reading!

Two paperbacks I've recently read.

Everything feels like deja vu. Call me a weirdo but I do love the smell of newly opened paperbacks or any book for that matter. I'm truly OC when it comes to my books. I don't like them dog-eared, I don't want any creases or any marking. I want it to be as perfect as possible before deciding to read it.

I have been reading for as long a I can remember and I owe it all to my maternal grandmother who made me read by frequently visiting National Bookstore to pick out a few titles. I have come across a wide array of books, mostly pieces that touched on the topics of life, culture, spirituality, personal struggles and love.

I worry about literacy sometimes. I no longer think an appetite for reading simply develops naturally in kids today. Nowadays, there are too many distractions, too many options for reading to always win on its own. It has to be encouraged and nurtured. I should know...

In our household, I could see my cousins submit themselves mindlessly to watching cable TV and DVDs 24/7. I'd have to say it's still better to read than watch TV, you may complain of tired eyes alright but at least your brain still functions.

There should always be a breakthrough moment for kids, sort of eureka for young readers. The first time words would come alive in their heads--these are even better than some TV show or 3D cartoons. Kids must experience the power of words, like an image, a description, something they read that makes them laugh--the works. My point is that we should all experience that magical connection between the author and reader. Once kids experience those moments for themselves, I'm sure they will be hooked on books and become readers.

Some researchers say that reading is too solitary, that it doesn't help kids to socialize. I totally disagree. Learning to think about the world on your own is one of the priceless benefits of reading. In my own experience, I even gained friends because we have the same liking for books. Fifteen years ago, a girl approached me after seeing I've just purchased Sweet Dreams, Sweet Valley and R. L. Stine books. She eventually became one of my closest friends in high school after we found out we had so much thing in common. But it was our love for the same titles that had actually kept the ball from rolling. (Hi, Melay! Hope you're reading this!)

I believe there's this thing among bookworms where we, at some point in our lives, prefer nothing more than the company of a good book and a hot cup of coffee, choco or in my case peppermint tea. But it doesn't mean we are isolating ourselves from the rest of the world.

If you want your kids to love reading books. I suggest you better start now by reading to them each night. It's better to start early before they learn to read themselves.
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