Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome everyone! I did not know I'd one day be writing on a blog or an online journal like this. I used to write for a lifestyle magazine as a freelance writer. I used to write for travel, parenting and fashion features. Seeing my articles written on print made me feel like I was in heaven, I thought it was an EDSA billboard, even in truth, it was all twelve points of Helvetica font. I've been around the country because of my kind of work. It felt good rubbing elbows with celebrities, receiving invites to movie premieres and product launchings. But at the same time, it was difficult trying to beat your deadlines. It was the kind of life I wanted, it was exactly how I had pictured myself would be around 10 years ago.

But when I had my baby (he's actually my nephew) in 2003, my life had turned 360 degrees. I was fresh out of college and the thought of having a baby was the least on my list. I was supposed to be a career woman, doing stuff for a publishing company. I did a few stints as a brainstormer for a TV network, I became a researcher and other odd jobs in between. But nothing compares to being a Mom/Dad/Teacher/Tita to my Kyle. My sister (Kyle's biological Mom) had made a family of her own so she left Kyle under my care. Good thing, my Mommy helps me. When Kyle came into my life, I lost all the luxuries I had. Before that, I had P300 a month cellphone load, now I'd only load about P25. I had shampoos, body scrubs, facial wash and stock full of beauty products in huge bottle sizes. But now, I'd only have those stuff in sachet or trial packs. My signature clothes had all gone--the one remaining are rather too worn out or overused with their colors fading in oblivion. And I became a homebody from a mall rat.

All through these years, I've learned to become the parent that I had to be. May this blog help you as well, as I plan to share with you all the things I have learned regarding parenting, as well as raising a kid single-handedly. I also plan to invite you in upcomnig events that I know and hopefully, we'd be able to meet and become friends. I'd like to thank you for taking time out in reading this blog of mine. I may not be a professional blogger, but I'm willing to share what I know and learn from others (through comments) as well. God bless everyone and welcome to my space!
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