Friday, May 31, 2024

Honoring and Mourning a Great Church Leader and Father: Remembering for 14 Days


In life, we encounter individuals who leave a lasting impact on us. They touch our hearts, inspire us, and guide us in our spiritual journey. This was the case with Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, founder and chief executive minister of the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch). He was a great church pastor and father to his congregation.

For the PMCC (4th Watch) members all over the world, May 19, 2024 could be one of the saddest days for they have to say goodbye to a great servant of the Lord and father in faith.

In an interview with Deputy Executive Minister, Jonathan S. Ferriol announced the peaceful passing of his father, With heavy hearts that we mourn his passing, but also take this opportunity to honor and remember him for the remarkable life he lived. As we come together as a church community, we reflect on the countless memories and lessons that Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol has left us with. He was not just a religious leader, but also a father figure to many. His kindness, compassion, and unwavering faith have touched the lives of countless individuals, making him a true inspiration to us all.”

A full life lived

Described as an apostle embodying genuine goodness, unwavering faith, and wisdom in representing God's kingdom, Apostle Ferriol's commitment to God, the church, and his family served as an inspiring example for the entire PMCC (4th Watch).

His unwavering faith and dedication to his divine calling have left an indelible mark on the church, shaping its growth and development over the past five decades. The PMCC (4th Watch) highlighted that Apostle Arsenio's faith and divine calling led to the establishment of the PMCC (4th Watch), where he became a spiritual father to millions globally.

In 1973, the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) came into existence. During a dedicated period of praying and fasting, Apostle Arsenio received the divine gift and grace of apostleship. This marked the commencement of a profound journey—a lifelong commitment to his calling as the Goodman of the House, a role foretold by Christ in Matthew 24:43.

Apostle Arsenio's proclamation of the pure and unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ swiftly led to the Church's natural growth, giving rise to the establishment of the Maranatha Bible School in 1975 (now known as Maranatha Bible School International), which stands as a testament to his vision of nurturing future ministers and spreading the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. What started humbly has culminated gloriously. Founded on Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol's apostolic calling, the PMCC (4th Watch) reached its 50th year under his devoted stewardship. Under the Apostle's leadership, the Church remains unwavering in its commitment to fulfilling God's work until the imminent return of Jesus Christ.

14 days of mourning and honoring the Goodman of the House

The passing of Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol marks a significant milestone in the history of the PMCC (4th Watch), a moment that reverberates through the hearts of its members worldwide. To honor and celebrate his life, the entire PMCC (4th Watch) will pay tribute for 14 days.

During this time, we honor and mourn Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol for 14 days, a period of reflection and remembrance. It is a time to pay tribute to a great apostle and to remember the impact he have had on our lives. As we remember Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol, we cannot help but think of all the ways in which he enriched our lives. His powerful sermons, filled with wisdom and love, have left an indelible mark on our souls. His unwavering dedication to serving the church and community has been an inspiration to us all. And his unwavering faith and trust in God have shown us the true meaning of spiritual leadership,” Bishop Ferriol stressed.

During these 14 days, the entire PMCC 4th Watch recognizes that his passing has left a void in their hearts and in the church community. However, through this mourning period, we find solace and comfort in being able to share our memories and stories of Apostle Arsenio Ferriol with one another. We find strength in the support of our church family, as we grieve together and find peace in knowing that Apostle Arsenio Ferriol is now in a better place. As we honor and mourn Apostle Arsenio Ferriol, it is important to remember that this is not just a time for sadness, but also a time for celebration. We celebrate the remarkable life that Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol lived, the legacy he leaves behind, and the countless lives he has impacted. We celebrate the fact that he was not just a pastor, but a father to us all, guiding us towards a closer relationship with God.”

Bishop Jonathan S. Ferriol also added that In these 14 days, we also take the time to reflect on our own lives and how we can continue Apostle Arsenio Ferriols legacy. We can strive to follow in his footsteps, living a life of faith, compassion, and service to others. We can honor him by continuing to spread his message of love and acceptance to those around us. In conclusion, as we honor and mourn Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol for 14 days, let us remember the wise words of the Bible, Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” (Matthew 5:4). Let us find comfort in knowing that Apostle Arsenio Ferriol is now in the loving arms of our Father in heaven and that his spirit will always live on in our hearts. May his memory continue to inspire us and guide us in our faith journey.”

Bishop Ferriol expressed the family's determination to uphold Apostle Arsenio's apostolic legacy and pass it on to future generations until the return of Jesus Christ. Memorial services in honor of Apostle Arsenio Ferriol will take place until May 31 at the Apostle Arsenio T. Ferriol Sports Complex in Malagasang II-D, Imus, Cavite, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

IT’S A SIGN: Mang Inasal’s iconic order number is everywhere!


Mang Inasal, the Philippines’ Grill Expert, has recently surprised motorists and commuters as it placed the giant version of its iconic order number in different parts of the country to treat everyone with an exclusive delivery discount.

“We know how much our customers love dining in at Mang Inasal stores. But we’re also aware how they strongly crave for their Ihaw-Sarap favorites at home, in the office, at school, or wherever they are,” said Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. “So, we thought of surprising them with giant versions of our iconic order number containing a promo QR code that will give them ₱100 off for their favorite Mang Inasal delivery orders.”

Mang Inasal Delivery continues to delight its customers with back-to-back treats this year that started with a free delivery promo last January to March. It then spread the Halo-Halo craze last April with the National Halo-Halo Blowout Delivery Exclusive.

This May until June 30, delivery customers can enjoy the #MangInasalKahitSaan promo by simply using the code MIDEL100 to get ₱100 discount on a minimum purchase of ₱699 when you order through the Mang Inasal Delivery App or

Want more Mang Inasal exclusives NOW? Visit for the latest news, for delivery deals, and follow Mang Inasal on social media for more Ihaw-Sarap and Unli-Saya updates!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024



Step into the spotlight and become a scholar of the Kanto Kultura Camp (KK Camp) 2024 of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Los Baños LGU, the performing arts training program is designed to immerse the Filipino youth in music, dance, and theater.

Open to high school students from Los Baños, Laguna, the KK CAMP aims to unleash their hidden potentials through a series of workshops and training in music, dance, and theater, slated from June to August 2024.

The camp hopes to nurture the young artists for a triple treat performance. Through the training, the high school students would be able to do cultural exchange performances locally and nationally.

The CCP also hopes to develop art appreciation among the students, establish a sustainable performing arts group, and provide future employment for training artists.

Interested applicants must be aged 16 to 20 years old, legit residents of Los Baños, Laguna, and must be Grade 11 and/or 12 students currently enrolled in public high school or Alternative Learning System School in Los Baños, Laguna.

Applicants must submit the following requirements: (1) a letter of intent in joining the program addressed to the mayor of Los Baños, Laguna, (2) duly-accomplished application and waiver form, (3) certificate of residency in Los Baños, Laguna.

Student applicants must submit an endorsement letter or certification highlighting their qualifications issued by the official from the school/educational institution where they are enrolled.

For those out-of-school youth, they need an endorsement letter from the LGU and additional supporting documents that may be asked by the CCP management and/or the selection committee.

Applicants are required to undergo auditions. They have to prepare a one-minute acapella, one-minute dance routine with music, and one monologue in either English or Filipino.

Auditions will start on June 1 to 2, at the Multi-Purpose Hall, 3/F New Municipal Building, Los Baños, Laguna.

Only 50 scholars will be accepted and attend the intensive performing arts training that aims to enhance their technical and artistic skills. The scholars will also attend various performing arts classes, get a glimpse on the production processes and rehearsals, and engage in dialogues with esteemed artists and theater practitioners.

For inquiries, email or contact Joshua Chan at 09171179142.

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mang Inasal sparkles with 4 wins at the 2024 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards


Mang Inasal, the Philippines' Grill Expert, recently bagged a Silver and three Bronze in the 11 th AnnualAsia-Pacific Stevie® Awards. 

A Silver Stevie® was given to the #MangInasalMOMents Mother’s Day DPR Campaign for its Innovation in the Use of Viral Media/Word of Mouth. Meanwhile, Bronze Stevie® were awarded to the #MangInasalAt20 Anniversary Milestone (Innovation in the Use of Social Media),  Dwight Howard’s Love for Mang Inasal (Innovation in the Use of Viral Media/Word of Mouth), and Mang Inasal’s Digital and Public Relations Group (Most Innovative Communications Team of the Year).

"Receiving these recognitions not only brings us great joy but also fuels our commitment to create more impactful campaigns for our customers," said Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. Mang Inasal will continue to give our guests and online customers the Ihaw-Sarap (deliciously grilled) food and Unli-Saya (unlimited fun) experience they deserve."

The 2024 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards received more than 1,000 nominations from 25 nations and territories. Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie® Award winners were determined by the average scores of more than 150 professionals worldwide.

Earlier this year, Mang Inasal received three Philippine Quill Awards of Excellence for its Mang Inasal Nation Facebook Group (Communication Management Division’s Customer Relations
category), #ILoveMangInasal Facebook Page Content Revamp (Communication Skills Division’s Social Media category) and #MangInasalFamilyFiesta TikTok Challenge (Communication Management Division’s Marketing, Advertising, and Brand Communication category). Meanwhile, the Mang Inasal Creators’ Circle (MICC) bagged an Award of Merit under the Communication Skills Division’s Social Media category.

Also, Mang Inasal bagged four Gold trophies at the 2024 Anvil Awards for Mang Inasal Nation Facebook Group (Best Use of Social Media), MICC (Best Use of Influencer Marketing), #MangInasalMOMents Mother’s Day Celebration and #ILoveMangInasal Facebook Page Content Revamp (both for Best Use of Social Media). They also received one Silver Anvil for its #NationalHaloHaloBlowout under the Marketing and Brand Communication category, and was among the final three nominees for Company of the Year.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

From itchy skin to heart disease: How kidney disease causes a chain reaction of health woes


The kidneys are small, bean-shaped organs only about 5 inches big, but don’t let their small size fool you. Sitting just below the rib cage, they are a complex filter system that processes around 200 liters of blood, removes impurities, regulates blood pressure, maintains electrolyte balance, and produces hormones crucial for red blood cell production and bone health. Whew, what a fantastic job they do every single day.

In other words, these fist-sized hardworking organs play a powerful role in maintaining our well-being, that having kidney problems can set off a domino effect of other health problems. “Given all the work the kidneys must do, developing kidney issues like chronic kidney disease or CKD which affects one Filipino every hour puts you at risk of complications that affect other areas of your body like your skin and your heart,” explains Eladio Miguel M. Peñaranda Jr., MD Chief of the Section of Nephrology of the top hospital in the Philippines Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed).

Some people with malfunctioning kidneys do complain about itchy skin that can range from mildly bothersome to unbearably life-disrupting, and gout too. “There are many possible reasons why people with kidney problems experience this, and it could be because there’s an accumulation of toxins in the body,” shares Dr. Peñaranda. “The same excess waste buildup also leads to uric acid building up in your blood that triggers gout. Having too much uric acid creates small urate crystals, which settle in your joints and cause sudden attacks of pain and swelling.”

With the kidney controlling the balance of minerals like phosphorus, calcium, and potassium in the body, problems in these organs may also affect bone and heart health. “Healthy kidneys can easily get rid of excess phosphorus. Otherwise, high levels of this mineral can also decrease the calcium levels in bone, making you more at risk of fractures and osteoporosis,” says Dr. Peñaranda. “Moreover, potassium controls the electrical signals of your myocardium or the muscular layer of the heart controlling your heartbeat. When there’s too much potassium it can result in an irregular heartbeat.”

Similarly, kidney damage increases risk for more serious health issues like heart disease, which remains the leading cause of death among Filipinos. “This is because kidney disease can lead to increased strain on the heart as it works harder to supply blood to the kidneys,” notes Dr. Peñaranda.

Considering their impact and influence on the rest of the body, these small organs should always be factored into our proactive approach to maintaining health, MakatiMed reminds. Some people with kidney disease don’t feel its effects until the condition reaches an advanced stage, when treatment only involves alleviating symptoms and slowing down the progression of the disease.

“To keep kidneys healthy, it’s crucial to add more veggies and fruits to your plate, stay hydrated, work out regularly, limit cholesterol and salt intake, reduce alcohol consumption, quit smoking, and control blood sugar and blood pressure,” underlines Dr. Peñaranda. “If you suspect kidney issues, see a doctor immediately and ask if you can get tested. Diagnosis requires blood and urine tests. Taking these steps can preserve your kidneys and prevent a surge of health issues that’ll keep you from living life to the fullest.”

For more information, please contact MakatiMed On-Call at +632.88888 999, email,

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Home Credit, Puregold secure partnership, give more Filipinos access to convenient and flexible consumer products purchase through credit


Staying true to its commitment of being the Filipinos’ financial ally, Home Credit Philippines (HCPH) has recently formed a partnership with one of the country’s biggest chain of supermarkets, Puregold, to allow its customers to use credit when purchasing their necessities. 

Recently launched, this collaboration offers Puregold customers nationwide an easy, convenient, and secure way of purchasing their groceries using Home Credit Card or Qwarta. In addition, they will get opportunities to participate in seasonal, brand specific, and other unique and exclusive deals. 

Home Credit Card is HCPH’s premium revolving product that offers select customers the perfect first-time Visa credit card with 3% load discount, zero additional fees on bills payment, interest-free option for up to 45 days per month and low interest fee at 3%. Meanwhile, Qwarta is HCPH’s virtual shopping line that users can use via the My Home Credit App to buy load, pay bills, buy groceries (via QR), and shop online.  

“Home Credit is steadfast in its role of being a financial partner to Filipinos to help them realize and achieve the life that they want for themselves. This collaboration with one of the country’s biggest chain of supermarkets enables us to strengthen this commitment and reach more people nationwide with offers that can help them better manage their finances,” Sheila Paul, Chief Marketing Officer of HCPH, said.   

This seamless payment journey only involves three easy steps, starting with the customers’ download of the My Home Credit App. Those who are eligible to use Home Credit’s Qwarta or those who have a Home Credit credit card may then generate a QR code that, lastly, they will present to a Puregold’s cashier for scanning to complete their purchase.

“As we approach the remarkable milestone of having 500 stores nationwide, our unwavering commitment to our company’s core values is stronger. We are not just a retail business, but an enterprise of service, dedicated to supporting lives and nurturing stronger communities across the country. "

This strategic partnership with Home Credit Philippines allows us to further amplify flexibility and convenience for our valued customers and Ka-Asensos,” Jenny Jacintos, Senior Manager for Merchandising and Marketing Services of Puregold. 


To know more about the latest updates from Home Credit Philippines, visit its official website, You may also follow its official Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts. Customers are also encouraged to download the My Home Credit App on Google Play to learn more about the latest promos and see what’s new in Shopping Mall Philippines.   


Home Credit Philippines is a financing company duly licensed and supervised by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).   

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

DQ’s latest ‘Blizzard of the Month’ features this iconic purple dessert: The Ultimate Ube


Among the many food items in Filipino cuisine that has come to represent our culture, nothing can match the rich taste and equally rich color of ube. Now, what if we take that richness and combine it with the most iconic soft serve ice cream? The result is the latest “Blizzard of the Month” offering from DQ—the Ultimate Ube collection, featuring seven treats available for a limited time only!

Enjoy the irresistible combo of ube and cheese with the new Ube Cheesecake Blizzard, made with DQ's signature soft serve mixed with real ube and bite-sized bits of cheesecake, and then topped with a ball of ube!

You'll be walking on cloud nine with the new Ube Fluff Blizzard, made with real ube and bits soft and chewy mini marshmallows mixed into DQ's signature soft serve, which is then topped with a ball of ube and more mini marshmallows!

Rounding off the new Blizzard flavors is the new Ube Crunch Blizzard, made with real ube and crushed graham crackers mixed into DQ's signature soft serve, which is then topped with a graham cracker and a ball of ube—for a satisfying crunch with each bite!

Sweet dreams are made of these: luscious ube topping in between layers of DQ's signature soft serve, which is then topped with cookie crunch and a ball of ube. Wait, that's the new Purple Dream Parfait, for those who want something simpler but equally satisfying!

Looking for a thirst quencher to cool down with? Look no further than the new Ube Classic Milk Shake, a creamy concoction made with DQ's signature soft serve blended with milk and real ube, and then topped with whipped cream. It's the perfect cure for a hot afternoon!

If you want your ice cream cake all to yourself, you should go for the new Purple Cloud Tin Cake, made with DQ's signature soft serve mixed with real ube, all resting on a cake crunch base / crushed Oreo base, which is then topped with white and purple frosting and a generous sprinkling of soft and chewy mini marshmallows!

Finally, there's the new Purple Fudge Cheesecake, made with DQ's signature cake crunch center, crushed Oreo base, and signature soft serve mixed with real ube and cheesecake bits. It is then finished with delectable purple frosting and then garnished with ube topping and even more cheesecake bits!

The Ultimate Ube Blizzards are available in Mini, Regular, Medium, and Large starting at P99. The Ube Classic Milk Shake is available in 12oz and 16oz servings starting at P169, while the Purple Dream Parfait is priced at P169. Meanwhile, the new Purple Cloud Tin Cake is priced at P439, while the Purple Fudge Cheesecake, available in 6-inch and 8-inch variants, starts at P749.

Indulge in these offers by visiting your nearest branch, by calling the 8911-1111 hotline, or by logging on to You can also order for delivery through DQ’s official delivery partners GrabFood, foodpanda, and Pickaroo (prices may vary).

For the latest promos and offers from DQ, follow and give the brand a like on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and Instagram, or visit the website at

Monday, May 20, 2024




As we continue to strive for gender equality and women's empowerment, it is essential to prioritize women's health and well-being. One crucial aspect of women's health that often goes overlooked is cervical screening. Cervical cancer is a leading cause of death among women worldwide, but it is also one of the most preventable cancers through regular screenings.

Therefore, Manila Medical Center is pleased to invite all women in our community to a free cervical screening event. This event aims to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and prevention of cervical cancer. By attending this screening, you can take proactive steps towards safeguarding your health and well-being.

In celebration of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, ManilaMed's Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology offers a 𝐅𝐑𝐄𝐄 𝐂𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐂𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠, from May 20, 2024, to May 24, 2024 at ManilaMed OB-Gyne Service OPD, Mezzanine Floor.
For appointment scheduling, contact (02) 8523 8131 local 2355

Their dedicated team of healthcare professionals will provide confidential and compassionate care during the screening process. We understand that discussing reproductive health can be sensitive, but rest assured that your privacy and comfort are our top priorities.

Don't miss this opportunity to prioritize your health and well-being. Join us at our free cervical screening event and take control of your reproductive health. Together, we can work towards a healthier future for all women in our community.

Your Korean Dream Team: W Express & KVAC – Say Goodbye to Visa Hassles!


W Express Executive Vice President Emelita Alcid, W Express Chairman and President Dawn Feliciano, KVAC Managing Director Ahn Kyu Suk, KVAC General Manager Choi Yong Won

Press Release:

W Express is excited to announce its exclusive partnership with the Korean Visa Application Center (KVAC). This makes W Express the sole accredited courier service partner of KVAC for Korean tourist visa application processing and delivery services.

“This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for W Express. With our network of over 100 branches nationwide, we are thrilled to be of service to more Filipinos. By making this dream destination more accessible and convenient to reach, we are helping aspiring travelers and Korean culture enthusiasts turn their travel aspirations into reality. We are proud to play a part in enabling more Filipinos to experience the rich culture and beauty of Korea,” said Dawn Feliciano, Chairman/President of W Express.

Ahn Kyu Suk, KVAC Managing Director, expressed, “Partnering with W Express brings us immense delight as we work towards enhancing the visa application experience for Filipino travelers. This collaboration perfectly aligns with our mission to simplify and streamline the process, allowing applicants to concentrate on planning their trips rather than the logistics of visa application. We couldn't think of a better partner for this endeavor."

Earlier this year, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea unveiled initiatives to streamline the visa application process. Through this collaboration, Filipino applicants can now conveniently submit their Tourist Visa (C 3-9) applications at any W Express branch, eliminating the requirement for in-person submissions. Meanwhile, non-Filipino applicants and those applying for different visa types are still required to submit their applications in person.

The application and delivery fee of P1,900 per person is payable on-site; delivery fee is subject to change depending on location. The entire process, from the submission of your application to W Express to the delivery of your passport, usually spans 14-16 working days.

With W Express, obtaining a Korean Tourist Visa is now easier than ever. Let our dedicated team at W Express assist you in simplifying your travel preparations - visit us today!

For more information, visit our website at or contact us at (02) 8879-8888. To get the latest updates on promotions and latest offerings, follow our Facebook and Instagram official pages.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Discover Amazing Deals with Camella HomeDASH Program


A Foundation to Rise From and a Future to Soar Towards with Camella

Imagine the pride and satisfaction as you unlock the door to your forever home, a space that culminates your aspirations and hard work for yourself and your loved ones.

Homeownership is a tangible symbol of accomplishment, a foundation for a secure future, and a testament to a person’s ability to build something of lasting value. This goes even deeper for Filipinos: a birthplace and the places where one create memories hold a special spot in their hearts. It is where we create irreplaceable childhood memories, develop a sense of community, and forge lifelong connections. Owning a home in one’s town, or even close by, allows them to reconnect with those roots, continue traditions, and create a space for future generations to shape their own memories.

Forever Takes Place in Camella

Camella developments are themed neighborhoods inspired by the most beautiful places in the world

Camella understands the deep significance of owning a home in Filipino culture. More than bricks and mortar, homes are a place to build lasting memories, raise a family, celebrate life's milestones, and a place one holds dear no matter where life takes them. 

Camella communities are built with amenities that foster an environment for family festivities, friendly competitions, and lifelong connections. 

For those looking to return to their roots or establish a base close to their loved ones, Camella HomeDASH program makes achieving this dream easier than ever. Camella offers various home financing options and special deals to fit your needs, whether for a Ready for Occupancy (RFO) home, a Non-Ready for Occupancy (NRFO) development, or a lot-only property. 

HomeDASH: Discover Amazing Specials for Homebuyers

The HomeDASH program is an all-in platform to easily navigate the homeownership journey. Whether eager to move in or have time to plan your dream home, Camella offers a variety of options that meet your aspirations:

Ready-for-Occupancy (RFO) Homes

Camella RFO homes are ideal for those who want to move in right away. Skipping the wait and construction time frame, these homes are move-in ready, allowing you to settle in as soon as the paperwork and payments are finalized. RFO homes are also a great option for investors, as they can start generating rental income quickly with minimal vacancy periods. 

The most beautiful thing Camella has created through the decades are the endearing memories in the hearts of Camella families.

Purchase a Camella RFO home and design your space with amazing appliances as much as 

PHP 200,000 from AllHome! With your Camella RFO home purchase, your appliances will be ready for delivery and setup, allowing you to immediately settle in with everything you need. Decorating your new home will be an exciting experience as everything you will need await to elevate your living space. 

Non-Ready for Occupancy (NRFO) Developments and Lot Only Properties

Camella has built homes that realize the dream of ownership for every Filipino family.

Perfect for those who enjoy planning ahead, Camella NRFO developments and lot-only properties allow buyers to secure their forever home at their own pace.  This is ideal for those not rushing to move in and taking time to visualize their dream space. NRFO properties offer the benefit of flexible financing plans that spread out the monthly down payment, making homeownership more manageable.

Moreover, lot-only purchases grant complete freedom to choose the perfect location within a Camella community and build the dream home from the ground up at a later date.  Both options come with the added advantage of the HomeDASH, offering attractive financing options and as much as PHP 500,000 discount on the total contract price

Maximize your savings and enhance your new home:

Building a dream home or securing a future lot to build your property in Camella comes with even greater rewards! The HomeDASH program offers an exciting post-dates cheque (PDC) incentives exclusively for NRFO properties and lot-only purchases.

Here is how it works:

  1. Eligible properties: This incentive applies to both NRFO homes and Lot Only purchases.

  2. Maximizing incentives: To enjoy the full benefit of the incentive, buyer is required to issue post-dated cheques (PDCs) covering your entire down payment term.

  3. Time-bound offer: Please note that to be eligible for the PDC incentive, the buyer must issue their PDCs within the first three (3) months of their down payment term.

  4. Gift certificate rewards: By utilizing the PDC option for monthly down payment, buyer may qualify for as much as PHP 50,000 AllHome gift certificates to furnish and decorate their forever homes in style. 

Financing Options, Construction, and House Turnover

The exact timeline for construction will vary depending on your chosen property and financing options. Here is a general overview to help you plan ahead:

  1. Financing Your NRFO Home

  • Bank financing: Construction begins after full down payment to the developer is paid for. 

  • Deferred cash: Construction commences after 70 percent of the down payment has been paid for. 

  1. Lot-Only Purchases: Home construction begins after full payment for the lot is paid for.

With Camella NRFO properties and lot-only options, buyers can secure their forever home and transform it into a space that reflects their unique style. They can personalize every corner, transforming the new property into a home that reflects their personality, and relish in making your space truly their own.

Do not miss a chance to avail these special deals! 

Do not miss out on this exciting opportunity! Visit your nearest Camella office today. Our representatives can guide you through the HomeDASH program information and financing options and help you find your forever home. 

Terms and conditions apply. Promo is valid until May 31, 2024. 

Learn more about Camella here:

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