Friday, June 26, 2020

Quarantine Baking Recipes for Stress Relief with The Maya Kitchen

What’s more comforting than stirring together a bowl of brown, beige and white ingredients, sliding it into the oven and watching as it transforms into something golden and spectacular? I totally love the smell of freshly baked cookies, muffins, cakes, or even a simple bread wafting through my kitchen. Regardless if you're a newbie in baking or an experienced one, you're sure to find different ideas to help pass the time during quarantine with delicious results.

And when it comes to baking goodies, I only trust one brand to accompany me in my baking journey-a brand my family has long trusted for years--Maya. Most of us have been staying home for the past months since the lockdown and quarantine and either we have picked up a new skill or two as we try to make ourselves more productive at home. As for me, since working from home, I have started to go back to my first love--baking. 

Baking has proven to be a therapeutic way of managing our fears and anxieties. And it isn't just about enjoying something warm and delicious. Baking involves our full attention, forcing us to focus on a particular recipe and quiet down our own inner dialogues. Unlike with cooking where you can easily adjust the recipe if you feel the taste is a little bit salty or bland, baking requires more calculated portions in order to create that perfectly baked goodie. 

Baking gives us a little semblance of control during these times of uncertainties. The Maya Kitchen encourages everyone to keep our newfound baking habit alive even as we gradually emerge from quarantine. Baking is not only meditative, it also allows us to be more creative, an expression of one's self as well as troubleshooting when baking problems arise which may also be useful in our daily lives. 

Baking can be a good therapy

One thing about baking, it teaches us that patience is indeed a virtue. We patiently wait for the dough to rise or the cake to bake perfectly in the oven. We can also use baking time to bond with our family members over some delicious treats. 

Allow me to share with you some exciting baking recipes you can easily do at the comfort of your home regardless if it's your first time to bake or you're like me who knew how to bake find hardly had the time to do so prior to quarantine. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Citi launches credit card points donation program to help frontliners

The points donated by Citi credit cardholders will go to frontliners and communities affected by the quarantine, who are receiving much needed assistance from the Philippine Disaster Foundation (PDRF) and World Vision.

Qualified Citi credit cardholders can now use their rewards points to assist those at the forefront in the fight against Covid-19. Citi Philippines is working with World Vision and the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation to aid the country’s medical frontliners and the families who have been affected by the lockdown.

Credit cardholders with Citi Prestige, Citi PremierMiles, Citi Rewards and Citi Cash Back cards can donate their points, miles and rebates to help provide personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators for health workers and disinfectant kits/tents for health facilities, sanitation kits and temporary income to the most vulnerable families. Citi Philippines will share the equivalent value in cash to the cardholder’s organization of choice. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

The Plus Size Girl’s Guide to Finding the Best Waist Trainer and Body Shaper to Flatten Your Tummy

Plus-sized chubby women oftentimes had difficulty finding the right waist trainer and body shaper to achieve a sexier look

Everywhere you turn, there are rules for dressing. And when you’re a plus size girl like me, finding the right clothes particularly dresses that will make you look good may be difficult.  To be honest, it’s quite a struggle. Why is that so? Simply because chubby plus-sized girls like me usually have big tummies. The best thing to do is to hide them while wearing a good quality waist trainer for women. The downside is that one needs to find a perfectly comfortable waist trainer and doing so can be a bit difficult if you don’t know where to find the best ones.

When it comes to waist trainers, structure and support is very important for me. I’m very picky about the kind of clothes I wear so it’s either I’d buy from a really expensive branded store or I’d buy maternity trainers and I’m not even pregnant nor do I have any kids! That’s a bit embarrassing for me. Structure wise, I like stretchy material that doesn’t hug my back and sides and thus not making any “lumps” especially when I wear fitted clothes. has comfortable waist trainers even for plus-sized women: Shapellx 2in1 Ultra Sweat Waist & Thigh Trimmer booty sculptor

Everyone wants to look sexy (obviously) but also to feel comfortable and confident, and that can seem totally at odds with the fact that we’re talking about tiny pieces of fabric. There’s a question of practicality too for plus-sized women who need more support than a flimsy waist trainer can give. 

Good thing, an online website, understood the problem by creating a line of sexy underpinnings offered exclusively with plus-sized women in mind in various cup sizes. When you look closely into their website, they’re kind of expert on how plus-sized women should be shopping for lingerie. Sometimes it seems like the only people comfortable in lingerie are the models. But shapellx have pieces or silhouettes that are typically made for plus-sized women.

Shapellx have pieces particularly for plus-sized women in mind

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Win Exciting Prizes with a 20-Day FREE Live Workout Session with Celebrity Coaches Jim and Toni Saret

Real-Life Couple Celebrity Coaches Toni and Jim Saret will conduct a 20-day free live workout session on FB


The Fit Filipino Movement (FitFil) led by Health & Fitness VIP Coaches Jim & Toni Saret and co-presented by NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, wish to invite you, your family and loved ones to join a 20-day Facebook Live FREE workout session designed for all beginners and active fitness buffs starting June 22, 2020 (Monday) at 4pm.

Everyone is invited to join for FREE & win exciting prizes! 
Discover more:

How NOVUHAIR can help 

NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion is formulated with 19 natural ingredients that work
in synergy to help prevent hair loss. 

NOVUHAIR has a promo for everyone

Friday, June 19, 2020

Father’s day photo contest: What pasta shape best describes your dad?

San Remo Father's Day Promo

Press Release: 

Father’s day is right around the corner but how do we make this day extra special for all the dependable and downright awesome fathers and father-figures out there who have helped shape our lives? With the magic of pasta!

For San Remo Philippines, pastas are more than just wonderfully shaped noodle varieties. Pasta is the secret ingredient that shapes great family bonding experiences and memorable moments.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Cool gift ideas to give Dads this Father's Day at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Our Dads are heroes in their own right

Father’s Day may look a little different this year because of the general community quarantine, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate and show our appreciation towards our dads. Our dads deserve nothing less than the best for all that they’ve done. Whether that’s being the designated grocery runner during the quarantine, or always going to great lengths to provide for and protect the family. Giving him something he likes is a good start, but can also be quite tricky. Thankfully, Shangri-La Plaza is open and filled to the brim with excellent options proven to be popular with dads!

Shangri-la Plaza remains open

Now’s a good time to equip dads with things to help them ride out the quarantine. If dad is a fitness buff (or even not!), get him a FitBit Watch from Digital Walker to help monitor his heart rate and sleep quality. Or boost his immune system and provide more energy by getting him all-natural vitamins and food supplements from Healthy Options.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus Food Review

Bang Bang Bangus Original (photo taken from their Instagram account)

The Philippines is home to a thousand species of fish; but of all these, no other fish has captured the attention of Filipinos quite like the bangus. In fact, it's so popular that it was even named as the country's national fish. Bangus, or milkfish, is abundant in many provinces making it a quintessential player in regional cuisines. Bangus is a good source of protein, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Selenium and Omega-3, as well as Niacin, Protein and Vitamin B12. It is prized for it’s firm, milky-white flesh and can be cooked in a number of ways.

Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus outlet is located in Project 7 , Quezon City

I recently discovered Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus which sells amazingly crispy boneless bangus in three awesome flavors: original, cheese, and salted egg. What makes them different from other establishments that sell bangus? For one, their bangus is indeed crispy from the fish head down to its tail. And it's huge in size too--so that alone gives one value for their money. And because it's huge in size, it is good for sharing too. 

I had my own salted egg bangus from Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus delivered last Sunday

Father's Day Promo from The Manila Hotel

Our Dads deserve all the love on Father's Day

Father’s Day may look a little different this year because of the general community quarantine, but that doesn't mean you can't still devote the day to Dad. Got a special dad who deserves a special meal? Show him your appreciation with an exceptional family lunch or dinner with his favorite dishes. Whether you’re planning to fire up the grill or set up a sit-down meal indoors this Father’s Day, The Manila Hotel’s Café Ilang Ilang Takeout service is here to help you create the perfect menu. 
Express your gratitude and admiration to the greatest man in your life with an exceptional Father’s Day meal which you can easily make at home. Delight your dad with any of our Home Buffet options or A La Carte menu. Because the best dad deserves only the best, let him indulge with an enticing main course of any of our new Sous Vide Steaks offerings. 

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Foreo Inspired Forever Luna Mini 2 Product Review

The first time I heard about the brand Foreo, I checked it out online right away. And OMG, I was surprised how expensive it was! I wouldn't spend that much money on my skin, considering I guess I was blessed and lucky to have been born with good genes. I seldom had problems with breakouts or any acne-related problems. I guess what hasn't spared me was the whiteheads and blackheads which I think everyone can relate to. On top of that, I also happen to have large pores due to monthly facials. 

Going back to my topic, since I couldn't afford to buy an original Foreo facial cleanser, I researched online about buying a good alternative and I stumbled upon Forever Luna Mini 2. At first, I was a bit hesitant to make a purchase because I had to buy them online--and it's not the safest place, to begin with. I'm afraid that after some time, the item might not work anymore. To make the long story short, I gave it a try. And so far, I've no regrets about it. 

Forever Lina Mini 2

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Manila Hotel gives out FREE ROOMS as a way to welcome loyal clients

The Manila Hotel gives free rooms as a way of thanking its supporters

The iconic Manila Hotel is excited to welcome you back. Some of us have gone back to work and business establishments have reopened, soon, the so-called "true heart of the Philippines," will also be opening their doors to the public once again. 

The Manila Hotel family wants you to know that your peace of mind is their top priority as they adjust to what is known as the "new normal." As a welcome treat, they are also having a special promo where they are giving our FREE ROOMS from now until December 2020. This is for when their dining outlets open again, and also for their numerous take-out customers of The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang that continued to support them throughout the lockdown period.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

My One Bakeshop’s Biscocho: A must-try pasalubong from San Miguel Bulacan

Golden yellow biscocho from My Bakeshop in San Miguel Bulacan is such a great food discovery

Filipinos are natural foodies. Whenever there’s a group gathering—be it with family or friends, chances are, food will always be a part of it. And when we travel, we have this pasalubong custom where we make sure that we bring something home from the places we visit—most often than not, that pasalubong will be food. Perhaps all of these things strengthen our bond with the people we love and value the most.

Different regions in the country have various delicacies and specialties of their own. We were fortunate enough to taste them and witnessed how they were made. But of course, there will always be products that naturally standout and are good enough for world-class export quality. I have been fortunate to visit some of the different places in the Philippines and each town always have something new to offer. The last town I've visited was San Miguel Bulacan where some of the sweet treats and delicacies originated from. 

Mamon Tostado from My One Bakeshop in San Miguel Bulacan
And I was surprised to find out that although the bread Biscocho is more popular in the Western Visayas island, you can find world-class export quality Biscocho in this small quaint town of San Miguel. My good friend, Ervin who hails from San Miguel and also owns Arki's Grill recently told me about how proud of him of this particular Biscocho brand made in his hometown. "Hindi ako mapapahiya," he said in full confidence. He was referring to the Biscocho made by My Bakeshop, a bakery that began its operation in 2013. 

Biscocho in various flavors are available at My One Bakeshop and perfect pair for choco or coffee drink

"We're basically a relatively small scale family-run bakery in San Miguel. My wife is a culinary graduate of Center for Culinary Arts [CCA] so we decided to open a bakeshop to put her knowledge into good use," explains Paul Cruz, the owner of My Bakeshop.
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