Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Amusing images instantly come to mind when you think of a kiddie cooking workshop, and the fact that it’s given for FREE was a really great bonus for parents like us. Yes, you read that right; Easiyo Yoghurt recently conducted a free hands-on cooking workshop for kids held at the Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy in Bel-Air, Makati under the tutelage of chef Angela Ventura. The moment I heard about it, I immediately asked Kyle if he wanted to sign up because he liked to help in the kitchen and he had previous cooking lessons before from another culinary school that he truly enjoyed.

Kyle with teammates in red Easiyo aprons.

Cooking contests for kids are a trend nowadays but Easiyo’s cooking workshop was all about cooperation and teamwork. My nephew/adopted son Kyle was lucky enough to attend such workshop. The kids were taught the basic cooking lessons as well as preparing recipes from desserts to main courses.

Everyone's abuzz over the kitchen recipes. 

A little boy awaits for the Lemon Berry trifle.

 The kids were broken into groups of four under the directions of Chef Angela Ventura and her staff. They cooked different meals incorporating Easiyo Yoghurt on each recipe. They had prepared Chicken Pork Adobo the Easiyo Way, Tuna Sandwich Filling, Mango Sago, Turon Saba with Vanilla Yoghurt Dip and Lemon Berry Trifle.
Kyle eats a potato chips here as part of the filling for the tuna sandwich. 

Kyle looks surprised that we had him candid on our camera.

Kyle whips and stirs up something here in preparation for another recipe.

Kyle does a roll up of Saba for the Turon recipe.

Kyle here listens intently to what the Chef was saying. 

The Chef here explains while the kids look on.

 All of the food was precut for the young chefs (no knife handling was involved) and the actual stove “cooking” was done by the kids with an adult supervision. The kids also got a firsthand look at how food was actually cooked. Kyle said they were taught to clean up too as they go along, how to see the difference between what’s uncooked and cooked.
Ingredients is always in order. 

The Turon Saba is being drizzled with caramelized sugar. 

The Lemon Berry Trifle with its last finishing touches.

Easiyo Yoghurt products.

Kyle's certificate of Attendance made him so happy.

My nine-year-old hyperactive Kyle said he enjoyed the workshop so much. “It’s fun knowing how food are being prepared and I liked the adrenaline rush that goes through in working at the kitchen,” he shares. Kyle also liked that Chef Angela let the kids cook on their own, without constantly attending to them or taking over. 

The Easiyo Chicken Pork Adobo's being cooked with a wooden Easiyo spoon.

The class smiles before the camera. 
Here Kyle's shown eating with a fellow kid and the two chefs behind smiling. 
All the finished products the kids made. 
Lemon Berry Trifle

Turon Saba with Vanilla  Yoghurt Dip.

Kyle would’ve wanted to perpetuate the moment. What he has learned was something he’ll probably take with him forever. He obviously loved the said cooking workshop for kids. Apart from the cooking skills he has learned, he’s able to gain new friends, learned cleanliness, camaraderie, cooperation and teamwork along with it. J

Nine-year-old Kyle Madrid proudly shows off his certificate.

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Easiyo for conducting free cooking workshop for kids. Kyle definitely loved and enjoyed it. We do hope you will continue to organize activities such as this. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blogged: Skycable’s Sky Fun Club’s One Fine Picnic

Moms and kids all flocked to the Market! Market! Activity Center recently for Skycable’s Sky Fun Club’s post Mother’s Day summer activity called “Mommy and Me—One Fine Picnic.” It was a fun-filled day of games, surprises, sweet treats and truckloads of joy for everyone who attended the said event.

There were booths for both Mommies and kids with activities such as D-I-Y Wind Chime and Scrapbook making kits from Alyansang Tuklas Sining. Both activities were venues for Moms to have a great bonding moment with their kids. There were also other booths from sponsors such as Enervon that had a game booth for kids, Body Options had a massage booth that caters to both Mommies and their little ones. 

The actual venue looked like one big family picnic!

Red Ginghams were used as table cloths for that picnic look.

Kyle Madrid here tries on an Angry Bird inspired game by Enervon booth.
 Cravings had an awesome booth of sweet treats of cupcakes, cookies, brownies, meringue and the like, while Thumbs Up Ice Cream’s cute coned ice cream had given the crowd a sample of their heavenly goodies as well. Orbitz smoothie drinks also provided the audience with fruity ice blended delights in Strawberry and Melon flavors.

Yummy cupcakes from Cravings.

Meringue, cupcakes and brownie bars to satisfy every sweet tooth.

This guy from Thumbs Up hands me my 5 flavored mini ice cream cones.

Mini ice cream cones from Thumbs Up.

The hosts with a pastry chef from Cravings and TCB.

Scrapbook Do-it-yourself kit for Moms and kids were given for free.

Sky cable's Fun Club coloring book.

The hosts for the day, DJ's from radio station.

A D-I-Y wind chime kit from Alyansang Tuklas Sining.

There were also onstage games for both Moms and kids where they got prizes. A chef from Cravings and The Coffee Beanery also gave a short demo on cake decorating and even held a contest for Moms and Kids. Nobody went home empty handed that day since Skycable’s Sky Fun Club made sure that everyone had a lootbag for all attendees.

Join Skycable’s Sky Fun Club now by calling 631-0000 to know how your kids can also be a part of these amazing club activities.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

As a young child, I've always been fascinated with the story of Snow White. Growing up, it’s been a favorite bedtime story of mine.  I vividly recall I used to play with fancy mirrors and pretend I’m some princess as I utter the famous line from the story, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairiest of them all?” Being born with naturally brown skin complexion or “morena”, I used to envy those whom we call mestiza because of their flawlessly white skin.  

As I developed into a fine young lady, I learned that having fair skin makes a woman more attractive and it further gives one the extra confidence that most women needs. I've tried a lot of other skin whitening products to help me realize my dream on having that fair skin that I've always wanted to possess.  But I've always been disappointed upon trying those stuff, they were all like promises that seemed to be broken, because none of them ever really worked and they were not effective at all. Until I discovered Skin White. To be honest, I was hesitant at first to give it a try since I've probably tried all whitening prodcuts there is in the market. But I decided to use it just the same because it has worked for most of my friends. I figured, if it worked for them, it must also work for me too.

To give you a better idea on what Skin White is all about, watch this video:

What made Skin White different from any other ordinary whitening products? Skin White has SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that works in four different ways: It whitens the skin's surface, it reduces formation of new dark pigments at its source, nourishes skin with Vitamins and it protects skin against toxins and UV rays. What product could be anything better than that?

My friends and I
After my initial use of Skin White, I immediately saw some improvements on my skin tone--it had become lighter than usual. And I couldn't contain my joy so I told my friends about it, these were the same friends who told me about this amazing product. I started using the product regularly and included it on my daily beauty routine. At first, I would get feedbacks from people who knew me as a child, and they would casually mention and ask me why do I look "blooming?"

I do not have a boyfriend yet but I know with my fairer skin now, I could have the confidence that I need if I finally meet my prince charming one day. He'll surely be smitten by my fair skin and sweet smile. He'll not be able to resist my blushing white skin. And when that finally happens, I'll always be grateful to Skin White for giving me the fair skin I've always wanted as a kid and for making my prince charming to notice me.

You too could experience how Skin White can do wonders for your skin complexion, it's the safest and easiest way to be fair! Get a fairer skin and gain the confidence that you need! They even have a summer promo which you could join and win exciting prizes!

There's even a '"kilig video" about the wonders of Skin White. Check this out: 

Now I can honestly say, I may not be as fair as Snow White, but I could be as confident as a princess because I finally have the fair skin I had always dreamed of. I could face any mirror and say that I may not be the fairiest but I know I am fair in my own right! And I could proudly say that with Skin White, I can be the fairiest of them all!

Post Script: I do hope Nuffnang and Skin White will make me happier if I could make the cut for those invited bloggers to watch Snow White and the Huntsman on the silver screen. I liked Kristen Stewart's fairly smooth skin and I can't wait to see her upclose even on the big screen!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Blogged: SM Mall’s iButterfly—An Augmented Reality Platform for SM Customers

The first time I heard of this iButterfly was during Easter of this year. It was a promotion for SM Cyberzone in selected SM stores such as SM Cubao if I’m not mistaken. But I have not given it a second look. It was only last May 5, 2012 at SM North Edsa The Block during its launch that I came to understand what it was all about.

 iButterfly was first used in Japan in 2010 in key cities such as Tokyo, Okinawa and Kyoto. It is a fun entertaining mobile information and couponing platform.
iButterfly is a proprietary augmented reality platform that will engage SM customers thru a fun interactive way. In this medium, the malls can give incentives, push promotions and create a totally unique experience among its customers or mall goers. iButterfly is an initiative that aims to boost customers’ loyalty.

iButterfly works using motion sensors for catching butterflies using your Smartphone (iOS or Android/Google Play). It also makes use of Global Positioning System (GPS) in finding butterflies at a particular location.
Launched on May 5, 2012 until June 30, 2012, iButterfly is available in eight selected regional and premiere SM malls namely: SM North, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Cebu, SM Davao, SM Southmall, SM Fairview and SM Baguio.
This summer, iButterfly can help you score some prizes. Download the iButterfly asia app on iOS or Android/Google Play Smartphones for FREE! Better yet, visit Next, catch butterflies using the app while connected to the Internet. Just swipe and collect. Then, you can redeem prizes by presenting iButterflies at participating stores. Happy catching!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogged: Tang Galing Mo Kid Young Heroes in our Midst

I have always laud at youngsters who were able to do great things even at a tender age. These kids have been nurtured with the right values and had shown that age wasn’t a hindrance to begin with, as long as you know what your goals are. They had proven through amazing heroism that a kid’s small deed could spell a BIG difference in their community or society.

 Tang recently awarded the winners for their nationwide search for Tang Galing Kids that aimed to recognize young achievers who have demonstrated potentials for being heroes.
The plaques of recognition and trophies.
 As early as last year, different organizations from across the country such as Dynamic Teen Company, Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Club 8586 Inc, Women of Wallem, Handicapped Intensive Rehabilitation through Employment and PAREF Rosehill School sent in their nominations. It had taken the Tang’s jury almost a year to be able to choose seven of the most remarkable young heroes.
Some of the winners receiving their prizes.
 Kesz Valdes, himself a former street beggar and labor-exploited child, he began teaching other kids personal hygiene through demonstrations at age six. He also volunteers in giving out slippers and books to street children.
Raynold dela Cruz is an active advocate for children’s rights was recognized with a “Good-Deeder” Award and a “Young Mandela” title in 2010 by the South African Embassy and the Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) during Nelson Mandela Day. He’s a trainee at DTC with ongoing projects such as “Saving Kids with First Aid Kits” which aims to provide first aids kits to public school clinics, while also raising funds by selling ice candy made with Tang.
 U Maalam and Trubador Wisely used their creativity in illustrating comic collection aimed at uplifting the lives of others. After class, they try to sell their wares at a higher cost to executives, lowering publication costs so they could sell the comics to the masses at a much lower price.
Proud Tang Galing Mo Kids winner receiving her prizes.
 Angela Serafico spends her time in helping the less fortunate. She’s a multi-faceted artist: a violinist, writer, public speaker, and painter. In response to the recent Typhoon Sendong, Angela sold two of her paintings and donated proceeds to the calamity victims.

Martha Balagat created and illustrated her own book and is a contributor to the Junior Inquirer where several of her pieces were featured. She also teaches Catechism every Saturday with her Mom for underprivileged children and creates visual aids for them.

Dannah Suaze is a Laguna Council Representative. She inspires the less fortunate to be responsible citizens by teaching Catechism and reading. She’s active in Barangay, Church, and Girl Scout programs.
All the Tang Galing Mo Kids winners.
 These winners represent varied interests with one common thread—they were all significant contributors to their communities and organizations.

To these kids, I say Kudos! Good job and May the other youngsters will be more inspired because of you. Let’s celebrate the greatness of our children. Encourage your kids to reach out to others and share whatever it is that they could share. J

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Rica Madrid of for the photos.
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