Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There’s another exciting attraction in the heart of Manila—with Tutuban Center Mall recently unveiled its newest attraction called Virtual Zoo—a unique zoo composed of 3D photos of interesting animals mounted on blank walls that seemed to come alive. What makes the Virtual Zoo different from other 3D on-display is the fact that admission is FREE. 

Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo will soon become another destination spot for various activities of fun and learning as well as family bonding. The Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo is a collage of larger-than-life 3D photos in an old cinema lobby converted into a virtual theme park for the whole family to enjoy. 

Fear will certainly not in your vocabulary in this 3D bat cave.

During the opening of the Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo last October 26, 2012, VIP guests, visitors, media and online social media influencers were treated to an exciting array of activities. There were parades, photo shoots, games, magic shows, face painting, mascot appearances and other stuff that kids and even those kids-at-heart liked.

Have fun with the pachyderm.

Ever held a horse this tall?

The Tutuban Center Virtual Zoo promises to be an early Christmas treat from Tutuban Center. Now, it will no longer just be a destination for shopping sprees, but also for spending quality time with our families. 

A large 3D sea tortoise

Tutuban Center is located along C.M. Recto Avenue in Manila. The Virtual Zoo is open daily from 10:00AM to 8:00PM.

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Mr. Richard Mamuyac and AMPR for the invite.
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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Trajecitos de Bebe collections are so cute!

SM KIDS’ FASHION successfully presented its Spring-Summer 2013 collections recently at the SMX Convention Center during the Philippine Fashion Week. Philippine fashion’s A-Listers, popular personalities, insiders, media and online social media influencers (bloggers) attended the said event. SM unveiled its latest kids’ collections highlighting the different brands: Trajecitos de Bebe, Crib Couture, Boys Got Style, Little Miss, Bradley, Girls Edition, Hello Kitty (an SM Exclusive line), Dude, Blush, Modern Prince, and Modern Princess. 

 SM Kids’ Fashion’s awesome line-up included clothes from 0-14 years old starting off with the Trajecitos de Bebe’s holiday collection. The hand-embroidered baptismal garments with satin ribbons and laces were so beautiful that it can be passed on as a legacy of sorts to the future generations.

Impeccably stylish Crib Couture’s clothes had fun pieces especially made for kids 0-2 years of age. With gingham shorts, cardigans and bowties for cute toddlers and animal print for little girls—every tot will certainly be on the spotlight when caught wearing these wonderful pieces.
Vibrant colors are what’s in store for BGS of Boys Got Style. Eye-catching pieces with quirky colorful prints are definitely in with BGS. A true head-turner outfits for your tweens.

Little men in preppy colorful attire.

Bradley always had that signature preppy look but with an edge. Timeless cuts and patterns with a twist—that’s what the brand is all about! Hoodies, varsity jackets and prep-school chic are just some of their collections. 

Little princesses and princes.

Colorful clothes with ruffles and head accents.

Girls Edition’s purple hues (My fave color!) totally rule in their latest collection.  Aqua leggings and ruffles complement the look.
Blush are so perfect for those on the verge of becoming a teen—yet wants to make their own fashion statement. Think of Katy Perry plus add in a dash of punk, you’ve got exactly what makes a girl go blush with a stylish look that certainly commands attention!

Punky edgy style for your tweens. 

These are the dude who'll make girls swoon!
 Dude is a brand that’ll make your teen a certified rockstar! With sleek and sophisticated blazers in neutral shades, dark jeans and stylish sneaks will surely make that look. Peg: Justin Bieber just got punkier.

Hello Kitty clothes with headbands. 
 Beloved brand Hello Kitty apparel also made the little girls to start jonesing for these cute little finds. A favorite among girls with its bubble gum pink and white palette—Hello Kitty adds in an ebony black and fuchsia pink as its colors. What can I say? It’s purr-fect!

Floral head accents and clothes in pastel colors.

Little Miss had those pastel colored polka dots that never really go out of style. Unleash your child’s feminine side with these adorable skirts and dresses from Little Miss.  They’re perfect when attending formal events, parties or just about any special gatherings. 

One will never go out of style in polka dots.

Make your little princess dream come true with Modern Princess. Colorful pastels of pink, purple, green and aqua in ruffles and laces! Add in a tiara on her head to complete the whimsical look!

 If there’s a Modern Princess, the Modern Prince won’t be left behind. Your little gentleman will surely wow everyone with gingham cardigans or white suit plus colorful bowtie.
The collection presented extensive style offerings that are significant for every Mom or parents to update their kids’ wardrobe and style. SM Kids’ Fashion is one of the leading local kids retailing as it goes beyond global trending to local stylescape.

For more on SM Kids’ Fashion, Like them on Facebook: http://www/facebook.com/smkidsfashion

Purple Plum Fairy thanks ARC and SM Kids’ Fashion for the invite.

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This purple pair is on my hot list!

Age is simply just a number. No matter what some people say, we cannot defy aging. The stressful lives that most of us lead as well as the harsh environment contributes more to our aging process. As we age, we get to see more of our wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, loose skin and sagging, hormonal changes, slower metabolism and so on and so forth. There are even moments when I’m reminded of how much fun it is to eat meat and sweets—attend food bingeing events with friends and in family gatherings! With all such uncaring food intake, our body contours also changes. But somehow with the advancement both in fashion and technology as well as the help of research, all of these can somehow help to alleviate our fears in looking even older than our actual age or perhaps make us more comfortable with our own body. 

I had to admit that upon turning thirty, I seemed to have lost my confidence in wearing the clothes that I like. Like most people reaching milestone age, I had bittersweet realization that youth was no longer an attribute I could claim. I am no longer on the threshold of being young nor am I on the verge of puberty. I am now an adult, in my early thirties. And although the word thirty-teen hasn’t been part of Webster’s dictionary, I know I need to find something that would still complement my look.

Simple yet sexy, just the way I like it.

It’s such a good thing that one of the world’s most popular lingerie Wacoal knows pretty much how to help women to gain even more confidence as we age.  With Wacoal’s wide collection of brassieres and lingerie—these fashionable sexy dainty pieces are made specifically for women—as they highlight every woman’s assets while concealing those that needs to be concealed. Wacoal lingerie are crafted and made from the finest quality ensuring women of the support and comfort that they need. 

I particularly like this black camisole bra. It perfectly has my style, non-wired but getting enough support. It's so simple yet it exudes an elegant style that is truly sexy. What I love about Wacoal are their comfort fit and maximum support. Let’s admit that sometimes despite the rigorous diets and workouts, there are still fat rolls in our back, fats on the side of our breasts, and abdominal areas that make you look and feel heavy. Wacoal lingerie helps in shaping our body the way we want it to be by hiding the stubborn bulges on the parts of our body that we do not want to take notice. It’s like having a total re-sculpted body without surgery! Plus, they have an array of collection that will surely fit you to a T. By wearing the proper underwear, Wacoal proves that one can achieve a body looking younger than they actually are.  Yes, anybody can achieve a beautiful body regardless of their age. 

With Wacoal, we will start to appreciate the arches on our back as it gracefully stoops down, knowing fully well that there’s a special lingerie that’s bound to help women to look good, feel good and become confident to love their own body regardless of their age. And every woman can probably say that she has therefore grown gracefully in both wisdom and age. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hardcourt gorgeous guys David and Anthony Semerad endorses Chef's Noodles.
Since its grand opening mid of this year, Chef’s Noodles had been passed on through word-of-mouth just how excellent their smorgasbords of Korean fare, thereby gaining popularity among K-Pop fans and foodies as well. Initially endorsed by Korean celebrity chef Choi In Sun and model/host Grace Lee, Chef’s Noodle is the latest Korean franchise to hit the local food industry with their array of delectable Korean based menu at pocket-friendly prices. 

 Located at the University Mall along Taft Avenue, Chef’s Noodles recently presented its latest endorsers, college basketball heartthrobs Anthony and David Semerad and the country’s first inter-pop music group, Down to Mars.
The author with one of the 6'5" endorser.
In an exclusive interview with the Purple Plum Fairy, the Semerad twins revealed that they had been to Korea and they really liked the food so when they were asked to endorse Chef’s Noodles, it had been easy for them to say yes. “We love spicy foods. We both love healthy foods and with Korean, its got veggies and beef—since we’re athletes, we need protein and all that,” says David. When asked about their favorite Korean food, they both answered, “Bulgogi!” But among the Chef’s Noodle dishes, the good-looking twins would definitely recommend Chef’s Noodle soup. “I like its sabaw (meaning soup),” enthuses Anthony. “It has everything: veggies, meat, noodles and soup!” Although they were hesitant to eat kimchi on their first visit to Korea, they both admit that they are now craving for it. 
Girls must be envious of me for having an exclusive interview with this guy!
 Here’s their message for their fans: “Come and eat at Chef’s Noodles. You’ll certainly find something you will like. Masarap!” the Semerad twins said.

For the local fans who have been following the Filipino adaptation of the Korean comedy-drama The Coffee Prince, you’re sure to be familiar with Down to Mars boys. Aged 18-20, these guys will certainly make you swoon as they hit the dance floor and sing on Party Pilipinas (where they have been a regular). Composed of seven guys: Kenji Chua, Sky Young, Kiro Rivera, Daisuke Hagihara, Yheen Valero and Jang Amparna.

Inter-pop artists and Party Pilipinas up-and-coming boy group Down to Mars.
 When asked about their favorite Korean food, the guys all exclaimed: “Jjampong!”
Their message for their fans: “Bring your loved ones at Chef’s Noodles and enjoy authentic Korean food like our favorite Jjampong. You’ll surely love it! “

K-Pop group Down to Mars holds the famous Chef's Noodle specialty dishes.
Curious about this Korean resto? Head on to Security Blanket where I had previously shared my dining experience. It would certainly make you want to drop by to Chef's Noodle soon. Do it and you'll love the food + the K-pop  ambiance. It's all worth the trip. 

Visit Chef’s Noodles branches at the 2nd floor of University Mall (beside De La Salle University), Taft Avenue, Manila and at the Ground Floor of Atlanta Center, Annapolis Street, Greenhills, San Juan.
For more info, please call 708-9520 (Manila)        
234-0266 (San Juan) Like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/chefsnoodlephils
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Kyle gives his all onstage.

Who would have thought that both spooky and fun could actually go together? It was such a brilliant idea to combine these two things and Skycable’s club for kids known as Sky Fun Club had these recently when they held its annual Halloween Party via Show & Tell, a Halloween talent show at the Rockwell Tent in Power Plant Mall, Makati City.  Eager Skycable subscribers attended the said event in awesome costumes from pretty princesses, beloved super heroes, and colorful characters to eerie creatures!

10 year old Kyle Madrid wows the crowd.

Most parents will surely be able to relate with me. As early as September, most of us would start rummaging through costumes and will prepare the jack ‘o lantern trick or treat bags that our kids will be using come the season for Halloween parties. It may sound so commercialized, but let’s admit it that kids and those kids-at-heart enjoy trick-or-treating at the malls or attending parties. I had been lucky too as I had experienced the joy of Halloween parties during my childhood as well. It was indeed something to look forward to during the last week of October.

Doing the Gangnam Style dance.

Kyle was one of those who registered to showcase his talents in the Skycable show along with eleven other kids of loyal subscribers. But before he was able to join the said talent contest, we had a whole lot of stumbling block to begin with. Kyle had to ditch his futsal class just so he could participate in the Halloween Talent show. It was really very difficult for him to do so since Kyle loved futsal. When the idea of letting him join a talent show came up, he was a bit skeptical about it. So we had to encourage him because we believed so much in his talent. Besides, this may be his last time to enjoy such Halloween parties—he might be too old next time. He’s turning eleven next year, and with that comes that awkward stage being on the verge of becoming a teen.

Kyle dances his best onstage.

Kyle’s in the middle of preparing for his chess competition, second periodical exams, practicing storytelling and for this talent show, practicing another dance number for the teachers’ day, and serving as an altar boy early in the morning for two consecutive masses (during Sunday—at a public hospital and another area)—he did all of these for the past few weeks. Whew! Indeed a very hectic one!

And when we faxed his birth certificates (as part of the requirement) twice, they said it was so blurry that we had to personally present his documents at their main office. God knows how much we had to pull all the strings (meaning to say, we had to do and pass all the requirements on time within a limited time) just so he can join this contest. In fact, Kyle had just come from another contest in the morning (Inquirer’s Storytelling elimination round) and he had to compete again for the talent show in the afternoon. But when we finally arrived on the contest day proper, alas! The Skycable staff said Kyle’s not even on the official list. It turned out there had been some miscommunication on their end. Eventually, they allowed him to join except that we were told Kyle would not have his pictures on the big screen unlike the other kids because we did not send them his pics on time. We later found out that their email went to the spam folder thus we were not able to read such guidelines.

 There were games, foods, and freebies, massage/pampering areas for moms and dads, laser xtreme games for kids and other booths. There were also raffle and production numbers. When it was time for my dear Kyle to go on-stage, he looked somewhat pale. But the boy’s got an amazing bravura; he still gave in his all despite panting and almost fainting onstage. In the middle of his performance (he did the Maori Poi dancing via Gangnam Style), his poi got entangled somewhere so he stopped for a while but continued dancing until his production number was done. Too bad, the crowd wasn’t able to see his other poi tricks. The audience seemed to enjoy his performance that even after his dance number, an elder woman approached us, complimented Kyle’s performance and congratulated him for such a job well done. She was a total stranger but she must have truly enjoyed Kyle’s performance for her to even come to where we were seated just to say those words. In my mind, at that time, I knew Kyle’s already a winner in the eyes of many having wowed the crowd a lot of times during his performance.

Kyle Madrid brough home loot bags and awesome prizes.

 In the end, Kyle emerged as 3rd placer. I knew if his poi hadn’t been entangled during the contest, he could’ve been 2nd placer. But nevertheless, I’m still happy that he won. I knew he truly deserved it because he had given his best. God had blessed his efforts and sacrifices.

Kyle Madrid was awarded 3rd placer with VJ host and Skycable official.

 For Kyle, I know you can really be a pain in the butt sometimes, but I know you have a good heart. I hope you will continue to pursue whatever your heart desires. Always remember how much we care for you and love you. Keep striving for your goals; we’ll always be rallying behind you.

Kyle Madrid shows off his three signage, meaning he won 3rd prize.

One day, you might be able to stumble upon this blog entry of mine, I hope that you will always cherish our memories together. You may not have the love of your biological parents, but you’ve got a whole lot of love from all the people around you who’ve considered you as their very own. You’ve got US. Mommy Rica, moi, my friends: Tita Ia, Tito Jappy, Krel, Tita Abby, Aileen, Norma, Tita, Tito Vlad, Tita Rose, Tita Vix, Tita Kris, Tita Milette, Tito Ren, Tita Jamie—everyone loves you. Your supportive teachers: Ma’am Dolly, Ma’am Ruste, Ma’am Venus, Ma’am Villanueva, Sir Sorosa—everyone else. Some may not understand how special you’ve always been. Let them be, for in due time, they will see what they have failed to see in the past. But for me, I have always believed you were such an angel sent to us by God to nourish with love and care because someday soon you’re destined for something great. Congratulations again Kyle! We’re so proud of you!
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Norma B. Galera, Ms. Aileen Baino-Nevyny and Mr. Bernard Sorosa.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Monday, October 15, 2012


As parents, we all know how difficult it is to organize, manage and put together kiddie birthday parties. You’ve got to really plan ahead: scout for fun places, survey what are the foods kids will enjoy, brainstorm with fellow Moms and parents about ideas and totally squeeze out your creative juices to be able to come up with an awesome kiddie birthday bash. Thankfully, you can get some help from Max’s Restaurant.

With numerous birthday party themes to choose from: princesses, super car racers among others, you’ve got to give in to your child’s personal choice since it’s going to be his or her special day—but you can make it extra special and truly an unforgettable one and Max’s Restaurant helps to show you how.
Max’s Restaurant has acquired the license for Junior Master Chef—a successful reality cooking show that has gained popularity all over the world. Junior Master Chef features kids who have the ability and passion for cooking. 

Junior Master Chef Pinoy Edition Finalist Jobim with a lady from Max's Restaurant.

The cute and colorful toque hats and aprons with wooden spatula and spoon.

Mr. Bobby Simborio of Max's PR, Jobim and the lady host.

Junior Master Chef Birthday Theme Package is one tasteful treat your kid will truly cherish forever. Let him put on an apron and toque hat as he whips up a dessert and learn the basics of cooking with his friends on his own birthday. Nothing’s more fun than that, right?

“Kids learn best when they are having fun. With Max’s Junior master Chef, we did not only infuse learning into a party concept, we also provided the key elements for fun and quality family time. Our vision is to create a one-of-a-kind experience that will forever be remembered by those who will celebrate at max’s,’ shared Bobby Simborio, Corporate Media and PR manager for Max’s Group of Companies. 

Kyle does his own chocolate crinkles.

A Max's waiter does the oven bake for the crinkles.

A mother assists her son with cupcake decorating.
Filipinos can count on first-rate amenities and package inclusions, like tarpaulin banners, venue decors, party invites, balloons, cake, party hosts, kiddie tables and chairs, games, prizes, loot bags and of course, Max’s well-loved delicious food! 

During the said launch, Kyle enjoyed the D-I-Y Crinkles he made as well as the JMC Cupcake Decorating kit with icing. No worries Moms, Max’s had waiters who will be assisting your kids with baking the crinkles. They will be the ones to put the crinkles in the oven. To make sure they will return whose crinkle batch it is, they even put your child’s name on each container. Once done, they will return the freshly baked crinkles to your child. You may take them home or enjoy eating them.

The kids looked really cute in their colorful aprons and toques, along with the JMC tools (potholders, wooden spoon and spatula + towelette), they looked like professional little chefs. 

Kyle does his cupcake icing very carefully.

Kyle whips up a scrambled egg as the host looks on.

If cooking isn’t something your child is interested at, don’t worry. Max’s also had the Junior Art Masters Theme Party package. It includes an artist gear (smock and beret) and its own tools (bag, oil pastel, watercolor brush, towelette and picture frame).

Indeed, Max’s Restaurant takes all the worries away from parents with all these amazing party theme packages everyone will surely love and remember.  Aside from all these, as the kids enjoy in their activities, the adult guests will surely enjoy the hefty serving of Pancit Canton, Kare-kare, Crispy pata and the world-famous “sarap-to-the-bones” fried Chicken. 

The Kids who participated in the Junior Master Chef Party Package had lots of fun and memories to keep.

So, the next time you celebrate your child’s birthday, make sure to have it at Max’s Restaurant and experience the most unforgettable birthday celbration for your little master chef or an artist wannabe.

For more details, visit http://www.maxchicken.com
You may also like them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ad Circles, Ms. Portia Terrado, Mr. Bobby Simborio and Max’s Restaurant for the invite during the said launch.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Lomography enthusiasts, rejoice! SM City San Lazaro in partnership with Team Manila bring you LOMOGRAPHY THERAPY seminar & workshop on Oct 6 (Saturday) 3pm at the Event Center. Don't miss this chance to learn the basic of lomography along with its history and golden rules plus tips and other techniques from the experts. And best of all, meet and get to know the Lomo community.

What's more? Team Manila will be giving away a LOMO Camera as raffle prize! The best part? ADMISSION IS FREE!

Bring your camera (not necessarily Lomo cam), tag along a friend & have FUN! :)

For inquiries, call 785-2410

For more details, check out these sites:

 - http://www.facebook.com/SMCitySanLazaro/posts/422535304472598

- http://www.facebook.com/events/477607135612467/
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