Monday, September 24, 2012


STARMALL SAN JOSE DEL MONTE, BULACAN—The spectacular scenery of pine trees and greens provides a fitting backdrop to the billiards tournament at the Starmall Events Center as Villards Cup once again kicks off to further encourage aspiring billiard players. The VILLAR FOUNDATION, led by its Chairman and Managing Director—Senator Manny Villar and former Las Pinas Representative Cynthia Villar, supports grassroots training for up and coming amateur billiard players in the country today as they recently held Villards Cup Billiards at the newly opened Starmall in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.
Sen. Manny Villar gets the first turn while billiard legends looks on.

Sixteen amateur players from all over the province of Bulacan qualified for the said competition. Philippine Billiard Star Players—Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, Francisco ‘Django’ Bustamante, Ronnie ‘The Volcano’ Alcano and Dennis ‘Robocop’ Orcollo also graced the said event with awesome exhibition games. “Billiards now matches the popularity of basketball among Filipinos, especially the youth. Support of this sport should be encouraged and enhanced,” said Sen. Villar, who led the ceremonial ‘break’ of the said billiard tournament.
A player picks up the ball from the table pocket.

The Villar Foundation organized the first Villards Cup back in 2008. It aims to provide promising billiard players a venue to participate in a tournament and play against other amateur players alongside veterans and billiard champs.

Blogger Sire Arevalo and Billiard Legend Ronnie Alcano.

“Villards Cup is one of the sports-oriented programs of the Villar Foundation as it encourages youngsters to engage in sports and channel out their excess energy in doing something productive than getting astray or into illegal drugs,” said Mrs. Cynthia Villar, former Las Pinas Representative.  “We hope that through the Villards Cup, we will be able to discover and hone potential amateur billiard players.”

Billiard masters Efren Reyes and Ronnie Alcano played an exhibition game. 

Sports development is only one of the many advocacies of the Villar Foundation. In its two decades of service, various sports programs had been implemented as it continues to tap the youth and support them in footballs clinics and sports leagues among many others.

Senator Manny Villar was welcomed with questions by the members of the press.

The Villards Cup has been staged in key cities of the Philippines and has featured the best Filipino cue artists as it continues to discover and mold potential billiard players of the country.

The Billiard Legends with Sen. Manny Villar.

Big cash prizes were given to the winners, plus a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the billiard legends of the country today. The Villards Cup is a project of the Villar Foundation in cooperation with Starmall, Puyat Sports and Billiards Managers and Players Association of the Philippines.

List of Winners:

1st place: Edgie Geronimo (Marilao)
2nd place: Eduardo Lim (Meycauayan)
3rd: Resty Labastida (Bocaue)
4th: Roberto Bilicano (Sta. Maria)
5th: Kennet Matheu Garcia (Marilao)
6th: Marlon Glinogo (Bulacan)
7th: Jonas Paolo Ramos (Baliuag)
8th: William Trinidad (Angat)

Mrs. Cynthia Villar with the winners and Billiard legends. 

Purple Plum Fairy thanks The Villar Foundation, Ms. Dulce Morales, and Dennis Esplana.


The stage with the three screen walls.

Alay Tawa wasn’t like any ordinary musical. Everything’s fitted for a royalty like the Comedy King. Had Dolphy’s been alive, we’re pretty sure that he’s truly enjoyed the said evening. Imagine having the three major television networks and its roster of celebrities under one roof for one night, all to pay tribute to Dolphy? For that time alone, it seemed like the network war has halted for a while. Nobody has ever done that; it took only the greatness of the late King of Comedy to do such.

We were so early that seats were still vacants. But it was almost filled when the show started.

Alay Tawa was held last September 19 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena where as early as 5:00 PM, fans of the late Dolphy already lined up at the gates. Although the show started quite late, it didn’t dampen the crowd’s excitement. The show started with an opening act of the Quizon grandsons Rowell and John who rendered a few ballads and then made a remarkable funny impersonations of stars like Jaya, Janno Gibbs, Manny Pacquiao, Mommy Dionisia, Regine Velasquez, Nora Aunor and even their Lolo Dolphy.

The author at the Arena.
The opening number had no less than big celebrities like Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Ogie Alcasid, Janno Gibbs and Sharon Cuneta. The show’s hosts represented their respective networks as well: Bernadette Sembrano, Toni Gonzaga, Judy Ann Santos, Boy Abunda (Abs-Cbn); Paolo Bediones, Lorna Tolentino, Edu Manzano, Ryan Agoncillo, Alex Gonzaga (TV 5); Rhea Santos, Marian Rivera, Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana (GMA 7).
TV 5 even had its own booth at the venue where old episodes of Pidol's Wonderland was aired.
The show was staged to raise funds for various causes of the Dolphy Aid Para Sa Pinoy Foundation such as the Philippine National Red Cross, Eye Bank Foundation and Project Hope in a Bottle (for the latter a P500, 000 check was given by the late comedian’s son Eric for the construction of a classroom at the chosen public school in Tondo where the late comedian grew up.)

Maricel Soriano, who played the Comedy King’s daughter in one of the longest-running TV sitcom John en Marsha also hosted a segment too.  A funny song medley had Michael V., Mart Escudero, Daniel Matsunaga, Gio Alvarez, Smokey Manaloto, Wendell Ramos, Iya Villania, Melai Cantiveros, Daniel Matsunaga, Ruby Rodriguez and Ai Ai Delas Alas.
There were also the Jackson Five version of the Quizon boys with Eric, Vandolph, Epy, Ronnie and Boy2. The Going Bulilit Kids also participated in the short skits that recalled Dolphy’s old sitcoms like John en Marsha and Home Along da Riles. 
Even Nora Aunor made her surprise appearance as she recited Florante’s song Handog. Another touching segment was the pre-recorded rendition of Send in the Clowns by Vic Sotto that reportedly made Zsa Zsa Padilla’s eyes in tears. 

Dolphy’s contemporaries and friends like Eddie Garcia, Eddie Guttierez, Rosa Rosal, Nova Villa, Gloria Romero, Vilma Santos, as well as the three network’s big bosses: Felipe Gozon (GMA 7), Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III (Abs-Cbn) and Manny Pangilinan also gave video tributes.
 The show ended with Zsa Zsa joining everyone onstage singing What a Wonderful World, as Dolphy’s video singing the same song was seen on the wall. White confetti rained on the audience.
My nephew Kyle and Mommy Rica shows their patron/VIP tickets.

We truly enjoyed the show. Catch the show as it airs on three giant TV networks simultaneously this coming Saturday, September 30 at 10:30 PM.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Yenny Gonzales and Mr. Rommel Cortez for the tickets.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Are you a budding shutterbug? Would you like to know the basics of photography but you do not have the means (or money) to enroll in such expensive photography courses? Fret not! There's hope. The Social Services of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish in Project 4, Quezon City is inviting all budding photographers to join the FREE Photography Lessons for Non-photographers! 

Happening this coming Saturday, September 29, from 8:00 AM-12NN (with lunch break) for lectures and 1PM-5PM (actual photoshoot). There's no need for you to bring an actual DSLR, but please bring preferably a digital camera (no mobile cams) of your own. 

Ian Pedarse of Litratista will be conducting the said Free Photography class. You don't need to be a Catholic either to enjoy the free lecture because the seminar will be held at the church's basement. Interested? Make sure to call 912-8811 and look for Chit Nolasco. Hurry, slots are limited! 

Don't miss this chance to learn the basics of photography. Again, this is for FREE! No need to line up and pay, just pre-register by calling the numbers given above, bring your camera on the actual date and you're ready. 

Share this with everyone you know. They might be interested in photography. Explore, experience and join us. It'll be fun and gain friends as well. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Sharp Corporation celebrated their 100th year anniversary plus their (Sharp Philippines’) 30th year in the country with a bang by unveiling their latest innovative products held recently at the Fiesta Pavilion of The Manila Hotel.

SPC President Takahiro Tanaka expressed his appreciation to its media partners for their support towards to the brand throughout these years. The fascinating product displays showcasing the latest and high-end technologies manufactured by Sharp awed the press. AQUOS 80”, the biggest and largest LCD/LED TV the local market ever produced was revealed along with AQUOS 70” and 60”. Its Quattron technology gives viewing a new definition with its closer-to-life experience. They enhanced the color integrity of the different colors, improved picture quality and with maximum sharpness and vividness while at the same time saves energy.

SAMM LCD Videoke is another innovation from Sharp with its brilliant sound. It is highly functional multimedia that combines the LCD/LED TV and high fidelity sound.
Sharp also showcased the original plasmacluster ion technology with French-door refrigerator and beauty products such as crimper, hair blower and curls. Known for its revolutionary air purification system, it can filter and protect indoor pollutants like molds, dusts and virus. 

Sharp Corporation had always believed in making products that others would want to imitate.  And as always Sharp exceeded its competitors. Thus, as a way of thanksgiving, it had cited out the Out-Patient Department of the Philippine General Hospital as its beneficiary in their “My Sharp, My Future” campaign. Sharp has turned over Php 503, 050 (Five Hundred three thousand and fifty pesos) The Philippine General Hospital is a government institution known for its public service in healthcare.

Congratulations Sharp Corporation and Sharp Philippines! More power for the next 100 years!
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


The END is NEAR. We’ve been hearing that for the last couple of years. It’s been written from the book of Revelations and we all know it’s fast approaching. So many had tried to predict the exact date, but just as they said, it will come at the moment when we least expect it. A lot of Nostradamus-wannabes had all made predictions about the world’s end. But none of them had completely foreseen the exact events in the future. With tsunamis, killer earthquakes, massive solar flares as well as man-made devastations, it is undeniably terrifying to even think about the last judgment. The question is, are you guys ready for the end of the world? Are you prepared for its coming?

The entrance to the venue says its all: "Fallout Shelter"

But did you know that there are folks who are convinced that the end of humankind can be salvaged? They believe that it’s best to be prepared. Surviving apocalypse for them is all about knowing how to take control and fight it. National Geographic Channel (NGC) probes and digs into the lives of ordinary people preparing for the world’s end in the all-new series Doomsday Preppers, premiering on September 17, 2012, Monday at 9PM.

Food galore with radioactive decors.

My entry pass to this unique press launch.
 The said program will take viewers into the various lives of these people—their lifestyle, subculture, and extreme preparations that these people make in order to train themselves to face the worst. Each individual has his or her own preparation style and approach. In each episode, the progress of the preppers’ survival plans are reviewed, organization and emergency plans are evaluated as well as overall preparedness is rated, and the chances of survival are studied by a group of experts called Practical Preppers. One may refer to the group as paranoid, you’ve got to watch the episodes and see for yourselves.

NGC's Jude Tuarcuedo welcomes the media in Doomsday Preppers launch.

In the pilot episode entitled, "I hope I am Crazy," Dennis Evers teaches his family special skills to withstand a threatening financial collapse. Similarly, Kellen Bishop teaches women of quick-draw shooting and hand-to-hand combat in preparation for lawlessness when the economy collapses.

A scene of what the end will be like.

Don't miss it starting this Monday night (September 17) at 9PM, only on National Geographic Channel. For more information, please visit

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Mr. Sean General.
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Friday, September 14, 2012


FACE VALUE. Most of the time, people gets easily judged based on superficial alone. That’s why it’s no longer surprising why people in general always try to make an effort to look good. When one looks good, ultimately it will also make you feel good as well. Thus, it helps boost your morale and builds your self-esteem. It had always been easier for women. If you weren’t exactly blessed with good genes, proper makeup application could do wonders to help conceal whatever it is that you need to hide and highlight whatever asset that you may have.

However, that is not how easy it is for men. With men, there’s definitely more challenge what with the receding hairline, saggy eye bags, blackheads and whiteheads, oily skin that eventually leads to acne—these are but some of the usual problems with men.  Fortunately, men seemed to have seen some ray of hope. Even guys nowadays make an effort to become more conscious of their looks or appearances; thus, the rise of metrosexuals.

Ever heard of such a term?
Metrosexual |ˌmetrōˈsek sh oōəl|
a young, urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste.

Metrosexuals are real guys who have sort of embraced vanity and good hygiene. They are the ones who regularly have facial treatments (yes, that includes “the painful pimple-pricking part”), pamper themselves with body massages in men spa, and does religious bench warm-ups at the local gym to get that awesome dashboard six-pack abs. I’m pretty sure you might have come across with this kind of dude even once—or you might have friends that are metrosexuals.

Through all these years, men have learned how to take care of their skin and not just become confident with it. Gone are the days when guys couldn’t care less about their skin—where you could even have a fried egg on their oily faces. Guys now are more open to use facial wash, scrubs, whitening soaps and masculine deo spray such as Kojie.San Men as well as other men beauty stuff to get rid of all the oil, dirt and grime off their faces. They also started using SPF/sunscreen lotions and skin protection creams (even anti-aging) to make their skin soft, supple, healthy, grease-free and young looking.

Guys also began to follow the three basic beauty regimen: cleanse, tone and moisturize. In fact, some guys even go overboard to the extend of choosing to undergo botox treatments, stem cell or other aesthetic surgeries just to help them improve their looks.

All these stuff shouldn’t make metrosexual men to be considered as gay. Being naturally vain for guys doesn’t necessarily mean that they are part of the third sex. When a guy wears pink, he shouldn’t be labeled as effeminate. A real man wears pink. For as long as the guy is completely comfortable with his own sexual preference I think there’s really nothing wrong with that.

Being a man means not just the opposite of being a woman. It means standing up for one’s conviction and being able to stick with that no matter what.  It means being responsible enough to face whatever consequences that goes along with every decision a guy makes for himself. Being a real man means giving respect not just to women and the elderly, but for all living things including that embryo in a mother’s womb. It isn’t all machismo—it doesn’t count how many beers you’ve down, counting on how many basket hoops you’ve taken or how many past girlfriends you’ve had. Being a man isn’t really for a show—definitely not the Narcissus kind-of-guy (falling in love with one’s self because of superficial looks). It isn’t all about “porma”. Metrosexual isn’t really that bad. We had to admit that good looks count a lot. Being a drop-dead-gorgeous looking guy should not be the end all and be all of a guy’s personality. You have to be presentable looking and not totally an honest-to-goodness physically attractive guy, because it has something to do with the initial attraction. I’d be hypocrite if I’d say that it doesn’t really matter. But it comes only as secondary to what’s truly important. A true guy has to have a heart. He has to have compassion and must be God-fearing.

Be a Lover and not a fighter. After all, being "astig" isn't all machismo but a true ladies' man. 

They say that others make their lasting impressions through how they look, but with Koji San Men’s Deo Spray, you can make a lasting memory out of the masculine fragrances that perfectly blends with your body. Therefore, you make a lasting memory and impressions. Armed with that good heart who doesn’t regard women as toys and treats them the way they deserve to be treated, you’ll definitely be the guy anybody would love to introduce to the parents. 

Help preserve mankind by liking Kojie San for Men at Facebook:


The very first time I heard about this unique Vitamin C granules (as Sodium Ascorbate) called Vitapops—I had been so eager to let Kyle try it. I’ve been an old user of Ceelin Syrup and since it also came from Unilab, I figured it must also be good. Vitapops come in small orange sachets and what makes it different from the other Vitamin C was the fact that it comes in pop-rocks format and it crepitates inside the mouth! It actually makes taking vitamins a whole lot easier since there’s no need for spoons anymore and spilling will no longer be a problem. With Vitapops, taking Vitamins became more fun than it ever was.  

Vitapops is made up of 50 mg of Vitamin C (and because it’s Sodium Ascorbate, it is non-acidic and can be eaten even on an empty stomach). Your kids can even take it without water. It contains only 1/5 the amount of sugar found in regular Vitamin C. 

As usual, before I let Kyle try Vitapops, I had to try it for myself to see how it’ll be like. Hmmm…it actually felt like I was taking in some fizz popping candies instead of a serious Vitamin to help boost the immune system. There’s undeniable fun in making the granules crack and fizzle inside your mouth. I’m sure kids will definitely enjoy the experience.
10-year-old Kyle kept reading the Vitapops’ label. “Are you sure this is a real Vitamin?” he asks. I nodded. I told him he’s about to taste a new kind of Vitamin and that he should let me know what he think of it.  Upon tearing the orange sachet, he let the rocks fizzle on his mouth.  Kyle said Vitapops tasted sweet at first, followed by some tangy taste of orange and then something bitter towards the end.
How was it it? I asked. “It’s okay. I think there’s nothing really impressive about it except for the fizzing experience. But that’s only the fun part,” says Kyle. I then asked what he’d choose if he’s given an option on what Vitamin C he’d take if it’s like his old syrup or something like Vitapops? “I still like to stick with my old Vitamin C syrup. It tastes better.”
As for my own review, I think I had to agree with Kyle. Although Vitapops had its fun popping experience, it isn’t a guarantee that kids will love its sweet-tangy fizzle since it really had that bitter after-taste which kids may not appreciate well. Plus it also contains yellow #5 (which may not be consumed by kids with hyperactivity).
I honestly hope Unilab can tweak its orange flavor a bit to suit the flavor that kids will all love. And for P10 per sachet, I believe that’s pretty expensive as compared to the 5ml syrup a day (a little more than Php100++ per bottle).
Anyway, you can let your kids try it and see for yourselves. Who knows they might love it? After all taking Vitamin C had never been this fun! Vitapops is available at all leading drugstores nationwide.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Women Central’s Ms. Rochelle Dela Cruz for sending us 5 sachets of Vitapops samples to review.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Who doesn’t know who Ben Tennyson is? If you don’t we bet you know him as Ben 10—the guy whose Omnitrix bracelet could make him transform into 10 different aliens. He’s so popular among the Cartoon Network fans. He fights evils and accomplishes unfeasible stuff through the power of technology. That’s why Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center in SM Mall of Asia recently tied up with Ben 10 as they held The Science of Cartoons and launched the new exhibits in the area. They now feature hands-on exhibits that kids will surely enjoy. SM’s Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center promises a one-of-a-kind educational immersion that’s fun, entertaining and highly interactive. The Science of Cartoons allows kids to play with their imagination in giant cartoon-making activity. Packed with plenty of learning experience, Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center also had a replica of the Guinness Book of World Records largest salt-water crocodile found on Agusan March named “Lolong”. 

Boasting of eleven all new galleries updated with fresh new materials, Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center brings in a brand new world of interactive fun and family bonding for the kids and those kids-at-heart. The center’s new facilities are designed to keep a high level of engagement at all times, giving every child a new way of learning while playing and having fun.

The Nido Fortified Science Discovery Center is located at the Ground Floor Southside Entertainment Mall of SM Mall of Asia. For more information, visit their website: or call 556-0331/556-2153.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Canadian Manufacturing, a premier bed linen company launched its new collections recently at the posh 7th High in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Showcasing the new collections of Lifestyle, Diamonds, Crystals, Gems and lovable Character Collection. The event was highlighted with a one of a kind fashion show that showcased the linen beds as clothes. It also had a laser light show that features the amazing bed collection of Canadian Manufacturing. 

Kids and those kids-at-heart will surely love the character designs of Mickey, Minnie, Disney Princesses, Fairies, Marvel, Barbie, Hot Wheels, Cars, NBA, Justice League, and the brand’s latest launch of our favorite Sanrio collection such as Hello Kitty and My Melody.  They will transform your bedtime into one magical time in dreamland.

With Canadian Manufacturing’s signature features of Anti-pilling process, color fastness (it does not fade), wonderful designs, excellent stretching quality, and Oekotex Certifies, this brand will give you more value for your money.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


It was indeed a night to remember for all LEE Jeans Philippines’ fans and loyal consumers as they awarded the winners for their recent LEE Shadowplay photo contest held at The B-side Bar, The Collective Compound, Malugay, Makati City.  It felt like coming to someone’s party as two different live bands, Pasok mga Bwitre and Nyko Maca with Gafieira jammed before the hyper hip crowd at the said open space. Booze and finger foods flowed from the VIP area to the al fresco party. Everybody was such in a mood to celebrate and party!

Nyko Maca jams the night away.

The LEE Shadowplay weekly winners’ photographs had been on display via projectors on the wall. There had been strobe lights and spotlights to complement to the music. There have been many fascinating photo entries—but in the end, the photo entry made by Robert Reyes, a freelance events photographer, won the grand prize with his entry entitled “Marching Band”, a photo he took during the annual Ibon-Ebon festival in Candaba, Pampanga. Reyes said that since he was facing the sun when he took the photo, the subject produced silhouettes, “and when I inverted the picture, the resulting shadow became more distinguished and clearly showed that the shadow was a marching band.”

LEE Shadowplay Grand Winning entry: Robert Reyes' Marching Band

 He won a total of $2, 000 USD (Wow! I mean, that’s roughly Php80, 000++) plus his work gets to be on the LED billboard display of LEE Jeans Philippines on EDSA! Amazing isn’t? Nothing can be cooler than seeing your own work displayed on a huge billboard where everyone passes by. And winning such huge amount of money spells totally A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

LEE Urban Riders Manila Fixed Gear fixie bike that was given away to the lucky runners-up

As for the three runners-up (1st runner up – Kliene Manaois Eco – “Going Home”, 2nd runner up – Aldin Krisnan Barrido – “The Right Form of Christmas”, 3rd runner up – Cy P. Mercado – “Monster Shadow”) they all brought home a Lee Urban Riders x Manila Fixed Gear fixie bike designed by a team headed by Kiko Escora and Dale Lopez. 

Speaking of such, I was surprised to see after leisurely browsing the eccentric and funky stores of The Collective that bikes + skateboards abound the area. I was told that the said area is now considered as the hippest and grooviest tambay (read: hang-out) spot among art and culture urchins. It had actually reminded me so much of the unconventional way of Cubao X (formerly known as Cubao Expo) compound, only it’s smaller. So the LEE Shadowplay bike winners could very much use and show off their uniquely designed bikes throughout the area. 

Anyway, Purple Plum Fairy would like to congratulate LEE Jeans Philippines for organizing contests like these that would really showcase the Filipino talents in photography. Kudos to you guys! I also wish to congratulate all the winners of the LEE Shadowplay Photo contest! I’m looking forward to seeing all your amazing works on the billboard soon.

And if you are too busy focusing on driving or riding through metro traffic, and might miss the winning photos shown in the Lee Billboard along EDSA, you can log on to to view them as well as the other online entries.

While you are at it, take time to visit/like Lee’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @leejeansphils .

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Yenny Gonzales, Mr. Rommel Cortez and Alwin Aguirre.
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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