Monday, October 11, 2010

Soyami Soya Chips: Sooo Yummmy Good!

Are you fond of eating junk foods as a kid? C’mon, admit it. I was once addicted to junk foods when I was young. Perhaps that’s why I’m carrying such bloated body ‘til now that I’m way past my youth. But there was really that point in our lives where you gave in to such cravings—even for once. Back then, I remember I love licking my fingers for an honest-to-goodness junk food trip. Gone are the days when tartrazine, monosodium glutamate (popularly known as MSG) and Yellow #5 were part of the ingredients in each food snack, the very reason why it’s called “junk food” in the first place. Those ingredients are harmful to our health.

With advance food technology comes healthier alternatives. People are becoming aware of healthier food options and changing their lifestyles. Personally, I’ve learned to ditch off the junk food I used to love in favor of healthier snacks and salads. And I guess it’s never to late to start a healthier you.

There was the tahong chips, but it had rough edges and didn’t smell good. Then came the cassava chips, but not everyone liked it knowing fully well that it needed flavor powders to achieve taste. And now, here’s the Soyami—unbelievably crispy (really, even after prolong air exposure in a room temperature). It’s not oily and promises crunch in every bite.

Soyami Soya Chips are made from real soya and enriched wheat flour. It’s low in calories, fats and sodium compared to other leading brands. It’s high in protein and fiber. It has no preservatives, no MSG and 0% transfat. It is a snack that satisfies our cravings but does not contain the unhealthy contents of other snack foods. It provides the protein, calcium to people of all ages may it be children to adults. Soyami Soya Chips are available in three variants: Original, Pizza and White Cheddar flavors.
I’m partial to the white cheddar variant because I’m a certified cheese lover. But I’d suggest you try all flavors for you to find out which one you’d love to munch on. Once opened, you’ll go munching, munching and munching without the guilt.

What more can I say? Pretty soon, you’ll be screaming with Soooo Yummmy when these healthy chips hit the market soon.
Soyami Soya Chips will be available in the shelves soon at all leading supermarkets.

For further inquiries and concerns, log on to
Or send an email

Let the Fun Begin at Active Fun

Fun comes in many forms for different kids, but for the young ones, it could mean hopping up and down on a trampoline and running around with other kids. Keep their attention and help enhance their gross motor skills with various activities that mix learning time with playtime.

Let your kids explore at Active Fun, an expansive multi-level indoor playground with their mazelike structure, their huge slides and the fun trampoline. Socks must be worn at all times, trousers and long sleeves are recommended. Aside from keeping your kids safe with the rubber flooring, Active Fun makes sure an Active Fun employee is out to watch your kids and making sure they’re having fun. They also sell food in the area so kids and yayas don’t have to go far to get food.

The center is a colorful play area divided into two sections – the soft area for toddlers below five years old and the play frame which has giant slides, trampolines, hanging bridges and obstacles that will challenge the physical ability of children. The play frame has five levels designed by a Chinese physiological therapist who according to the owners carefully thought about the design to help enhance the physical as well as mental and social skills of children.

Active Fun also offers party packages for a no-worries party! It’s a fantastic indoor fun for kids and coffee shop for adults too. Active Fun is also the best place to celebrate birthdays and special occasions for children. Its colorful ambiance, the warm and attentive staff and the comfort of an air-conditioned party place makes it the best venue for your party.

For Inquiries, visit
Call 332-3929 or 7063235
They have branches in Fun Ranch, Tiendesitas, West Gate Alabang, Macapagal Avenue and SM North Edsa Annex.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pho Hoa Food Adventure

Admit it, we all love to eat. What’s a more perfect way to spend the day at the mall than to bask in gastronomic delight in the company of good friends?

Rona Apostol, Ana Llanera, my 8-year-old nephew Kyle and yours truly, went to dine at Pho’Hoa, the Vietnamese Noodle House at their branch in Eastwood. Rona was used with Vietnamese food since back in Anaheim, California where she lives, there were a lot of Vietnamese food shops and kiosks (where the film The Fast and the Furious was shot) to begin with. But for Ana, Kyle and I—eating Vietnamese food was an adventure in itself.

I’m a food aficionado, but the only Vietnamese food I’m familiar with is none other than the Vietnamese Spring rolls with peanut sauce. At first I was hesitant to eat at a restaurant and cuisine I’m not that familiar with especially with a kid in tow. Kyle is a picky eater and I was honestly afraid he might not like the food. But alas! It turned out as a big surprise—he loved it! He ordered a grilled pork chop with fried rolls with sugared vinegar dip and Vietnamese rice. I’ve had a deliciously comforting traditional Vietnamese Beef Soup. Filled with choice slices of beef, bean sprouts, and flavored with fresh coriander leaves, hot pepper and lemon wedges. It’s a perfect end to an all-night gimmick with friends.

Pho’Hoa Megamall B—6830167

Inset: A steaming bowl of Vietnamese Beef bowl and the popular Vietnamese Spring rolls.

Rona Apostol's Azta Urban Salon Makeover

This was Rona before she got her hair rebond.

They’ve got something near to a cult following that swears by comfy ambience and excellent service. Azta Urban Salon may not ring a bell yet for others but for those who were able to try their service, they all went home with satisfaction and would simply recommend it to their friends.

It’s not easy being pretty—it takes a whole other kind of village to bring out the potential goddess in you. Just like waiting almost 6 hours for my friend Rona to finish her hair rebond. But I’m telling you, it’s worth the wait. Whether it’s a haircut, hair treatment or hairstyle—Azta Urban Salon’s got an army of trained beauty experts at your will. And these days, you’ve got a wide array of choices that’s perfectly tailored to your budget, lifestyle and personal preference.

Oh, but if you’re planning to have a new hair color, the best day to visit is on a Tuesday because the salon gives out discounts on Tuesdays for hair coloring alone. If you’re a Belle De Jour Power Planner 2010 owner, make sure you use their discount coupon as well where you could get as much as 25% off on services or a free hot oil treatment.

Azta Urban Salon’s expert stylists can reinvent a whole new look that’s perfect for your personality and suited to your lifestyle. Whether it’s a bob for her or a razor cut style for him, Azta Urban Salon’s the place to go. Walk in or make an appointment today.

P.S. For the Eastwood branch, I personally recommend that you look for Senior Stylist Joji, he does precision cutting. And I received a lot of compliments on my new hairdo. Special thanks and much love to my generous friend, Rona Apostol.

For any inquiries, please email

Azta Urban Salon is located at 2/F City Walk 2, Eastwood City, Libis 687-6527
They have other branches at Glorietta 4, Alabang Town Center, Robinson’s MetroEast, Katipunan and Metrowalk Pasig.

Rona's new looks. With shiny, jet-set black hair and a satisfied smile.

Mommy Academy Invites Everyone to Attend FREE Parenting Seminars

There is no parenting school that's made available to us. And for first-time parents, we just had to rely on our own parents, set of friends and other relatives for advices. But sometimes what works for them may not necessarily work for our own kids, especially when it comes to disciplining. Why is this so? Simply because each child is different. You can't discipline an introvert child by making him face the wall, he'd like it and it wouldn't seem like a punishment at all. The question is, Are you doing the right thing when it comes to feeding your toddler and disciplining your kids?
Focus on the positive behaviour of your kids. How often have we heard this piece of advice? But there maybe a grain of truth in it. Especially when it comes to disciplining our kids, we must always teach and reinforce good behavior. The same principle applies when instilling healthy eating habits in toddlers. That’s why it’s important for us to be hands-on when it comes to raising our children. Sounds easier said than done? If these issues have been on your mind for a while now, we’re here to help. We invite fellow Moms and Dads to attend FREE parenting seminars by Mommy Academy Club or MA Club.

It's such a good thing, there's Mommy Academy to help us out. They hold parenting seminars and workshops for FREE. What's more they even have a place where your kids can enjoy at the same time. So while you attend and listen to the guest speakers, you're rest assured, your kids are having fun and you don't have to worry. All you had to do is, pre-register or simply visit their website at You may also call 8256564 or 8257454 to register and for other inquiries, please look for Era or Lani.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

What you may not know about breast cancer can put your life at risk every minute...
Attend a FREE SEMINAR ON THE LATEST ABOUT BREAST CANCER and have a free check up after the seminar. This step can save your life or that of your friends and loved ones.
Oct. 2, 2010
• 1:00 pm - OPEN TO PUBLIC
SM Megamall Prestige Lounge
2/F, Building B near Ladies’ wear (Dept. Store)
Oct. 9, 2010
• 1:00 pm - OPEN TO PUBLIC
SM North Edsa Prestige Lounge
3/F, Main Building near Ladies’ wear (Dept. Store)
Oct. 16, 2010
• 10:00 am - OPEN TO PUBLIC
SM Makati Prestige Lounge
4/F, near SM Appliance Center
Oct. 23, 2010
• 1:00 pm - OPEN TO PUBLIC
SM Megamall Prestige Lounge
2/F, Building B near Ladies’ wear (Dept. Store)
Oct. 30, 2010
• 1:00 pm - OPEN TO PUBLIC
SM Mall of Asia Prestige Lounge
G/F, South Bldg. near Customer Service Bills Payment
Call us at 884-1517 or 892-5706 to reserve your seats.
Help us spread the word. Please share this information.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Poem on ADHD

You are amazing. But many don’t understand the ADD/ADHD mind.
So you can tell them …
The ADD/ADHD mind is no more than this: A heroic soul born desperately in need of sensation.

To you … a moment is an eternity, a rule is a tyranny, a process is a purgatory, a joy is an ecstasy, a daydream is a vision, a hazard is a playground, silence is suffocation, and completion is death.

Add to this brutally expansive spirit the overwhelming need to risk, create, and express — so that without the creating of music or poetry or books or businesses or buildings or something of meaning, your very breath is cut off …

You must create, must pour out your entire being in creation.
By some strange, unknown, inward urgency you do not feel alive unless you are intimately involved in the risk of self-expression.

Thank you for having the courage to create.
For without your creationsthe world would grow dull and listlessAnd the rest of us who are like youwould not have your courageous act to lean onto inspire our own. –Pearl Buck

A Special Child is a Blessing

When my nephew was turning two, I got a remark from a distant relative that made me mad. I got so affected that it had changed my life forever. That spat created quite a stir, from then on, our world just wasn't the same perfect one. How do you take care of a special child? I have never had any personal encounter with special children before. But I do remember seeing movies when I was still in college, and I remember that the child overcame his being "different" with the help of his mother.

I also knew that the mind of special children are differently "wired". They are psychologically challenged but I strongly believe they had genius as well. Was it possible that our own family was facing this kind of challenge? I was at a loss for words. I didn't feel adequate with what i knew. But I tried to research as much as I can about ADHD, Autism, Bipolar disorder and other spectrums. I've watched medical programs with topics concerning special children so that I could understand the condition more. The good doctor enumerated and explained fully the 14 or so symptoms of ADHD.

As we went through the list, I got more and more worried because I realized that Kyle had more than 12 of them. Clearly, something was not right. Early intervention became our anchor, and it kept me steady as I had taken the lead. I found it hard to accept that our beloved Kyle has ADHD as later confirmed and diagnosed by two doctors. (I had to get a second opinion because it was difficult to accept, I wanted to be sure.) In my eyes, my nephew was...nay, is--and will always be perfect.

Yes, Kyle also had a gift. For this reason and many more, I thank the good Lord for giving him such talent. He draws well. He's really good in arts. He's won in numerous contests to date, starting at age 4, and he's represented his school and won awards for them. Kyle's gifted with creativity and keen eye for details. And what makes me even proud is the fact that he's in the mainstream, and a star section student at that.

All these years, I was able to learn to accept everything. God indeed has reasons and purpose for all the things that has happened. Although, sometimes I still get frustrated and it's really been quite difficult to handle Kyle's condition, (he has occupational therapy sessions), and despite receiving a lot of flak from other teachers, parents who simply doesn't want to understand or don't have hearts to begin with, I know that the goodness of the heart of a single individual is more powerful than all the evil in this world pooled together.
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