Sunday, October 13, 2013

Natasha Shapes has Bra and Panties for all Women’s Shapes and Sizes

 If you’re like most women, the last time you had yourself fitted for a bra was probably when you started wearing one during your pre-teen years. That is—unless you’ve never been fitted for one and just tried on brassieres until you found your own size. The thing is, as women age, our body naturally changes, and it also affects the size of our twin peaks. That’s why it is very important to get the right bra support. Unfortunately, it’s doubly hard for people like me—for the plus sized women. I used to practically beg my friends from the US to buy me sets of brassieres each time they’d come home to the Philippines knowing fully well how difficult it is for me to find my perfect size here. I call it heaven sent as it is such a good thing that one of the country’s direct selling company, Natasha has come up with Natasha Shape—a complete line of ladies’ bra and panties and Natasha Curves—a bra line specifically for plus sized women in mind. They even had a line for teens and pre-teens (beginners).

Natasha Shape has a variety of bra types and one can choose her bra depending on her needs and the style that she wants—silk, cotton, laced, nylon, cup lining (underwire or non-wire), cup design (demi-cup, full coverage etc.), on top of the basic bra styles.

Showcased recently during the Natasha Beauty Inside and Out event held at the posh Romulo Café in Bel-Air, Makati, Natasha Shapes launched their holiday collection that consists of awesome silhouettes, fun and fabulous prints and funky colorful bold patterns. For their November-December 2013 collection, one gets to find rich colors just in time for a fix of the holiday vibe along with some tribal, baroque print inspirations. As early as this time, Natasha Shape has already come up with the January-February 2014 collection will feature premium items with 2 bras and panty sets in fancy lace and fabulous sexy silhouettes. It will also feature an oriental-inspired prints and beautiful classics. Natasha Shapes is truly women’s breast-friend for all shapes and sizes. 

Panties are everyday basic and a staple lingerie wardrobe. As for Natasha Shape’s panties, I love the fact that they are not too clingy or tight when you wear them. It comes in both cotton and nylon and Natasha Shapes panties actually look like a part of your swim wear—just like a bikini. Seeing them could really make you want to head for the beach—yes, even in the holiday season. I really like the colorful funky prints on them. Wearing these lovely Natasha Shapes panties surely won’t make you feel embarrassed just in case there’s a wardrobe malfunction or an embarrassing accident happens somewhere (like your skirt’s been blown by the wind). Certainly, you do not want to be caught in “bacon panties” (read: ugly worn out underwear). So make sure you wear comfortable and fabulous Natasha Shape panties all the time.

Do check out the latest collections of Natasha Shape online via or see a Natasha dealer near you.

Special thanks to Natasha, Ms. JR Bustamante and Ms. Rikka Infantado

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

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