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The Cloud Villa Is Tagaytay’s Newest Event Space with a Breathtaking Sea of Clouds


Filipinos love going all out on occasions, partially because it’s culturally ingrained in us to come together to celebrate milestones. Tagaytay, a car drive from the metro, makes an almost clear- cut choice that features serene vistas and the cold weather that takes all the brownie points.

One magical spot waiting to be discovered is The Cloud Villa, just 30 minutes from Tagaytay Rotonda offering a picturesque space inspired by Filipino architecture. With its all-glass panel windows, intricate wooden structure, and a sea of clouds as the backdrop, this venue is perfect for those seeking a calm rendezvous for their birthday or a bride wanting an elegant multi- functional venue fit for any theme.

For any celebration, convenience is always prioritized especially for traveling guests. Luckily, The Cloud Villa is situated along Nasugbu Highway. It’s near other hotspots in the city as well like Sonya’s Garden, Breakfast at Antonio’s, Twin Lakes, and Don Bosco Chapel on the Hill.

Apart from the mountaintop location, its amenities are also top-notch. The Cloud Villa can host 200 to 250 guests with a function hall sprawling 256 sqm. Clients can also enjoy the comforts of its amenities such as air conditioning, a preparation room, a caterer’s area, housekeeping, security staff, and a parking lot that can hold up to 30 cars.

Whether it’s for a big-time celebration, an intimate gathering, a prenup shoot, or a corporate function, The Cloud Villa offers you a spot among the skies. Level up your momentous occasion by complementing it with a full view of the clouds or the horizon with the hues of the sunset.

Saving this to your wishlist? You can see this villa for yourself by scheduling an ocular visit through

The Cloud Villa is along Nasugbu Highway, a Tagaytay venue space hosting weddings, birthdays, corporate functions, and other exclusive events.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Breville taps Pinay barista champ as brand ambassadress

Breville Philippines Food and Beverage (F&B) Business Unit Manager Elijah Marie Cortez-Flores, Breville Philippines Ambassadress Vanessa Maclang Caceres, and IAJWC President Ma. Cristina S. Llamo

While the Philippines actually falls under the “Bean Belt”—an equatorial zone of the biggest coffee-growing countries in the world—it still lags behind the emergence of a revolutionary movement that reshapes the peoples’ connection to a cup of Joe.

Nevertheless, it’s not too late for this nation to firmly establish its own coffee culture, wherein majority, if not the entire populace, have a general knowledge and appreciation of this well-loved drink, coupled with their strong familiarity, exposure and use of available technologies in the market to make a cuppa.
With this in mind, IAJ Wellness Corporation (IAJWC), the exclusive distributor of Breville in the Philippines, has officially signed up multi-awarded barista and famed content creator Vanessa Maclang Caceres as the country’s ambassadress of the leading small kitchen appliances brand from Australia.
Impressed by the rich and mature coffee culture of various countries, IAJWC President Cris Llamo dreams of replicating such trends locally, where Filipinos do not merely drink coffee but dive deep into the art and appreciation of its unique flavors and origins.
“Hence, our partnership is aimed at raising more awareness on coffee culture and appreciation in the country,” she said during their contract signing held recently in Makati City.
“We want to be in the forefront of educating the people about Third Wave Coffee. That’s why we really want Vanessa to become our ambassadress because her vast knowledge of the industry will be of big help to elevate the peoples’ understanding of specialty coffee,” added Elijah Marie Cortez-Flores, Food & Beverage (F&B) Business Unit Manager at Breville Philippines.

Breville Philippines' PR Agency Partner CatPR Head Nadine Tan, Breville Philippines Food and Beverage (F&B) Business Unit Manager Elijah Marie Cortez-Flores, Breville Philippines Ambassadress Vanessa Maclang Caceres, and IAJWC President Ma. Cristina S. Llamo

Being an ambassadress, Ms. V (her online monicker) or Mamita (as fondly called by her colleagues) will mainly help promote the brand’s coffee category, plus other kitchen appliances through her social media contents. With her new role, she will also work closely with the brand in equipping the frontliners, which include promo merchandisers, with the most up-to-date knowledge about specialty coffee in order for them to effectively sell Breville products to customers.
“Transfer of knowledge should not go wrong. We want to make sure that our people who interact with the customers are saying the right things about coffee and how best to enjoy it using Breville products. So it’s important to have somebody like Ms. Vanessa, who's been in the industry for a long time—19 years to be exact. There's a wealth of information and experience that we can learn from her,” Llamo said.
“Through her hands-on training, we also believe that we will be able to foster a deeper appreciation for Breville products, especially the espresso machine category,” Flores added.
Elated by their confidence, Caceres is very thankful of their partnership. She quipped: “I’m happy that they trust me with this partnership. I’m really grateful to train their frontliners and share my knowledge on Third Wave Coffee to other people.”
Breville Philippines started to tap her in March 2023 for Women’s Month using the Breville Bambino Plus. Little did she know that her first encounter with this small espresso machine would make her a firm believer and, eventually, ambassadress of the brand. She said: “It’s not like other similar products, wherein everyone can pull a shot of espresso. No one can do steamed milk that is much better than Breville.”
What Caceres loves about the brand is its innovative wide array of products that do not only address the complications of coffee-making processes, but the whole kitchen concerns as well. Their designs go hand-in-hand with functionalities, befitting the requirement of each client.
Although Breville is positioned as a premium brand, it’s worth the investment given the endless possibilities it can do for the buyers. No wonder it's now Vanessa’s constant kitchen companion.
“It’s really a part of my daily life. Once you have it in your kitchen, you cannot stop using it. That’s why you really get your money’s worth,” she stressed.

The common concerns men should watch out for


From holding your infant in your arms for the first time to chasing your toddler around the playground, early parenthood is filled with experiences that make every young father feel invincible. This seismic upheaval in your life inspires you to be a better guy. Having your own mini-me or tiny princess forces you to rethink your life choices as a provider and defender of the family, so you're pursuing promotions or business initiatives while keeping mom and kids safe and happy. Dude, have you considered your health recently?

Joel A. de la Rosa, MD, from the Section of Cardiology of the leading hospital in the Philippines, MakativMedical Center (MakatiMed) emphasizes that males frequently have a terrible tendency of relegating doctor'svappointments on the back burner. "Many strong young guys delay going to the doctor until it's too late. In contrast to women who have regular gynecologist appointments, guys are just not encouraged to see a doctor regularly. However, refusing to acknowledge your present health issues and sensitivity to certain conditions can cause bigger health problems that can alter your life,” says Dr. de la Rosa.

MakatiMed underscores that one common health problem that young men should watch out for is ischemic heart disease or when the heart doesn’t get enough blood and oxygen because of the narrowing or hardening of the arteries. “It is the top killer disease in the Philippines. The risk for this disease begins developing when you’re in your 20s or 30s when most people are also exposed to chronic stress, which can lead to persistent elevation in blood pressure, commonly known as hypertension, damaging arteries, and building plaques,” explains Dr. de la Rosa.

Young dads should be vigilant against cancers affecting the lungs, liver, colon/rectum, prostate, stomach, and leukemia, as these have emerged as the most prevalent types of diagnosis for Filipino men. “Many of these cancers develop over time because of unhealthy habits like smoking, eating too much processed and fatty foods, and a lack of physical activity,” notes Dr. de la Rosa.

Type 2 diabetes is another consequence of poor lifestyle choices. “Beware of symptoms like constant thirst, constant urination, fatigue, dizziness, weight loss, and slow-healing wounds, especially for those who eat a lot of refined carbs, sugars, and saturated fat,” cautions Dr. de la Rosa.

Heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are serious health conditions that greatly affect one’s quality of life. “These diseases eat up not only your health but also precious time with your family and your resources, too. Fortunately, it’s never too late. You can always start investing in your health today,” highlights Dr. de la Rosa.

Managing stress, living a healthier lifestyle by eating more fruits and vegetables, and spending more time exercising, as well as performing essential regular and diagnostic tests, and simply spending quality time--There are some real actions young fathers may take to improve their health.

“Dads, your kids are counting on you, from diaper changes to school runs to solving math to navigating life. Now, maintaining health is a hallmark of a great, responsible father. So, prioritize your well-being and see a doctor regularly. You owe it to that little baby who made you a better man,” emphasizes Dr. de la Rosa.

For more information, please contact MakatiMed On-Call at +632.88888 999, email, or visit Follow @IamMakatiMed on Facebook and Twitter.

Monday, June 10, 2024

Dads deserve a feast at Mang Inasal this Father’s Day


Mang Inasal, the Philippines’ Grill Expert, celebrates Father's Day with discounted group meals and an exclusive online promo, making it a perfect celebration for dads.
"Mang Inasal values the roles of fathers as models of hard work, fun, love, and resilience," said Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. "That's why we're extending our Father's Day celebration until the end of June, so all fathers and their families can feast on their Ihaw-Sarap favorites together,
wherever they are."

Enjoy the ‘Feast for Daddy’ promo with IHAWtastic combos at Mang Inasal. For families of two to three, enjoy the Buddy Fiesta Combo at Mang Inasal for only ₱499! This delicious deal includes two pieces of Chicken Inasal Paa or Pecho, two sticks of Pork BBQ with Java Rice, two Extra Creamy Halo- Halo or Crema de Leche Halo-Halo 8oz add-ons, and three small-sized drinks.
For larger families of four to six, the Family Fiesta Combo is perfect at just ₱949! It features three pieces of Chicken Inasal Paa or Pecho, six sticks of Pork BBQ with Java Rice, four Extra Creamy Halo- Halo or Crema de Leche Halo-Halo 8oz add-ons, and six small-sized drinks.

The ‘Feast for Daddy’ promo is available nationwide for dine in, takeout, and delivery from June 10to 30. For an even bigger feast, order other Mang Inasal Fiesta Favorites via delivery, including theBuddy Fiesta, Family Fiesta, and Palabok Party Size.

 Netizens are also in for a special Father’s Day treat. Simply join the Mang Inasal Nation Facebook Group to join an exclusive digital contest dedicated for dads.

Want more Mang Inasal exclusives NOW? Visit for the latest

news, for delivery deals, and follow Mang Inasal on social media for more Ihaw-Sarap and Unli-Saya updates!

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Immortalize every milestone with Great Image


When was the last time you slowed down to celebrate your life wins? 

In the whirlwind of life's demands, it's easy to overlook the moments that  define our journey. Celebrating milestones reminds us that,  regardless of circumstance,  it's never too late to embrace our potential and strive for greatness. And what better   way to celebrate these moments of triumph than through photography?   With Great Image, you can immortalize your achievements, preserving   them as a testament to your journey and a reminder of your limitless potential.

Reflecting the past triumphs

Each picture is a solid reminder of the challenges we've conquered and

the victories we've celebrated. Think about your school years, from kindergarten

to college. Every graduation photo tells a story of your struggles and successes.

Even if you had to pause your education to work, that graduation photo,

when you finally achieved your degree, symbolizes your grit and determination.

It proves that it's never too late to reach your goals.

Capturing new beginnings

As we navigate life's ever-changing landscape, photography becomes a beacon

of hope and renewal. It allows us to capture the excitement and optimism of new

beginnings, whether starting a new career or pursuing a long-held passion.

Even the simplest photographs, like your first ID picture for job

applications, symbolize a fresh chapter as you transition into adulthood.

Each photo affirms your readiness to embrace change and strive for greatness.

Immortalizing milestones

We all reach new heights at our own pace, and these milestones deserve

to be celebrated. Photography lets us capture these special times forever.

Think about the couples who finally take their wedding photos after years

of being together or those who welcome a baby after trying

for so long. These photos prove their patience and commitment,

inspiring others to pursue their dreams, wherever they are in life.

Honoring personal growth

Looking back at ourselves can be a powerful tool for growth. Photography offers

a unique way to see our journey of self-discovery. By capturing moments of

reflection and self-acceptance, we celebrate how far we've come and the

challenges we've conquered. For example, someone who

who as struggled with self-confidence might finally feel comfortable

getting a professional portrait taken. This portrait becomes a symbol of their

newfound acceptance and inner strength.

On realizing one’s greatness

Realizing that it's never too late to be great brings freedom.

It shows that greatness isn't tied to age or circumstances but to our willingness

to pursue dreams and embrace the unknown. As we navigate this journey,

we can document our growth and victories, with Great Image helping

every step of the way.

Great Image celebrates your journey with top-notch photography services.

Using the latest technology and skilled photographers, they capture your

milestones with precision and care. Whether it's graduation, wedding,

self-portrait, pregnancy, or even an ID picture, Great Image is there for you.

And now, you can let your greatness shine even brighter! 

Great Image offers a special promotion: a FREE 3R PRINT 

using the promo code GI3RPR. This exclusive offer is 

on a first-come, first-served basis at Great Image 

branches nationwide. 

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to immortalize your achievements with

a complimentary print from Great Image!

To explore more about Great Image and their photography services,

visit their website at

or connect with them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.
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