Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Special Movie Screening

Photo taken from the lobby of Shangrila Plaza Mall's Cineplex

It was my first time to be invited by Nuffnang and PLDT MyDSL for a movie screening. And I had to admit, I was very excited about it. Not only because I know most of my blogger friends were also invited, but more so because Kyle and I had always been a fan of Transformers movie. We had seen all three films together, even to the point of going to pocket events of these films by Cybertron Philippines

So you could just imagine how we both anticipate this film. We were super excited upon learning that we've made it to the list of invited nuffnangers. Kyle immediately went home straight from his classes in school to make sure he's going, that there's no way I'll be leaving without him. Afterall, Transformers 3: The Dark of the Moon was said to be the last Transformer film according to director Michael Bay.

Kyle posing with his fave Autobot Bumblebee.
Upon arriving at the venue, Shangri-la Plaza Mall Cineplex, Kyle suddenly began to ran. At first I did not undertand why, until I saw cosplayers surrounded the area. Kyle begs for me to take photos of him with his fave autobot Bumblebee right away. So I had him posed with the cosplayers--and he didn't want to take his jacket off even if it's quite hot in the said area. 
Kyle with Transformers' leader Optimus Prime.
This third Transformers movie was the best among the rest of the movie installment. Visual effects were good, acting was excellent, adding to the fact that it had Patrick Dempsey on it made it more pleasing. And for a change, instead of playing his old goody-goody roles that he's known for, Dempsey plays a villain here. Shia LaBeouf looked a bit banged up after the epic scene, but he's still way too cute on the huge silver screen. 

The movie standee that shows the Dark of the Moon.
Back in the Cybertron Civil War, a mysterious object was rocketed to Earth. Unfortunately, it landed on the dark side of the moon. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union detected the crash, and began a space race to see who's going to get hold of the alien tech! So apparently, all the moon landings were just an excuse to dig up Transformer tech on the far side of the moon. The mysterious transformer that crashed on the moon was none other than (if you intend to see the film, stop right here, Spoiler alert!) the Ark: the giant massive Autobot spacecraft with Sentinel Prime on it. 
With Autobot turned villain Sentinel Prime.
Unlike the shenanigans of the past Transformers films, dark of the Moon was an invasion of Chicago. So you'll dive into the thick of battle with buildings and all. A gigantic snake like transformer attacks one of the buildings where Sam and Carly are in. Get ready to meet Sentinel Prime and Shockwave. Those big bad Decepticons are sure to come your way. Gigantic missiles firing Decepticon ships pummel buildings with their high octave salvos!

Overall, the movie was great. Kyle and I had truly enjoyed the film. Purple Plum Fairy thanks Nuffnang Philippines and PLDT MYDSL for the invites.

Cute Photo Balloons

Your photo on one side...
I don't know about you, but if you haven't seen one of these cute photo balloons with your picture or name on it, then you must have had too much television in your life that you don't get the chance to go out anymore. If it had not been through bloggers buffet, organized by creator, Mr. Tristan Maharlika-Mirasol and Carol's Texan 5 owner Ms. Carol Chan, I would have been sent to boredom hell. 

I came across these cute little photo balloons during the bloggers buffet held last June 23. For more details, you may check out my other blog (yup, I write food trips on my humble food blog), please visit

Anyway, if you are interested on BoothsRepublic's photo balloons as well as their other services, here's their numbers:

Contact Ms. Lala Tsai or Sarah Chan
02- 5025193


And the brand on other side...

Forever Kids: Say Buh-Bye to Vitamin Spills the Fun Way!

Forever Kids bottle.
I hate having to call Kyle to take his Vitamins. As a toddler, I remember my sister needed to hold Kyle to sit still and make his mouth open widely each time he’s asked to take his medicines. Now that he’s eight, nothing much has changed. He’s still as fidgety as ever. His bed sheets and toys would either have stains of medicine syrup that he’s just taken. And that clearly annoys me because I’m the one in charge of washing his clothes and beddings as well. 
At his age, his pediatrician says he’s allowed to take medicines in capsule and tablet form only if he wants to. And we must be careful with it as it might go through his larynx instead of him swallowing the pill. To be honest, Kyle abhors to take in anything regardless if it’s sweet flavored vitamins or bitter medicines. And when he says he won’t take it, nobody can ever make him do so. Unless, you bribe him into something he truly likes. But it’s something I do not want to do because it's not proper.  So it’s usually a difficult time for us when he gets sick, the technique that we did was make him swallow half banana with the pill stuck inside it.  Yup, this trick does help. Since Kyle loves bananas, making him swallow the huge chunk of banana was a whole lot easier than making him pop the tablet. 
I wish there are still chewable vitamins today just as I had when I was a kid. Things would be easier if Kyle would take it instead of anything syrupy. I could not thank the high heavens when a friend had given me sample of Forever Kids.  This chewable vitamins contains carrots, acerola, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, apples, cranberries (good for the kidney), tomatoes (has lycopene that fights certain kind of cancer) and citrus fruits on it. It is rich in phytonutrients and it has a complete vitamins and mineral for both kids and adults.  When you take a closer look at it, its got everything you’ll ever need in a vitamin supplement. 
And what’s more, I could now say buh-bye to vitamin spills and that large chunk of banana with capsule inside we used to give Kyle.  The best thing about Forever Kids, Kyle loved it! Since he does, I figured it must have really taste great.  But I decided to try it for myself so I took one tablet. Alas! It tasted like real orange and grapes with the best part—each tablet had animal shapes. 
Reading the label is very important to me before actually giving it to Kyle. Since he’s got ADHD, I’m very particular about the kind of ingredients each product was made of. I’ve learned from parenting seminars I’ve previously attended that the first on the list among its contents meant that it had the most among all the other ingredients on the list. With ADHD, Kyle isn’t allowed to take anything with contents of allura red, sodium benzoate, yellow number 5 and tartrazine. 
Forever Kids is safe for Kyle and was made for two years old and above, even adults. It had no artificial color or ingredients. It is made from all natural ingredients. I have also noticed that Kyle does have the appetite he needs daily. This product from Forever Living is making wonders for Kyle’s health. He used to be a picky eater. But since taking Forever Kids, he’s able to eat two cups of rice per meal time. It’s something really amazing for me, knowing fully well that he can’t even finish his plate before he started taking this amazing chewable vitamins from Forever Living.
Forever Living Products provides an unlimited income opportunities to millions of people worldwide. One can sign up for only P6.00 and you automatically get 15% discount on all product purchases and from the retail customers.  (Virtually no investment needed). You can be your own boss too. With Share-Build your team and get 48% discount on all product purchases plus bonuses and incentives (car, travale and profit sharing). 

If you are interested to try Forever Kids Vitamin Supplement on your kids just as I did with Kyle, or buy any Forever Living product or if you're interested with the Business opportunity, please contact:

Ryan De Ocampo

 Forever Living Products Phils. Inc.
Unit 105, 106, 106A Bonaventure Plaza,
Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila

Say buh-bye with ordinary vitamin spills with Forever Kids Chewable Vitamins, taking supplements had never been this fun and easy!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nestle Wellness Expo 2011

It's that time of the year once again Nestle Club members--the Nestle I Choose Wellness Expo 2011 is happening on July 2 and 3, 2011 at the SM Megatrade hall 2 and 3, at the 5th Level of SM Megamall B from 10AM to 8PM.  It's going to be a fun-filled day as there will be cooking demos, nutrition consultation, seminars on healthy-living, freebies, games and lots of surprises in store for the entire family. Admission is FREE on a first come, first served basis. 

Again, this is Nestle Philippines' way of thanking its loyal consumers for giving them 100 years of Good Food and Good life. We hope to see you there!

By the way, the Nestle Sine Habambuhay will also have special screenings on the said event. So for those of you who missed the screenings held at SM Cinemas, this will be your time to watch them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freebie Alert: Free MyLac Milk from Momcenter website

Mommies, I’ve got good news! Do you have kids aged 4-6 years old? If you do, Sign-up for membership at and receive MyLac XL Prep Milk gift packs (that’s 1 box of MyLac Xl Prep 400 grams Milk and 1 box MyLac XL Prep 400 grams Choco). It’s so easy to sign-up and it’s for FREE. Just log on to and click on the MyLac Milk banner that says you’ll get a free MyLac gift pack upon signing-up and confirm your email address upon receiving an email from them. Wait for a few weeks and the gift pack will be delivered into your doorstep. This offer is good until supplies last. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Freebie Alert: Free Drypers Soft diapers for newborns!

Mommies with new born babies, this freebie alert is for you!

Grab a FREE sample of Drypers Soft now!
Just send an email at
and simply request for a free sample!

Kindly include your full name, contact number, complete address.
 (samples will only be delivered within the Philippines) 

For more details, call the MomCenter hotline at 751-3613.



I was a regular commoner blogger before I became part of Nuffnang. When I started my blog, I thought I'd just write anything and everything I wanted to write online--I figured, it's just going to be an online account of my daily life. Meaning to say, I'll just have an online diary. I didn't know I'll be having readers from other parts of the globe. And to be honest, I didn't really know what to expect from blogging. 

But I came across this cool blogging community through the internet called Nuffnang. It's Asia's first and leading blog advertising community. Their online platform allows advertisers to serve graphic or video based advertisements onto more than 100,000 blogs hosted in various platforms. Nuffnang even holds office in four different countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. With well-known brands such as Citibank, Proctor & Gamble, Sony, Nokia, Nestle and Nike as their clients, one can never go wrong!

What I love best about Nuffnang, is that aside from blog advertising, they even hold contests for bloggers, organizing seminars, workshops, parties, events, movie screenings--supporting bloggers in every step of the way. Giving us, bloggers the chance to meet each other in person, learn camaraderie and gain new friends from the blogosphere. Soon, I was able to gain more followers and friends as well. From a regular blogger, I've blossomed into a proud Nuffnanger blogger!

I've always wanted to have a faster internet access. I hate seeing my mac browser uploading photos and downloading files that all seemed to take forever. I abhor watching youtube videos because I know it would always be a boring experience as I sat in a corner waiting for my pc to totally stop buffering. That's why I also don't go into live streaming even if I wanted to...for I know pretty much my internet provider won't be able to satisfy my hunger for knowledge and thirst for faster internet speed. 

The worse part is that when I am doing something really important online and then suddenly, I'll be surprised to know I got disconnected from the internet. I swear, that REALLY drives me INSANE! It's such a good thing that saves your draft blog posts automatically. But sometimes, even that fails me. As a blogger, my life depends on the blogosphere--hence, I need to be online almost ALL the Time. And the only way to do that is by having a reliable and excellent quality internet service provider such as PLDT MyDSL

A friend of mine had introduced PLDT's myDSL's Hi-Velocity Internet to Sawa offering. She had been raving about this new PLDT offering since she had availed herself of the said service. At first, I was hesitant to give it a try. I was thinking, it may promise speed and unlimited internet service, but will it be better than my old unreliable broadband USB stick? 

It didn't take long for me to eventually ditch my old broadband stick for a PLDT myDSL subscription. It turned out, I made the right choice. From a really totally BOOOORRRINGG internet service, my online blogging and social networking life had instantly been TRANSFORMED into a FANTASTIC internet experience each time I go online. No more endless buffering, no more disconnection without my knowledge, no more unpleasant internet service. What do I get for a change? The result was indeed, crystal clear, fast, extraordinary internet service at its best, only from PLDT's myDSL!

What's more? With a PLDT myDSL subscription, one can enjoy the latest perks that PLDT has to offer. You can watch free live streaming for free from 20 channels,  so be ready to chat, blog and share. They even have the lowest IDD rates exclusive to myDSL subscribers. Enjoy PLDT myDSL plan 3000 and  have unlimited internet with a free speed upgrade from 3mbps up to 5mbps!

With the power now in my hands of full internet speed with no interruption and endless buffering/loading time, I could do more things because I no longer need to wait for so long. So aside from checking my emails regularly, updating my blogs, chatting with friends on Facebook and posting my tweets on Twitter--I could also whip dishes for my family, clean my stuff and help Kyle with his school assignments. Hopefully, I could also win tickets to the special movie screening of Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon sponsored by Nuffnang and PLDt myDSL. Kyle will be very happy if we would be invited to the said screening. 

This early, I want to thank you Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL!

For more information and further details, please visit  or call 171 to confirm your subscription today!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life's Greatest Lessons

 I've just finished reading Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie for what seemed like the nth time. Still, the story's effect on me is the same as the first time I've read it. I wish to share with you another story, this time, based on the true accounts of someone I personally know. Let me share with you a story by a friend from my college days.

I can assure you that upon reading her story, you'll be able to learn moral values and reassess your life especially if you're still in school. Here's her inspiring story...

Everybody says you’ve got to embark on a different journey as you enter college. People often make a big deal about reaching “the ripe age of maturity”, that dreaded age when you will no longer be considered a minor but a real adult.  It is when you’re at this certain age when you should be committed in all aspects of your life. There’s so much ahead of you, so much to look forward to and a lot to learn. And you must be open to that.

I am the youngest in a brood of four. My parents sent us all to reputable schools for they believed in the quality of education. They’ve really worked hard to send us to the best schools. I went to an all-girls school since high school.
They say the best part about being young is all about having fun even to the hilt and extremes with your entire friends. Even if my father had been very strict, gimmicks have always been my favorite pastime. 
For a youngster like me, it could be going to a bar for a night out, picnic at the park, watching movies or simply malling, actually anything as long as it takes my friends and I together.  Although most parents won’t allow us to indulge on gimmicks, we find different tactics to pursue our desire, oftentimes disregarding the possible outcome of our foolishness. 
My barkada and I had reached a certain point when we would cut classes just so we could go to watch the latest movie flick premiere or we’d get VIP passes to concerts and events.
I was happy, so I thought we were doing the right thing. We were having a grand time as we exposed ourselves in pop culture, the kind that was new to me. Greatly influenced by my so-called clique, I went to try drinking alcohol and learned how to puff cigarettes too.
Later on, committing truancy at school became a habit. When my family would ask me why I’d go home late, “making projects and term papers” had always been my lame excuse. Soon, my grades began to fail. 
I may not be the smartest girl in class, but I knew, had I studied seriously I could have passed my subjects with flying colors. I knew I had to do something to conceal or somewhat cover up my grades. It was the end of my senior year and my mother was expecting me to graduate that school year.
A friend had asked someone from the Recto area to make a class card similar to that given by our school. It was the class card I’m going to show my parents and not the real one where some of my grades were failed.  My grades back then were composed of incomplete, failure due to absences and the like. You get the picture. That way, I won’t get scolded and be subjected to any disciplinary action by my father.
My siblings knew I would not be graduating that March. They also knew what I was up to and were basically just waiting for the right moment to reveal or divulge the “sad news” to our parents.
I didn’t had the guts to tell them what I’d done. When they’ve learned about it, reality began to sink into my system. A part of me tells me, I’ve been guilty for neglecting my studies. But I guess I didn’t care that much. I went on with my life and vowed not to ask for my parents’ help on financing my studies. June of the same year came and I told my mother I’d stop studying.
Instead of being sorry, I’ve been proud because I told her I want to work hard and earn my own money. I’ve promised my parents, come hell or high water, I’ll finance myself to college. Perhaps, my parents got sick and tired of me. They didn’t utter any word the way they used to. Before I would listen to their sermons and litanies on the importance of education. Then, it hit me…I need to have a vision in life.
I’m no dumb; I was pretty much your average student. Maybe I simply didn’t know what I wanted. But I can’t always have the lame excuse of being young, reckless and crazy anymore. Things have more consequences and time kind of starts zipping by. I need to make something out of my life.
I looked for jobs and worked in hotels and fine dining restaurants. After my failed marriage and working for almost a decade, I thought I’ve saved enough money—I decided to go back to school and get a degree using my own savings.
In June 2000, I went back to school. I’ve enrolled in the same college. I had mixed emotions at that time. I was excited and happy to be back, a little shy because I’m way older than most of my classmates (even some professors) and anxious because of the high expectations from my family. I was an AB Psychology student at the age of 37. But who cares?
I saw some of my old professors and they could still remember me. They were happy to see me and they even said they admired me for my determination to finish my degree. For the first time, after so many years, I felt good.
My memory may not be as sharp as before but I knew I am making steps towards my goal. Sure, I’ve had difficulties during the adjustment period. I got a lot of flak and I’ve been teased by people who would always criticize. But I’ve managed to remain unfazed. I told myself, “this isn’t just for a show”. I am in school because I want to learn. I didn’t want to venture into anything that isn’t useful. I have learned my lesson well from my previous experience.
This time I chose whom to befriend and made my studies my top priority. During those times, my desire to prove my parents that I could get a degree motivated me to do my best. My siblings were all professionals; I had a licensed engineer bother, sister who’s a nurse, another who’s a medical technologist. It would be a shame on my part if I’d end up as an undergraduate. 
In March 2002, my most awaited moment came. My mother, who was 81 years old at that time with a grandson in tow, marched with me at the Philippine International Convention Center Plenary Hall during my graduation. I could not contain my joy. I burst into tears knowing fully that I had fulfilled the promise I had given my parents.  I’ve waited this for so long. I knew deep in my heart my parents were proud of me. Two months after my graduation, my father passed away. It was as if he simply waited for me to fulfill that promise. At this point in my life, I feel blessed that despite my age, I was able to find a descent job.

One of the greatest journey in life is the journey within. This journey is introspection. Introspection is a mirror to your inner self. The more often you introspect, the clearer you see yourself. The clearer you see yourselves, the more likely you correct yourself.
What you are today is the karma seeds planted in your past and what you will be in the future is a karmic reflection of whatever seeds you plant today. There’s always room to foster new dreams, find new souls and it’s never too late to clear up your mistake. 

Want to represent the country in the Karaoke World Championship? Here's your chance!

Would you like to represent the Philippines in the Karaoke World Championship? 

Here's your chance to do so. KWC Philippines is now looking for the first male and female Pinoy karaoke champions who will compete in the Karaoke World Championship in Killarney, Ireland on September 8-10, 2011.
KWC Philippines is the official partner of KWC Organization of Finland. It has the right to conduct the Philippine trials for KWC.  For the very first time, Filipinos will have the opportunity to compete in the prestigious Karaoke World Championships that’s been held annually since 2003 and participated by more than 20 countries around the world. 
Ms. Cris Llamo, President, KWC Philippines said, “We are encouraging amateur Filipino singers to show-off their talents and join the KWC Philippine trials. We believe so much that we could vie for the 2011 Karaoke World Championship title this year.”
To join the KWC trials, purchase any WOW Videoke product during May 1- June 30, 2011 promo period. Together with the purchase, a KWC Daily Trial Passport shall be given. The KWC Daily Trial Passport will serve as the buyer’s entitlement to join the competition. This entitlement is transferrable. The buyer can nominate himself, a friend or a relative to join the KWC Daily Trials. 
The KWC Daily Trials started last May 30 and will last until July 9, 2011 from Mondays to Saturdays at the KWC Philippines Office 1081 EDSA, Balintawak, Quezon City.  The top three male and top three female scorers in the daily trials will advance to compete in the weekly trials that will be held at designated SM Malls.
June 19–SM Marikina
July 3–SM Manila
July 10–SM Manila
The top three male and top three female qualifiers will be finalists in the National Championships to be held on July 23, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia.  Together, they will represent the Philippines in the Karaoke World Championships in Killarney, Ireland.
The 2011 Karaoke World Championships Philippine Trials is organized by KWC Philippines, Inc. and is co-presented by WOW Videoke, Talk ‘N Text.
For more details and information, please visit
Or contact 362-1566 or 361-9450 loc. 823 or 835.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

World Vision's Count Me In: 11K for 2011

Late one evening, not too long ago, while being driven home, I passed an area where there were many street kids. I started doing what I usually do—I was staring out the car’s window just thinking about the day that had been. Then a little kid approached the car, begged for some coins.  Usually, I give these children crackers or any left-over dinners in takeout bags so that they may eat. Personally, I think that is a better way to help them out than giving them cash. After all, I’m not sure if the money stays on their pockets anyway.
Each time I see a child begging in the streets my heart bleeds. These kids are supposed to be in school studying and not working or begging in the streets to ask for food. You could see them everywhere in the Metro, be it in the overpass, under the bridge or even under the shades.
The commitment wall

Ever get the feeling like you wish you could help someone but you know that it was beyond your means? That was how I felt to about other children staring at me with really, weary, hungry faces. Children who looked like they were as young as four or five years old were right there on the streets begging. I couldn’t bear seeing these children be deprived of their rights to shelter, clothing, food and of course, education.

I decided then that I was going to try and help them out. Any little thing would be all right. It’s true that there’s so much poverty around us, but there is still hope. Nobody ever said that helping people was not within one’s capacity. Yes, even if we’re not from affluent families, there’s so much we can do to help.
You can sponsor a child in World Vision’s Child Sponsorship program. For only P20 a day or P600 a month, you can help send a child back to school and inspire him to achieve his life goals for a brighter future.
For 50 years, World Vision has been helping children and their communities fulfill bigger dreams, providing not only physical resources but the hope and motivation to do so. World Vision works to provide children with opportunities to be able to live well-improved lives.
Child sponsorship is a way for you to make a real and lasting difference in the life of a precious boy or girl in need. Your regular contribution will be pooled together with other World Vision resources so that the children, families and communities may be provided access to education, good health, values formation, child rights protection, skills and leadership training and sustainable community development projects.
Upon sponsoring a child, you will receive a Welcome kit which contains your sponsored child’s profile, and a sponsorship manual as your guide in sponsoring the child. Aside from that, you will also receive an annual progress report containing the latest photo of your sponsored child, his/her grades in school and updates about the community where your sponsored child lives. Yes, you could also send letters and correspond with them and they’ll write back to you!
Post-its of messages for the kids.

I was so glad to have been invited to cover the World Vision Development Foundation’s Count Me In—an advocacy event held at the Trinoma Activity Center recently. The said event aims to reach 11K beneficiaries for 2011. I knew that it could change the lives of so many children. As a blogger, I probably didn’t make much of a difference to those children, but I knew I had the capacity to help by spreading the word that we can all become sponsors so that these unprivileged kids lead better lives.
It feels good when you are able to treat a friend out to dinner at night, right? But are you really able to make a difference in their lives by doing so? Believe me, it would feel better spending P600 a month, being able to send a kid to school and make a better community—that’s what making an impact is all about! The opportunity you are giving these kids is priceless and the happiness you’ll feel in your heart can never be compared to anything else in the world.
As I left Trinoma mall that night after the said event, I smiled knowing fully well that helping others was not beyond my means afterall.

For more details and other information, please visit or call
World Vision Development Foundation, Inc.
Address: 389 Quezon Avenue corner West 6th St. West Triangle, Quezon City 1104 Philippines
Phone: (2) 3747618 to 28
Fax: (2) 3747661


Global Academy Culinary & Hospitality: Premiere Education Made Affordable!

Seen through the glass window, the culinary students seriously work at the kitchen. 

I finished a course in communications and it was a bit too late when I realized I didn’t want to pursue the profession anymore. I have received a lot of flak for turning in this direction. People thought that I’m passing up a totally perfect opportunity to earn big bucks—aside from “wasting four years” of my life in college.

But I’ve always dreamt of working in the kitchen. I used to watch Cooking Master Boy (an animated cartoon) and Wok with Yan on TV as a kid and it had probably started my interest in cooking. Aside from that, it was a tradition that children in our family were all hauled into my Grandma’s house during summer vacations. It was the only time I could play with all of my cousins, exploring the nooks and crannies of the ancestral house, and most of all, cooking something “exceptional” for the whole family. I grew up believing my Grandma cooked better than most people, even fine dining restaurants.

The true test of a good cook is when there are hardly any left-overs and a lot of empty plates. I take pride when I get praises every time I serve my dish and see the smiles on their faces. But there’s a certain void in my heart: I wanted to have a formal culinary training.
 A few years back, I could vividly recall how difficult it was to find a reputable culinary school that had affordable tuition fees.  I was looking for such because after finally getting my college diploma, I felt it was about time for me to pursue my passion.
I remember being excited on my first day of going back to school wearing a chef’s jacket. I soon realized that taking a culinary course wasn’t exactly bed of roses. It entails perseverance, determination, hard work, and you really had to love cooking in order to excel in it.
Each time I had classes I always had to rush to a nearby grocery in order to buy my ingredients. And after that, I need to carry them all to school because they were not part of my tuition fee. I had to budget my money wisely, sometimes to the point of haggling if I buy items in bulk at a wholesale baking outlet.
Ms. Glaiza Mari Castro, Marketing Assistant talks about their facilities. 

I was recently invited to the Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy’s Open House at their Ortigas branch. We were given the chance to tour the school’s facilities and sample their sumptuous meals. I couldn’t help but be envious of their students! I wish I had known about Global Academy before when I was still looking for a culinary school.

Students are hands-on with individualized training.

Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy pushes the quality of education and superior value as it offers professional and recreational courses of the highest standard with unmatched cost effectiveness.

Chefs Roberto Pengson and Benjamin Ledesma Jr. founded Global Academy in order to provide aspiring industry professionals with relevant education and professional training at modest rates in order to prepare them for the growing opportunities of the international culinary and hospitality industries.
Chef Benjamin Ledesma, CEO and the Academy's founder.

Fully-equipped facilities with HD plasma TV for demo classes.

Aside from being 100% chef-owned and operated, Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy had a team of internationally educated and accomplished faculty. The campus had multiple locations so you can choose the branch nearest you offering the same programs and facilities. But I guess the best part of it all, is that you get individual learning for both lab and kitchen.
Chef Terence Fereday explains the dish he's about to prepare.
I couldn’t help but compare it with the culinary school where I was once enrolled. Back then, students were grouped and then tasked on a rotational basis to work on the kitchen and in the lab. There were times I’d be assigned to do the dishes, to be the cook, the one that prepares all the ingredients etc. Here at Global, you can be assured of individualized learning and training under the supervision of an instructor.

They even had the Epicurean Lab wherein one can get the major elective and be able to learn some of the world’s most popular cuisines like American, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Singaporean, Central European, Spanish, Scandinavian, Mediterranean, Italian and French.
Learn the world's most popular cuisines at Global Academy's Epicurean Lab.

The Academy won awards in the recently concluded HOFEX last May in Hong Kong where Global Academy’s faculty and students topped several categories in the International Culinary Classic. A clear testament that incoming students can be assured of world-class training and superb hands-on experience.  
The awards won recently in HOFEX by the Global Academy team.

I personally liked the Modern Asian interior design of the Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy’s new Pasig campus. But what had truly impressed me was their awesome facilities: they had two kitchen labs, two 23-seater theater demo rooms with three high definition TV and cameras each, and a library with wi-fi connectivity, separated locker rooms for men and women, not to mention their clean and cozy Zen-themed rest rooms that are similar to those found in elegant hotels.
When I skimmed on their course outline, I was surprised to see that a Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts is the only one of its kind in the country wherein students are trained in both cuisine and pastry in less than a year. Earning this double diploma will give its graduates a competitive edge as they hunt for employment opportunities here and abroad.  
With internationally educated and accomplished faculty.

Have I also mentioned that when you pay their tuition fee, it also includes the ingredients to be used, three sets of uniforms, chef's basic utensils/kit and shoes as well? Isn't that amazing and truly value for your money?

Chicken Ballotine on a bed of Spaghetti Squash with Truffle demonstrated by Chef Terence.

Paella with a twist: loads of tinapa flakes and Vigan longanisa made by Chef Terence.

French macaroons with ganache fillings demonstrated by Chef Roel.

Dark Chocoloate mousse, Strawberry topped Tiramisu and French Macaroon by Chef Roel.
Bloggers tried their hand in the kitchen: Florencio Jusay Jr. the author, Ms. Claudine De Leon, and Ruth Dela Cruz.

Chef  Rob Pengson(the Academy's co-founder and CEO) in blue with baking instructor Chef Roel Vargas and a soccer varsity team member.

Now on their fourth year of service, Global Academy is proud to have four branches available to its students. The Alabang, Ortigas, Makati and Quezon City facilities make training more convenient for students as it brings quality education closer to home.
Discover learning the best of culinary experience at Global Academy.
Courses Offered:
Grand Diploma in Professional Culinary, Baking and Pastry Arts
(Commercial Cooking NCII and Baking Pastry Production under TESDA competency based programs)
Diploma in Professional Culinary Arts
Certificate in Professional Baking and Pastry Arts
Recreational Short Courses are available year round.

Alabang Branch:
4/F Almanza Square Bldg. Alabang-Zapote Road, Las Pinas City
Tel Nos: +632 736.5606, +632 801.9612

Ortigas Branch:
4/F Millenium Place, Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel Nos: +632 736.1261 +632 638.5949

Makati Branch:
118 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel-Air, Makati City
Tel Nos: +632 519.7199 +632 861.5005

Quezon City Branch:
Unit 7-8 Timog Commercial Complex, Timog cor. Panay Avenue
South Triangle, Quezon City
Tel Nos: +632 736.3249 +632 332.6751

Visit their website at

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Mhel Ignacio, Juan Manila (for our lovely picture), Ms. Claudine De Leon and Ms. Tricia Leung. 


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