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The Truth about Plus Size Women's Waist Trainer Body Shaper and High Waist Shaper Panty


Your underwear should feel invisible since it is typically hidden. The key word here is "should," as anyone who has experienced a too-tight thong, a wedgie, or a visible panty line will attest to. If the items in your underwear drawer fall short, this is a fantastic spot to start your search for improvements. We've gathered stylish lingerie for women We also scoured our archive for any briefs that we thought deserved a coveted spot on this list to make sure none were missed. There is surely a panty for you here, from cozy boyshorts to delicate tiny numbers.

What women want

Sunday, December 25, 2022

How to set and achieve financial goals during inflation


How to manage your finances at the time of inflation

It's possible that only a few individuals are familiar with inflation. Nevertheless, we all encounter it and are affected by it. Inflation is when you go to the store intending to spend a certain amount of money on something and end up spending much more. Of fact, inflation isn't the only reason why a product's price increases. However, inflation still raises the cost of products and services, which has an impact on your standard of living.

This is why it's crucial to take inflation into account while making plans for the future, even if that future is just next year. You should consider your way of living while making retirement plans, especially, as your lifestyle is directly impacted by inflation. How exactly does inflation impact your way of life? It has a variety of effects on your life.

So how does inflation generally affects you? Yes, everyone is impacted by inflation. However, it has a totally distinct impact on everyone. Your income and expenses determine your way of life. When their salary is insufficient to cover their high quality of living, some people resort to borrowing money. Borrowing money becomes exceedingly expensive when inflation increases. This indicates that either fewer loans are taken out or less money can be spent since it is being used to pay off debt.

Inflation can be both good and bad for persons whose level of living corresponds to their income. Typically, as cost of living adjustments are made, your income increases along with inflation. Anyone with a present source of income and those receiving Social Security is both affected by this. But even with a higher salary, costs go up as well. 

Your purchasing power is significantly impacted by rising inflation, which also depletes your investments and savings. Anyone with a fixed income must therefore budget differently. However, it also means that you need to save more money for retirement than you initially thought to take into account the drop in the value of the dollar or peso. Your savings target must continue to move if you want to be able to afford the same quality of life for you and your family. 

Planning on how to manage your money during times of inflation is undoubtedly a delicate balancing act. You should be able to learn to strike a balance between the style of living you want and manage broader economic considerations like inflation as well. By modifying your income and expenses to account for inflation, things will be better for you. Each person's experience with inflation is unique because it has a varied impact. Your financial goals should reflect your individuality.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Why going “clean” can be better for your skin health and the environment


For many skincare gurus today, effectiveness is no longer the strongest barometer in choosing what goes into their daily beauty regimen. Most of them are also choosing clean beauty.

While there’s no official definition of clean beauty, skincare experts agree that these products are free from harmful toxins like parabens and phthalates—known to interfere with hormone functions—that can be absorbed by the skin. This is why many clean beauty brands opt for natural ingredients to avoid industrial chemicals that can be carcinogens or even pesticides.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Matching Your Electric Car with Battery Chargers & Cables


Electric Car

Rising awareness of environmental issues combined with increases in fuel costs has led to an increase in electric vehicle ownership. These cars have unique needs that many drivers may be unprepared for. One of those is how and where to charge the EV. So, whether you are a new EV owner or have had one for years, these tips will help you select the right chargers and cables for your vehicle.

Different Types of Chargers With Different Speeds

There's a pretty good chance your vehicle is equipped with a single onboard plug design to accommodate all charging speeds. However, some models have two plugs --- one for trickle (level 1) and fast (level 2) charging and one for rapid (level 3) charging. Depending on how you want to charge your EV at home or work, you may need to purchase an additional cable. 

If you plan to use public charging stations you may need additional car parts. Because the technology is still relatively new and public charging stations vary, it's a good idea to have adapters on hand to help ensure compatibility. Unfortunately, if you don't have a Tesla, you may have to wait a little longer before using the company's proprietary superchargers to top off quickly.

Tips for Choosing a Bra After a Mastectomy


If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, your doctor might recommend a lumpectomy or a
mastectomy. While a lumpectomy will preserve some breast tissue, many doctors recommend a mastectomy to prevent a relapse. Undergoing such surgery is one of the most difficult things one can do, which is why proper recovery is so important. One part of this is going back into the world, but you might notice you need new bras when you decide to do so. The right bra will make you feel confident, whole, and empowered. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you start shopping.

Monday, December 19, 2022

CSMC promotes improved renal health over the holidays.


Dr. Jason Letran of Cardinal Santos Medical Center

For Filipinos, Christmas is more than just a day off; it's a time for joy and celebration, for going home and seeing loved ones. This is typically done in a variety of ways, including hosting events, participating in karaoke, and, of course, partaking in food and beverages. For Filipinos, a feast is necessary for Christmas to be complete! 

Christmas is a time to be merry, but it's also crucial to preserve one's self-control, especially when it comes to how much we eat. Delicious and flavorful meals may also contain a lot of sodium or sugar, which could actually raise the risk of kidney disease stones.

"Sometimes, even our favorite food might affect our physiological systems if we eat too much of it," stated Dr. Jason L., Chief of the Section of Urology at Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC). Letran. "A rise in dietary sodium content increases the quantity of calcium excreted in the urine, but an excess of sugar can result in an increase in urine calcium and a decrease in urine volume, creating the ideal conditions for the development of urinary stones."

When there is an excess of crystal-forming chemicals in urine, such as calcium, oxalate, and uric acid, and not enough fluid to dilute them, kidney stones typically develop. This may lead to
them to unite and solidify.

“Some major dietary aggressors are large amounts of red meat, nuts, seafood, and shellfish
because of the sodium and uric acid content. Junk foods and highly processed foods, too,” said Dr. Letran. “Of course, too much sugar is also bad for the body. It increases your risk of packing on weight, and obesity makes you more prone to developing stones.”

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Fujitsu The Next Generation in Scanning


The Next Generation in Scanning

Modern scanning devices are like bridges between the physical and digital worlds. They allow massive amounts of information to be processed in feasible amounts of time and that information can be stored, examined, and manipulated at the user's discretion. Today's scanners offer a great deal more than the bulky, clumsy scanners from yesterday. They've altered the way that business gets done. Indeed, the options available today in image scanning are disruptive to classic office scenarios in the convenience and efficiency that they offer.

Limitless Possibilities

The Fujitsu fi-7160 is a good example of the limitless possibilities that today's scanners offer. The revolutionary image sensor technology means that you'll get clarity from any document or image that you scan. The cutting-edge paper handling mechanics are the sort of upgrade that leads to smaller models. 

Increased capacity, speeds and connection capabilities are tantamount to setting up a virtual office wherever you're setting up shop for the day. Smaller, lighter devices can travel with you, in the event that an emergency pulls you from the office but it doesn't change the work that needs to get done. Both the Fujitsu 7000 and 8000 series scanning devices feature market-leading capture software and cloud connectivity.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Poblacion Market Central holds annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony


Alsons Dev’s Poblacion Market Central hosted its annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony last November 30, 2022, officially welcoming the festive season in Davao City. Standing tall at 20-feet, the glimmering Christmas tree boasts its design meticulously decorated with bamboo and handmade banana paper, inspired by tribal patterns and core Filipino values that Alsons Dev upholds.

This year, Christmas in Davao will be even more joyous thanks to Alsons Development and Investment Corporation (Alsons Dev), which hosted its annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony at Poblacion Market Central last November 30, 2022.

A 20-foot-tall Christmas tree made of bamboo and handcrafted banana paper, which is a tribute to Filipino ingenuity and resourcefulness, will greet Davao's holiday revelers. It reestablishes Poblacion Market Central as a focal point that highlights Mindanao's vibrant culture and continues to draw visitors from all over the region with its cutting-edge interpretations of art, shopping, and cuisine that support regional identity.

Even the Christmas tree itself is loaded with significance. The bamboo swirl in the amakan motif represents the Filipinos' adaptation and suppleness to many circumstances. On the other hand, the handmade banana paper stars and swags decorated in vibrant Yakan, Okir, and Ikat tribal patterns represent the people of Mindanao's enduring ties to their customs and culture. Alsons Dev strives to promote fundamental Filipino values through its programs and activities even as we adjust to the demands of modern times.

Executives from Alsons Dev, including Vice President and General Manager Eric de la Costa and Assistant General Manager of the Business Units Group Jolla Soriaga, lit the tree. The Davao Suzuki String Ensemble, a group of student musicians led by Krizmagnum Ibaos, serenaded the audience with a lovely selection of Christmas carols in the background. The cuts were specifically chosen to evoke a joyous Filipino Christmas.

Poblacion Market Central’s Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was heralded by the Davao Suzuki String Ensemble, comprised of talented student musicians from across the city. This event is just one of the many holiday activities in store for Davaoeños at Poblacion.

The Davao String Ensemble

Christmas is a joyous time for anyone, but Soriaga said, "We wanted to make it even more joyful for Davaoenos with Poblacion's range of art, food, and retail options and this gorgeous Christmas Tree that not only invokes the joy of Christmas but also makes them feel proud of their heritage."

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Say goodbye to skin stress this holiday season with these J-beauty holy grails!


Look your best with mochi-mochi skin

With in-person get-togethers and reunions with family, friends, and coworkers getting back on track for the holidays, everything is looking jolly and bright. The holiday season is both joyful and hectic. and busy.

We're balancing more duties and errands than normal, finishing up end-of-year reports while decorating our houses, and (finally!) meeting up with friends. And all those hours and nights passed without sleep. you may exhibit the effects of working overtime, holiday shopping, and gift-wrapping, especially on your skin.

Your skin might sustain significant damage from all the late nights and stress, so introducing something healthy will assist. The Japanese usually make sure they have a face lotion on hand because they know how important it is to soften, moisturize, and do other things for the skin. Face lotions are full of water-pushing humectants like hyaluronic acid to fill up dry skin that's typical of the colder months. This is the key step achieving mochi mochi skin, or skin so baby-soft, bouncy, velvety matte they look and feel like that popular Japanese delicacy.

You can say no to dull holiday skin and look your best despite the stress with aid from cult favorite J-beauty brand Hada Labo. The company distributes two of its most well-known product lines in this nation and sells out a bottle of face lotion every five seconds. With these skin savers, making a social return is simple!

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Hit your holiday beauty goals with LifeFood and radiate from the inside out

Look merriest and healthiest this season with natural supplements

It's time to break out all those fun and festive looks, from dazzling clothing to makeup that gives you the prettiest sheen in the perfect places, now that in-person gatherings and festivities are the norm.

Don't restrict yourself this holiday season the way you did the previous two. Natural vitamins that can enhance your best glow might help you look the happiest and healthiest.

LifeFood, UNILAB's line of natural supplements, provides a variety of goods that have been assisting Filipinos in living life to the fullest by addressing various elements of their health. Many of them are easily accessible.

When added to your regular beauty routine it helps you sparkle the most throughout the holidays.

LifeFood supplements that can help bring out yourmost beautiful glow.

Monday, December 12, 2022

What is Deep Tissue Massage and What Can It Help With?


Deep tissue massage can do wonders for you.

If you want treatment for a musculoskeletal issue such as a sports injury or strain, then deep tissue massage is an ideal treatment option. During a deep tissue massage, sustained pressure with deep, slow strokes is used to target the muscles’ connective tissues and inner layers. As a result, the scar tissues that form in the muscles after an injury are broken up, and the tension in the tissue and muscle is released. Along with this, deep tissue massage can also help to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, both of which can promote faster healing.

Friday, December 9, 2022

Ease out on holiday preparations with the help of Lalamove


This year, Filipinos all across the country are in "revenge" holiday party mode, finally spending the season with loved ones in person. This makes it extremely challenging to get around on this holiday.

Fortunately, Lalamove can handle quick, on-demand delivery everywhere in Metro Manila, throughout Luzon, and in Cebu. Lalamove's same-day, long-distance delivery and its qualified partner drivers are prepared to meet all holiday logistical needs this season thanks to reasonable prices and dependable services.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Mang Inasal sponsors SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR


Mang Inasal supports the SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR as a sponsor. One of the sponsors of the eagerly awaited return to the Philippines of the K-pop performance juggernaut, SEVENTEEN, is the nation's Grill Expert--Mang Inasal. 

"We appreciate the Carats' efforts to encourage SEVENTEEN by tweeting Mang Inasal. WORLD TOUR [BE THE SUN] - BULACAN," declared Mike V. Castro, manager of the Mang Inasal Business Unit. And we are fulfilling their demand, so they will see Mang Inasal booths on December 17 at the Philippine Arena, as a special Christmas gift from us to them.

MCU Through the Times


The Manila Central University, popularly known as MCU and formerly known as the Escuela de
Farmacia del Liceo de Manila, is a private, non-sectarian institution of primary and higher education with a campus located on EDSA in Caloocan. Dr. Alejandro M. Albert, who also served as its first Director, founded it in 1904.

In the past 118 years, MCU has continued to innovate because it understands that changing one's perspective can result in discoveries that progress technology and education. By upgrading its systems, processes, and policies, MCU continues to rise to the challenge of being a creative institution in a constantly changing environment.

One of the ways MCU is improving is with the new branding. This will help the community and raise awareness of the MCU brand as we enter a new era. They have introduced additional courses in addition to their well-known medical and health programs, and they are expanding internationally through alliances and collaborations. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Celebrate the most joyful time of the year at Shangri-La Plaza with music, food, and Santa.


Nothing compares to Christmas at Shangri-La Plaza! Get into the holiday spirit as Shang spreads holiday cheer with activities that highlight everyone's favorite holiday elements, including music, cuisine, and Santa!

You will feel more festive after hearing some upbeat music. Allow the spirit of the season to elevate and spread holiday cheer as Shang presents a lineup of distinctive musical artists. On December 10 at 6 PM at Level 1, the young and talented Contemporary A Cappella Singers Association (CASA) will provide entertainment for the audience. On December 10-11, as well as on December 19-23 and December 26-30 before and after Christmas weekend, Syncopations of Joy, The Shang Musicians, and Harmonies of Joy perform well-known holiday tunes.

Positive musical performances will help you get into the holiday spirit. As Shang presents a lineup of unique musical acts, allow the spirit of the season to uplift and spread festive cheer. Take the Contemporary A Cappella Singers Association (CASA), a youthful and talented group, will entertain customers on December 10 at 6 PM at Level 1 with their contemporary repertoire. Syncopations of JoyThe Shang Musicians and Harmonies of Joy perform well-known holiday songs on December 10-11, as well as on December 19–23 and December 26–30 before and after Christmas weekend.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Let Rakuten Viber make this Christmas stress-free! Complete holiday errands during their virtual weekend bazaar


Overwhelmed with holiday tasks? Viber can assist you! With Sa Viber, Merry Together, the top messaging and conversational commerce app is making the holidays more merrier (and lighter!) Up to December 24, RaketPH and FoodPH Channels will be airing the Holiday Bazaar every Wednesday through Friday.

Viber is organizing a virtual bazaar on the aforementioned channels from Friday through Sunday that showcases regional online retailers that can assist customers in crossing items off of their holiday shopping lists and stockings for Christmas gathering spreads. Shoppers can find certain handcrafted goods there, like as pannacotta from Cotoletta ni. Saletta, black kutsinta with yema from Banana Goodies, smookies or smores cookies from Cookie Vibes, milk tea with pudding from Coocoo House on FoodPH, and even distinctive soap-making kits from The Soap Farm PH on RaketPH are all available in the Philippines.

Weekdays are when Viber users can find more gift suggestions and reviews, recipes for Noche Buena and Media Noche, shopping advice, and some deals or discounts they can utilize on the weekends during the holiday bazaars. Additionally, those who will purchase from featured sellers during the virtual bazaar will get to win prizes and other surprises from Viber and its partners like Globe.

To purchase from the sellers featured during the Sa Viber, Merry Together! Holiday Bazaar, Viber users need to comment on the post or send a direct Viber message to the sellers.
Games and more fun holiday activities also await shoppers during these bazaars! RaketPH and FoodPH subscribers should watch out for hype questions from the Channel admins as those who give the best answers will win vouchers from Globe and Viber.

No need to stress out over all your Christmas errands. Join RaketPH and FoodPH to participate in all the fun and conveniently shop for all your holiday gifts and handaan on Viber!

UnionBank Techs Up with Globe Fleet Management Solutions


The reputation of UnionBank is built on offering clients cutting-edge technologies in digital banking. The bank also continuously works on operational and technological advances that, in the end, benefit the clients. In order to improve the efficiency of its automobile operations, Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) has partnered with Globe Business. A contract signing ceremony held on November 16 at the UnionBank Plaza in Pasig City made the collaboration official.

"We partnered with Globe Business to co-create innovations that are critical to the success of our Digital Transformation Plan as part of our drive to "Tech Up Pilipinas" and be an enabler of the Philippines' push to be a G20 country by 2050, according to Vincent Paul M. Castillo, Vice President, Cash Services Group Head. "Together, we innovated technology derived from our internal and external customers' unique experiences and perspectives."

Yes, adults can have acne too

Acne is a rite of passage that few teenagers can avoid, much like abrupt growth spurts, the advent of hair and curves in places there never used to be any and other physical changes. Adolescents naturally experience hormonal changes that drive the production of sebum. When sebum, germs, and dead skin cells clog our skin's pores, it causes unattractive pimples. Acne is characterized by pimples on the face and upper body, including whiteheads (clogged pores that close and protrude from the skin), blackheads (clogged pores that remain open but have a darker top surface), pustules, and red bumps.

 Teenagers are plagued by acne, which at its worst lowers their self-esteem and makes it difficult for them to socialize with their friends. They can find solace in the idea that acne can be managed with the right skincare regimens and a balanced diet and way of life.

But what if it persists well through our adolescent and 20s years? According to dermatologist Elsie Reynosa P. Floreza, MD, who also serves as chair of the department of dermatology and chief of the skin and laser hub at Makati Medical Center, the best hospital in the Philippines, adult acne or post-adolescent acne is defined as occurring beyond the age of 25. (MakatiMed). Similar to adolescent acne, adult acne is generally brought on by an overproduction of oil in the skin, the buildup of dead skin cells, and bacteria, which results in

Amorsolo Masterpiece in Lego on Exhibit at The Art Gallery of The Manila Hotel


At the PinoyLUG x Project Amorsolo art exhibition, which takes place at The Manila Hotel's Art Gallery from November 28, 2022 to January 16, 2023, see Fernando Amorsolo's works in a new light as they transform into LEGO brick mosaic art renderings (near Fiesta Pavilion).

Photo of "Early Traders" a painting by Amorsolo at the iconic The Manila Hotel

At the PinoyLUG x Project Amorsolo art exhibition, which takes place at The Manila Hotel's Art Gallery from November 28, 2022 to January 16, 2023, will see Fernando Amorsolo's works in a new light as they transform into LEGO brick mosaic art renderings (near Fiesta Pavilion).

Bayer celebrates 60 years in the Philippines with PHP750M integrated office in Manila


RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY FOR THE NEW BAYER OFFICE AT SCIENCE HUB TOWER 1, MCKINLEY HILL CYBERPARK, TAGUIG. (L-R) Bayer ASEAN Managing Director and CFO Ernst Coppens; Bayer Philippines Managing Director and Country Division Head of Pharmaceuticals Angel-Michael Evangelista; Her Excellency Anke Reiffenstuel, German Ambassador to the Philippines; Bayer Global Business Services Manila Managing Director Sam Padilla; and Head of Bayer Global Business Services Rob Bullen

In celebration of its 60 years of improving health and nutrition in the Philippines, Bayer unveiled its brand-new PHP 750 million office.

The four-level, hybrid workplace, and forward-looking office, which is situated at Science Hub Tower 1 at McKinley Hill Cyberpark, Taguig City, unifies the central operations of its Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals, 

"To commemorate our 60th year, we invested PHP 750 million in a new office, from which we will continue to provide Filipino farmers, patients, and consumers with our cutting-edge goods, services, and solutions. According to Bayer Philippines Managing Director and Country Division Head for Pharmaceuticals Angel Michael Evangelista, this is in accordance with Bayer's mission of "Health for All, Hunger for None."

In addition to catering to the domestic market, the Philippines serves as the ASEAN hub for the Consumer Health industry. Bayer Global Company Services (GBS), which supports business operations globally, has a significant presence in Manila as well. Out of a network of seven locations throughout the world, GBS Manila employs the most people, increasing the total number of Bayer workers in the Philippines to over 1,800.

This is Bayer's largest office project in ASEAN. The next normal office concept has been adopted by approximately 70 projects at Bayer sites since the company's worldwide transformation effort began in 2021. Five out of six main offices in ASEAN have finished this transformation since the end of the epidemic, according to Ernst Coppens, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Bayer in ASEAN. 

Flexible, collaborative, and inclusive hybrid working spaces

As a life science company and a global leader in healthcare and nutrition, Bayer is reshaping the conventional office model into a dynamic space enabling hybrid work while prioritizing collaboration and employee wellbeing.

Previously located in three locations in Metro Manila and Laguna, the new Bayer office in the Philippines is designed around Bayer’s Next Normal Office Concept (NNOC).

With spacious, and co-work style space, the office features a variety of formal and informal work areas with sit-to-stand ergonomic desks and chairs, stationary bike desks, stand-alone pods for individual calls or virtual meetings, and huddle spaces for quick group catch-ups. Meeting rooms of various sizes feature state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment to help employees easily collaborate with colleagues globally.

As Bayer fosters an inclusive and diverse workforce and culture, the new office has a multi-faith room, deaf-friendly safety alarms, braille on key signages, a mother’s room for nursing moms situated on two out of four floors, and gender-neutral toilets located on all floors. 

Employees can also enjoy recreational facilities such as chess, air hockey, foosball, and sub-soccer tables located along employee locker hallways or in the Work Cafe, a dedicated game room and nap areas, plus a gym with free fitness classes.

Driving sustainability through its Bayer Kubo program

Bayer is also running sustainability programs in the country that combine the expertise of its Crop Science, Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Health divisions to help address sustainability challenges around agriculture and health. 

Its flagship Bayer Kubo program focuses on supporting smallholder farming communities in partnership with ASSIST Asia. It includes capacity-building programs around reproductive health and family planning, self-care, nutrition, and agri-oriented financial management and best practices.

“With the growing role of women in Philippine agriculture, who are often challenged to care for both the home and the field, we’re supporting women farmers, farmers’ wives’, their families, and the community through various initiatives around health, wellness, and sustainable agricultural practices,” said Evangelista.

The program aims to empower over 100 women farmers, as community champions that will ensure continued knowledge sharing and capacity building to train additional 1,500 community members on the best practices of family planning, farmer self-care, and smallholder farmer support.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Emirates performs a National Day double flypast over the UAE’s biggest annual sports and entertainment festival


Thousands of spectators were treated to a spectacular low-level flypast over the Sevens Stadium this afternoon, in celebration the biggest and longest-running sports and entertainment festival in the Middle East – the Emirates Dubai 7s.

An Emirates A380 took to the skies to salute the crowd below, as they enjoyed the biggest Emirates Dubai 7’s festival yet, featuring more than 300 rugby, netball, cricket, and fitness teams, alongside more than 100,000 festival goers enjoying headline music performances and family entertainment. Taking off from Dubai International Airport, the Emirates A380 made its approach above the stadium to wow the crowds for the flypast at 1604hrs, and back over again at 1610hrs, cruising by at a gentle speed and an altitude of just 500 feet. Commanding the Emirates A380 was UAE National Captain Mubarak Al Mheiri and Captain Anand Singh, supported by Captain Khalid Bin Sultan.

Today’s flypast underscores the airline’s commitment to the long-standing Emirates Dubai 7s. Taking place during the UAE National Day weekend in December and hosted at The Sevens Stadium in Dubai, Emirates Dubai 7s builds on a 51-year history of the unique Rugby Sevens tournament, welcoming the very best international teams each year, alongside Invitational Rugby, Netball and Cricket teams, attract over 4,500 participants each year. 2022 saw the addition of brand-new fun fitness competition for teams of four people of all fitness levels-WODON3.

The festival has also evolved over time and has now become a 3-day event with multiple stages for international music acts, toddler, kids and teens zones, and a new Hops & Food Market.

Friday, December 2, 2022

Fur-babies and fur-parents bond over Doggo Pawty


Doggo recently conducted a free event for all attendees at Bonifacio Global City called the Doggo Pawty in an effort to bring "pawrents" and their doggos closer. The event, which had a carnival theme, was hosted by a dog company run by Filipinos with the aim of strengthening the relationship between pet parents and their furry children through fun activities.

Responsible pet owner understands the importance of providing their furry pals with the best care and quality time. As a supporter of both causes, the company opened their first event by serving as a source for superior canine care.

Free inside booths offering a variety of canine services were constructed to accommodate the pet participants, as pawfectly made by Doggo. Included in this activity are the following: the Clinic, where dogs received free checkups from veterinarians, the Insurance, which offered free insurance to protect them in case of emergencies, and the Photobooth, which offered free and limitless pictures so that pet parents could immortalize their special date with the furry kids.

It's also gratifying to welcome a new furry family member into your house, and thanks to Doggo and PAWSsion Project, an adoption drive was organized at the event. Doggo frequently partners with PAWSsion Project, a nonprofit dog rescue and rehabilitation group that was virtually simultaneously founded as Doggo in order to raise awareness of the realities of strays in the nation and increase adoption rates. At the occasion, Doggo served as a matchmaker for stray dogs and 15 stray dogs can find new homes with the aid of dog lovers. And just like any other parties, goodies and merchandise were also up for grabs which were made possible in partnership with participating brands, Amazon Pumps and Purreetty.

For the tail-wagging-worthy highlights, the canine companions proved to be more than just pets as witnessed at the event’s competition segment. Showcasing their talents, it was cuteness overload at the Trick and Treat Booth as dogs exhibited their learned tricks where they got rewarded with a pack of treats. The Doggo Marathon brought the whole pack howling as they got to do what they love most – running. The track was intentionally designed to be unbarricaded to encourage a deeper connection between dogs and their owners. Each doggo marathoner dashed at their fastest pace while being timed, and the one with the shortest time recorded was pronounced the winner. A speedy Shih Tzu named ‘Panpan’ won the race against 200 other dogs with a record of less than three seconds, bagging a prize money of P10, 000.

Habitat for Humanity Philippines launches Christmas campaign, inspires Filipinos to help build homes for every Juan


Habitat for Humanity Philippines encourages each Juan to enjoy a meaningful holiday and inspire hope by assisting in the construction of quality, affordable, and disaster-resistant homes and enhancing lives.

With the launch of its "Pasko sa Bahay ni Juan" Christmas campaign, Habitat Philippines implores Filipinos to establish a custom of charitable giving and support initiatives for housing, community development, disaster response, hygiene promotion, and youth and volunteer engagement in order to help create resilient, sustainable communities.

Habitat Philippines has consistently held the view that there is strength in numbers when it comes to constructing houses, communities, and hope. We hope that "Pasko sa Bahay ni Juan" would serve as a platform for each person to start a tradition of offering limitless opportunities for less fortunate families by contributing to the construction of a quality home. Every Juan has the potential to have an effect.

The holiday season is a time when giving is especially prevalent, but the difference we can make and the hope we can inspire in a family in need of a decent home goes far beyond this time of year. Everyone's contributions and efforts are the basis for everything. when more people are inspired to give, together, we can transform more lives,” said Habitat Philippines CEO Mardi Mapa- Suplido.

As part of its Christmas campaign, Habitat Philippines forms alliances with numerous businesses and places that the general public frequents during the holiday season. This comprises businesses, shopping centers, hotels, BPO companies, and other enterprises with the aim of increasing public awareness of the need for housing and enticing people to donate, assisting less fortunate Filipino families with improving their access to safe, adequate housing.

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