Sunday, May 29, 2011

McDonald's Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation 2011

This huge tarpaulin says it all.
The McDonald's Kiddie Crew had their grand graduation held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. Thousands of kiddie crew members joined Ronald and the gang: Grimace, Hamburglar and Birdie. Celebrities like Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco also graced the show along with McDonald's Kiddie Crew Ambassador, child actress Jillian Ward.

Kyle didn't want to take this magician's hat when we got home.
There were so many game booths to choose from. The World Trade Center was transformed into one big magical palace where wizards and magicians abound. Medieval Princesses and their knights were also seen.
The Magical castle on stage.

Princess Jackielou Blanco as host.

Kyle gamely posed with towering tree guy.

Cosplay players in medieval costumes.

Showtime winner performed before the audience.
There were also dance performances and song numbers from selected guests that entertained the audiences.
The McDonald's Mascots with Jon of Maneuvers.

Kyle playing with the anti-gravity mirror.

Ready to be served.

Child actress Jillian Ward, McDonald's Kiddie Crew Ambassador.

Kyle along with other kiddie crew singing their anthem.

A jump shot taken at the World Trade Center.

It was truly a great way to end the summer with a bang! See you guys next summer!

Burlington's Batang PBA Basketball Clinic 2011

I don't know if I should call it a lucky day.  You see, we were supposed to go out-of-town that particular day. I had actually turned down three invitations because I knew I would not able to make it. However, at the last minute, the out-of-town trip was postponed and I had to scrap off our daily schedule to accommodate other stuff we needed to do. I had to call someone to ask if Kyle's basketball clinic schedule could be moved on another free date. We were turned down initially, saying that the list had been full and there are no more slots available. So I had to move heaven and earth, pray hard and put my sentiments on my Facebook status that says something like this: "I hope things would turn out into our favor, Lord Please?".  It had taken quite a while, we were asked to wait. And we waited for like seemed hours before the Lord finally answered our prayers. The lady at the registration finally said yes, we could enter the playing arena even if Kyle had originally been scheduled for next Saturday's session.

Young boys listen to the instructions given.
This basketball clinic wasn't Kyle's first time though. He was fortunate enough to be included in last year's session as well. Last year, Kyle's coach was none other than Norman Black, with a few help from Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) basketball players from San Miguel team, Dondon Hontiveros (he was still with San Miguel last year) and another player whose name I had totally forgotten. This year, Burlington Batang PBA Clinic had former Shell basketball player Ronnie Magsanoc as coach. Ginebra San Miguel players JC Intal and Ronald Tubig assisted Coach Ronnie this time.

Kyle looking sleepy while waiting for his turn.
 It was truly fun to see young boys and a girl (yes, the clinic is also open for girls) try their hand to play the sport most Filipinos love. The little ones doesn't even know what to do with the ball, whether he'd pass them up to another team mate or which basketball ring it would have to be shoot. The audience were laughing and most parents find it cute.
Coach Ronnie Magsanoc and assistant giving instructions. The only girl in the batch is shown here.

Coach Ronnie had given them all a tennis ball, to warm up their hands towards dribbling. Then they had the actual warm up exercises such as scrimmages and ball dribbling the zigzag way. They also did a lot of fun stuff on court. Parents and spectators cheered from the outside with camera clicks right here and there. Others even contented themselves to the netted area where they managed to have their autographs and photo opportunity.

Warm up exercises everyone!

Kyle trying to dribble the ball with one hand.
Personally speaking, I am not a huge fan of basketball. My last basketball hero was Alvin Patrimonio of Purefoods team, now retired. That's how old I am now. But I am also aware of the likes of Ateneo's Chris Tiu whom Kyle absolutely adore. He's not only good in basketball, he's also intellectually smart according to one of his Ateneo professors whom I was able to talk to.

Coach Ronnie Magsanoc and Kyle
But I like getting Kyle into sports. It keeps him busy, active and he enjoys adrenaline rush. I wish he could learn more basketball. Too bad, the basketball clinic only lasts for a day. I wish I had the money to enroll him in a formal basketball school. But since I don't have budget for that, I make sure to have him listed in sports oriented activities such as these. By the end of the clinic, Kyle was able to gain new friends and he's looking forward to attend the next clinic soon.

Kyle with Ginebra's JC Intal.

Kyle with Ginebra's Ronald Tubig.

All these goodies were given for FREE.

With a souvenir shirt comes souvenir signatures from these players. 
Burlington's Batang PBA clinic is open to the public. Kids ages 7 to 12 years old are encouraged to join. All you need to do is present a receipt or proof of purchase of any Burlington product worth 100Php and have your kids name pre-registered by calling the PBA or Burlington office. 

Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening

Nuffnang is Asia-Pacific's First blog advertising community. It holds four offices in different countries such as the Philippines, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. Their clients are really big name brands such as Nike, Proctor & Gamble, Nokia and Nestle to name a few. They are first class because aside from advertising, they also help out bloggers like me and supports us in every step of the way. They held out workshops/seminars, invites bloggers in other gatherings such as movie screenings, family day, parties and other events for camaraderie and socialization. They also give out contests with amazing prizes to boot! All these and many more are the reasons why Nuffnang is first class.

What makes Hapee toothpaste first class? I have often been a toothpaste addict. Ever since I had my braces way back in junior high school, I had been very particular with cleaning my teeth, to the point of going OC (obsessive compulsive). I'd like to think that the very reason why I got so addicted on cleaning my teeth was because of the fact that my Mom, in particular, spent a good fortune on my braces and maintenance that I must do everything I can to clean them. You might find me weird for saying these things, but believe me, after my braces were off, I felt like crying because I thought I'd have to part ways with something I had grown up with.

I'd make sure I would have with me my toothbrush along with my kikay kit everywhere I go.(Yes, it's been my constant companion). I need my reliable toothpaste all the time. It is a MUST for all my travels. I can do away with makeup and other kikay stuff on my bag, but not anything hygienic such as toothpaste and toothbrush. And I do not mean just any brand---I want something that makes my teeth clean, white and will give me fresh breath for hours, something that helps to prevent carries and cavities.  My first brand as a kid wasn't really that good because it's like putting too much money on toothpaste alone. It wasn't really practical, and I wanted to have the same quality or perhaps even better quality but more friendly on my budget. So I had to find another brand that fits well in my pocket. My orthodontist then, introduced the brand Hapee to me. I'm so glad I made the switch. I immediately ditched my old brand and made Hapee toothpaste my kind of brand, and I've never been this hapee-er since then.

I liked the fact that it's Filipino-made, the first ever actually. It's also been recommended by the Philippine Dental Association, and made by Filipino trusted company--Lamoiyan Corporation. It's not heavy on the pocket, it is world-class on its own. For me, they are not just first, but truly world class. I also admire that Lamoiyan Corporation even employs hearing impaired Filipinos and provides college scholarships for them as well. Now, that's really admirable, you can't see that in any ordinary company, right?

I am so in love with Hapee Toothpaste's Night Mint because it's got all I ever wanted in a toothpaste--it's got whitening and chamomile extract.  It's the toothpaste that works overnight. It soothes my senses with a relaxing blend of chamomile calmness, and peaceful peppermint. It's the toothpaste that works overnight even while you sleep and the next day, it's so great to wake up knowing your bad morning breaths have all gone!

My favorite Hapee toothpaste variant.

Hapee Toothpaste and Nuffnang goes well together because both are really well known as first class companies in Asia. Hapee produces excellent products, while Nuffnang delivers excellent services. Both companies aren't just first class for me, but world-class on their respective fields.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AHEAD Professional Network: Excellent English is within our reach

AHEAD Professional Network's List of Programs and Courses.

I have only been blogging for about a year and I’ve spent seven years of writing for print. But believe me, I have never been that comfortable and confident with my English. Yes, English language sometimes becomes a problem when there are some ideas that I would want to convey but I simply do not know how. For instance, I’ve been thinking in Tagalog and what makes it doubly hard for me to translate it in English is when I try to translate it word per word. And when I was a kid, that's the only way to organize my thoughts.

I remember trembling in fear when I was asked by my teacher to speak in front of my third grade class. I was a transferee then from another school and it was the first day of classes so I was asked to introduce myself. I’m not really the shy type, but I didn’t know how to speak English well. I was afraid people would laugh at my carabao English or that I wouldn’t properly pronounce the words correctly. I could vividly recall that my knees wobbled as I tried my best to express myself in my not-so-fluent English.

Since I belonged to the cream section, majority of the students could carry on a very descent English conversation. English was the medium of instruction and it was mandatory for us to speak in English at ALL times within the vicinity of the campus, except during Filipino periods. Once caught speaking in the vernacular, you’d be given a fine of P2.00 per word. During that time, that’s a lot of money for a nine-year-old me. We either spoke in English or we spoke Tagalog. Mixing them up into Taglish was unacceptable. There were times when I would not have any snack for recess because I’ve no money left after having paid all my fines.

God knows how much I prayed so that my English teacher would not call on me to speak during our classes. I find it funny that I even tried to memorize the alphabet of the sign language so that I could communicate with my classmates without having to speak English. I could understand the language, but had never been confident in speaking English.  I’d always say that I’d rather write than speak English. Why? With writing, I could always edit or eradicate whatever it is that I’ve written unlike with speaking, once uttered, you could never take it back. By the end of the school year, I received the “most behaved” award, not because I had been a good girl but simply because I had shut my mouth the entire third grade. 

I later finally learned to speak English after I’ve learned to love reading books. Thanks to the patience of grandma who introduced me to some of my favorite authors. I was told that during her time, the country had citizens that were very good in English regardless of their educational attainment because English was widely and strictly used. 

My Lola is one good example. She only finished a vocational course in typewriting from Underwood School. When you ask her for deep and highfalutin English words, she’d be able to say what they truly meant. Sadly, today when you look around, in terms of English speakers, I think we are a dwindling race. English as a second language of Filipinos is fast deteriorating. Most of us widely speak in Taglish.  Not many can speak at least two or three sentences in straight English. Worse, the diction is twisted to favor a twang often mistaken for a sign of being affluent or elite.  And believe me, nothing is farther from the truth.

I firmly believe that the media had something to do with it. It has played a major role in the inability of many Filipinos to speak English well. TV programs nowadays are all in Taglish even the news. And it also does not help that when people text or send SMS, the language and writing is inappropriate. Even I am guilty of seldom using the prediction dictionary on our mobile phones.

In all honesty, as a blogger, there were also times when I could no longer remember how to spell certain words properly because I was used to all those “short-cuts” that we texters do. The infamous Jejemon style or initialism also doesn’t help. The result was our inability to learn correct spelling, impacting our ability to communicate clearly and correctly. The key lies in recognizing that proficiency in communicating in English is absolutely necessary. 

In this age of globalization, it is inevitable that Filipinos will interact with peers and colleagues in the international community. With the numerous business processing outsources (BPO) and call center companies opening its doors to Filipinos, it is important for us to have excellent English. My college professor used to say that the Filipino enunciates clearly, pronounces every syllable in a pleasant, and non-threatening tone modulated for every ear to capture its essence, that’s why we have been one of the most-sought-after call center agents. However, it is also true that from numerous applicants, only a handful passes the simulation exams for call center agents. The number one reason still had something to do with our lack of English communication skills.

Professionals who seek employment in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other English-speaking countries are also required to take the IELTS or TOEFL exams. A friend of mine had applied as an apple picker in Wellington, New Zealand a few years ago. He had to take the IELTS exams twice because he had not been good in conversational and written English. Taking the IELTS is like taking on a college admission exams, but probably more difficult based on my friends’ assessment. For one, taking the IELTS or TOEFL is quite expensive. 

I could just imagine what my friend had to go through—taking the IELTS twice in a row. He said that choosing the review center is crucial. “Do your own research.  Find a review center that has a great track record. They must bring out the best in you, but more importantly they must believe in your ability,” my friend shared. Thus, it is very important to choose the right review center before taking the IELTS or TOEFL exams.  One must also consider finding the right teacher.

The good news is there’s AHEAD Professional Network (AHEADPRo) ready to help you. It is a learning and development solutions provider of skills enhancement programs and training seminars. It is dedicated to the development of goal-driven, service-oriented professionals who seek to improve their skills to achieve their goals and of companies that aim to shape a globally competitive workforce.

You know you’re in good hands since AHEADPro has a pool of highly respected and esteemed specialists, experts, academicians, and consultants who are regarded as authorities in their respective fields, as lecturers and trainers. AHEADPro encourages their students to do their best and strive for excellence. Teachers and instructors are also very open and approachable. Thereby making AHEAD as the leading and the most multi-awarded review center in the Philippines.
AHEAD business unit manager Ms. Erica Dela Cruz.

As a division of AHEAD Learning Systems, Inc.,  AHEADPro was initially organized to support the recruitment and training activities of AHEAD Tutorial & Review Center.  AHEADPro offers English review programs that are recognized by the British Council and IDP Australia, both official administrators of the IELTS. According to Ms. Erica Dela Cruz, AHEADPro business unit manager, their reviewers had 95 percent to 100 percent passing rate for the IELTS and TOEFL exams. With such high passing rates, you’re already assured of the review center’s great track record.

Ms. Jane Quinto, an AHEADPro instructor and speaker recommended in taking their Mastery of English Language Certificate  (MELC) as a good preparation for those taking the IELTS and TOEFL tests. They also give refresher’s course. “We have high standards of quality, our pool of trainers are all cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude and coming from the best schools like University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle University, University of Asia and the Pacific, and Asian Institute of Management,” Ms. Quinto volunteered.

AHEAD speaker and instructor Ms. Jane Quinto.
AHEADPro also offers programs on business communication skills for executives, managers, supervisors, and employees. These programs may be tailor-fit for the companies’ needs. AHEADPro’s reputation for excellence was acknowledged by the Senate of the Philippines when it commissioned AHEADPro to prepare Senate employees for the Civil Service Exams a few years ago.

Aside from corporate development programs, they also offer leadership training for educators through the Leadership Strategies for School Managers (LESSM) and the Teaching Strategies for Student Achievement (TESSA) programs.  They have other programs also for Business English Skills Training (BEST), Mastery of the English Language Certification (MELC) and writing workshops.


AHEADPro also intensifies the use of technology, as they want to reach out to more students, they offer Internet-based training, online face-to-face, virtual training and interactive online analysis.  This program is perfect for those living abroad, foreigners, and those who live outside of Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Whether you are a fresh graduate applying for your first job, or an employee about to pitch your idea and make a business presentation, it is imperative to ace that job interview or close that business deal. When we speak good English, there is a fast career growth because English is the language widely used in the business world.  
AHEAD President Ms. Rossana Llenado.
I had the opportunity to meet Ms. Rossana Llenado, AHEAD president—the brains and force behind AHEAD Learning Systems, Inc.  What impressed me the most about her was her passion for helping other people to achieve their career goals and dreams in life. “Continuous learning and improvement of one’s self has a multiplying effect on others. That’s why the company has been giving free training to public teachers and principals to further improve the quality of education in our country. By helping these unsung heroes, we also help the youth of today,” says Ms. Llenado. Just like her, I too, believed in the water ripple or multiplier effect of life because we are all connected to each other.

My friend is now an assistant at the apple farm where he first worked as an apple picker. He will forever be grateful to AHEADPro for helping him passed the IELTS. His training from AHEADPro equipped him better for his new found life in New Zealand and helped increased his confidence in speaking the English language. He owes his promotion from being an apple picker to becoming a farm assistant to his ability to speak in English. “When a Filipino speaks English, it does not pretend to sound western but both Asians and Caucasians can easily comprehend what is being said. My boss immediately promoted me because he can communicate with me better than my co-employees,” shared my friend. 

Lastly, I had also observed that some Filipinos thought that speaking in English is unpatriotic.  I do not agree. We are not less Filipino for mastering another language. Someone pointed out, we are Filipinos, why speak good English? It is amazing that we do, despite the fact that we’re not Americans. We are only making good use of our gift for mastering to forge ahead. Indeed, excellent English is within our reach. It's never too late to give English a try, even after you're done with your college diplomas and have taken your masteral degree.

For more information on AHEADPro and other courses offered by AHEAD Learning Systems Inc., Please call 433-9300, 0917-5000999
The author is at AHEAD Tutorial and Review Center in Katipunan.

Purple Plum Fairy's First Giveaway Winners Circle

Hi! Sorry there was some mixed up. I forgot to announce the sixth winner who won the Body Natur  Warm Roll-on Depilatory Wax and strip bandages. 

My apologies...Mea culpa, mea culpa...'s the last winner:

Emiliana Sison!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Purple Plum Fairy's First Giveaway Winners Circle

Hi guys! Here are the winners of Purple Plum Fairy's Summer Giveaway. Kyle randomly picked the  five winners on a cube first thing this morning upon waking up from bed, (that explains the inset photo) while my Mom assisted him.  Congratulations to the following:

1. Vix Parungao
2. Cielo Pagcaliwagan
3. Michelle Anne Ame
4. Ma. Theresa Montino
5. Jenn 

For those who had not won, there will be an upcoming giveaway soon. I'm just trying to fix everything. But to give you a glimpse, here's the photo: 

I'll be adding more to these next giveaway, hopefully. Keep visiting my site for more details and to keep you updated. Btw, winners of my first giveaway will be receiving emails from me soon on how to claim your prizes. 

Purple Plum Fairy thanks all those who joined. For non-winners and winners too, hope you'll be joining my next giveaway...

Gotta go!'s Chikka Live: Your Backstage VIP Pass

Chikka Philippines, creators of popular free text messaging app that unites online and mobile Filipino worldwide, is providing its users with a new media experience through “Chikka Live: Small Talk, Great Music”—featuring a series of live streaming musical acts by a line-up of some of the most popular online Filipino musical sensations which will be running for eight consecutive weeks.

 Upon hearing this good news, I was really ecstatic for this meant to be a celebration of the Filipino artists’ talents. Fans will feel the whole spectrum and experience of a VIP backstage pass wherein they have a rare chance to interact with their favorite singers online at real time!  If I’m also not mistaken, this is an original concept, and it’s going to be the first time to be done in the Philippines. And that adds up to more to my excitement.

Country pop duo Krissy and Ericka opened the Chikka Live series last May 21, 2011. Known for their charming good looks and impressive voice talent, the sisters accommodated requests and greetings from fans across the globe.  They even had time for chatting with their fans and raffled off two personal acoustic signed guitars to lucky fans.  “We love our fans, and we’re constantly trying to find new ways for them to enjoy our music,” shared the talented teen duo.  As a matter of fact, fans who tuned in to the live streaming last Saturday were able to text the artists for FREE via Chikka Text Messenger. The best part is that even after the live stream show, fans could still continue sending FREE text messages to the artists, even when they are not online.

Jamming with their acoustic guitars, Krissy and Ericka.

Chikka Live will also feature other exceptional Fil-Am artists including AJ Rafael, American Idol finalist Ramiele Malubay, Filipino-Australian performer Christian Joseph, and other special guests like US You Tube Sensation Erika David and Japanese-American international acoustic singer Marie Digby, all of whom have built fan bases in the hundreds of thousands online.

The great news is that Chikka’s now also working on making Chikka accessible across all platforms. Their instant messaging app is now available on the iPhone and on Android phones, and they are currently developing an app for Blackberry users as well.

The author with Krissy and Ericka.
When I got home from’s mini-concert, I immediately shared the good news to my teenage cousins Jamie Celine and Jicelle Sanoy. The girls were so happy to hear it, they decided to put it on their schedule board, that way, they would not be missing the Chikka Live.  They even started sending SMS to their friends and clans to help disseminate the good news. “I love that Chikka’s tapping on acoustic and pop singers. Hopefully, they could also feature bands in the future,” said Jicelle.
Well, with the success of the first Chikka Live: “Small Talk, Great Music”, I’d like to think that Jicelle’s wish might be coming true pretty soon.
So, relax and grab a seat to the best VIP Backstage access via Chikka Live every Saturday. Purple Plum Fairy thanks  for the invites

Enjoy everyone!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reasons Why I Love NUFFNANG?

Why do I love Nuffnang?
Let me count the ways:
N—uffnang brings out the best in me. They have the coolest contests in town. I’d like to say that after winning in one of their contests last January, my self-confidence somehow came back. I’ve been writing for the past decade for print, but decided to stop for personal reasons. Yes, reasons that had somehow affected my self-esteem. Blogging helped me release my emotional stress and I’ve learned more about myself. Joining the Nuffnang community gave me reasons to pursue my real passion and first love—writing. This time, as a blogger, without having an editor, I could freely write anything I want without having to please an editor.
U—always comes first with Nuffnang. This is something I could feel each time I get invited to their events. I feel special and privileged because I know pretty much I’d be having fun meeting other bloggers in the blogosphere. Being invited to Nuffnang’s events gives me the rare chance to interact with them on a personal-basis. I love it—I could feel their warmth and sincerity, because most bloggers treat you as a family. That’s why I always look forward to join their activities each time I’m given an invite.

 F—abulous prizes. That’s what Nuffnang promises those who win in their contests. Joining their contests are usually easy, you simply had to blog about it. And as a blogger, it’s something that you would usually do. But their prizes had really been great with all their sponsors and everything.  What I love most about them, they have also online contests where they would base the winners on their blog contents unlike other contests on the Net that merely rely on the number of “LIKES”. 

F—riendly staff from Nuffnang. Yes, they have really friendly staff like Ms. Trixie esguerra and Ms. Anne (sorry, I forgot her surename). Both should be commended for a job well done. I had probably been one of their major pains since I must have annoyed them for pestering them as they answered all my queries through SMS and emails. But both Nuffnang ladies, patiently answered all of my questions. 

N—ever cease to help bloggers to earn online. I haven’t officially earned from blogging online. I know a lot of friends who did, and they were really satisfied with Nuffnang’s ad rates. They help a lot of single moms or stay-at-home mothers who work from home to earn money. And for me, that’s really something being there for your children while working at the same time.
A—blessing for all bloggers indeed. Need I say more?
N—o amount of words can truly make me express how I feel about being part of Nuffnang’s online community. As a neophyte blogger, I really am thankful for giving me my time to shine.
G—rateful to Nuffnang, that’s what I’ll always be. Am proud to be a Glitterati.

I hope to be invited to the upcoming Nuffnang Family Day this May 28, 2011. I’d love to spend the entire day with both my family. I’d want them to experience the love and support that the Nuffnang community had given me. It promises a day of bonding, interaction, and camaraderie. It would surely be fun and I’d like to enjoy that day with my family. If ever, I’d get lucky and be invited, I would bring with me my Mom and my nephew (whom I treat as my own son).  

My nephew Kyle hadn’t been to Tagaytay and this would give me the opportunity to bring him there. I’d love to bond with him at picturesque Tagaytay Crosswinds before classes officially starts this June. I’m sure my Mom and Kyle would be happy. So I’m really keeping my fingers crossed. We'd be happy to ride and hop on the Nuffbus that will bring us all to Tagaytay Crosswinds.

All my prayers,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrate the End of Summer

The beach we all love to stay for the summer.

May is about to end. And sad to say, it will only take a few more weeks before our sweet summer vacation comes to an end. I’m quite sure that by this time, you must have been buying school supplies for your kids and probably had been busy buying new school uniforms. The question is, were you able to bond well with your children during those days when they don’t have classes? If the answer is no, you can still make up for them.

Before you put that snazzy swimsuit at your bottom drawer, make an effort to condition you kids’ mind before they head back-to-school in June. The countdown to school usually brings frowns to the little one’s faces, right? 

To ease the transition, why not make the last few weeks of summer really special? Here’s how:
Have a camp-out. If you can’t get away to places like Caliraya to actually camp under the stars, do it at home! Provide a real or makeshift tent (blanket over a clothesline) and sleep on a thick blanket in the garden or even the living room. If you happen to own cool inflatable couches, bring them out as well. You kids will surely enjoy sitting here while happily stargazing. This novel way of spending the night with Mom and Dad will make the night more special. Make sure you supply marshmallows (for toasting), some barbecue for grilling and spooky stories! Indulge in games of scrabble or snakes and ladders.
Things need not be expensive especially when you’re on a tight budget. But if your family can afford it, it’s also great to bring your family out to a swimming resort or facility near you, even a public pool (but make sure, it is properly cleaned) will do. While you’re at it, don’t forget to bring your kids’ foam pool floats. These pool noodles help your kids enjoy swimming as they get to play in the pool, it also promises loads of fun in the water. Children must always be supervised by adults when inside the pool. Never leave your children alone.

The author with nephew Kyle who loves to swim for hours in the pool.
Hold off on taking that business trip for a day. You guys can have fun shopping together. Tell your kids to make a list of everything they need for the coming school year, plus a few fun extras. Take them to the mall for a shop-out at the school supply store plus their favorite clothing stores for one or two several outfits.  End the day with a movie or a restaurant visit.
If sports is your thing, you could also play a game of bowling, a few sets of badminton, chess, even basketball. Or better yet, you could teach your kid a new sport like baseball. I would recommend that you purchase a baseball bat online because they had the best as compared to local stores. You can check out easton sv12 for cool baseball bats at amazing prices.

The author (on yellow shirt) with some relatives out for some adventure on a hanging bridge.

Hold an “End of Summer” party. You’ve heard of un-birthdays? Well this is an un-event event. Tell your kids to invite their friends over for some ice cream and cake to celebrate the end of summer. Have back to school theme, jungle theme adventure or a beach theme! 

Seeing friends and having a blast will make their end of summer blues disappear. You’ll be surprised, your kids will actually count down to the end of summer instead of dreading it.

Enjoy the remaining days of summer!

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