Saturday, July 31, 2021

Why CPR Training is a Must for Everyone

Cardiac arrests occur with the ratio of 7 out of 10 Filipinos every time says expert cardiologists from The Philippine Heart Association as discussed during their recent Usapang Puso sa Puso hosted by Dr. Luigi Pierre Segundo and Dr. Henry Tiongco II, PHA Director. The said episode was titled: "CPR Ready na nga ba ang Pilipinas?" which was seen live on the PHA Facebook page and via Zoom. Studies show that while we have been used to some disaster preparedness and plans (floods, earthquakes, and other natural calamities), very few still have access to cardiac emergency plans. 

Among the guest speakers and doctors during the program were Dr. Francis Lavapie, former PHA council chairman on CPR and Dr. Ronald Law, OIC-Director IV of the Department of Health Emergency Management Bureau. Panelists were Dr. Don Robespierre Reyes, PHA Chair on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Editor of My Heart Ph and Dr. Rhodette Arevalo, President, PHA Eastern Visayas Chapter and Dr, Maridith De Leon-Afuang, Medical Specialist III & OIC Chief Preparedness Division of the DOH. 

Hosts Dr. Luigi Segundo and Dr. Ricky Tiongco with Dr. Don Reyes

Dr. Francis Lavapie explains the importance of knowing basic CPR

Dr. Francis Lavapie said the country has yet to be CPR-Ready, but we're getting there, slowly but surely. As heart physicians, they saw the need to incorporate CPR Training as part of health subjects in both public and private elementary as well as high school students. "Even as young as 10 years old who is CPR-trained can save the life of an adult suffering from cardiac arrest," one of the expert doctors said.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Blogapalooza Partners with MullenLowe TREYNA to Develop the Next Generation of Content Creators


Blogging and being an influencer have totally evolved. Back in the days, people would blog because they wanted to share their personal experiences over food, travel, and anything in between. Soon, brands started tapping them and they've become influencers. Thus, influencer marketing was born.

Blogapalooza the premier influencer marketing company in the Philippines, launched the

first-ever InfluencerPreneur program in 2020 to help budding content creators and influencers

grow their platform and build their online presence. This year, Blogapalooza is partnering

with integrated communications agency MullenLowe TREYNA to stage an even bigger

InfluencerPreneur program and produce the next generation of content creators.

InfluencerPreneur is an incubation program by Blogapalooza which aims to produce a new breed of influencers: content creators with the mindset, skills, and tools of an entrepreneur. Open to all aspiring and up-and-coming Gen Z and millennial influencers and content creators in the country, participants of the program will learn how to create, market, and improve personal branding, do business as a content creator, build and grow followers, and improve social media influence. 

The 2021 InfluencerPreneur program will have key speakers from Blogapalooza, MullenLowe TREYNA, as well as renowned influencers to help lead each syllabus of the participants, sharing industry tips and advice future content creators will need to know to be successful in their field. 

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Sanofi celebrates International Self Care Day with Power To Love Yourself Completely Online Event


In photo: Janeena Chan, Jill Lim, Group Brand Manager of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare, Mommy Mish of MommaNManila and Lynn Pinugo, Co-Founder of SheTalksAsia.

In celebration of International Self Care Day, Sanofi Philippines held an Instagram Live event called Power to Love Yourself Completely to discuss topics related to self care. Sanofi invited MommaNManila founder Michelle Aventajado and She Talks Asia Co-Founder and CEO Lynn Pinugo to talk about self care, with topics such as how to teach kids about self-care, and how working millennials can take care of themselves while working from home. 

Promoting a holistic approach to health is a big part of Sanofi’s Panata, and encouraging others to practice self-care is a part of this. Jill Ong-Lim, Group Brand Manager of Sanofi Consumer Healthcare shared, “We need to realize that self-care in itself is the goal. Not just for others, but just for yourself. ” 

Janeena Chan moderated the discussion, sharing her own experience and tips for practicing self care. “Your reality is shaped within your mind, so as long as you know that you can get back up again, you’ll be okay.”

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Petron Car Care Center — The Automotive Fluids Specialist

Just like humans, our cars need to be "hydrated" or lubricated with essential fluids to keep them in tip-top shape and ensure their roadworthiness. With its deep understanding of Philippine driving conditions, industry leader Petron Corporation has a complete line of automotive fluids for all of your vehicle's requirements.

As the automotive fluids specialist, PETRON CAR CARE CENTER (CCC), the company's automotive care brand, serves as a one-stop carrying Petron’s full range of technologically advanced and internationally accredited mineral and fully-synthetic automotive lubricants. In addition, it also carries other automotive fluids like engine coolant, engine flush, transmission oil, clutch fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, manual transmission/differential gear oil, greases, and multi-purpose sprays. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Why I chose to get Vaccinated against Covid-19 virus?

Purple Plum Fairy got her vaccine against COVID-19 for free from the QC LGU

Things must’ve been pretty daunting and difficult for most of us. I had a few friends who had experienced mental breakdowns and depressive episodes due to what seemed to be endless community quarantine. Worse, we hear friends or people we know pass away due to Covid or other debilitating diseases. Others were retrenched from their jobs while a few others had to struggle with half of what they were supposed to receive as compensation—as they say, it’s better to be gaining something rather than not to be gaining anything at all. During this trying times, practicality is what we need. My husband works as a frontliner and there isn't everyday that I worry about him, his overall health and well-being. But there isn't anything I can do about it. I just pray hard that he will always be negative each week he gets swabbed for antigen test. 

How are you coping with the pandemic? I just got my final dose of Sinovac vaccine courtesy of the Quezon City local government as part of those A3 category (those with comorbidity) since I have diabetes and hypertension. Originally, I had registered in three different cities since I wanted to take a chance and I thought, whichever comes first, there will I go and get my vaccine. I had registered in the City of Manila (since workplace is within the area), in Las Pinas (because my husband hails from there and that’s where we were supposed to live) and back home (in Quezon City) even if I am now living in Bacoor Cavite since January 2021 (after I have gotten married and chose to live on our own). I ended up having my vaccines done in my beloved “city of the stars” because I was enlisted in our barangay. 


Monday, July 19, 2021

Every woman's body is unique, beautiful and special


Our bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Each of us is considered unique. That means there isn’t an “average” or “typical” body to begin with. Every body is beautiful in her own right. Some may have been born curvier than others, some have narrower hips than the others while others may have broader shoulders or hips. We’re all just a bit different from each other and that is perfectly fine. 

According to the journal of Evolution and Human Behavior, the most desirable female body shape is the one with a “low waist-to-hip ratio,” or what most of us would often consider as an “hourglass figure.” We had to admit though that every body is unique in her own kind of way. 

Sometimes the secret lies in using a shapewear bodysuit so that you’d feel sexier and at the same time more comfortable underneath your clothes. It helps to flatten your tummy and creates an illusion, thus making you look taller, slimmer, and sexier. This specially made lingerie had women in mind to help us look more stunning wearing our clothes. It boosts women’s confidence because using this shapewear tends to give off the look that we’ve always wanted, which ultimately makes our clothes fit us to a T.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Guide for Renting an Apartment in Los Angeles


Are you seriously considering moving to the West Coast? We no longer wonder why you’d prefer to move to Los Angeles. Aside from Hollywood itself, L.A. has a lot to offer than other cities and towns. It has a more relaxing vibe and it’s near the ocean so it also has awesome weather which anyone can easily adjust to no matter where they came from. You can start anew here—from finding a new job to searching for a new partner aside from hunting for an apartment—Los Angeles has got you covered!

Before you begin your search in looking for the best place to stay in Los Angeles, you’ve got to find the right neighborhood first that fits your personality to a T. It takes a bit of adjustment before you get used to L.A.  You also have to consider if you do have the budget and you can afford all the rent or mortgages.

How much is the average rent in downtown Los Angeles? Just like living in a fast-paced city like the Big Apple, the rent rate actually depends on the neighborhood. A decent apartment with 1 bedroom might cost you from $2,500 to $3,000. However, if you’d like to live a more luxurious life, say you’d want to live in another community with an oceanfront, prices are a bit on the upscale. You have to be ready to spend a little more than $4,000. But don’t be afraid to explore other communities in central and wider areas in order to find more affordable rents. 

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Join Petron's Panalo Bakunado Program


If you happen to have a Petron Card and you've just been vaccinated, then we've got good news for you: You might be lucky to win a motorcycle through Petron's PANALO BAKUNADO promo campaign. It is an initiative of the country's leading oil company to support the government's COVID-19 vaccination drive. 

Win motorcycles, smartphones, fuel—no purchase required

With no purchase required, all Petron Loyalty Cardholders who have been vaccinated with either their first or second dose have the chance to win in a raffle draw with the following prizes at stake: 

  • Motorcycle — 5 winners

  • Free Petron fuel for a year (maximum Php 60,000) — 5 winners

  • Samsung S21 smartphone — 5 winners

  • Free Petron Gasul for a year (maximum 12 refills) — 10 winners

  • Free Petron lubes for a year (maximum Php 5,000) — 10 winners

  • Petron eFuel Card worth Php 1,000 — 100 winners

Friday, July 9, 2021

Malayan Savings Bank marks 25th year with fresh look, tagline and new promos

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Malayan Savings Bank (MSB) unveiled its new name, logo, and tagline as a gesture of renewed commitment to its customers nationwide. The bank, formerly known as Malayan Bank, affirms its financial inclusion mission with the tagline “Kaya yan! #TatakMSB” in an effort to encourage Filipinos to make smarter financial decisions as they work hard to achieve their dreams. MSB is one of the country’s top 15 savings banks and has been a trusted provider of banking services and loan products since 1996. Its corporate and individual customers have since benefited from the bank’s personalized service and easy-to-access products ranging from deposit accounts, corporate and SME loans, as well as consumer loans such as home, auto, motorcycle, and salary loans.

“We are celebrating 25 years of being partners with our customers in their life goals and dreams. As we welcome another chapter, we are excited to offer more financial products that are truly suited to our target market,” said MSB President Alberto Emilio Ramos.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Ways to Get Out of Debt When You Have Bad Credits

Having bad credit makes you lose your credibility as well as most people’s trust because people would normally have doubts about you if you’d be able to pay them in time. It also likewise prevents you from being qualified for other debt relief programs such as low-interest debt consolidation and can cost you thousands of bucks because your credit cards tend to go higher due to interest rates as well as interests from both car loans and home loans. You’d find yourself neck-deep with loans that you fear you might land in jail soon because of cases like Estafa. [Read: estafa /eˈstäfə/noun meaning: wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain; fraud.]

Well, don’t lose faith, there’s still hope. There are debt relief program options for people like you who happen to be overloaded with financial problems. Read on and find out more about how it can help you get out of those debts you’ve made.
Debt and bad credit are very relative because when you accumulate too much debt that means you have bad credit. Sadly, the high interest rate charges of credit cards, car, and home loans as well as rent for housing and utilities are what make people in debt and therefore are the consequences of bad credit. For most people, it becomes a cycle they caught themselves into. It regularly feeds on itself and keeps them from properly managing the control of their finances.

One of the most common ways to rise from a big debt is via debt consolidation. It means taking out one loan and using it off to pay off all your other unsecured debts. The loans make your debt a whole lot simpler in terms of the bill-paying process. It should also make things easier for you because most debt consolidations have lower interest rates with affordable monthly term staggered payments. So while you may go slow in terms of paying off your debts, you can assure those with whom you have debts that you will be able to pay them and settle your debts soon.

When you repay the debt consolidation loan in your chosen staggered payment, depending on the arrangement you have agreed upon with the management, it may take some time for you to change your status from being a bad credit consumer to a good credit consumer.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

The Benefits of Certification


Each individual has his/her own unique skills and abilities. However, there should always be something as proof about our skills and abilities and this is where certification comes in. Although it may be possible to display your prowess in actual experience, someone might need to ask for proof for it. The importance of certification starts right from the academic journey in the initial stages. You get certificates as proof of completing your school education, high school, college, and university education.

Furthermore, certificates help you find jobs with employers you want to work for or showcasing your abilities. Even if all these benefits of certification are generalized, let us take a look at the reasons for the importance of certification. The following discussion outlines different pointers that describe how certifications can prove to be beneficial.

Certifications are the credentials that recognize and validate one’s knowledge and expertise. Certificate programs involve a specific period of education and training. When the period of the certificate program ends, you get a certificate of completion. Certificate programs are suitable for training individuals in a specific task or develop competencies in a particular skill. You can get certificates after completing various courses in a specific subject area. One good example of an in-demand certification is the PCNSE or Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer. It is a third-party proctored certification that indicates that those who passed it possess the in-depth knowledge to design, install, maintain, configure and troubleshoot most implementations based on the Palo Alto Networks platform. To help prepare you for the exam, some reviewers even release a real pcnse exam dumps questions to ensure of passing smoothly with flying colors. You can buy it now if you want an updated set of exam reviewers. 

My Thoughts on Charlyn June Fadchal Awing's Book--Break Free: How to Let Go and Move On


Real Love Shouldn't Hurt

Six years ago I was entirely a different person. I was fresh out of an abusive relationship with my psychotic and narcissistic ex-boyfriend. We had a year and a half toxic relationship that had ruined my entire view of who I really am. At the time, I wasn’t exactly aware of the kind of relationship I had gotten myself into. Prior to that, I was 13 years single and I didn’t have time to date out and get to know more of the opposite sex as I had my focus on raising my nephew whom I took under my care as a toddler. 

So like most women my age at the time who can be considered naïve, it was easy for a guy to swept me off my feet right away after being wooed. To make the long story short, although my ex wasn’t exactly my type, we became a couple right away without getting to know him first.

During the first few months of being in a relationship with someone 10 years older than I was, I had no idea why my friends didn’t like him. For me, it felt like they were judging him that fast. In my mind, I thought it was only I who could see a different side of him. They failed to see the ‘goodness’ in him. Through time, I also learned the art of helplessness without meaning to. 

I have never imagined that I would really fall for a narcissist guy, much more a psychopath. It was only after the breakup that I realized and understood everything that has happened to me. I had no idea I was in an abusive relationship for almost a year. And the only reason why I let him hurt me was because I loved him so much that I thought my kindness and love for him shall make him change eventually. But as you know, it’s not entirely what happened.

So when I stumbled upon this book called Break Free: How to Let Go and Move On by Charlyn June Fadchal Awing, I knew it was meant for me to meet her online. It’s my responsibility to my readers to share my story and review and recommend her book so that more people, particularly women will learn their worth and know that they can move on from whatever nightmare they might have been into.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Enjoy Huge Discounts up to 50% OFF as 7-Eleven Celebrates their birthday from July 7 to July 11


It hasn’t been an easy year for most of us, and so 7-Eleven is inviting all to celebrate every win, big and small, through #711Day, its annual birthday treat for customers! From July 7 to 11, 7-Eleven is slashing 50% off from the original price on over 250 of its signature food items, snacks, liquor, and groceries while other non-food items will also be at 50% off for one-day only on Sunday, July 11. Whether it’s your favorite snack, drink, or health and beauty must-have, expect to score a great deal on this week-long discount dash!

The Importance of Men's Heart Health


“Men tend to have a stoic approach to their heart health risk,” says one physician, whom I had the privilege of having a conversation with. We were talking about how Filipino men take care of their own health. Sadly, they aren’t always looking after their best interest. Most of them wouldn’t even bother seeing their doctors for a checkup because they “feel absolutely normal” that they think they do not need to have a checkup at all.

There are a few things that make men more prone to heart issues. Based on the recent webinar I have attended entitled: Puso ni Daddy: Sinlakas Pa Ba ng Haligi?"  A Father's Day Special episode of their Usapang Puso sa Puso. recently organized by the Philippine Heart Association [PHA], sponsored by Corbridge. With guest expert doctors namely: Dr. Jorge Sison, dr. Benjamin Quito and Dr. Rhodette Arevalo. Based on what has been discussed during the show,  I have come up with my own list of reasons why heart-related health issues are most often the reason for men’s mortality rate. Check out the listicle I’ve made below:

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