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Purple Plum Fairy's Pixie Dust: Christmas Giveaway

A very colorful picture book for your toddler.

Hello Mommies and Daddies! It's time to share another giveaway from the pixie dusts of this Purple Fairy! Woot! Woot! I know this is just my small token of thank you to everyone who continuously read and subscribe to my retarded blog entries. I am so sorry as I had been quite busy with other stuff lately that going online had truly been impossible. 

Loyal followers must know that I just had two previous giveaways. The first one was last summer where I had given away three tubes of Banana Boat sunblock for kids (There's another one left in my possession, so for the winner who haven't received her prize please get in touch with me within this month, otherwise, I'll have to forfeit your prize.) Then I had given away Fashion Blendz items for three lucky readers from our generous sponsor. As of this writing, all the winners were able to receive their prizes. Again, thank you so much for all those who joined my previous contests.

As early as this month, I am posting my Christmas giveaway because I'm pretty sure I'd be busy again come the holiday season preparing the Christmas feast dinner, presents for my family and all stressful stuff.  For this year, Mommies and Daddies could win any of the these items: A book for their child called The Very Lazy Lady Bug (hard bound), a book for you based on Universal Pictures' Robin Hood (paperback) and a beige Mimi Purse from the Rags to Riches' design of Rajo Laurel. There will also be two educational videos for kids ages 1-5 years old, two tickets + four complimentary drinks to the Liquid Bar @ Manila Ocean Park, Sundance Hailey purple/lavender blouse worth P315.00, and of course, the grand prize--an educational V-tech toy for your baby/toddler worth P1,700. For my food blog, Security Blanket, I'll have another limited edition Nestle Coffee Shaker for one lucky follower/reader.  There will be a total of eight winners because there are eight prizes to be given away for Christmas. 

A Mimi Purse from the Rags to Riches design of Rajo Laurel.

The RobinHood paperback with two educational videos + purple Hailey Sundance blouse. 

Here's the V-tech toy I will be giving away to one lucky follower/reader of Purple Plum Fairy. Check it out:

*PLEASE READ BEFORE JOINING: By the way, this contest is only for Philippine residents only. Winners must understand that prizes will not be delivered to them and must agree for a meet-up. You may join if you're living in the province, provided that you'll agree for a meet-up. Winners will be informed where they could pick up their prizes. Winners must claim their prizes until January 31, 2012, otherwise, prizes will be forfeited.

How to score these amazing loot: 

1. You must publicly follow Purple Plum Fairy via GFC (Google Friend Connect) and/or Networked Blogs.
2. Like Purple Plum Fairy on Facebook
3. Publicly follow Security Blanket and Soulful Travels via GFC.
4. Subscribe via e-mail (you have to confirm your subscription once you receive the message in your inbox)thru Feedburner.
4. Blog about this giveaway and link back to this post.
5. Publicly follow @purpleplumfairy on Twitter.
6. Answer this question: What do you know now that you didn't know when you were not yet a parent (a mom or a dad)? Send an email to with the subject: PPF X'mas Contest, together with your answer, name, email, mobile and mailing address. I am sorry I need to do this so that there will be no copying of answers. 
5. When you did all the first steps, kindly comment at the end of this blog post to make tracking easy enough for me. 

I hope you guys can join my Christmas Giveaway. Thank you!

Advance Merry Christmas,

JBL Revolutionizes Your Audio, Video and Multimedia Experience

For more than six decades, JBL, a brand of HARMAN, has engineered the finest audio playback products, receiving praises from recording artists and consumers that strengthen its reputation as the brand to trust when it comes to high-performance audio reproduction. HARMAN INTERNATIONAL had been a world-leader in design and manufacturing of premium high fidelity audio and infotainment for automotive, consumer and professional users.
The JBL brand has been known for their accuracy, articulated sound found in many of the world’s most distinguished venues, including cinemas and recording studios, and live-music reinforcement in places ranging from concert halls to outdoor stadiums.

A special product launch was held at Decagon, Silver City Frontera Verde, Ortigas Pasig City to introduce the top of the line products of JBL and Harman/Kardon. Here are some of the products I found really interesting:
Loudspeakers built into mobile phones have terrible sounds, right? MP3s don’t have built-in speakers too. You can’t even share music with friends because it takes a whole lot of effort to carry a large subwoofer. JBL’s on tour micro does a cooler way to answer all these problems and more.  With its ultra-portable speaker system and 3.5mm headphone socket. It is convenient to carry because it is compact. It comes with built-in rechargeable battery with 4 hours playback. Available in orange, red dragon, white glacier and black carbon. It comes with a carry pouch and daisy chain for that amazing sound performance.
JBL Mirco On Tour

 Entry level 2.0 computer speaker
Great sound with 3.5 mm auxillary output.
First JBl weave design
Upgrades your music, movie, gaming and audio experience
Big volume control

JBl Jembe
JBL OnBeat Air
Play music anywhere from any Mac, PC, iPOD, iPHone, and  iPad.
With built-in WiFi
Dock connector for iPOD, iPad and iPhone.
Browse, stream, charge, sync. Have it your own way.

Ms. Grace Kho of Harman International talks about their amazing products.

Harman's stae-of-the-art/futuristic transparent speakers.

JBL and Harman has everything you'll ever need for your audio visual infotainment.

For more info on JBL and their products visit JBL PHILIPPINES on Facebook

Going Straight Salon: Where Everyone Comes Out Beautiful

One of the many branches of Going Straight Salon.

They just had their 25th year of helping Filipinos achieve gorgeous hair, Going Straight Salon remains the go-to beauty salon for effective and cutting-edge hair treatments for all sorts of hair needs (hair straight, rebond, cellophane, relax, spa, among many others) including other amazing pampering treats like Brazilian hair removal, foot spa, makeup, including your concerns on hand and foot paraffin, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. 

As the pioneer in hair treatments in the country (starting out with their first branch in Makati Cinema Square even before the hype on hair treatments), Going Straight offers the latest techniques in hair care to help you achieve beautifully flowing healthy hair. “At Going Straight, we give hair analysis first before giving out suggestions on what particular treatment will be best for our clients,” says resident hairdresser Alma, who had been with the company the past 16 years. 

This is where your journey to beauty will begin: The cozy reception area.
I was recently invited to try out the services offered at Going Straight Salon. Upon saying yes to the invitation, I became really excited about it, simply because it’s probably my chance to look more presentable. I had to admit I am not really someone you could call vain. I seldom look at myself in the mirror because I’d only get mad if I see how fat I’ve become. I would only go to a salon for an occasional haircut or hot oil. The last time I’ve ever had my hair color was way back in college where I had to dye my hair to get into character in one of our stage plays.
Next stop is the place where they'll make you beautiful + pamper you.
When I arrived at Going Straight salon that Monday morning, I couldn’t help but smile. Unlike in other high-end salons I’ve been into, the salon had a cozy ambience and the staff was really warm and friendly. I instantly felt comfortable with them. My hairdresser named Alma suggested a color and hi lites that would look good on me. She always had a ready smile for me as she tried to answer all my queries regarding hair treatments. I secretly admire her for the patience she had shown in having a totally clueless client like me. 
Can you see the excitement in me?
The author while her hair

Swatches of hair colors to choose from.

My pretty hair stylist/colorist for the day Alma of SM North branch.

Then I was introduced to my nail technician, the lovely Juliet, whose facial expression reminds me of my sister. I pity her because she had a really difficult time with my small toenails and thickened, rough, dry feet with calluses. If there’s one thing that’s over fatigued and overlooked in my body, it has to be my feet. Fortunately, Juliet is such an expert nail technician. She had my given me both foot spa and foot paraffin. Both treatments softened my skin cells while supplying moisture to new cell layers. The results were pretty amazing; I could not believe I could have smooth skin underneath my feet + lovely manicure and pedicure.

My pampering started out with a warm foot bubble.

Weary foot needs a good massage too.

Juliet, my nail and foot spa technician tried to smile while battling with my callouses.

Pedicure in my purple pink color.

To be honest, in the beginning, I was hesitant to avail of manicure and pedicure because I had previously seen how painful an ingrown might be. I didn’t want to go through that hellish pain, so I was about to beg off. But Juliet says, it’s OK she promised not to hurt me. In the end, I’m glad I gave in. 
For my hair treatment, my hairdresser Alma gave me a light shaded hair color as base and with hi lites. They were using L’Oreal Professionnel colors so you can be assured that they were made from the best quality there is. I even had to go through an infrared machine so that I could achieve the hair color I had wanted.
At Going Straight, hair must be assessed first if it's porous

I am under the hot infrared machine, giving my locks my desired hair color.

SEO, blogger and Web developer Aileen Siwa gives Going Straight Salon services and treatments a thumbs up!

Blogger and I.T. Consultant Jinky Umali before the treatment.

I tried to ham it up and took photos while being treated for hair color.

A smiling and satisfied Jinky Umali, now ready for a date!

Finishing touches for my crowning glory while I was taking pictures.

My feet finally looked like one, I've always thought it was ginger.

See these lovely digits? I could not believe these were mine.

And yes, my feet were as soft as that of a baby.
What makes Going Straight Salon a standout aside from amazing treatments and excellent service is the privilege card they offer to their loyal clients. Membership is affordable at P50 (already good for 2 years) where members could get lots of discounts, promos, exclusive members-only events and rewards! As if that wasn’t enough, members could also refer a friend to Going Straight salon and earn cash or more discounts! Going Straight truly knows how to value their loyal clients by giving them such a rewarding experience.

Going Straight offers rewards to those who refer them to friends.

Great discounts and promo awaits members of Going Straight Privilege Card. 

Sir Jhong Medina, Going Straight area manager Ms. Nancy Lintag, Client Relation officer Ms. Mariane Bago, and Area manager, Ms. Beng David

From its pretty arsenal, get the Going Straight Shampoo and Conditioner (P115 each bottle of 200 ml) for chemically treated hair. Infused with vitamins, it leaves hair gloriously shiny and it restores the natural hair moisture.
Mr. Jhong Medina, Ms. Mariane Bago, Aileen Siwa, the author, Ms. Beng David, Nancy Lintag, and Jinky Umali. 

The author showing her fingernails after the pampering treatments.
With  25 years of service and experience in shaping the Filipino hair, Going Straight Salon remains a leading choice for hair and beauty needs today. They also offer other exciting services like brazilian wax, hairdo and makeup services, hand and foot paraffin and so much more! Visit one of their many branches and experience the pampering only Going Straight Salon can do.  I can assure you, you'll come out gaining more confidence because you know the staff had made you realize with the help of their treatments and services that you're beautiful in your own right.  Believe me, I've come out of Going Straight Salon feeling prettier and more confident! 

Like them on Facebook ( while you're at it, please also like my blog's page) and follow them on Twitter (also follow me @purpleplumfairy. Don't forget to visit their website too,

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Mr. Jhong Medina of and Going Straight for giving me the opportunity to feel my sense of being. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Daiana Menezes on Diana Stalder: Read on as She Reveals Her Beauty Secret

One of the hottest stars in the Philippine Television today, Brazillian International model Daiana Menezes brings her irresistible charm into the limelight as the endorser of Diana Stalder Face and Body Surgicenter. “I’m really very happy with Diana Stalder. Kahit Brazillian ako at hindi dugong Pinoy (Even if I’m Brazillian by descent and not entirely Filipino), they accepted me with open arms. I’m treated like a family member here. It’s been a good four years since I’ve started endorsing Diana Stalder—and I do hope it’s going to be for keeps,” Menezes reveals.

Daiana Menezes rendered a song before the audience.

A popular face in numerous television shows, including the top rated noontime show of all-time Eat Bulaga (where the public first noticed her), Loko Moko and Iskul Bukol, among many others, Diana Menezes instantly won the hearts of the Filipino audience.

Known for possessing one of the prettiest faces in show business, Daiana has a down-to-earth personality with a wholesome image and real dedication to her chosen profession. And this is exactly why she had also agreed to endorse top local skin care center—Diana Stalder Face Body Surgicenter by Dermaline Inc. “Diana Stalder is perfect for me because they aim to achieve excellent service and products plus they are really warm and friendly people,” shares Daiana. 
Another thing that Daiana loves about Diana Stalder is how the skin care clinic keeps a pulse on the latest beauty technology, using the most advanced and revolutionary skin care treatments while crafting services that are relevant to the Filipino market.  “With the kind of work I have, staying up late for tapings and photo shoots and hosting gigs, Diana Stalder is such a big help to make my skin stay fresh, clear, supple and healthy even if I am overworked. Plus it is reasonably priced, so pampering need not be expensive,” adds Daiana.

Thanks to Diana Stalder, Daiana Menezes can simply focus and direct her energy into her work without thinking how much staying up late and sun exposure can damage her skin. "I love my Tuedays, because it is my Diana Stalder Day where I go to their clinic and spend a day for my skin with all their amazing pampering treatments," says Daiana. 

As Diana Stalder's endorser, Daiana Menezes would want to share the joy of having smooth and clear skin. She recently joined Diana Stalder's mall tours with fellow endorser and TV personality Pinoy Big Brother's Tibo Jumalon (of Abs-Cbn's Nasaan Ka Elisa?), radio disc jockeys Diego Bandido of YesFM and Cheska San Diego of Radyo Natin and upcoming rap artist Blanktape Mandangan at the Diana Stalder Mall Show in Tutuban Center Mall in Manila.

Radio DJs Diego Bandido of YesFM and Cheska San Diego of Radyo Natin hosted the event.

The hosts with Pinoy Big Brother former Housemate Tibo Jumalon.

Rap artists Blanktape also wowed the crowd with his unique mass appeal.

Tibo Jumalon, DJs Cheska San Diego and Diego Bandido had fun while on stage.
There were games, freebies and surprises for everyone including raffles, production numbers from Blanktape Mandangan, Tibo Jumalon, the DJs, and of course, Daiana Menezes rendered a hot number herself. Several bloggers had been invited to cover the said event including yours truly. It had been one fun day for everyone who attended the affair.

Tibo Jumalon (of Abs-Cbn's Nasaan Ka Elisa?) with Emiliana Sison of

Daiana Menezes charms her way to the audience delight!
Daiana Menezes was truly the darling of the crowd. She came in a sexy outfit to the delight of her male fans. Daiana gamely posed for her fans and even helped the DJs during the game on stage. She asked one male to dance with her and even encouraged the guy's wife and child to join them. 

Bloggers + DJ/Hosts + Tibo Jumalon @ Jollibee before the show.
Tibo Jumalon, on the other hand, looked fresh and handsome on his own upclose. He still couldn't believe his popularity. Showbiz fame hasn't totally sink into his system. He said showbiz is fleeting and he enjoys his status now because he could still afford to have a "private life". He says he gets to enjoy clean and clear skin because of Diana Stalder's services and products. "They also have treatments and products for men," says Tibo. 
Daiana Menezes gamely answered all the questions after the event,
Going back to Daiana, she also answered every single question that was thrown to her including her beauty secrets. She will forever be grateful to Diana Stalder Surgicenter because it continues to support her and makes sure she has healthy and young-looking skin as its celebrity endorser. 
She encourages people to visit Diana Stalder's Clinics nationwide and try the signature treatments for yourself. And experience the clinic's 15-step facial supreme personally delivered by the hands of their professional aesthetician experts, vigorously trained under the prestigious British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC) standards. 

Mrs. Dina Stalder, owner of Diana Stalder Face and Body Surgicenter is one down-to-earth lady.
It is also surprising to note that just like their celebrity endorser, Mrs. Dina Stalder (who owns the Diana Stalder Clinics and Dermaline Inc. ) is just as down-to-earth as Daiana Menezes. 

During the mall tour, Daiana gamely asked the audience to participate, even asking a male audience and his wife to dance "Shembot" popularized by the noontime show Eat Bulaga, from which Diana Menezes rose to fame. Check out this video:

Diana Menezes even rendered a song number to the audiences delight. She really had a sexy production number wowing the audience even more with her looks and mass appeal. As shown here on this video:

Other games and surprises were present for the audience to enjoy. 

Two of the guest DJs also played games and interact with the audience.

Two boys joined the soap box game.

Daiana Menezes and the author says cheese.

Like Diana Stalder on Facebook : facebook page and follow them also on Twitter. Better yet, log on to their website .  Call their hotline for details on how to get the skin you’ve always wanted at +63 (02) 638-8417/631-4941. 

The Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Ia Adam Lim for the invite.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.


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