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Shimmian Manila: Defy Aging and Stress with Safe Aesthetic Treatments

If you have been following this blog, you would know that I have lost a few pounds since I started cutting on rice, carbs and going on a diet. And if you happen to know me personally, you'd also know that years of being obese (and to not totally care about how I look) had earned me not just double but trifle chins (excess fats on my chin). Trying to lose weight gave me this challenge. How can I totally eradicate these things without necessarily spending a lot? That's where Shimmian Manila came to the rescue. 

It is through Shimmian Manila that I came to discover Radiofrequency (better known as RF) as my antidote to my double chins. At first, I was a bit hesitant to even try it because it is something new to me. The said machine also looked a bit scary. As if that wasn't enough, Vanessa (yes, we do have the same name), the therapist had explained that if I accidentally lift my back against the silver plate-like thing that is connected to the RF machine while the entire thingy is still in process I might really be in trouble. I actually might get a second degree burn. Well, that sounds scary! Before you get into conclusion, the truth is, there's actually nothing to worry about as long as one follows the instructions given. The therapist will be happy to assist you and will make you comfortable for the duration of the said treatment. 

There's also an RF available for eyes. De-puff eyes. According to one book I had read written by Dr. Adam Geyer, an expert US Dermatologist, he says that "Much of the skin's energy during the day is used to protect itself, with less energy to spare on repair. Therefore, the primary activity of the skin during the night is to repair itself, especially in the fragile eye area. " Shimmian Manila offers Radiofrequency for the sagging eye-bags. It has active ingredient to increase micro circulation, soothe and calm under-eye skin, and reduce morning puffiness. I have also tried the said treatment which helps minimize dark circles under eyes, spots and puffiness. It visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles while the massage provided by vibration tool combat puffiness by stimulating natural drainage, leading to decongestion. My chin and eyes felt tighter and became smoother to touch after a single treatment. With regular treatment, I am sure it will even improve more. 

Shimmian Manila also offers High-tech anti-agers, known as Stem Cell Treatments. We've all heard of stem cells used in medical research for the treatment of certain diseases (these unspecialized cells are capable of regenerating themselves through cell division), Shimmian Manila offers the latest in luxury anti-aging. Shimmian Manila stem cell treatments support cell renewal and delaying the onset of wrinkles. Human stem cell therapy has proven high success rate for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. It is the most comprehensive and holistic approach to health maintenance and anti-aging presently available. It is world proven to be safe and effective in slowing the aging process and helping regain youth through skin improvement in tones and complexion, reduction in wrinkles, stabilization of mental power and increase in vitality, energy levels and physical power. It makes someone appear young and vibrant. 

Actress Alma Moreno had her stem cell treatments done at Shimmian Manila. She used to complain a lot with her having multiple sclerosis but after she underwent stem cell treatment, her condition had greatly improved. She had never felt so young, vibrant and most importantly, gone are the days of her painful backaches. She's back doing her first love-dancing! Alma Moreno will always be grateful to Shimmian Manila's stem cell treatment for giving her another chance to enjoy life sans her mutiple sclerosis that made her suffer for years.

But Shimmian Manila was first and foremost known as the very first in the country that brought the Goretex Noselift treatment. It is a safe silicon-free approach that provides a natural look. It is judged as the best implant material by many nasal surgery masters for its easy-to-mold, flexible, soft and non-biodegradable characteristics. Shimmian Manila takes pride in over its 15 years of expertise in crafting nasal profile for Asians. They are also the pioneer in advanced rhinoplasty procedure in the Philippines. Equipped with aesthetic surgical foresight and technology at par with world-class standards, each patient is assured of safe, worry-free and well-crafted beauty as if they were born with it. 

Other services offered by Shimmian Manila includes surgical services (i.e. eyebag removal, facelift, breast lift, liposuction, cheek augmentation, tummy tuck, APTOS Thread); dermatological services: brightening facial with power peel, acne treatment, Diamond glycolic peel, skin whitening, injectable gluthathione treatment, painless wart and mole removal, melasma and syringoma removal ; non-surgical enhancements: laser photorejuvenation, derma fillers, mesolift, body contouring, cellulite treatment, Cavitalipomelt body sculpting, RF face lift and RF Body contouring, comprehensive whitening and body slimming, anti-aging program and stem cell therapy. 

For more information, please log on to 

Visit any of Shimmian Manila branches, Medical Plaza Ortigas (910-0239/ 637-2924), Connecticut Greenhills (725-3605/724-5294), Tomas Morato (332-7639/227-4105), SM City Pampanga (045-455-3613)
They have a newly opened branch at SM Southmall and will soon open another branch in SM North Edsa. 

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Shimmian Manila, Ms. Minie Estrella, Shimmian Manila's Marketing Manager, and Ms. Xchosa Tanagas.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own

Asian Massage: One-stop Beauty and Health Hub

I am not sure if you will agree with me, but I guess women in general are naturally vain. Society dictates as young girls that we all had to look good all the time. I remember in grade school, I'd often come to class with my hair all up in colorful beaded braids. The bullies back then would take pleasure in annoying me, but perhaps they just wanted to get my attention then. Now that we're adults, it is inevitable to try at least to look good or make ourselves look nice--after all, they said first impressions last. Regardless if it is true or not, we owe it to ourselves to look somewhat presentable because we get to face and meet a lot of people whether you're a working mom, a young professional or simply a homemaker. 
It is important that we find time for ourselves. And having discovered Asian Massage in their Pearl Drive Branch, I'd like to share with you what I've just found out about this one-stop shop for your beauty needs. 

Ever found a place where you practically had almost everything you need? Asian Massage had more than the usual spa center had to offer. For one, it had an Asian Salon (yes, you can have your hair treatments, your makeup done, color your nails just as I did), Body Care via Asian Clinic (radio frequency treatments, cavitation, facial treatments to whatnot), and of course, Asian Massage signature massages to de-stress and knead those tensions away. 

Take time off slaving work and reward yourself with a royal treatment. Asian Massage, Asian Clinic and Asian Salon prides itself in offering indulgent services to choose from that are sure to please the princess in you. Spoil yourself from head to toe starting with dainty nail art and nail treatments followed by stress reducing body massage or hair treatments. 

Asian Salon has a wide variety of Korean branded nail polish--so you have plenty of choices. I picked purple pink for my tootsies. It's so pretty! 

Now a vacation getaway is just a quick shopping detour away. Escape to Asian Massage, located right in the heart of Ortigas, near the shopping and business center. Experience the height of relaxation with their signature massage that's sure to make you feel better as the therapist knead strokes of pressure points into your body, you might doze off to slumberland in no time! 

Experience the height of relaxation at Asian Massage, it promises improved blood circulation, strengthen immunity, reduced anxiety and come out with a healthier and more vibrant glow. Visit Asian Massage at 103 Greenrich Mansion, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

Sign Up For This Year's Blogapalooza

Blogapalooza, one of the biggest and most awaited event for entrepreneurs and bloggers will be happening on 16 November at the Function Room 1 of SMX Aura in Taguig City. It had recently announced the 1st 250 bloggers to join them in this year’s most exciting gathering of businesses in search for online brand ambassadors and story tellers. I missed the very first Blogapalooza two years ago., but based on my blogger friends, it really is an event that I should not fail to attend. So I am just excited to have made the list! It will surely be a very interesting day to meet fellow bloggers, as well as businesses and companies that who knows one day I could collaborate with. 
If you have not registered yet, fret not! There are still lots of time to do so and be included in this year’s biggest gathering of bloggers and companies, whether you are a business looking for brand ambassadors or a blogger in search for interesting products and services to feature on your blogs.
Just sign up here . Let's all spread the word on our social media accounts, use the hash tag #Blogapalooza.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jollibee's Maaga ang Pasko Toy and Book Donation Drive Goes Global

We're down to the last few months of 2013. With all the natural calamities and the myriads of problems that our countrymen had faced this year--from the flooding in Northern and Southern Luzon, to the rebellions that had caused chaos in Zamboanga and the recent 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit central Visayas including Cebu and Bohol, it seems like it might take sometime before we could get things back to normal. The flood and earthquake brought misery to the many hundreds whom it had made homeless. But Christmas is fast approaching. It is the season of sharing, giving, spreading some love and it is all about HOPE. 

Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko, the country's biggest and longest toy and book donation campaign (now on its 19th year), recently welcomed its new batch of partner schools and companies in the growing family of Jolly Toy Scouts during the launch held at SM City Marikina. The said campaign will also have separate launches in Batangas, Pampanga, Cebu and Davao in partnership with SM Supermalls. 

The Voice of the Philippines finalist Morisette Amon also graced the said event to the delight of the guests. Here's a glimpse of her performance: 

Jollibee Operations Director for Metro South shared this exciting news for this year's Maaga ang Pasko, " As Jollibee celebrates its 35th year, we are inviting families from all over the globe to take part of the Jolly Family Toy Scouts." 

Jollibee will be launching a Jolibee Maaga ang Pasko microsite on their official website this November where families here or those overseas can donate a toy or book online. This is made possible with the help of Jollibee's campaign partners, Toy Kingdom and Goodwill Bookstore. 

The said online campaign also aims to tap Filipino communities in the United States, Middle East, Hong Kong and Singapore--where Maaga ang Pasko boxes will be placed in Jollibee stores. Thus, the Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko toy and book donation drive is going global this year in the hope to bring together families here and abroad and make Christmas even merrier for more children and families.

This is indeed a piece of good news for all our friends and fellow Filipinos abroad as they too can help spread the love, share and give the less fortunate Filipino kids a reason to smile and still celebrate Christmas despite all the odds they've recently faced. 

Jollibee's Maaga ang Pasko Toy and Book donation drive is a pretty good way to teach your kids how to share. Actually, the Jollibee Maaga ang Pasko had always been sort of a family tradition for us. We started donating old toys and books to Jollibee's program since Kyle was only 3-years-old. Now that Kyle is already eleven, Kyle and I has agreed that he should part ways with his toys so that more young boys will enjoy playing them. One of these days, Kyle and I should start with our annual spring cleaning so that we could donate some of his old toys and books that he's outgrown. After all, in two year's time, he'll officially become a teen and he's sure to have other interests and I guess his toys will no longer be part of it. 

We can all donate online to the Maaga ang Pasko starting this November. To make an online donation, visit Jollibee website and click on the Maaga ang Pasko microsite. Simply choose from the available toy packs or books and follow the simple steps indicated on the said site. Every purchase will be automatically donated to the Maaga ang Pasko Toy and book program. 

It feels good to be able to share knowing fully well that giving is not something beyond our means. Christmas will only become truly meaningful for those who understand and lives up to its meaning. 
So Mommies, please spread the good news to all your friends, loved ones and families abroad so that they too can do something to make every Filipino child happy and with a smile this Christmas. 

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Stratworks' Ms. Ginny Guanco and Ms. Chele Mendoza. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions are my own. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Philip--Lifestyle Guy: The Lifestyle Show for Filipinos of all Ages

The name Philip Abadicio may not exactly ring a bell for people who do not read much of society pages or who do not seem to care about TV shows that had substance. But for those who are interested in lifestyle, Philip Abadicio will surely be a name they are familiar with. 

A bespectacled guy who's actually multi-hyphenated, Philip Abadicio is a jack-of-all trades so to speak; a successful entrepreneur, lifestyle maven, newspaper columnist, PR guru and specialist, producer, former talent manager and now he's becoming boob tube's fast-rising TV host. 

Philip Abadicio never envisioned himself to appear on national TV, much more become a TV host. However, for it isn't surprising that Philip Abadicio eventually got into television. He's got an innate gift of gab, he's someone who can talk about anything under the sun. He is also someone who can make his guests feel at ease with themselves and just be comfortable as they converse. Not every host can do just that. When you watch Philip with his guests, one could easily conclude that they are indeed enjoying his interviews.

Philip Abadicio unveils a new TV show called PHILIP--Lifestyle Guy with the aim to further promote Lifestyle itself: dig the latest food, try different spa treatments, do a travel sojourn, get updates on the newest tech gadgets, know what's trendy and hip in fashion etc. PHILIP-Lifestyle Guy is a lifestyle show for the "Masa". 

Catch Philip with his Philip--Lifestyle Guy show on TV5 starting on October 27, 2013, Sunday from 11AM to 12NN. You 'll also get a chance to win exciting prizes--and get to experience and eat exactly what Philip and his guest for the week just had. 

Like Philip Lifestyle Guy on Facebook and follow Philip Abadicio on Twitter @philiplifestyleguy

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cordlife Medical Philippines: One Chance, One Choice on Umbilical and Cord Blood Banking

"What will you do with your Php8,000?", This was the same question that was raised during the Cordlife Medical Philippines' Bloggers event held recently at the Amici Italian Restaurant, UP Techno Hub, Commonwealth, Quezon City. As Mommies, it was but natural for us to answer something related to our families. Some responded with answers such as shopping for her kids' clothes, others answered she'll use it for her daughter's tuition, one entrepreneurial mom even said that she'll invest the said amount in the stock market, but most of us answered that we'll be using the said amount to buy some grocery items, and in my case, it has to be for Kyle's daily school baon and other household needs. Nobody answered that she'll be using that amount for herself. I guess it is because of a mother's natural instinct--we think highly of our families, especially our kids. Actually, when I'd buy something for myself, I would often feel guilty no matter how small it is, knowing fully well that my family had always been my top priority. As they often said in the vernacular, "Hindi bale ng wala ang Nanay, basta mayroon ang mga anak," (It doesn't matter if the mother has none, for as long as her kids had whatever it is that they need, the mother will be willing to sacrifice) 

Add caption

Going back to the Php8,000 question, only a few would even consider of banking their umbilical cord tissue with such amount of money. I mean sure, it isn't a pocket change for many, but your Php8,000 will surely be a great help to you and your family if and when the need arises if and when you decide to invest your 8k into cord blood banking or umbilical cord banking.

Cordlife Philippines' director Ms. Huiying Tan

For those who do not know what Cordlife Philippines is all about, Cordlife is the first cord blood bank to be set up in Singapore and also the first in Asia to do so. Cordlife has more than 12 years of cord blood banking experience as well as a published track record of cord blood transplants. Cordlife Philippines is also the country's first and only cord blood processing and storage facility registered with the Department of Health (DOH) with its facilities ISO 9001-2008 certified. 

Located in UP Ayalaland Technohub in Quezon City, the local facility has a storage capacity of more than 20,000 cord blood units, and uses liquid nitrogen for long-term cryopreservation. The world-class facility operates 365 days a year and offers the world's only fully automated cord blood processing system called SEPAX. 

Tests are done and screening at the Cordlife Laboratory

In February 2013, Cordlife Philippines introduced its newest service--umbilical cord tissue banking using Cell Optima--an advanced technology for stem cell isolation which was developed and patented by Singapore based clinician scientists and exclusively available at Cordlife. The said technology can isolate and expand epithelial stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells from the umbilical cord lining, thus giving families more medical options in the future. The offering allows expectant parents to store their newborn's umbilical cord--and the stem cells it contains for potential use in future therapeutic applications. 

Using state of the art technology Cordlife keeps umbilical cord safe.

"The introduction of umbilical cord banking represents the latest milestone for Cordlife Philippines--one which reflects our dedication to introducing pioneering products and services to our customers," said zjeremy Yee, Executive zdirector and Chief Executive Officer of accord life a group Limited. "We take great pride in offering Filipino parents the additional option of storing their child's cord tissue to help them further safeguard their family's future."

The Cordlife Laboratory where harvested stem cells are kept.

Present during the Cordlife Philippines Bloggers' event were Ms. Huiying Tan, Cordlife Director Philippines, Dr. Arvin Faundo, Medical Director of Cordlife Philippines and Celebrity Chef, popular endorser and new mom Ms. China Cojuangco, Cordlife Philippines Mom Ambassador.

China Cojuangco talks about her Cordlife experience.

Dr. Arvin Faundo further explained what stem cell is all about as well as why should you bank them. According to Dr. Faundo, Stem cells are special cells of tissues and organs that make up the human body. Stem Cells can be found in the body from embryonic, an adult's bone marrow, blood, cord blood among many others. A cord blood is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta after the baby's delivery. It is usually thrown away and considered as a medical waste but it is found to be a rich source of stem cells which could treat the likes of leukemia, lymphoma, thalassemia, aplastic anemia, inherited immunodeficiencies. At present, stem cells are also being studied to help improve the condition and possibly cure the likes of Cerebral palsy, type 1 Diabetes, Myocardial infraction, spinal cord injury, as well as Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). 

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In other countries like Singapore and Hong Kong, Cordlife entities have released cord blood units for successful stem cell transplants to treat disease such as leukemia, neuroblastoma and thalassemia. 

Dr. Faundo also answers the difference between cord blood banking to umbilical cord banking. Cord blood banking is the storage of cord blood, also known as "placental blood", which is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta following childbirth and after the umbilical cord is out. But umbilical cord banking is the storage of the actual umbilical cord tissue. 

Cordlife Ambassador China Cojuangco and her baby Lucia

New mom, Stage actress, celebrity Chef and Cordlife Mom Ambassador, Ms. China Cojuangco also shared her personal insights on her own experience with Cordlife Philippines' umbilical cord banking. "Being a first time mom, I want to make sure that I do everything right for my baby, Lucia, and my family. Part of this is being prepared for any health concerns, specially those that are in the past were considered serious or even incurable. It is possible! We parents are always on the look-out for ways to spare our children from any threats, especially illnesses, of which many can be passed down from previous generations. I did my research on Cordlife. Aside from feeling more prepared for Lucia, her umbilical cord tissue and cord blood may also be used by family members as long as they match! The deal was sealed for us after seeing Cordlife's solid list of families who successfully used their baby's stored cord blood for treatment. This is very important to us considering that we have a history of cancer and diabetes in our families. Our Cordlife experience has been nothing but hassle-free with a generous helping of heartfelt concern for my family's well-being. From the first time we made an inquiry to the day I delivered my baby. And though it's something we hope we will never need to use, I can sleep better at night knowing that reliable hands are safekeeping my baby's stem cells."

Purple Plum Fairy author with Ms. China Cojuangco

How much does Cordlife Philippines's umbilical cord banking services cost? Cordlife's umbilical cord banking service starts as low as Php35,000 (one-time upfront fee for collection, processing and testing) and Php8,000 annual fee. Clients can pay via 0%-interest credit card installments up to 12 months. There are also pre-payment plans available that offer more savings. It may seem to be a little expensive, but when you consider how it would help you and your family in the future, it is all worth it. Although stem cell treatment is still considered as somewhat new in the country, it is still a breakthrough that will give us medical options in the future. In a good way, cord blood banking and umbilical cord banking will somehow ensure our family's health in the future and doing so will probably give us more peace of mind. 

For more information as well as other queries, please visit or email Dr. Arvin Faundo himself at 
You may also inquire at Cordlife Medical Philippines by calling (02) 470-1735/ 322-1888 or email

Purple Plum Fairy thanks Cordlife Philippines, Eon's Chris Calilao and Gian Geronimo for the invite.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are my own. 

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