Saturday, December 23, 2023

Sip, Laugh, and Learn with Birch Tree’s "Cowmustahan" Series


In today's fast-paced world, Birch Tree Fortified Choco recognizes the importance of meaningful connections and valuable life lessons. That's why they are thrilled to introduce "Cowmustahan!" an engaging and heartwarming YouTube series that is an enchanting world of fun and wisdom served in a glass. Join them on a journey of discovery as they explore the heartwarming tales of its characters and the profound lessons they impart in each episode.

More than just a kid’s show, "Cowmustahan" is a delightful rendezvous with Berty - the curious, playful, and kind baby cow, and Mama Betty - the nurturing, empathetic, and cheerful mom cow. Together, they are the heart and soul of the "Cowmustahan" Series. With each episode, they share valuable life lessons that resonate with the heart of Birch Tree's target market.

Friday, December 22, 2023

Adding a Conservatory: Things to Consider Before You Start


A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to a home, providing extra space to relax or entertain. When considering adding a conservatory in Yorkshire or elsewhere, there are several key factors to weigh before beginning the project. Careful planning and preparation can help ensure your new conservatory is functional, visually appealing, and built to last.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

Mang Inasal stores in Zamboanga start using solar panels


Mang Inasal, the Philippines' Grill Expert, begins its commitment to improved environmental sustainability by putting solar panel-mounted rooftops in certain of its establishments.
"In support of Jollibee Group's efforts to shift to renewable energy, Mang Inasal is taking initial steps towards environmental sustainability," stated Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. "And as a highly franchised business, we are grateful for the support of our franchisees in this quest."

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

5 reasons why the Maya Card is your best travel buddy!


Explore your holiday destinations with the Maya Card, your ultimate travel companion that combines convenience, security, and rewards all in one. From booking flights, securing accommodations to indulging experiences, you can say goodbye to the hassles of multiple payment methods as this sleek card simplifies your travel payments while elevating your trip with unbeatable rewards, iron-clad security, and effortless style.  


As you gear up for your trip this holiday season, here are five reasons why you must bring your Maya card with you!  

1. Enjoy worldwide acceptance and ATM withdrawal.

When Maya says convenience, it means a hassle-free payment experience as you travel around the globe as you can use your Maya Card in over 130 million local and global merchant partners. What’s more, you can withdraw funds at any ATM machine so that you won’t run short of cash. 


2. No activation, no problem.  

Ever experienced the hassle of processing your payment card’s activation prior to traveling abroad? It’s a problem of the past with Maya Card, as you can instantly use it abroad without having to call customer support for activation. 

3. Get it for free! Plus enjoy exclusive perks & rewards while boosting your interest in Maya Savings.  

Get your first ever Maya Card and personalize it with your @username for free! All you need to do is open a savings account and deposit P250. By using your Maya Card for your travel expenses, you get up to boost your savings interest of up to 15% p.a. credited daily! Talk about saving while spending, no longer need to feel bad about rewarding yourself and splurging while you’re on a trip. Enjoy more rewards of up to P5,000 cashback for every P2,500 minimum spend and a raffle entry for a chance to win a brand new iPhone15. 


4. Track your travel expenses easily and in real-time.  

Rewarding yourself but still want to be the budget master of the trip? We get it, enjoying the trip and manually tracking your travel spendings on your phone doesn’t come hand in hand. This is a common struggle for today’s travelers, which Maya Card addresses by making tracking your travel expenses easy. With Maya Card, you can monitor all your spending in real time through the app, allowing you to have fun on your trip while staying within budget. 


5. Safe & secure.  

What’s a travel payment card without the assurance of safety and security? Certified and, thus, trusted, by card industry leaders Visa and BancNet, Maya Card is issued by Maya Philippines, Inc., a BSP-regulated financial institution. Aside from these credentials, Maya Card also presents tons of safety features, including anti-fraud technology, multi-factor authentication, and more.  


With Maya Card, you can travel in style without the worry of exhausting your savings. Enjoy the freedom to indulge and explore stunning destinations this holiday season and beyond, knowing that your spending is as boundless as your adventures. 


For more information about Maya, visit and Stay updated on everything Maya by following @mayaiseverything on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and TikTok


Be a Winner this Holiday Season with Petron Loyalty Craze!


Petron Loyalty Craze continues to reward thousands of winners by giving away prizes every day to lucky Petron Value Card (PVC) members. During the 2022 Christmas season, millions worth of prizes were received by hundreds of Petron Value Card members through the “Namamasko Po!nts” Promo. The excitement kept going with Php 100,000-worth of prizes awarded every day to hundreds of lucky PVC holders.

In the “Petron x Purefoods” Promo, PVC holder James Peralta was among those who took home thousands of pesos worth of Purefoods products. Overwhelmed, James posted, "Dati hindi ako naniniwala sa mga ganitong pa-raffle. Ngayon, hindi ako makapaniwala na isa ako sa mapalad na nanalo (I used to doubt these kinds of raffles. Now I can’t believe I’m one of the lucky winners)."

In what could be considered a perfect example of good karma, Primitivo Salo won one of 60 brand-new motorcycles given away every day in the “Isang Motorsiklo Kada Araw” Promo. Mr. Salo was earlier cited for his honesty in returning a bag of money to an OFW-passenger who left it in his taxi.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup Tryouts: Finding the Next Generation of Filipino Racers


Honda Philippines, Inc (HPI) held its Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup (HPDC) Tryout last November 18, 2023, at the Carmona Racing Circuit, Carmona, Cavite. 18 young riders participated the event giving them 4 sessions to show their skills using the CBR150R converted to race bikes. 12 riders were selected after the thorough, strict deliberation and assessment of Mr. Shigeki Honda, the Founder of HARC-PRO and Coach Charles Nolasco, a retired PSBK (Philippine Super Bike) rider and experienced coach in racing. 

HPDC started last 2017 aiming to develop and mold aspiring Filipino young talented riders while giving them a chance on becoming a professional motorcycle racer using the same type of machinery before stepping up to the Domestic and International racing competitions.  

HPI President Ms. Sayaka Arai emphasizes that “The Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup is an opportunity to showcase individual skills and a chance to foster camaraderie and sportsmanship among young riders. It is a platform where dreams are nurtured, and aspirations take flight.”  

Monday, December 18, 2023

Pizza Hut gives you a MAD LIT holiday season with the new Four Cheese Holiday Ham Supreme Pizza

The season is about to get mad lit as Pizza Hut unveils a new pizza recipe that features a famous character. The main character is a holiday favorite. It's time to spread festive happiness with the new Four Seasons. Only for a limited time is the Cheese Holiday Ham Supreme Pizza available!

Get into this brand-new offering that's decked to the halls with smoky-sweet holiday ham slices, four different kinds of cheeses—mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese—carbonara sauce, red and green bell pepper slices, and garlic butter oil. It's a meaty and cheesy joint that's sure to pass the holiday vibe check!

Savor these bussin; flavors with the new Mega Crunch Pizza, which comes in a thin and crispy crust that's loaded with your favorite toppings up to the edge, smothered with 100% mozzarella cheese, and seasoned with parmesan and oregano mix for a truly elevated pizza experience. Or, you can also roll with the classic Pan Pizza, Stuffed Crust Pizza, or Ultimate Cheesy Bites—ydy! Yfm?

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

PSAHelpline: Your Online Channel for PSA Certificates is a user-friendly online channel, simplifying the process of acquiring essential PSA certificates, including birth, marriage, death, and Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR. The website is easily accessible through desktops, tablets, or mobile phones, and offers a convenient and secure solution for Filipinos seeking a straightforward and efficient way to obtain vital civil registry documents wherever they are in the country.

Since 2000, has swiftly addressed the need for hassle-free ordering and delivery of PSA certificates. In an effort to provide better services, it has undergone remarkable enhancements, offering seamless and efficient features over the year.

1. Easy, Fast, and Secure Ordering Process

PSAHelpline provides an uncomplicated ordering process, allowing users to easily request copies of their PSA certificates, all from the comfort of their homes or offices, ensuring that individuals across the country can benefit from its streamlined and efficient services.

To order, follow these easy steps:

1. Log on to and fill out and submit the online order form. A reference number will be assigned to the application.

2. Pay for the order through any of the online payment channels available, or over the counter at payment center hubs.

3. Wait for the PSA certificate to be delivered.

Tis the season for upgrades: Your guide to festive home appliances


The most anticipated season of the year is here, and Filipinos across the country are gearing up to make it even more special. For many, this means not only decking the halls but also upgrading their home appliances to ensure a seamless and delightful holiday season experience. Plus, it is also the perfect time for some home upgrades just before the new year starts. 

If you're one of those who want to replace your tired, old appliances with new and improved models, Home Credit, the country’s leading consumer finance company, has some exciting home upgrade finds for you. 

What’s more, with Home Credit's exclusive 0% interest offer, with flexible terms for up to 18 months, you can now easily bring home the latest and most efficient home appliances without straining your budget.

Check out some of the home appliances you can purchase through a Home Credit appliance loan to make your holiday season extra special:

Thursday, December 7, 2023

FSSI supports social entrepreneurs to grow local communities


Press Release:

The British Council, supported by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, reported that social enterprises in the country have struggled to balance their environmental and financial goals to achieve business stability and effectively measure their overall impact. FSSI addresses this challenge through its triple bottom line (3BL) approach, which measures People, Planet, and Profit as the main indicators. Through this approach, FSSI has benefited over 280 local social enterprises, resulting in deeper support to the communities they belong to, more paths to sustainability, and more profitable businesses – all at the same time.

“Social enterprises aim to create social and environmental impact, while maintaining a viable business at the same time,” said Sixto Donato C. Macasaet, Executive Director at FSSI. “In order to achieve their goals, we and our partners from national civil society organizations and international organizations help them address their challenges through our needs-based services that include loans, developmental deposits, seed capital, and equity investment.”

Boost socio-economic impact

Women-led enterprise Mallig FST Multi-Purpose Cooperative is engaged in lending, savings deposits, agricultural inputs trading and mechanization services, and rice milling. In 2022, the cooperative expanded and opened a gas station in Mallig, Isabela to create jobs for their immediate community.

The cooperative also started the construction of a multi-purpose building which will be used as the cooperative’s office, convenience store, agricultural trading store for bulk purchase of agricultural supplies, and other stalls for rent. Through FSSI’s Investing in Women project, they are able to augment their working capital for agricultural inputs trading and thus, offer agricultural inputs to farmer members at a lower price. They also give them technical advice for better yield per cropping.

“We are now able to establish a one-stop-shop that will cater to the various needs of farmer members and non-members alike in Mallig,” said Marilyn Binag, Manager at Mallig FST Multi-Purpose Cooperative. She added that this will also be an opportunity for the cooperative to grow beyond its 642 members—234 of whom are women—by helping them realize their potential economic contributions through helping more communities even outside of Isabela.

Empower local communities

Nueva Ecija-based women-led social enterprise Kilusang Lima para sa Lahat Multi-Purpose Cooperative (K5 MPC) already began partnering with FSSI through a loan program in 2006 to sustain its financial support to its members who are farmers and owners of micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“Our members' need for capital for various purposes outweighs the share capital contributed by investing members,” said Guillermo Bacsa, General Manager at K5 MPC. Guided by the 3BL approach, in 2006, FSSI offered K5 MPC a credit line to support their members and to empower the communities they serve and contribute to local economic development.

FSSI joined the inauguration of K5 MPC's Peaks and Waves Bed and Breakfast at Dingalan, Aurora. (L-R: Nikki Natan, FSSI Knowledge Management, Advocacy, and Communications Officer, Leah Embuido, FSSI Financial Services Manager, Mark Tañedo, FSSI Credit Officer, Evelyn Roxas, Sherlyn Alcantara, and Ma. Loida Dela Cruz, K5 MPC Board Directors)

In 2022, K5 MPC worked with FSSI, under a renewed partnership, to expand its services to nearby province, Aurora, and launched its first lodging business, “Peaks and Waves Bed and Breakfast.” FSSI supported the construction of the lodging house which now contributes to the local economy of the town of Dingalan through tourism, employment generation, and environmental protection by segregating, composting, and recycling wastes, and reusing containers to reduce plastic usage.

“Our members’ trust is a vital part of community development,” Bacsa said. “By empowering them and providing them solutions that fit their needs, our capital grew from PHP 60,000 to PHP 40 million to date.”

Founded on the principles of People, Planet, and Profit, FSSI offers customizable services that empower social enterprises to ensure they thrive in their respective sector and foster holistic community development.

To discover more about how FSSI supports local social enterprises, visit or go to their Facebook page at

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Celebrate the Holiday Season at The Manila Hotel


Press Release:

This festive season, The Manila Hotel presents a gastronomic celebration like no other. With an unwavering commitment to providing memorable experiences, the Grand Dame invites guests to partake in a feast of flavors and revel in the joyous spirit of the holidays.


Café Ilang-Ilang Festive Buffet

Enjoy different cuisines from around the world at the famed Café Ilang-Ilang, where an opulent festive buffet awaits discerning diners. Whether celebrating Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or welcoming the New Year – guests can enjoy special rates while savoring a delectable array of dishes. Rates start at P4,500 per person.

A Christmas party well “dasurved” by everyone


Taiwan Excellence believes that Filipinos are among those who throw the best parties during the Christmas season, where the holiday season is celebrated at its longest in this part of the world.
And Taiwan Excellence, which honors the most innovative and value-added products produced by leading companies in Taiwan, believes that every Christmas party in the Philippines deserve to be thrown in the best and most excellent manner to make it truly memorable.
To celebrate this, Taiwan Excellence introduces a holiday contest called “A Dasurved Christmas Party,” where Filipinos can win a Christmas Party package worth P10,000 so they can celebrate all day long.
“A Dasurved Christmas Party” is open to various groups of Filipinos such as families, blood relatives, office mates, close friends, or even groups of individuals that possess a strong bond with each other.
To join “A Dasurved Christmas Party,” simply “Like” and “Follow” Taiwan Excellence’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
In order to win the Christmas Party Package, simply answer the question “Why do you deserve a holiday celebration worth Php 10,000?” and explain why your group deserves to win the Christmas Party Package and have some Christmas fun. Your comment will serve as your entry to the contest.
More importantly, do not forget to include the correct contest hashtags #ADasurvedChristmasParty#TheBestMadeInTaiwan, and #TaiwanExcellencePH in your comment. Comments with incorrect hashtags will be declared invalid and will not be counted.
The contest is open for posting of entries until December 7, 2023. A total of Three (3) winners will be chosen to win the Christmas Party Package.
For more details, check out the link to the official post here:

Tuesday, December 5, 2023



Celebrate the most joyous season with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra as they hold the fourth concert of their 39th Concert Season: Switch on December 8, 2023, 7:30pm, at the Samsung Performing Arts Theater.   

Dubbed Ode to Joy, the Concert IV program features Franz Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 2 in A Major and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, Op. 125 in D minor, under the baton of PPO music director and principal conductor Maestro Grzegorz Nowak. 

Renowned pianist and former CCP president Raul Sunico takes center stage as he performs Liszt's Piano Concerto No. 2 in A Major, a dazzling and virtuosic piece that highlights the composer’s inventive approach to the piano and his ability to integrate solo and orchestral parts fluidly. 

Hailed for his “unusual gifts of lyricism and poetry,” Sunico has an illustrious international career as a concert pianist, orchestral soloist, and composer-arranger of Philippine music. A TOYM Awardee for Music in 1986, Sunico’s impact extends beyond performance. He is a music education advocate, textbook author, and former dean of the UST Conservatory

of Music. With unique distinction like performing all four Rachmaninoff pianos concertos in a single evening, Sunic continues to contribute significantly to the world of classical music. 

Experience the grandeur of Beethoven's monumental Symphony No. 9, Op. 125 in D minor, with guest performers baritone Byeong-In Park, mezzo soprano Krissan Manikan-Tan, soprano Rachelle Gerodias, and tenor Arthur Espiritu. 

The Beethoven piece has been known for its innovative use of a vocal quartet and a choir in the last movement, which includes the well-loved “Ode to Joy.” The PPO’s rendition features a 120-voice choir composed of singers from the CMU Consortium of Voices, Eastern Chamber Singers, Ateneo Chamber Singers, Novo Concertante Manila, and Kammerchor Manila, with chorus master and CCP trustee Jonathan Velasco. 

A much-sought after choral conductor, clinician and adjudicator, Velasco and his choirs have won first prizes in major European choral competitions. He regularly adjudicates choral competitions in Europe and Asia, gives choral conducting workshops and coral clinics worldwide. In 2008, he was elected the first president of the Philippine Choral Directors Association. He currently conducts the Ateneo Chamber Singers. He represents the Philippines to the Interkultur World Choir Council.  

Celebrating its 50th founding anniversary, the PPO is the country’s leading orchestra and is widely regarded as one of the top musical ensembles in the Asia-Pacific region. The PPO has premiered Filipino compositions and has featured works by foreign composers not yet performed in the Philippines. It continues to promote music appreciation through outreach concerts in schools, parishes, government agencies, and underserved communities in Metro Manila and different regions of the country.

For ticket inquiries, group discounts, and subscriptions contact the CCP Box Office at 0931 033 0880 or email at You can purchase tickets at TicketWorld (09175506997 / 09999545922) at

Visit the CCP website ( or follow the official social media accounts on Facebook, X, Instagram, and TikTok for the latest updates.

Monday, December 4, 2023

Add more color to your holidays with DQ's latest Blizzard of the Month offer featuring M&M's


This holiday season, DQ is adding more color to your celebrations with a new collection of cold treats featuring one of the most iconic sweets of all time—M&Ms!

Join the M&Ms Spokescandies as they liven up the holidays with their fun and vibrant personalities with the new DQ x M&Ms Collection, DQ's latest Blizzard of the Month offer, which comes in six different creations!

First are three new Blizzards made with DQs creamy vanilla soft serve mixed with M&Ms candy pieces: the Nutty Blizzard, a dreamy dessert elevated by the interplay of chewy and crunchy; the Choco Fudge Blizzard, for those who seek the ultimate chocolatey treat; and the Caramel Brownie Blizzard, made with bite-sized brownies and caramel topping to satisfy any sweet tooth. Joining these limited-edition Blizzards is the new M&Ms Parfait, made with layers of soft serve and chocolate topping and then topped with whipped cream and M&Ms. 

UNICEF Ambassador Gary V invites everyone to help children through UNICEF Cards


Gary Valenciano, UNICEF 

2023—UNICEF National Ambassador Gary Valenciano invites everyone to join hands in helping to create a better future for vulnerable children this Christmas season through UNICEF Cards, featuring iconic works by renowned artist, Mauro “Malang” Santos. "A lot of children both globally and in the Philippines are facing different forms of crisis. Let's come together this Christmas, share the joy, and make a lasting impact on their lives. With every UNICEF Card, we're one step closer to ensuring every child gets the protection and support they need to live life to the fullest,” Gary said.

The UNICEF Cards feature two of Malang’s masterful works from his family’s private collection: Family in Barrio (1967) and Vendors (1998). Malang is a celebrated Filipino cartoonist, illustrator, and painter known for his colorful depictions of Filipino life.

Worthy holiday gift: vivo Y17s now priced at Php 5,999


Press Release:

This festive season, vivo is thrilled to announce a merry surprise for all tech enthusiasts and budget-savvy consumers. The vivo Y17s with packed features is now adorned with a more budget-friendly price tag of only Php 5,999. 

Get ready to indulge in the joy of giving, as this incredible offer ensures that the vivo Y17s becomes the perfect holiday gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Embrace the holiday spirit with the vivo Y17s, featuring a spectacular 50MP rear camera equipped with Night Algorithm technology. Say goodbye to blurry memories and hello to vivid, lifelike snapshots that encapsulate the magic of the festive season.

With 128GB internal storage, the vivo Y17s ensures that every special moment is safeguarded. You can expand it up to 1TB using a micro SD card, guaranteeing that cherished memories are stored and ready to be revisited for years to come.

Keep the holiday celebrations going without interruption, thanks to the powerful 5000mAh battery of the vivo Y17s. Enjoy uninterrupted calls, endless entertainment, and seamless browsing – all within a single device.

Worthy holiday gift

Priced at Php 5,999, the vivo Y17s at 4GB + 128GB symbolizes affordability without compromise. This holiday season, share the gift of cutting-edge technology, stunning photography, and ample storage with yourself or your loved ones.

In the spirit of Christmas, vivo invites all Filipinos to make this holiday truly unforgettable with the Y17s - available in Glitter Purple and Forest Green. Hurry to your nearest vivo store or add to card through official website, Shopee, Lazada, TikTok and seize this incredible deal before stocks vanish like holiday magic.

Stay updated with the latest offerings, news, and announcements from vivo Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, X, and TikTok

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