Thursday, May 30, 2013

Superbook is back on GMA 7 Beginning June 1!

The phenomenal ‘80s well-loved animation based from the Holy Bible is back. Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) brings back an all-new Superbook. Viewers will experience a one-of-a-kind journey. Starting June 1, the new Superbook will air at 7:30AM on GMA 7.  In addition, the Superbook Classic we’ve grown up with will also air episodes starting June 2 at 7:30AM also on GMA. 

What has started as an animated Bible series for children in Japan is now a world-class animation production. Since its first airing in Japan, the Superbook series has now has been broadcast in over 106 countries, translated into 43 languages and has been viewed by over half a billion people. 

And to further reach more people and in keeping up with the times and technology, the original series has been improved. CBN and top Hollywood producers, animators and directors put their minds together and the result: A relived, reinvented and reimagined Superbook

Our goal is not only to produce a child-friendly program, but more importantly, a child-focused show for this generation to digest. Superbook aims to capture the hearts of the children today. In addition, even parents will enjoy and learn from it. It’s the perfect bonding activity for families,” says Icko Gonzalez, Superbook project head in the Philippines. “The new Superbook is for the now generation.”

Personally, as a parent, I am excited for Superbook’s comeback on Philippine TV. I am looking forward to share with Kyle my experiences in growing up watching Superbook and Flying House. Of course, it may take sometime for Kyle to get to know the likes of Chris, Joy, Ruffles and Gizmo. Actually, when he first learned about it, he thought it might be boring since the stories are bible-based. Luckily, Kyle and I watched its few episodes last Holy Week. And it felt good to reminisce my childhood. I told Kyle I was a proud member of Super Kids Club. In fact, according to Icko Gonzalez, back in 80’s and 90’s, the Super Kids Club had around 350,000 members! I even showed Kyle my Achievers Series certificate. Yes, I still have them up to this day and age.

My own Super Kids Club certificate.

Superbook had played a huge part of my childhood. Each time I read the holy bible now, I could still recall visuals from the Superbook animation I’ve come to love and follow as a kid. Oh, how I looked forward to afternoons after siesta  (naps) because it’s the only time I’m allowed to stay ‘glued’ on TV. I’ve come to know more about Jesus and the stories from the holy bible because of Superbook. I’d want to pass on to Kyle that sense of awe in watching Superbook. 

A letter I had received as a kid being a member.
An animated Moses in the "Let my People Go" episode.

Icko Gonzalez, Superbook Project Head in the country.

Kudos to CBN, GMA and the rest of the people behind Superbook. Thank you for bringing back our beloved animation and for making it possible to share them with the new generation of kids and those kids-at-hearts. 

Catch Gizmo and the Superbook guys in the future at Robinson’s Malls and for their upcoming School Tours. Don’t forget to watch Superbook on GMA 7 every Saturday (new version) and Sunday (classic) at 7:30AM. You could also log on to
For more information on Superbook, email

Special thanks to Mr. Edwin Arceo and Len Trance-Tienzo.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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  1. God bless you, I'm adilson and I live in Venezuela, I love letters from kids club superbook you publish your post ... may be able to scan them and send them to my email ... please him greatly appreciate


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