Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Colorful and functional Lifefactory bottles.

We hear or read about them all the time: Chemical toxicity, pesticides, antibiotics…these are what we put inside our bodies nowadays. The chemicals penetrate the placenta resulting to birth defects, disorder and other abnormalities.  We now live in a not-so-perfect world. What we used to have when we were kids was even better than what we now have,” shares former model/hands-on mom Bianca Araneta-Elizalde at an event held at Juju Eats in Makati.  One best example of how fast a certain thing or product penetrates our skin is by (which I bet you might just experiment later on) rubbing garlic cloves on your toes. When you do just that, the strong scent of garlic comes out of your breath,” adds Bianca. Now, can you all imagine chemicals they put on our vegetables even before it is put on our table as well as growth hormones injected on poultry and other meat that we all eat? How potable is the water that we drink everyday? Are we the type who chooses to reuse the plastic bottles that we have in our home in the hope of helping the environment? Have you guys heard of BPA or BPS? If we use all these plastics, unfortunately, we are feeding our kids with phthalate.Phthalate is from a crystaline acid derived from benzene, with two carboxylic acid groups attached to benzene ring. It is commonly found from the plastics in which plastic bottles are made of. The good news is there’s hope in Lifefactory.

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde talks about the harsh effects of BPA.

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde shares her own experience using Lifefactory bottles.

Lifefactory are functional glass beverage that’s BPA/BPS free and phthalate-free bottles. It now introduces an amazing Flip top cap that saves you time and effort with its smart and functional design. You can even open it with one hand as the pivoting handle allows you to do more and provides a great way to carry the bottle. You can also try to add ice cubes or fresh fruits into your drink with its wide mouth access. Lifefactory bottles are guaranteed safe for everyday food and beverage use. Regardless if it’s hot or cold, slushed or iced, Lifefactory bottles are perfect for everyday use. It comes in classic pastel colors to vivid ones to match your moods. Mix, match or color block your caps and bottles for a more personalized bottle. Lifefactory bottles are available in leading department stores nationwide. 

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