Thursday, May 16, 2013


Colorful and stylish Para'Kito bands and clips.

I often get some sort of blisters out of mosquito bites. It had always been my problem as a child and even until now that I am an adult. To prevent such, I would generously slather on anti-mosquito repellant lotion on my skin. But then, I would feel so uncomfortable because the lotion makes my skin even hotter. I used to do all of these until I read about DEET and other hazardous chemicals that penetrate our bodies through the skin.  I’ve had dengue before, and I wouldn’t want to experience the same thing again. So it’s actually good news to hear that there have been products now made available in the country that wouldn’t be harmful and that are safe to use even for babies like Para’Kito All Natural Mosquito Protection.

Para’Kito is an all-natural mosquito protection band and clip that’s easy to wear for both kids and adults. It comes in stylish and colorful bands and clips, so you can even match them with your clothes. Para’Kito solution is a patented device, proven to provide a strong and long lasting protection against mosquitoes. 

Mr. David of Para'Kito explains how the pellets work.

So what makes Para’Kito effective? It’s actually a product from a French laboratory that works closely with the World Health Organization and it considered Para’Kito as a technological breakthrough in personal protection against mosquitoes. Unlike other mosquito repellants, Para’Kito uses a proprietary combination of seven natural essential oils namely Lavendula, Geranium, Citronella, Maritime Pine, Clove, and Peppermint. These oils are sourced from around the world, blended in France, and impregnated into the replaceable pellets using a patented technology that assures long-lasting effectivity despite the natural volatility of oils. The combination of the seven essential oils naturally wards off the mosquitoes. And get this, while other repellants and devices count their effectivity in hours, each Para’Kito pellet is 100% efficient for 24 hours a day for straight 15 days. 
Para’Kito is safe for all ages. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, it is free from DEET and is chemical-free so you can be assured of its safety. People with super sensitive skin can even use Para’Kito since the pellet does not come in contact with the skin.  So, say goodbye to anti-mosquito repellant lotions, and say hello to your new best buddy against mosquitoes: Para’Kito is available in department stores and retail outlets nationwide. 

Para’Kito is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Red Herring Distribution Company Inc. JADC Compound, 7 E. Rodriguez Avenue Jr. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City. +632 (477.9633)
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