Monday, January 2, 2012

Valiente Remake on TV5 this February 2012

Oyo Boy Sotto plays Theo Braganza
   As a kid, I grew up watching Valiente with my grandma as an excuse so as not to have my afternoon siesta (nap). I guess I was too young then to really understand why most of my relatives were so into it, so when I learned that there will be a remake this year, I am definitely looking forward to see the said series for the second time. Only this time, with me really understanding what all the hype's all about. I mean, there must be something in this series why most Filipinos in my childhood days were glued on their television sets in the afternoon. And for an epic drama to last for five years without stretching its story just for the sake of high TV ratings--I'd surely give this TV series a thumbs-up!

For those of you who hasn’t heard yet or is not yet familiar with Valiente, it is a Philippine television epic drama originally aired on ABS-CBN from 1992 to 1995, and then was transferred to GMA Network from 1995 until its last episode in 1997. 

JC De Vera plays Gardo Valiente.

Valiente was from the same people (Television And Production Exponents Inc. or better known as TAPE Inc.) behind other successful TAPE-produced shows such as Agila, the longest-running noontime show Eat Bulaga, sitcom Okay Ka Fairy Ko (from which the character of  Enteng Kabisote’s adventures in Engkantasia began). The Valiente series  lasted for five years and just like the original version, TV5 would also like Valiente to become part of its viewers’ everyday routine or lifestyle.

Valiente’s TV5 remake will have an ensemble cast of promising actors JC De Vera (as Gardo Valiente) and Oyo Boy Sotto (as Theo Braganza). Appearances from the original casts will also be expected in the said remake. Actors from the original Valiente include Tirso Cruz III, Michael De Mesa, Glenda Garcia and Mariz Ricketts.  Valiente is a Filipino epic drama and action television series that will be offered by Archangel Productions and will be broadcasted on Associated Broadcasting Company TV5 and will be airing on February 2012. The new Valiente version also topbills dramatic young actress Nadine Samonte and alluring Nina Jose

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Do Watch out for Valiente on TV5 this February! Remember to watch Valiente on the month of Valentines!  


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