Friday, December 23, 2011

My Casmara Facial Experience

I am not really a beauty blogger but I’d like to share with you my recent experience on having a facial. I had been to different facial/skin care centers before and I was able to try their facial treatments a lot of times but I’d have to say this: Nothing compares to the facial I recently had with a Casmara facial treatment. 

Before I’d go into details, let me just clarify that I am not getting a single cent for writing about this on my blog. I decided to share it with everyone else so that you too could experience what I just had experienced. I won’t be surprised if one day Casmara will become a household word for everyone. 

Getting back to the said facial treatment, it was really amazing. Imagine spending an hour with a heavenly facial treatment? Casmara is a brand of natural facial masks. Before any treatment, a dermatologist would have to assess what type of facial treatment do you need. So the Casmara mask they’ll be using will be depending on your skin type. 

My friend had a collagen-infused mask because she needs anti-aging while another friend had a seaweed based mud mask because she had problems with her oily skin. I had herb and oatmeal mask because I had sensitive skin.  I couldn’t help but compare this treatment with other facial treatments I had before. This time I was surprised that the therapist did not scrimp on the facial mask. 
After almost half an hour of thorough facial cleansing and massages, I felt the cold Casmara mask being spread on my face. It felt like my face was being coated with strawberry ice cream! The therapist politely asked if I wanted to have my face entirely covered, I said yes. Facial treatments had always been a nightmare for me, what with all the pricking of pimples + black and white heads extraction…But amazingly, not this one. If all facial treatments would be as relaxing as this one, I swear I must have gone to facial heaven—I could have slept, but I fought a good fight to keep my eyes from shutting out. Oh, have I also mentioned that this particular facial treatment includes a scalp massage too? Geez, I thought I had to pay for an extra service, you know. Well, it’s just right since this Casmara facial treatment is actually a bit expensive compared to regular facial treatments of other skin clinics. But I’d have to say, it really is value for your money because you’ll be leaving the clinic all-pampered that you’ll be coming back for more. 
Lastly, you could also bring home the Casmara mask, the friendly therapist would ask you if you’d like to take it home with you to use the other side of the mask. I said yes and she gladly gave it to me on a ziplock bag. She even gave some instructions that I should put it in a fridge and then use the other side (it’s easy to know which had been used because it’s glossy in texture) the very next day and pat it on my face for 15 minutes. 
Overall, I never thought facials could be this good. Facials need not be painful, you know? Getting a Casmara facial is one of the best things I had ever done for myself. It’s like giving my face its own a special massage while getting rid of all the dirt and grime on my face. After all, it is the face that people will get noticed first. 
Casmara facial treatments are available in Diana Stalder by Dermaline Skin Clinics nationwide.  Like them on Facebook:
Note: Please forgive me for the photos on my mobile phone had been corrupted that I can no longer include them on this blog post. So I decided to use a youtube video of Casmara masks instead. 
Disclaimer: I am not paid for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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  2. I have the same experience....I had the 24 k gold mask!!!!!!!...I love it !!!!! I can't go back to other mask type..I took it home too and sleep with it ...I LOVE IT ...I LOVE IT!!!

  3. I had a facial and the 24 k gold mask was applied. This was the most fresh and beautiful mask I ever had and I will never go back to others I have used. I also took it home and kept it on all night ...I LOVE IT ...LOVE IT ...LOVE IT!!!!!


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