Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Weekend in Tagaytay

We had a wonderful bonding last week. It was just the 3 of us: Kyle, me and my mom. We headed for Crosswinds' Grand Quartier after a short picnic at Picnic Grove. Kyle & I would've wanted to try the zipline, however since it was a weekend, it actually cost more. Here's a tip: you could save more money if you could go on weekdays + that could also save you from the hassle of lining up. So Kyle & I decided we better try the zipping some other time. At the time we were there, the line was way too long and with the sun up, one might even suffer from dizzyness. We eventually settled on a bench under the tree, just across the hanging bridge. So much had changed since the last time I was here - back in high school, around 1997. The Picnic Grove now looks like Baguio City's Mines View. Gone are the days when you could just go there, enjoy the Taal Volcano's majestic view and simply relax. Nowadays, there are a lot of people hovering you offering either a boat ride or a horse ride (both rented for a fee).  I mean, I'd like to assume that guests/visitors would come because they'd like to bond with family amidst the beauty of Tagaytay. There's also a shopping center, fish spa with foot massage ( yup, just like the ones @ Manila Ocean Park) and loads of eateries oe food kiosk/stalls abound. All of these only mean one thing: more garbages will surely be with it. To be completelt honest, the addition to this supposedly tourist destination can truly be a wrong move. Charging guests at 50 Php per head & finding out later that all you'll get are all rubbish, I'd say it is tantamount to paying for the Taal Volcano as a backdrop on your photos! I won't be surprised if one day, Tagaytay Picnic Grove will eventually lose its charm.

Anyway, despite the disappointing trip to picnic grove, we had fun at the Crosswinds. It was our second time at the scenic Swiss village, but it was our 1st time to stay overnight at the Grand Quartier. We had stayed at the studio room: we had a kitchen + fridge etc. But we did not had the chance to cook because we were too tired from all the walking that we had. We also ditch our plan to swim at the pool because it was freezing cold and Crosswinds did not have an a available shuttle service at the time. It was pure bliss bonding with Kyle and my Mom. We surely had a great weekend despite the glitches.

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