Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Koala's March Helps to Cheer Us Up!

There's always a Koala's March for you, it comes in different sizes and in chocolate and strawberry variant. 

What do you do when your child suddenly goes home from school feeling gloomy after having a really bad day at school?  Like he had a spat with a friend or that he got a really low score in a quiz. Each time it happens to Kyle, like a typical mommy, I immediately put down whatever it is that I am doing just so I could attend to him. I'd cook his favorite meal (he arrives from school after lunch) and makes sure to understand his not so typical "quietness". I mean, of course, as much as I want to know right away why he's gotten the blues, I wouldn't dare ask him, not after he's had his meal and only when he's ready to talk about it. 

Mommies, you see, our children also had their "down times". Our job is to make sure that they learn to pick up themselves and learn how to chase the blues away on their own. They should learn that although life isn't always a bed of roses, it wouldn't also be nice if life had no challenges. All they should do is to always think positive and begin to see life as something that's not half empty but rather half full. 

Here's a few proven and tested ways to keep the smile and laughter back in your child:
* Tell him the stories you've had of him when he was small. It never fails to make him smile as he tried to reminisce on all the wonderful time he had in kindergarten. With all the bloopers and funny antics he's made, it'll definitely give him the positive vibe he needs.

* Have a relaxing CD or music played. You could even try to give him a massage, just like you used to do when he was still a toddler. It could help him ease his heart's pain. 

*Open a box of Lotte's Koala's March. Chocolates had been known to release the so-called "happy hormone" or endorphins. With 125 Koala designs in every pack to enjoy, Koala's March will take away his mind off from whatever it was that happened in school. Imagine a bunch of Koalas printed on delicious, flavor-filled biscuits. Your kid will surely love to see different Koalas in happy smiling faces. Each bite will bring him happiness with its luscious chocolate cream and strawberry flavors bursting on each bite. Your kid will enjoy Koala's March with a glass of warm milk and pretty soon from all the stories, he might even doze off to sleep. And when he wakes up, he'll be ready to face another day. I can assure you, he'll feel much better.

Always remember, we all have difficulties in life every day and it is quite normal. Sometimes, to really solve a problem, all you need is a quiet moment to relax and keep yourself cool. And most of the time, if you are more relaxed, more solutions come to mind. Of course, it is also highly recommended that you try and seek help from others, especially from your family and friends.

Those suggestions to keep the blues away aren't just for kids, it could also work for us, adults. So each time you feel somewhat sad, you should know now what to do, open a pack of Koala's March and keep the blues away. :) 


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