Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surprising Someone with Flowers from PHGifts

 For my fellow singles out there, we all know that the dreaded V-Day or so-called Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re in a relationship, it is supposed to be a day you feel excited about. Well, that’s because you know something special is up for you if you’re in a relationship with someone. But if you’re like me, you kind of hate it, and in my case, it’s because it reminds me of my ticking biological clock (that I need to bear a child soon or else I’d never experience being a Mom) and it reminds me that I’m way past the calendar and it’s about time I walk down the aisle. Personally, I actually had no problem with that. But what I abhor the most was the nudging of people, they kept asking me when I’d be married or when I’ll have a child of my own. So whenever I see people wearing red with hearts on Valentine’s Day, I know they looked quite cheesy and corny (or it’s just me sourgraping?) but I’d like to believe that Valentine’s isn’t just for lovers.

So I figured, for a change, why don’t I make someone feel special on Valentine’s? Since it’s a leap year (A little background on most Filipinos’ belief tells me that when it is a leap year, women are allowed to court guys or express their love without being reprimanded for being liberated etc.), I seem to have a small plan of surprise for a guy friend.
As I was using Facebook the other day, I had just laid out my plan. I was able to chat with an old friend of mine (yeah, way back in elementary days) and I asked for his details. I wanted to give him a little surprise come valentines. No, I don’t have any hidden desire or something, just an old friend saying hello and greeting him on V-day. I knew perfectly that he’s single now and so I don’t have to think about someone getting jealous or anything like that.

I decided I’m going to get him something I’ll purchase online. I don’t have the guts to give him my present personally (because I feel he might misinterpret my message if we ever meet) so I need to find ways to make my plan a reality. I stumbled upon PHGifts online. As their name suggests, they are Philippines’ online gifts and flower shop. I guess this is the best way to send him my special present. I could buy roses bouquet and order valentine’s gifts for him as well. My friend (Sorry, I dare not mention his name on my blog. He knows my URL) is living a jet setter’s life as he gets to travel every now and then. But he’s based in Cebu City. I am glad to know that with flowers and gift delivery anywhere in the Philippines is possible so sending him my present isn’t a problem anymore.

My friends even recommend because according to them, it is a reliable and secured online gift shop. Their boyfriends and husbands preferred buying online than any other flower shop in Manila because it is more efficient and convenient. Imagine with just a click of the mouse, you’re able to have fresh roses delivery right at his or her own doorstep?

I’m no longer bitter about V-Day by the end of this article. Why? Because I know pretty much I’d be making someone else’s day. By surprising a male friend with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a special gift, I know even if I won’t be seeing him in person, I have come across the message that I treasure our friendship, tested through time and space.

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