Thursday, July 7, 2011

Urbanears: The Perfect Headphone for Superb Listening Experience!

I listen to music practically the whole day when I’m at home.  But since I live with my relatives, one Aunt with a baby, I can’t make my music full blast even if I wanted to.  And that’s exactly where nifty listening device like Urbanears come to the rescue. Yes, I need to plug my ears with headphones to experience the full sound experience I wanted without being rude to any of my housemates. 

Urbanears is really something to rave about. It’s got amazing specs to boot. They are available in heaps of vibrant colors.  It had four different designs to choose from: Bagis, Tanto, Medis and Plattan. You’ll surely be an envy of your friends if you have these awesome listening devices. For its Bagis model, it’s an earplug construction for a direct sound and efficient noise reduction.  It has a microphone and remote compatible with unprotected 3.5mm standard such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC and more. It comes in a rubber housing and tangle resistant fabric cord with earpieces that one can snap together, thereby making it easier to carry around the neck when not in use. This way, you’ll know exactly where to find it ‘cause it’s right in your neck. 

The author with Mr. Carlo Ople of

Urbanears has a variety of colors to choose from. 

The candy colored Plattan designs in cerise, yellow, wine and mocca.

The Tanto is a lightweight and portable headphone made for everyday use. The Platan is designed like a typical headphone but with a twist. It folds down to a fist size and comes with a zound plug, allowing for a friend to plug in and share your music. The Medis combines ergonomics and functionality with its earclick solution that secures the earpiece at two separate points rather than one. And unlike other earpieces, the Medis stays in place.

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The guy from Urbanears introduces their unique product.

Urbanears is all about making a loud statement that they’re new and something different so they make their products in loads of different colors from the spectrum or pantone colors. They exchange the colors available on the market from time to time. If you want a particular color that isn’t in their line, you could even freely suggest it to them. I got mine in its crisp grass color and I love it! It reminds me of my other alma mater, La Salle.

Bloggers happily smile before my camera.

My own grass colored Bagis design Urbanears. 

There are a lot of headphones and listening devices available in the market today but I’d like to think my Urbanears’ Bagis fits me to a T. I swear, once you’ll try it, you’ll never go back to your old ordinary listening devices. Nothing beats its superb listening experience. Once you plugged it in, you’ll have the entire music world to yourself.  And I’d have to say that you’ll never look at headphones or any other listening device the same way again.

To find out more about Urbanears, you can check them out at Digital Walker outlets or visit or email
The Purple Fairy thanks Mr. Carlo Ople. 

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