Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jollitown Season 4: Now on Abs-cbn!

I had been lucky to be invited to an event recently. It was one of those very rare occasions where I am allowed to bring a kid with me, and not only that, it was really an event for kids. It was a media launch of Jollitown Season 4, giving us a preview of their new exciting season. Kyle had been a huge fan of Jollibee since he was about three, so when I told him about it, he was ecstatic.  He started preparing the clothes that he would be wearing and he simply couldn’t stop talking about it. In fact, his eagerness towards attending the said event made us arrived really early at Whitespace in Makati that Saturday morning. 

Kyle and I, with fellow blogger Bedalyn Aguas behind. 
Upon entering the venue hall, one is transported right into Jollitown. There’s the Jollicademy, fire engines, the flower store, friendly tree, the magical clock tower DingdangDong and the city hall. Kids and parents got the chance to meet and greet the cute beloved characters of their favorite show.  Kyle even insisted that I participate in a game (which I did only because he persuaded me) with him. He was delighted too when his name was called by Jollibee himself.  “It made me feel extra special in some way,” says Kyle. We lost in the game all right, but it was fun plus we went home with consolation prizes anyway.

The Jollitown's City Hall looks lovely.

The Jollicademy in Jollitown.

Kyle with the friendliest-looking tree I've ever seen.

The host for the day.

Kyle ate a lot of his favorite Jollibee chickenjoy, cone twirl vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate krispies and peach mango pies.  The adults were treated to a catering by Albergus, although some parents just couldn’t resist the yummy Jollibee products so they hopped onto the kids’ food station to get some.
Guests also had a fantastic time with the unique games where they got first-hand of what it’s like to be in Jollitown.  Kyle enjoyed the interactive art performance by My Masterpiece Movement, they drew and colored Jollitown to life with awesome masterpieces and took participants in a time-travel journey.

Daddy Blogger Marco with son.

The kids gamely participated on stage.

Kyle with the rest of the kids dancing on-stage.

The kids tried to copy the actions done by My Masterpiece Movement.

Kyle, the other kids and Jollibee.

Popo was also present during the show.

“Jollitown’s goal had always been to entertain and impart values to children. To further strengthen this endeavor, we made a new season even more zestful and fun to effectively reach out to the show’s young audience,” says Twinkle Aniceto, Jollibee brand manager.

The press kit with out name tags on it. 

The art teachers from My Masterpiece Movement.

As a child, Hetty was my favorite mascot. I loved her then, still loving her until now!

Jollibee and the gand with the kids going on-stage.

Of course, just like any special Jollibee event, the day ended without the entertaining performance from the talented crew of Jollibee, Popo, Hetty, Twirlie and Yum.  Kids gamely danced with them and had their photos taken with them as well.

See the smile painted on each kid? Only Jollibee does that.

Kids will truly be looking forward for an adventure-filled season as they catch their much loved characters onscreen travel across time to help a friend. With new characters, amazing musical numbers, enchanted travels and fun learning’s, their Sundays will no longer be the same again.  Jollitown Season 4 is here and it’s definitely a kiddie must-see.

Starting July 17, Jollitown fans can catch their favorite Jolly characters at a new home and time slot. Join Jollibee and friends in Jollitown Season 4 as it airs on ABS-CBN every Sunday at 9:00AM.

The Purple Fairy thanks Ms. Ruth Floresca, Ms. Chele Mendoza, Ms. Amyline Ching and Mr. Jeman Villanueva. 

Always be jolly!

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  1. Will surely look forward to this. My daughter loves Jollibee. It's a brand we Filipinos never outgrew. Even at my age, I still love Jollibee.


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