Friday, July 15, 2011

Monsters on the Loose at Market! Market!

A typical day at Market Market Central Plaza, except at the time I was there, the fountains were off.
I went to the Market, Market in Global City yesterday to meet up with my older sister who now lives somewhere in Taguig. We were supposed to meet so that I can give her t-shirts I had purchased from Boracay for her and my niece Icy. However, while I was on my way, I got a text from my sister saying that she can no longer make it. Coming from the far off end of Quezon City, it was impossible for me to go back. I figured, I would just try to check out books from Fullybooked (The Philippines’ answer to Barnes and Nobles if you ask my opinion) since it’s only walking distance from Market, Market. And that’s exactly what I did. 
I browsed into new arrivals, best sellers and even went past the magazine sections to see what else there is to find. There’s an urge in me to buy a book I so desire, but I still had so many books left unread at home. I promised myself, I would just come back to purchase it soon. For the meantime, I’d satisfy myself by reading other books. In fact, I got so much into one story that I barely noticed it was getting late. The next thing I knew, it was a quarter past six o’ clock. 

From Bonifacio High Street, I went towards Market! Market!,  because I wanted to grab a quick snack before heading home. The place was packed as I expected it to be since it’s the 15th of the month (salary day for most people) and a Friday. As I head towards the food kiosk, a lady gave me a flier that had Pain Monsters Spotted on its headline. I browsed through it and it said that any time that day these monsters would be there to invade Market! Market! Central Plaza.
Suddenly, mascots that looked like colorful monsters appeared. I figured this must be something interesting, how I wished Kyle’s with me so he himself could witness this. Thinking of him, I immediately grabbed my digital camera with an intention to take photos. But then they were moving from time to time that I had to take a video instead. I admit it was my first time to use a digital camera for taking videos.
I didn’t even know what button to press to begin with. I just had to find out on my own because I had been stubborn not to read its manual since the day it was bought. Forgive me if the video wasn’t that clear—I am such a neophyte.
I had been used to taking videos using a camcorder, but never with a digicam. However, for impromptu videos such as this, maybe this will suffice. Since I just came from a trip to Boracay with my entire family, I had not had the chance to erase photos, hence, memory full soon flashed my poor digicam.

The Invasion of Pain Monsters
There was a huge crowd in circle at the Market! Market! Central Plaza. There were colorful monsters mascots called Legion of Pain that paraded one at a time: the lady monster in red whose name was dysmenorrhea had a whip, another guy monster with a mallet that represents headache, the green one whom I guess was toothache (he resembled the tooth) with a club and another with lightning-shaped metal represented body pain. These scary looking monsters quickly caught the crowd's attention. These monsters were ready to strike and cause harm and widespread destruction to the people around. Then came another mascot, in the shape of an orange tablet saying that he’s ready to take on these creatures and rescue the people. However, his powers were not enough to defend these four threatening mascots. Good thing, the Advil Liqui-gel Team came to the rescue! These three amazing youngsters came in stylish entrance while riding a motorcycle (just as the way most action stars do). They fought the four pain monsters with their lazer swords and guns. The Advil Liqui-gel team defeated the pain monsters with in no time! The pain monsters darted away for they know they are no match to the Advil Liqui-gel Team
I'd have to say that this was a good promotional campaign. The colorful yet scary monsters caught the public's attention and more. Most of the crowd stayed on as these mascots had some sort of a public performance promoting Advil Liqui-gel. It was then easier to giveaway samples later on as the audience knew exactly what the product was all about. 

The newly formulated Advil now comes in a green softgel capsule. It’s got a liquid formula that is effective for fast and safest relief from pain. Say buh-bye to headache, toothache, fever, muscle ache, backche, and even menstrual cramp the fast way. 

The Advil Liqui-gel capsule sample I received promo the promo lady.

Take the Advil Liqui-gel capsule every 4 to 6 hours while symptoms persist. It's analgesic (acting to relieve pain), antipyretic (which means it is used to prevent and reduce fever), non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory. Advil is safe and effective and is recommended and prescribed by doctors worldwide. 

We all live in a fast-paced world where everything also comes in an instant. Instant noodles, vendo machine, microwave, ATM banks, instant messaging via online among so many others. That’s why I believe it is also important for us to have an instant relief against pain.

I never realized I would needing a pain reliever. I used to be the type who abhorred taking medicines. I used to think for as long as I can bear the pain, I will do it just so I won't resort to taking the pill. But ever since I had experienced excruciating pain from my impacted wisdom tooth a few years after my "beloved" braces were off, I started to become "best friends" with pain relievers such as Advil. The pain kills me like crazy. For someone who's taken cared of her teeth and practices good oral hygiene since I was a kid (I avoided sweets), I never thought I would be needing pain relievers. So now, I always have an Advil on my bag each time I go out. For I never know when my toothache comes. And I'm glad it now comes in a softgel capsule, making it easier to swallow unlike the old huge tablet form. Indeed, saying buh-bye to pain had never been this easy.  

Be safe,


  1. nice post vance!!!! thank you for sharing your experience with us. it's as if i was there too!!! keep your posts coming!!!!

  2. I should try using advid liquid gel with my headache instead of the "ingat" tablet :)

  3. nice post vance! :)

  4. Even I am in far place, seeing a flash mob is a different experience though. Advil Liqui-gel is also a must in-take in this busy world we have...

    Keep in touch, girl!

  5. those pain monsters look cute + scary!haha! i wish my son had seen them, they will adore them for sure. thanks for sharing :D


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