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Fashion Blendz: Where One Finds Great Buys at Bargain Price!

Believe it or not, but she started out her business out of her desire to stop impulsive buying. "I figured I had to learn how to put this shopaholic attitude into something good. So I decided to start a small business for the sake of satisfying my cravings for shopping," says Ms. Joanne Tuanquin, owner and creator of online shop, Fashion Blendz.  She started with a really small capital in 2009. Back then, she  was selling cool t-shirts and it became some sort of a "trial" period for her. But soon, she had to add in more items like accessories, shoes and other fashionable stuff.  "The accessories I used to sell were from my own creations, making accessories was a hobby. But since I had a regular job, I could no longer handle such as I didn't have enough time," explains Joanne.

Ms. Joanne Tuanquin,  owner and creator of online fashion shop Fashion Blendz.
Joanne began to sell not just unique shirts, but other casual items like fashionable shorts, tank tops, casual tops, dresses, office blouses, leggings, and on some occasions (if time permits her to do so), she still sells her handmade bead accessories. Joanne sells both retail and wholesale. For bulk purchases, she offers free shipping nationwide. And most importantly, her clothes are trendy, comfy and unbelievably affordable. 
Ms. Tuanquin is an avid shopper. Here she trots around Singapore to find great stuff to sell.
Fashion Blendz clothing is also reliable when it comes to sizing. When you order a size, Joanne makes sure it will perfectly fit you so that there'll be no hassle, and no reason for returning them. You'd be really impressed with the high quality and you'll be grateful you've ordered them for these clothes are the types and trends that lasts for years.  You'd never grow tired wearing them because Fashion Blendz clothes are so comfy to wear. 

Retro shades on a shirt, anyone?

Cute little lass with hear-shaped blue hanky and braided hair.

Vintage style Chips Ahoy shirt in my fave color: Purple!

This one is perfect if your anniversary is dated 22.

Cuppy Cup Cake: Strawberry Short Cake, CUTE!

The awesome way to wear P-Noy.

Sweet little daisies for a sweet teenager. 
Dangling earrings for those who had the guts to wear a pair to the party.

Fashionable earrings to match your clothes.

Ruby flowers in black pearls bracelet.

If you really are aiming for stylish clothing and accessories and achieve that elegant look, you'll never go wrong with Fashion Blendz. You can make an extravagant statement without sacrificing your budget. You don't need to resort to those Ukay-ukay (second hand clothes or items) anymore, because why would you buy something rottenly old when you can own a fashionable brand new one for a bargain price?

"Don't be afraid to mix and match, experiment and feel good about yourself. Sometimes attaching a big rose to your belt can make a huge difference. Be creative with your clothes. Get ideas from the ones who's been doing it a long time.  Wear clothes that flatter you," Joanne advises.  

slim and fit shorts.

gingham checkered sky blue and red short.

sexy short.

Pastel pink short.

Pencil cut skirt and ecru blouse.

Summer perfect brown sexy razor-back braids of sunny yellow and pastel green.

I love this purple dress that I wished there's a size for me.

Halter sexy dress in stripes of brown and white. 

Braided twist of pink and sky blue on the classic black little dress.

You can find Fashion Blendz in bazaars such as Aming Tribo bazaar at St. Joseph's College during their foundation day and by visiting them online through their multiply account or you could also LIKE their fan page on Facebook

As of this time, Joanne plans of putting up her own exclusive designs and participating in more bazaars. She dreams of owning boutique named after her own brand or label and wants to expand her market as well in other parts of the country.  She hopes to see her own business boom and become a supplier and retailer for big department stores. She wants to expand her business, not only to reach more market and profitability, but more so because she wants to give more people more jobs and future employment

For more info and for orders, please check out 
LIKE their Facebook fan page:
You may also call Ms. Joanne at 0905.402-2611

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  1. i love here items sis, especially the shirts + the shorts, i'll be checking her site soon. who know i might end up buying too :) thanks for sharing :D


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