Wednesday, July 13, 2011

D' Perfume Closet: Get a whiff of high quality perfumes!

Some people make their presence known by the perfume they wear. In fact, I once read that even Science would agree that our olfactory nerves are the lasting of all our senses. You may easily forget what you had read, seen, tasted, or heard--but not the one you had smelled. I am not quite so sure about that, it could be just a myth or it could also be a fact. But nevertheless, I think we should all smell good. And I am not just talking about taking a bath or keeping a good hygiene here. I am saying that we also make a statement by using  light colognes or perfumes. 

I am pretty sure you guys are familiar with the different brand or labels of expensive perfumes. One professor I know had a huge collection of perfumes that each time her student passes by, she'd know exactly what particular perfume she had used. There goes the question: Does a perfume brand need to be expensive in order to be effective? 

I'd say not, for there are perfumes that smells good and are indeed long-lasting than those expensive high-end brands. One example would be D' Perfume Closet's line of FM fragrance. FM Group perfume products are of the highest quality and are made in Europe with scent essences supplied by DROM Fragrances, one of the ten leading manufacturers of perfumes in the world. 

FM Group provides perfume products which have equal or better quality than the known brands. All products are sold via Independent Distributors, cutting out all cost of commercials, TV or Magazine advertising and retail overheads which makes it 70% cheaper than you will pay in any shop. In Addition 

FM Group uses the highest concentration with strength rating from 16-20% essence (compared to the Eau de toilette available in the market which is only 15%).
The higher the concentration, the longer it lasts.

FM products are in no-way replicas of or imitations of any other company's product and stand alone in their own right and on their own merits. Brand names are for reference purposes only.

For further inquiries regarding the product or you're interested to be a distributor, please send an email to Drixx Martinez at
You may send an SMS or call mobile number 09267366164. You can also check out their Facebook page: .

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