Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Special Movie Screening

Photo taken from the lobby of Shangrila Plaza Mall's Cineplex

It was my first time to be invited by Nuffnang and PLDT MyDSL for a movie screening. And I had to admit, I was very excited about it. Not only because I know most of my blogger friends were also invited, but more so because Kyle and I had always been a fan of Transformers movie. We had seen all three films together, even to the point of going to pocket events of these films by Cybertron Philippines

So you could just imagine how we both anticipate this film. We were super excited upon learning that we've made it to the list of invited nuffnangers. Kyle immediately went home straight from his classes in school to make sure he's going, that there's no way I'll be leaving without him. Afterall, Transformers 3: The Dark of the Moon was said to be the last Transformer film according to director Michael Bay.

Kyle posing with his fave Autobot Bumblebee.
Upon arriving at the venue, Shangri-la Plaza Mall Cineplex, Kyle suddenly began to ran. At first I did not undertand why, until I saw cosplayers surrounded the area. Kyle begs for me to take photos of him with his fave autobot Bumblebee right away. So I had him posed with the cosplayers--and he didn't want to take his jacket off even if it's quite hot in the said area. 
Kyle with Transformers' leader Optimus Prime.
This third Transformers movie was the best among the rest of the movie installment. Visual effects were good, acting was excellent, adding to the fact that it had Patrick Dempsey on it made it more pleasing. And for a change, instead of playing his old goody-goody roles that he's known for, Dempsey plays a villain here. Shia LaBeouf looked a bit banged up after the epic scene, but he's still way too cute on the huge silver screen. 

The movie standee that shows the Dark of the Moon.
Back in the Cybertron Civil War, a mysterious object was rocketed to Earth. Unfortunately, it landed on the dark side of the moon. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union detected the crash, and began a space race to see who's going to get hold of the alien tech! So apparently, all the moon landings were just an excuse to dig up Transformer tech on the far side of the moon. The mysterious transformer that crashed on the moon was none other than (if you intend to see the film, stop right here, Spoiler alert!) the Ark: the giant massive Autobot spacecraft with Sentinel Prime on it. 
With Autobot turned villain Sentinel Prime.
Unlike the shenanigans of the past Transformers films, dark of the Moon was an invasion of Chicago. So you'll dive into the thick of battle with buildings and all. A gigantic snake like transformer attacks one of the buildings where Sam and Carly are in. Get ready to meet Sentinel Prime and Shockwave. Those big bad Decepticons are sure to come your way. Gigantic missiles firing Decepticon ships pummel buildings with their high octave salvos!

Overall, the movie was great. Kyle and I had truly enjoyed the film. Purple Plum Fairy thanks Nuffnang Philippines and PLDT MYDSL for the invites.


  1. Okay, I stopped and didn't read the whole post because of the spoiler alert :P I'm about to watch the movie so I won't want to ruin it LOL :P

    Doing my rounds on TBE! Hope you could visit my blog The Life Encounters too. :)

  2. Same here, it was my first time to be invited in a movie screening and I really enjoyed it! :)

    Love the smile of your Kyle while posing with the autobots! Cheers!


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