Saturday, November 1, 2014

Bioessence is Now on its 20th Year and Counting!

Great things start from small beginnings. This proves to be true with the rise of Bioessence from its humble beginnings in Davao City two decades ago. Who would've thought that a small spa which started out with only three-beds would eventually become one of the country's top pampering spa and slimming center with numerous branches and counting? Kudos to the woman who had envisioned Bioessence, Dr. Beleno, dermatologist and proprietor of Bioessence. 

I had always been one of the many loyal Bioessence clients ever since I've discovered their facial and Swedish massage treatments around four or three years ago. In fact, it's not only me who goes to patronize Bioessence, but my family as well. After trying out their amazing treatments, it was I, who had encouraged my Aunt to try their services. And in no time, my Aunt has enrolled in Bioessence's programs at their Sta. Lucia Mall branch where she frequents. My Mom who used to accompany me for my treatments would also end up availing treatments/services herself at Bioessence too. 

Since they are celebrating their 20th year anniversary, allow me to share with you my two cents worth on why you should choose Bioessence among all the other establishments that offer the same services + why do I love Bioessence in ten reasons. Okay, here goes why (not exactly in chronological order):

1. Although I've tried other spa or establishments which offers the same services, I always end up going back to Bioessence. Not only because I am completely satisfied with the service but also because of the staff. Unlike others similar establishments, Bioessences' staff are genuinely amiable. I remember at one point, Kyle was then around eight years old, I had no choice but to tag him along with me as I had my treatment at Bioessence Shoppesville. But he hadn't eaten lunch yet since we were running late for my schedule and it was my bad that  I've picked him up straight from school at the time. He was really hungry yet I told him to wait. I promised him we'd grab a bite at his favorite restaurant once my treatment was done. But I was surprised that the Bioessence staff upon learning that Kyle was indeed hungry, they've given him not just the usual complimentary iced tea, but with cookies and biscuits to go along with it. I didn't know any of this, I had only found out about it after my treatment's done. From a customer's point of view, what Bioessence had done for my son was not just another "superficial plus point", rather it was something that was given out of the staff's genuine concern and kindness for my son. 

2. Bioessence branches are conveniently located in commercialized and easily accessible places such as SM malls, Greenhills Shopping Center etc. 

3. Bioessence knows exactly their specific crowd and offers specialized services and treatments that goes with it. Bioessence Gold caters to the high-end market with top-of-the-line treatments and services. Bioessence Slimzone offers effective + innovative slimming treatments and more. On the other hand, Bioessence Serenity Spa specializes in spa treatments such as facial and massages among many others.  

4. I super love the products that they use. Bioessence's Dr. Beleno Cleanser could pass as a pretty good alternative to Cetaphil Cleanser. Both milky white and creamy, Dr. Beleno's Cleanser allows my skin to stay clean, soft and supple even without the need for water. 

5. At Bioessence, you can be assured of your privacy. Facials + massages are done on either a closed door or with a curtain separator to ensure privacy among clients. I once tried going to a popular facial center. And I swear, I regret I ever tried their facial service at all. Why? Upon getting inside the facial clinic, it felt like we were inside a can if sardines! There were about 15 to 20 beds with customers all simultaneously getting their facials! And there's no privacy at all--no curtains or anything. You'll get your facial treatment next to another customer who gets her facial done at the same time as you do. Maybe that's where they got their store's name, that their customers should "face it"!  

6. Speaking of facial treatments, like I've said earlier, upon trying their facial treatment, I had become a loyal customer of Bioessence. When compared to other facial centers, Bioessence's therapists knew how to handle facial treatments properly. From deep cleansing, steaming, pimple pricking to masking--they make sure that clients are comfortable. 

7. I love Bioessence's addicting peppermint spa scent. Okay, perhaps you can find this in other spa clinics. But Bioessence's minty aroma is consistent in all of its branches. I'm such a peppermint fan, from my choice of tea to my all-time favorite mint chocolate. I like its invigorating scent wafting in the air. It sort of energizes me and awakens my senses. So each time I visit Bioessence and 

8. I am fascinated with Bioessence's Turkish Sauna. Unlike other saunas I have encountered, Bioessence's Turkish Sauna simply had the heat on your entire body and not on your face. The first time I've tried it, I couldn't help but smile as I think about the beheading procedure during medieval times because it kinda looked the same to me. The nice thing about their Turkish sauna is you can watch TV and still be entertained as you go on with your sauna treatment. Your body perspires inside but your head is out of the sauna box, hence you don't exactly feel the heat on your face. 

9. I keep coming back to Bioessence because of their Swedish Massage and foot reflexology. I recently availed of the latter at their Greenhills Connecticut branch. I am amazed how the assigned therapist, Eden--was able to knead my pressure points and do strokes that must've left me feeling sleepy. She made sure to cover all of my pressure points.  I walked in with a really heavy foot steps from all the walking I had to do. Yet I went home feeling as relaxed and pampered.

10. Last but certainly not the least, there's no place where I feel right at home and feel like a pampered princess or a VIP, other than Bioessence. 

And last Blogapalooza 2014, I was glad to have seen Bioessence's Ms. Anj whom I have not seen for almost three years. She's one of those people whom Bioessence can consider an "asset". I am no longer surprised that Bioessence had been here for twenty fruitful years. The secret lies in how they treat their customers well + quality top services. 

Disclaimer: I am not compesnated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


  1. I love Bioessence, I just tried them last Monday! :) I love the massage therapist they assigned to me. I can't say I love all of the staff at SM Southmall but I don't know them well enough to dislike them either.:)

    1. Thank you Mommy May for visiting my blog. I'm glad you loved your therapist at their SM Southmall branch. I hope that you had enjoyed your massage too like I did. I usually frequent four branches, the West Ave., Sta. Lucia, and the two Greenhills branches. And with those four spots, I've come to love my "suki" therapists as well as some of the staff. :)


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