Wednesday, June 30, 2021

My Diabetes Journey and how insulin therapy has helped me


Diabetes Mellitus is a lifelong condition that causes a person's blood sugar level to become too high.

“You have diabetes.” Those three words continued to ring right into my ears from the time I got my blood work up to the time I went to see an endocrinologist. I know it wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t cancer but it felt like it was. I’ve got no one else to blame but myself—my poor eating habits, my being a lazy couch potato for years and my being an emotional eater. Yes, all these years, I’ve taken my health for granted.

I have type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a lifelong chronic condition that affects the body’s ability to use energy. For non-diabetics, the sugar and carbohydrates in the food we consume are transformed into glucose which the cells absorb in the bloodstream with the help of the hormone called insulin. But for diabetics like me, it’s a different story. Since we don’t produce or do not have enough insulin in the body, we can’t absorb glucose, which in turn creates a build-up in the blood and often leads to more serious illnesses or complications.

It was in 2015 that I first learned I had diabetes mellitus. Prior to that, I wasn’t aware I was diabetic. In fact, I accidentally found out about my health right after my right eye bled and I started seeing “floaters.” It turned out I already had diabetic retinopathy. I had my damaged eye undergo two laser treatments/pan-retinal photocoagulation treatment. Unfortunately, the retina on my right eye has been severely damaged and is already irreversible.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

PETRON XCS Powers 2021 Toyota Vios Cup Anew


Two industry giants have once again come together to revitalize Philippine grassroots motorsports. For the third season, market leaders Petron Corporation and Toyota Motor Philippines have renewed their partnership in the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup, one of the country's most exciting motorsports events.

Inspired by the spirit of "waku-doki" or heart-racing fun, the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup will consist of two formats — the Autocross Challenge and the Circuit Championship. The Autocross Challenge is open to amateur or newbie racers, with individual cars navigating the track in a timed competition. Podium finishes are awarded to drivers who complete the course in the fastest time.

The Circuit Championship, on the other hand, is the traditional circuit race with all cars competing head-t0-head to finish at the lead of the pack. Entries are classified into three categories: promotional class, sporting class, and super sporting class.

As in previous seasons, the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup will be powered by Petron XCS, a 95-octane high-quality premium motor gasoline. Petron XCS is formulated with a high-performance additive system containing a unique combustion catalyst and excellent detergent additive for optimum performance. The additive technology used in Petron XCS ensures quicker engine response, excellent engine protection, and optimal fuel efficiency. 

With Petron XCS as the official fuel of the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup, competitors are assured of enhanced engine power and responsiveness for the most optimal track performance. In fact, as the trusted gasoline for the majority of discerning Filipino motorists, Vios Cup racers are familiar with the superior qualities of Petron XCS in powering their everyday drives, protecting the engines of their personal cars, and enjoying savings due to fuel economy.

Way back in the 2018 season, Petron XCS already garnered praise from the competitors like celebrity racers Aubrey Miles and Fabio Ide. "I choose Petron XCS because I use it for my everyday lifestyle. I use it for my two cars and my race car as well," Miles remarked. For his part, Ide commented, "Petron XCS helps my engine go faster, cleaner, and better. Also for the mileage, I know I can use my car for a longer period of time. It's the best choice."

The 2021 Toyota Vios Cup will implement strict guidelines as it returns to physical racing to ensure the health and safety of all concerned. The venue will be exclusively for racers, support teams, sponsors, and organizers. No public spectators will be allowed. Negative COVID-19 test results are required for all attendees. Physical distancing, sanitation, and personal protective equipment will be implemented, and socializing is prohibited within the venue. Safety marshals and health inspectors will be deployed to ensure compliance.

The race calendar for the 2021 Toyota Vios Cup is as follows: Leg 1 - July 9 & 10, Leg 2 - September 10 & 11, and Leg 3 - November 5 & 6. Awarding ceremonies will be held on the last week of November. Fans and enthusiasts can watch the races on the Facebook page of Toyota Motor Philippines

Sunday, June 27, 2021

6 Wellness Benefits Of Aromatherapy

Scents don’t just make you smell good and fresh. They also offer these six benefits to your health & wellness.

Even if we don’t admit it, our sense of smell plays an integral role in our memories and emotions. Smelling something sweet, savory, or unpleasant can trigger specific memories and feelings since the smell passes through our olfactory bulbs. These glands are connected to our amygdala and hippocampus. It may sound like rocket science, but these parts of our brains are responsible for memory and emotion. Scents, indeed, are powerful things.

Since the sense of smell is crucial for our brain function, aromatherapy -- the art of using different scents to promote health and well-being -- is one way many people utilize scents for their wellness. If you’re interested in how scents can play a role in your health and self-care.

There are six benefits of aromatherapy, check them out below:

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

A handful of studies have shown that using essential oils may help relieve stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. The relief may be due to the soothing effect of the scents and aromatherapy massages. Some scents you may try are lavender, rose, bergamot, and chamomile. If you don’t like applying oils to your skin, add a few drops to your potpourri bowl, oil burner, or air humidifier.

Using an air humidifier relaxes and helps one to have better sleep.

Boosts Energy

Scents also boost energy and perhaps productivity as well. A 2013 study revealed that peppermint extracts boost brain function, concentration, and performance. The same study also found that peppermint helps decrease exhaustion. Residents of PHirst Park Homes in Tanza may use peppermint oil or fragrance to enhance their energy and prevent burnout from working from home. 

Helps Relieve Pain

Oils can provide relief for joint pains, stomachaches, headaches, and sore muscles. Eucalyptus, peppermint, and turmeric are suitable oil scents for massages. While further research is needed to prove that smelling the scents helps relieve pain, a 2016 research article stated that aromatherapy has a more significant positive effect on reducing pains than placebos or control treatments. It is best to consult your doctor before using essential oils as pain relief to see if you are allergic to the ingredients.

Improves Sleep

Are you tired of losing sleep and tossing and turning at night? The right scent might just bring you to la-la land. Scents such as lavender, bergamot, chamomile, and ylang-ylang aren’t just perfect for making your bedroom smell good, but they also help you sleep better. Add a few drops to your air humidifier before you sleep to diffuse the scent all over your room. You may also apply sleep-inducing lotions and creams as these reportedly lull you to sleep. 

May Relieve Sinus Problems

Since essential oils and air humidifiers go hand in hand, using them together may help you breathe better during dry and cold weather. If you’re suffering from allergies and dry throat, adding some citrus or mint scents to your air humidifier may moisturize your nasal canal and throat, relieving you of your discomfort.

May Aid in Hormonal Balance

Women who experience polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may use aromatherapy to relieve pain and balance their hormonal levels. A study by the Neuro Endocrinology Letters highlighted the benefits of essential oil exposure in balancing hormones and managing menopause symptoms and low estrogen levels. Scents you may use for these problems are sage, geranium, and thyme.

Using aromatherapy to experience wellness may seem far-fetched. But based on several studies showing that scents offer these six benefits, you might want to consider getting a few essential oils, scented candles, and a diffuser to experience zen and wellness.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Hypertension for Adults, Teens and Kids: An alarming pandemic among Filipinos


Dr. Don Robespierre C. Reyes hosted the 4th Presyon edition webinar organized by the Philippine Heart Association with Corrbridge as sponsor

I recently found out I am hypertensive stage 2, meaning I am at high risk for coronary heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. I will need to have my blood pressure checked regularly and follow a strict regimen that will likely include dietary changes, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

I never even thought I had it because I wasn’t even aware of its symptoms. I knew I had diabetes mellitus type 2, but I didn’t know it could also lead to hypertension. Had it not been for my desire to get vaccinated against COVID-19, I wouldn’t have visited my cardiologist. And thus, I’ve found out I was hypertensive and I was given maintenance medicines to keep my blood pressure down.  I was given meds that have the powerful combination of amlodiphine + losartan in one tablet. 

That’s why I was glad when I had been invited along with other bloggers to listen, learn and attend the recent Presyon 4 Webinar organized by the Philippine Heart Association [PHA]. The webinar proved to be very informative especially with resource speakers led by Dr. Jorge A. Sison, past president of the PHA, had discussed the prevalence of hypertension in the country. He also emphasized the importance of awareness, treatment, compliance, and BP control rates. Dr. Sison mentioned that most of the time, we Filipinos would take things for granted, hence, we’d find out about our heart’s condition with 58% end-organ damage. What we often overlook is that stroke is highly related to uncontrolled hypertension, microvasculopathy, risk factors, and poor compliance. According to Dr. Sison, hypertension-related stroke was the most common cause of mortality among the hospital-based population [READ: Uncontrolled BP and poor compliance]

It was alarming to note that amongst the adult population above 18 years old, there were 1,399 males and 1,398 females surveyed. While pediatric population [those from 12-18 years old] has 329 males and 312 females suffering from hypertension. Among the hypertensives, about 25% answered that they have their blood pressure checked only at the comforts of their own homes. Thus, the prevalence of hypertension in the Philippines among adults is 37% [M:52% F: 48%] where 19% are very much aware of their condition and 18% are unaware. The prevalence of hypertension among adolescents is 5% [M: 68% F: 32%] And sadly, none is receiving any treatment. Among adult hypertensives, the treatment rate is 67%, compliance is 87% and BP control rate is 36%. The most common drug used in the country is ARB. And 78% of hypertensives are on monotherapy with the highest compliance among beta-blocker users. Adult hypertensives have higher BMI, waist circumference, and central obesity rate. End organ surveillance showed abnormal ECG in 57%, abnormal ABI in 36%, and microalbuminuria in 11.5% in adult hypertensives. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Petron Blaze Racing Team Wins 12-hour Endurance Cup Attests to Winning Combination of Petron Fuels and Lubricants


The Petron Blaze Racing Team on the podium: from left to right:  Powee Base, Jevoy Moreno, Mon Dimapilis, MosesDumaguing, Mikko Rayo, and Rod Chang.

The Petron Blaze Racing Team emerged as Class 2 champions in the recently concluded Petron Kalayaan Cup, a 12-hour endurance race held at the Clark International Speedway to celebrate Philippine Independence Day last June 12.

Driving a vintage Honda Civic EK with a surplus engine, the Petron Blaze Racing Team — headed by pilot-businessman-race car driver Mon Dimapilis, along with teammates Jevoy Moreno, Mikko Rayo, Moses Dumaguing, Powee Base, and Rod Chang — bested the other cars in its class by accomplishing 241 laps within the 12-hour period. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

DTI holds 8th Grand Bagsakan together with Mayani on June 25


The Department of Trade and Industry-Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion (DTI-BDTP) will hold a Grand Bagsakan on June 25, 2021 together with Mayani and MSMEs from Cagayan Valley, Bataan, and NCR. This Bagsakan event is both online and physical, accommodating pick-up, deliveries, or walk-in purchases. will hold pre-orders until June 23, 2021, Wednesday, at 12 noon. On June 25, orders can be picked up at the Department of Trade and Industry Main Parking Lot along Jupiter Street, and the following Malls: Circulo Verde, Estancia at Capitol Commons, Greenhills Mall, and Tiendesitas. On the same day, deliveries will be made for NCR, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal. A flat rate of PHP129 applies to deliveries within NCR, while orders that reach PHP2000 are waived of delivery fees. Visit to pre-order. 

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Arid and Aroids: A Hidden Plant Gallery in Tartaria, Silang Cavite


I would like to share with you my recent travel [Yes, we were able to travel within the NCR+ Bubble since we adhere to the health & safety protocols set by the IATF] to Tartaria, Silang Cavite. To begin with, I’m not exactly what you can consider a plantita but I like to travel and I missed seeing my travel buddies and friends Daryll and Rence whom I haven’t seen for two years since the pandemic. Hence, when I had the opportunity to go out and see them, I immediately said yes. And I’m so glad I did! Because such travel brought me and my husband Jason to a place I never even knew existed. 

My husband Jason & I with friends Rence and Daryll

We went to this hidden gem of a plant gallery/nursery garden in Tartaria, Silang Cavite called Arid & Aroids. Arid & Aroids is a 3,000 square meter land converted into a tourism-friendly venue for horticulturists, plant collectors, and the like. It will also be the home of the soon-to-rise “Jungle Paradise” set to open by September 2021.

Mr. Neil "Boyet" Nanigan, co-founder and proprietor

Arid & Aroids is the brainchild of business partners Mr. Neil “Boyet” B. Ganigan and co-founder, Dr. Jae Silvestre. They have been collecting plants for a number of years and started their succulent collection about a year ago and now includes adeniums, agaves, small Madagascar euphorbias, sansevierias, pachypodiums, and yuccas among many others. They propagate their plants at their nursery in either Bulacan or in Silang.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Duru Bulgur: The Filling Alternative You Need


White rice is a staple food of every Filipino and is present in almost every meal. Unfortunately, it is not the healthiest of grains. It is full of simple carbohydrates (carbs) and low on fiber, making its glycemic index high. This only means that its carbs are quickly converted into blood sugar, which is bad especially for diabetics. It can also increase your risk of type-2 diabetes by at least 11%, or worsen it if you already have it. It can also cause weight gain, and increase your risk factors for high blood pressure and high triglyceride levels.

For Filipinos, rice is life! It would be hard to give it up, especially since we combine it with our favorite viands like beef mechado and chicken adobo. Parting with white rice, put simply, will leave a large, rice-shaped void in any Filipino’s heart, including yours most likely. Regardless, it is a choice that has to be made if you really want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Voice Kids alumna Gaea Salipot to hold first virtual concert


The much-awaited concert of The Voice Kids Season 4 finalist and World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) Champion Gaea Mischa Salipot will happen online this June 27. Titled “I Believe: A Virtual Concert for a Cause,” the virtual concert aims to raise funds for the benefit of St. Rita Orphanage in ParaƱaque, a small sanctuary for children who have been left abandoned by their parents.

“I’m thankful that God has now given me the opportunity to share my talent and be an instrument to help others,” said Gaea. “This pandemic has taught us kids to be more caring to our family and to others in our community. I believe that all of us can do something for each other in our own little ways. I want to be of help to fellow children especially those who need extra care and support. And I hope that more people can join in to help.”

Produced by Ditse Productions, Inc and Rose Sheane TV Finland in collaboration with CyberPinoy Radio Canada, “I Believe” will be held online via Gaea’s official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel on June 27 (Sunday) at 7PM PH Time. 

Under the musical direction of ECHO MUSIC, Gaea’s special guests include YouTube celebrity and singer-songwriter Mikey Bustos and the OLPGV Choir. Gaea Mischa is a multi-award winning performer who is best known for being The Voice Kids Philippines Season 4 finalist from Team Sarah of Sarah Geronimo and Team Lea of Lea Salonga. Gaea has also been named the WCOPA 2018 Champion and SM Little Stars 2017 Girl Grand Winner. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Philippine Heart Association Presents Usapang Puso sa Puso: Usapang QUARANTINE: Mag-DaMoves Para sa Puso


I have always been a staunch advocate of the Philippine Heart Association since I had an opportunity to moonlight as their writer for three consecutive years. I saw for myself how dedicated their staff were and how passionate they were in pushing for heart-ailment awareness among Filipinos. So when I was invited recently to attend one of the webinars they organize for public-awareness, I immediately said yes. It was their 9th episode for Usapang Puso sa Puso where they tackle topics in relation to achieving better heart health. For its 9th episode, the topic was “Mag-DaMoves Para sa Puso.” It was hosted by cardiologists Dr. Luigi Pierre Segundo and Dr. Don Robespierre Reyes. They had doctors Dr. Raul Lapitan and Dr. Nannette Rey as guests who shared their own thoughts about how the pandemic has greatly affected our hearts. They were also joined by celebrity coaches and fitness guru Jim and Toni Saret. 

They mentioned that “Sitting is the new smoking.” It means the more lazy couch potato that you are, the more prone you will be to heart ailments and other diseases. 
Usapang puso sa Puso hosts 

Usapang Puso sa Puso Episode 9

Exercise as we all know strengthens the muscles in our body. It also helps the heart muscle to become more efficient and does its job to pump more blood throughout the body making our blood circulation in good condition. Dr. Lapitan explains that whenever our heart pushes out more blood with each beat, it allows beating slower and keeps our blood pressure under control. 

Sunday, June 6, 2021

3 Reasons Why People Love Living in Whistler


Coming from a tropical country in Southeast Asia, The Philippines, I hardly know anything about the town of Whistler until one of my best friends decided to migrate to that part of Canada a few years back. Known for its exceptional ski resort, it’s not surprising when Whistler became the host venue during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Those who had been lucky to visit the place will agree that Whistler isn’t like any other place on the planet. It is a mile of vertical with two massive mountains, stunning terrain, huge snow, a long season with great friendly people who will welcome you with their smile. 

The town of Whistler is exactly 120 km north of Vancouver. They say it’s an honest-to-goodness winter wonderland that’s been recognized as one of the most down-to-earth, remarkable, and memorable destinations on this planet.

Philippines' 1st Stevia Grower and Glorious Blend Coffee Manufacturer has positive financial outlook despite the pandemic


Glorious, popularly known as the country’s first Stevia company, is positive on its outlook despite almost 2-years in the pandemic as more and more people turn to healthier alternatives, sales of stevia products continue to grow. According to agribusiness finance giant Rabobank, Stevia’s sales are expected to hit $700 million worldwide in the next few years.

Consumers in the Philippines can now get their calorie-free sugar needs from natural alternatives. Before, stevia was restricted to the health food market without any FDA approval. Recently, it is now widely used as a natural substitute for artificial sweeteners in many products.

“Stevia has been touted as a safe and healthy sugar substitute with proven health benefits. It can sweeten foods, and it has several health benefits, including decreased calorie intake, lower blood sugar levels, and less risk of cavities,” said Maura De Leon, the woman behind Glorious, the country’s first stevia grower and manufacturer.

While it has zero calories, stevia is 200 times sweeter than refined sugar and does not affect blood sugar. It is a popular option for people looking to lose weight but who want to reduce their sugar intake.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Superbook's SuperGifts are Now Available on Shopee and Lazada!

Superbook's Supergifts Now Available on Lazada and Shopee!

Good news for all Batang '80s and their kids! Your all-time favorite Superbook barkada's beloved merchandise is now available on Lazada and Shopee! Yes, you read it right, your favorite Superbook goodie items on Shopee and Lazada.

You are now just a few clicks away on SuperGifts PH – the official distributor of Superbook merchandise. It's now easier to get your hands on Superbook’s original DVD collection, coloring books, devotionals, bags, hoodies, and novelty items. You can also send them as gifts to your family and friends! Just visit SuperGifts PH on Shopee or Lazada and check out your desired goodies.

According to CBN Asia’s Chief Operating Officer John Valdes Tan, the faith-based organization has made SuperGifts available on the two e-commerce giants as they are now the “go-to” places for online shoppers. Likewise, the platforms open an opportunity for Superbook fans to support the ministry.

“It is now easier for Superbook fans to avail of merchandise and support the ministry. We are also excited to announce that we are producing exclusive Superbook merchandise that will only be available on the SuperGifts PH online store,” Tan said.

So whether you want to grow in faith, send encouraging gifts to your loved ones, or share God’s love to Filipino children by supporting Superbook, SuperGifts PH is your one-stop shop!

Visit SuperGifts PH on Shopee and Lazada and add your favorite Superbook items to your cart. For more information, contact (02) 8663-4700 or 0998-555-3577.


Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Savers Appliances Opens at Metro Central Mall in Sitio Antipolo, Labuin, Sta. Cruz Laguna


Savers Appliances opens in Sta. Cruz Laguna

If you’re like most people I know who loves to shop online for almost all the things they need ranging from household items to technology-gadget related to healthcare, home appliances and even food—you must’ve had at least one “budol” online shopping experience. Budol with online shopping means being able to buy something on impulse even when you don’t need them. And if you ask me, I have nothing against those who prefer buying online for stuff that they need but if I had my choice, I’d still prefer going to a specific store personally. Nothing beats being able to see for yourself and test and experience an item being sold first-hand rather than when you receive an item online. I’ve had not so much good experience in the past in purchasing items from online stores and asking for a refund or replacement is such a hassle. For my home appliance needs, I always run to the nearest Savers Appliances branch. 

When it comes to domestic appliance, my go-to place is Savers Appliances

Savers Appliances stays true to their name—they sell home appliances and products that won’t break the bank. You can easily upgrade your kitchen with the very best in kitchen appliances at an affordable price but still getting the same high and reliable quality. I stumbled upon Savers Appliances a few months after my ex-boyfriend (now husband) and I had gotten married. We were looking for new appliances to fill our new home and we were lucky because they have a branch in Las Pinas City. And we became "suki" or a regular customer of the store ever since. 

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