Sunday, April 29, 2012

SM North Edsa Skygarden’s Sea Explorers World

Fun comes in many forms for different people. For the young ones, it could mean hopping up and down the trampoline and running around with other kids. Tweens and teenagers meanwhile are transitioning to something more productive while still loaded with great enjoyment. But one thing’s for sure—whatever age you’re probably in, we all love to go to the mall. This summer, SM City North Edsa takes our malling experience into a different level.

The Dolphins
 From April 27th until May 31, 2012, mall goers at the SM City North Edsa Skygarden will have the rare opportunity to experience the wonders of marine life with Sea Explorers World. The exhibit features nine different replicas of the most popular sea creatures in marine life. Young ones and those young-at-heart will surely delight as they take the exciting journey of the underwater life right in the heart of the mall.
The Hammerhead sharks
 The Sea Explorers World showcases dolphins, sea lions, orcas (killer whales), pelicans, sea turtles, hammerhead sharks and great white sharks in their natural habitat in the different areas of Skygarden. Voice narratives, Braille and trivia boards are also available to make it more fun and educational for kids.
The Great White Sharks

The Orcas (Killer Whale)

The family of Sea Lions
 Mommies, make SM City North Edsa Skygarden as one of your family’s summer destinations where kids can explore the wonders of the sea with life-like animal display under environmental simulations that give it a more realistic under-the-sea adventure like no other! What’s more, you can see all these for FREE! Before you head off to SM City North Edsa, don’t forget to bring a good reliable camera and take snapshots of these amazing life-like sea animal displays for souvenir of one summer learning experience to remember!

The Sea Turtle

A group of Penguins

Isn't this Walrus cute? A real photo op!

Hurry, this exhibit will only last until the end of summer—May 31,2012! Going to the mall had never been this fun and educational. You have more reasons now to go malling and enjoy your summer vacation. J

Monday, April 23, 2012

SkyXplore: Stargazing in the Country’s First Mobile Digital Planetarium

Kyle looking at the large telescope on exhibit.
As a child I had always been fascinated by things I could not understand, things that seemed beyond my reach. All I knew was that one day I would venture out to experience the world as I dreamt to be—lovely, flawless, overwhelming, made in the image of God who is the source of all.

An invitation to visit and see what’s inside the SkyXplore Digital Planetarium’s Space Dome was something Kyle and I couldn’t afford to pass. So even if Kyle had been taking English summer classes, he asked to be excused from his class just so he could join me that day. SkyXplore’s Digital Mobile Planetarium is the country’s first and only seven-meter diameter Digital Mobile.

Showcasing the brilliance of translucence of what the circumferential screen can exhibit as it projects the heavenly bodies in the universe. The Space Dome is a window to celestial origins, capturing details about the different stars and galaxies in the universe, probing the heart of our galaxy, and directly imaging the formation of planets.

 Here's a sample of what we've seen inside the Space Dome: 

Imagine being in the comfort of your school and looking directly at the sky projected without any obstructions from your vantage point. From a touch of a button you are then transported to a different world or part of the country or even time, and view exactly what the celestial skies would appear to be like from that different vantage point. It could be enlarged as you take a look closer to planets, bunch of stars, nebulas and galaxies. What’s more, you can pick a certain time of the day, even from the past and you would be immediately transported to such specific hour and see the same sky that day/night.

SkyXplore’s Digital Dome enabled participants to witness the earth’s rotation, the constellations and more facts of what the immense universe has to offer. Instead of going to a field trip, this one is a whole lot better because the SkyXplore team of Astronomers will be the one to visit the school and show their exhibits to the students. This is really helpful to those who live in the province. They need not travel far and wide just to see these exhibits, since the SkyXplore will be the one to bring it to them.

As of this time, SkyXplore has visited hundreds of schools nationwide, and aims to reach to every Filipino dreamer. They want every Filipino kid to have the universe within his reach. They present concepts more compelling than any conventional classroom lecture. Astronomy had never been this easy and engaging as it promotes a sense of wonder and discovery among children.

With SkyXplore, aside from the Space Dome, they also have film showing, ask an astronomer (a Question and Answer) where kids can ask anything they find mind-boggling from the astronomer, stargazing and solar viewing plus the NASA exhibit where there are actual meteorites the kids can actually touch, feel and hold.

Some of the meteorites kids can actually hold.

SkyXplore’s mission is to foster a nationwide awareness and appreciation of astronomy and space exploration’s importance in our society by providing innovative, thought-provoking, entertaining and comprehensive educational programs and activities as they enhance the conventional classroom methods. They seek to further inspire future astronomers in the country as they pursuit knowledge of the infinite universe.

And I was surprised that Kyle had the rare chance to be on national television as GMA 7 interviewed him and asked his thoughts on SkyXplore. He seemed really happy about it that he asked all his friends to view the said video after it was aired on the GMA 7’s website. 

Here's a video taken from GMA 7's website of Kyle's interview and all about SkyXplore:

Kyle and I truly enjoyed the wonders of SkyXplore. If you’d like to experience the same
thing, join the SkyXplore and The Philippine Science Centrum’s Astronomy and Science Camp called “A Night at the Museum” this May 20-21, 2012. 
Participants will get to experience different science activities such as interactive viewing of the universe and stargazing on the amphitheater and SkyXplore’s Digital Planetarium. The event will be held on May 20-21, 2012. It’s perfectly scheduled to match the Partial Solar Eclipse that would cover our sky on May 21, 2012.
Participants will also be making their own astronomical measuring devices just by using paper plates. It’ll surely be a lot of fun for kids and kids-at-heart!
Register at the Philippine Science Centrum in Riverbanks, Marikina City. For more details: please look for Pickard Balajadia at 0917-5376571 or email
Like them on Facebook: Check out SkyXplore’s website at


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Sensations at Tutuban

boyshorts and bikini top with colorful hats--summer must-haves!

Summer’s here and the season calls for soft, flowing and refreshing clothes that are not only fashionable but also comfortable. From the latest trends to the future fads, you need not go any farther than Tutuban Center.

The historic mall is like the heart of Divisoria, everyone’s favorite shopping destination. A stroll at its many stalls is like a walk at your favorite summer vacation spot.

The colors of summer in clothing

At Tutuban Center, you will find summer dresses that are sexy, playful and girly. For the boys, they can find there are sunshine-appropriate boardshorts and cargo pants. The kids, of course, will be all right this summer as they have all kinds of toys, clothes and cartoon characters to choose from.

Wondering what to bring on your resort, pool or beach trip? Tutuban Center has a wide array of swimming gear, accessories and playthings in store that will surely capture your young tyke’s fancy. From salbabidas to goggles to floating toys to straw hats, Tutuban Center has them all.
seductively sexy swimsuits in different fabrics and coverups.

Swimwear comes in the most tempting ways. In one-piece or bikinis, swimsuits come in animal prints, graphic stripes and bold patterns. Wearing any of them will make you a standout! Now is the time to dazzle in the sun in these delicious ensembles!

But if you don’t want to be flirty and just want to be ladylike at the beach, there are plenty of shawls and sarongs to provide you with needed coverage.

When the guys want to look cool, shades of every shape, design and size are theirs for the taking. Complete the beach-comber look with T-shirts of rock and roll legends from Michael Jackson to Tupac Shakur.

lovely swimsuits in different colors are available.

There is no shortage of sensational finds at Tutuban Center this summer. Even when the heat requires a minimum amount of clothing, that’s still no reason not to appear best dressed—and accessorized—this season.

For more about the best summer wear finds and other what-have-you’s, visit Tutuban Center, located along historic C. M. Recto Avenue in Manila.

Bioessence Summer Hot Treatment: Banana Leaf Massage and the Warmth of an Escape

Summer is indeed a time for long family travels and outdoor sports activities, but it could also be very tiring and come on, with the temperature rising up to 35.7 degrees Celsius in the Metro, staying outdoors is probably the least that you’d want to do.
What’s the best way to escape the stifling heat of the city without having to deal with the hassles that come with going away? Escaping to a spa is at the top of the list. So escape I did, to the Bioessence branch in West Avenue, Quezon City. The moment I stepped in, I let the relaxing warmth embrace me, wrap me in calm comfort and wash away the slightest traces of stress.

Comfy couch at the reception area makes you feel welcome immediately.
 Bioessence stands in striking contrast to the bustle of West Avenue. The spa’s fa├žade is comparably vast but not at all busy, the large and comfortable couch immediately settles the mind on the solace the spa provides. Stepping inside, one is immediately warmed by the relaxing scent of peppermint oils and the hospitality of the ladies manning the front desk headed by Bioessence sales consultant Ms. Brenda Bayani.

Private and executive rooms at Bioessence West Avenue.

 Bioessence’s interiors reflect a modern look tempered by traditional Asian influences. A quick tour of the place revealed decorative details and minimalist designs.

One of the treatment rooms at Bioessence.
Our stress levels already down a few notches, this Bioessence West Avenue branch exclusively provides the Banana Leaf Massage. Although their range of services were equally tempting: pampering treats for the hands and feet like paraffin treatments, facial treatments; body scrubs; body massages; “couple packages” as well as other services. Since this branch exclusively offers the Banana  Leaf massage, I was lucky enough to try it. 
One of the two beds at the executive room.

 The use of executive room also had a completely automatic hydro spa tub with steam Jacuzzi, enclosed shower—instant bliss and relaxation in a Jacuzzi tub, you might call it.

The executive room's large jacuzzi with aqua jet massage.

See my reflection from the mirror?

The sink where you can wash your face and hands.

My day of relaxation started with a Turkish Steam Bath. It was something new to me since I’ve been used to the old way of having an entire room for a steam or sauna. This time, the experience was different. I had the pleasure to watch my favorite cable channel TV on flat screen monitor while I was seated on a comfortable wooden chair and my body was zipped up in a thermal like tent. From afar, it seemed like I was about to be beheaded while I was seated and covered inside a huge oven but I’m actually having fun. I spent around 10 to 15 minutes on the Turkish steam. And gosh, I couldn’t hide my embarrassment a few minutes later after it was time to go out of that thermal like tent zipper…I had all my sweat dripping down the drain from my body! Eeeeeew! Totally gross! But I swear, it felt like I’ve exercised or run for hours non-stop.

The Bioessence Turkish Steam Bath/sauna.

Then I was ushered to the Jacuzzi for some bubble bath. It was really fun! I had a pillow under my neck so it was great to lie down and let the bubbles do its magic—there were jet pressured water massages also on my back and somewhere near my feet. I felt so special and everything was almost perfect, except that I was missing on something…I knew I was supposed to feel like a queen, but I think it had something to do with my Peter Pan personality…alas! I was looking for my rubber ducky. Just kidding…J

The author in a jacuzzi royalty experience.

I felt like I was in a dream so I wanted to perpetuate the moment, I had asked my pretty and understanding therapist Joy to allow a few more minutes for me to play with the Jacuzzi bubbles before I took a bath in an enclosed shower at my executive room. I am grateful to Joy for allowing me to do just that. 

The author having fun with bubbles...but where's her rubber ducky?
After the shower comes the main highlight of all—the Banana Leaf Massage. I was told that most people who tried this out, immediately doze off to slumber. Well, prior to the said massage, I told myself I’ve got to fight it since I don’t want the entire Bioessence West Avenue branch to hear my loud snore…
The Banana Leaf Massage is a two-hour bliss combination of Swedish massage and ventouse (ventosa) using cupping glasses and sterilized banana leaves. For those not familiar with ventouse, it is like a vacuum extractor of cupping glasses used on your back. However, unlike others that facilitate ventosa, my therapist Joy didn’t make use of fire or candles anymore, instead Joy used a different kind of glass that’s specifically made for such treatments. I loved how the sterilized warm banana leaves glide onto my back. It felt like the traditional Filipino hilot, with some distinct variations. It gave me two hours of muscle-melting massage therapy with the use of banana leaves, known to have antiseptic properties, and some kind of oil (sorry, I forgot to ask what it was), also known to have healing effects.

At Bioessence, what stands out the most is the level of luxurious pampering one could get with a rare degree of privacy. The spas I frequent have massage rooms and a wet floor; if you want to use the Jacuzzi, you have to go to the wet floor and, if it’s a busy day you might have to share the tub with strangers. I was booked in an executive room (could be shared by couples) at Bioessence, and I had a large Jacuzzi decorated with tea lite candles around, an enclosed shower room with rain shower head, a separate toilet and I had all these to myself.

At Bioessence, with a price point that certainly isn’t far from those of other luxury spas, you truly get superior value for your money at Bioessence. There’s no room for aches, pains, and knots in the season of the sun. Prepare for better days with head-to-toe luxurious pampering treatment at Bioessence. 

Call Bioessence at 372-2648 to 49 to book the executive room or set an appointment for a Banana Leaf Massage or call the above number for more details. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Bioessence West Avenue branch, Ms. Angeline Alip, Bioessence's Marketing Administrator, Ms. Brenda Bayani, Sales Coordinator, and lovely therapists Joy and Sheila. 

Bioessence Image models TV hosts Iya Villania and Nikki Gil.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just for Kicks: YKK Kid’s Football Clinic invites Real Madrid coaches to teach Football to Filipino Kids

 There’s truly a football craze in the Philippines after the Azkals started creating waves in football. It’s about time though, for Filipinos to go mad after another sport aside from their all-time favorite, basketball. And personally speaking, I am happy that the government as well as NGO parties had started to support Philippine Football.

The Younghusbands (Phil and James, both Azkals members) even created their own football academy where they teach kids how to properly play football. And recently, YKK, the global makers of fastening products even brought three Real Madrid coaches in Manila to further develop and enhance the coach and kids’ clinic.

Real Madrid Coaches during the Press Conference held at Shangri-La Makati Hotel.
 Coaches Jaime Torcal Cano, Ivan Garcia Sacristan and head coach Pablo Gomez Revenga from the renowned Real Madrid Club de Futbol had shared training methodology and techniques with our local football coaches and conducted four sets of football clinics for kids held at Ayala Alabang Country Club last April 14 and 15. 

Titled “Just for Kicks” YKK Kid’s Football Clinic aims to contribute and work with the local community. “We chose to be involved in sports because it is more than just a game; it is a positive lifestyle and a way to help young people grow up healthy, fit and full of self-esteem,” says Ken Nakano, President and CEO of YHA.

They plan to make YKK Kid’s Football Clinic an annual event as it values the importance of constantly contributing to society. “We were very excited to fly out here and share our love and passion for football. We thank YKK, through their CSR Project, for enabling us to share what we know through these football clinics,” says Pablo Gomez Revenga, Head Coach of Real Madrid Foundation and Team Camps Technical Director.
“We welcome YKK Kid’s Football Clinic to the Philippines. It’s a big boost for the Philippine football and a rare opportunity for kids to learn the game from no less than world renowned coaches like Real Madrid,” said Mariano “Nonong” Araneta, President of Philippine Football Federation.

The Lucky Kids who participated in the YKK Kid's Football Clinic.

YKK “Just for Kicks” Kid’s Football Clinic will be visiting Cambodia later this year for the second leg of this campaign.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

PLDT myDSL and Nuffnang Bring You The Avengers!

Everyone’s probably excited with the film The Avengers right after seeing the movie’s official sneak peek during the screening of the movie Captain America, and I am one of them. Before seeing Captain America last year, my cousin who was able to watch an advance screening told me to stay glued to my seat even as the closing billboards of the film runs because The Avengers’ sneak peek will be part of it.  Being a huge fan of marvel heroes as a kid (and yes, I am still a fan until now), I had been looking forward to the day The Avengers will open in cinemas.

This was the sneak peek for The Avengers shown last year: 

 Last Saturday, I was totally in heaven and I felt elated after reading an email sent by Nuffnang—the best advertising blog community there is which I am part of. The email says, “I could win invites to the exclusive screening of The Avengers sponsored by Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL.” You can call me shallow, but reading that email alone already made my day! I’m such a sucker for anything about Marvel heroes anyway.

The partnership between Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL goes back since the last Transformer movie. The two generous companies had joined hands to sponsor movie screenings that lucky bloggers like me were able to attend. They both provide venues for online bloggers to interact with each other personally, thereby building friendships among the blogging community. 

Speaking of PLDT myDSL, I really liked their latest television commercial “Anna Banana”. It was so catchy that it could all leave us with a pretty good LSS (read: last song syndrome). But what I liked best about the said commercial was the love the mother had shown to her son. The mother in the said commercial had shown her love and support to her son by means of viewing her son’s “Anna Banana” You Tube video over and over again just so it could reach 100,000 views/hits. 

It looked somewhat funny at first, but I’d like to think any mom would probably do the same thing for her kid. And I think the said TV ad had a heart that tells all mothers to support their kid in whatever it is that they dream of. Like in the case of the TV ad, the kid wanted to become another You Tube sensation like Justin Bieber and Charice, so as Mothers, we should all be our child’s greatest fan. Kudos to PLDT myDSL for such endearing commercial!

PLDT myDSL has good news to all their subscribers and would-be-subscribers: PLDT myDSL Plan1299 is now upgraded to 1Mb from its previous 768 KB. For subscribers of Plan 990, you may upgrade your subscription to plan 1299 by simply adding P300 to your monthly bill. 
For more information, go to

I do hope I could get invites to the special movie screening of The Avengers by Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL. After all, it will be a day I could see my favorite Marvel heroes on the silver screen all together—saving people’s lives as an entire team. I could only wish that Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL would be able to grant my simple wish. I do know just like PLDT myDSL TV ad Anna Banana, The Avengers will not only be a treat for the fan in me, but it will also be a film I could learn moral lessons from.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wi-Tribe's Pure 4G Prepaid Stick

 Wi-tribe Telecoms Inc. recently invited Purple Plum Fairy to attend a gathering of Wi-Tribe subscribers held at Dads Restaurant in SM Megamall.  We have witnessed as Wi-Tribe introduced the first pure 4G Tri-speed prepaid stick in the country today. As its name suggests, the said dongle can be used in three different speeds: 2mbps, 512 Kbps and up to 6Mbps. Yes, it allows prepaid subscribers to choose their surf speeds for a whole day unlimited surfing starting at P25.
The cool reusable tumbler packaging of Wi-Tribe's 4G Prepaid stick dongle.
 The Tri-Speed Pure 4G prepaid stick dongle is very affordable at P995 only and is exclusively available at any 7-Eleven stores. For P995, it already comes with a FREE 30 days (that’s an entire month!) unlimited surfing at 2Mbps.

With its speed and flexibility, not to mention it has the lowest denomination on prepaid internet service in the market today, you’ll be able to save money, time and it’s made to be convenient.
It comes in a cool reusable tumbler too, quite a cute and unusual packaging. It makes internet prepaid surfing more fun to begin with. Check it out at the nearest 7-Eleven branch near you. Get the Wi-Tribe Pure 4G Prepaid stick at 7-Eleven convenient stores in the Metro. Reload this cool stick also at 7-Eleven stores.
Wi-Tribe Telecoms executives welcomes the guests.

Wi-Tribe Telecoms executives explains the Wi-Tribe Tri-Speed Prepaid 4G stick.

For further information, please log on to or call 31-Tribe.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks Ms. Yenny Gonzales and Wi-Tribe Telecoms for the invite.

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