Thursday, March 31, 2011

Summer Fun, Here We Come!

Bored? Fret not, here are some ideas which you and your child can do for the summer. Just let your creative juices flow, Mommies. Pretty soon, you'll find an activity that'll be best for you and your kids. What's more? You'll learn about their talents and interests plus bond sometime together. How's that for one perfect summer to remember?

As you can see this do-it-yourself kite is very fun to color.

A great bonding time for Mom and kids, you guys can color it together.

Voila! It's now ready to fly high in the sky.

Do-it-yourself kite kit is available in Global Art School.

Let your little boys try a hand in craft making with this book by Jomike Tejido.

If girls had paper dolls, boys could not be left behind, they have Foldabots!

Look at what Kyle had created with his own pencil. A rooster for a decor!

With a little creativity, like Kyle, your kids can do something as cute as this penguin pencil holder.

Summer is fast approaching. Soon school will be out and kids will get bored if we would just let them stay at home doing nothing but watch TV. They might end up as couch potatoes and we sure don’t want that to happen don’t we?
So apart from going to the beach this summer, have you made any plans about anything productive that you and your kids will enjoy? I don’t know about your own style mommies, but planning ahead for Kyle’s summer had always been on top of my priorities.

Since he’s got ADHD, I can’t just be complacent and leave him to the TV or PC all summer. As you all know, ADHD kids gets easily bored and their attention span is very limited. It had indeed become some sort of a challenge on my part, because as a parent, I had to think of creative and productive ways to spend his summer vacation. Of course, I had to consider Kyle’s preferences and interests as well.

In the past years, Kyle had attended PBA basketball clinic under coach Norman black, he had art lessons with Kids at Art, cartoon sketching with Junior Inquirer, tried his hand in the CCA junior chef kitchen, some acting workshop, and academic related summer classes.
This year, we had started his summer vacation with a soccer clinic by Futkalera (street soccer), sponsored by McDonald’s. Then, we’ve joined hands on whipping up delicious recipes by working on our kitchen, we had recently made a do-it-yourself kite that we intend to fly soon. Kyle might also be joining a dance workshop soon. And there are also plans of bonding time with his Grandfather—my Dad wanted to spend time with him in his farm, maybe he’ll teach Kyle to care for his plants. Personally, I do want to see Kyle to learn how to swim this summer, hopefully, he’d overcome his fear for water. 

If art isn't their thing, how about cooking? Kyle made this cake for us.

For summer activities, there are a lot of options to choose from. But we must be careful in choosing which ones we’d enroll our kids into. Every summer must be meaningful and filled with fun memories that kids will keep in their hearts forever.
Have a great summer!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Free Song and Dance Summer Workshops @ Koine!

Calling all kids from 6 to 18 years old: You will have the opportunity to experience summer with free song and dance workshop conducted by Njel de Mesa. Classes and registration begin on April 9, 2011 at 10 AM at the EGI Taft Tower, Taft Avenue, Malate, manila. participants should come in jogging pants and rubber shoes.

For more information, visit

Finding your child's interest is the key to his heart.

A finger painting done by Kyle while I was busy talking with someone.

As a Mom, do your interests lie in finding the best  resources for your child's brain and body development? Finding your child's interest and talents is the key to his heart.  Art accommodates children with different learning styles and helps in the development of focus, critical thinking, dexterity, and imagination.

Make sure the art materials you give your child are non-toxic and child-friendly as kids may put these in their mouth as a way of exploring.

Let your child express himself freely by letting him color outside of the lines. Creativity and deeper thinking can be developed when a kid is allowed to do things his way.

An entry of Kyle in last year's on-the-spot drawing contest

Saturday, March 26, 2011 is where items are sold for a steal!

The laptop I got for my aunt.

I am no tech savvy although I do not consider myself dumb either. But when my aunt’s old laptop had totally turned into black while I was using it, I totally freaked out! I later figured that her laptop must have finally needed rest after being used and abused by yours truly for the past five years.  Hence, it had been my mission to find another laptop after accidentally destroying hers.

There was another problem though. I could not afford to buy her a brand new one. Buying such would be more expensive and I needed to find one the soonest possible. I’ve also been inquiring and trying to check out desktop computers instead.  I asked my friends’ opinions if I should be getting another laptop or a desktop computer. I also asked around where I could purchase the cheapest deals online. All techie websites are helpful in their own special kind of way, but when you’re looking for the perfect gizmo, it pays to do your own research, most especially when you’re tight on the budget like me.

Luckily, I was able to come across The site had been really helpful and is heavily packed with the cheapest used computer deals in town. It is user-friendly even for those who did not have a clue how to buy items online. They sell other items apart from gadgets too. The prices are reasonable and what I truly liked about it is that the items are up-to-date. Their online shop section had a price list that makes it easier and convenient for visitors and shoppers alike. 

Personally speaking, I find as very easy to navigate with the simplest free online marketplace. You can basically buy and sell from the different regions in the country.  Not to mention, it’s a good venue to earn money online. 

In the end, I was able to purchase another laptop for my dear aunt who finally stopped nagging me for destroying her most precious gadget. And I really felt relieved as she was truly satisfied with my purchase. Some of my relatives had also sold some items online that they longer need. In the process, they were able to hit two birds with one stone—getting rid of something and gaining money as well. truly lives up to its name--aside from having one the best used computer deals online, they have been gaining recognition on the web by simply words of mouth with numerous satisfied online customers like us.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Del Monte Cooking Classes this Summer!

Make Ahead Picnic Feast (FREE) 
Class schedule: March 24 | 2-4pm
Create your own outdoor feast without the hassle!
  Kids Cooking (PHP 2,800.00) 
Class schedule: March 26 | 10am-4pm
Small hands, big love for cooking. Let the kids wow you with our exciting recipes!
  Kids Food Fun (4-7 yrs old) (PHP 1,200.00) 
Class schedule: April 2 | 10am-2pm
It’s foodie day for your junior chef!
  Superb Summer Snacks (FREE!) 
Class schedule: April 7 | 2-4pm
Beat the heat this summer with these new and exciting recipes!
  Easy Korean Cooking (PHP 2,800.00) 
Class schedule: April 9 | 10am-4pm
Enjoy the healthy benefits of Korean dishes straight from your kitchen!
  Bakery Classics (Panaderya Style) (PHP P2,800) 
Class schedule: April 9 | 10am-4pm
Monay, ensaymada, pandesal, pan de coco…learn the secrets of your “suking panaderya”.
  All About Fruits (FREE!) 
Class schedule: April 28 | 2pm-4pm
Have a tropical blast with fruits in season!

To enroll, simply call the DMK Hotline at 897-7000 to reserve a slot.

All classes will require full registration and full payment five (5) days before the class schedule.

All classes will be held at the Del Monte Test Kitchen, G/F B3 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Hands-on classes come with ingredients, materials, recipe handouts, apron, toque and certificate of attendance.

Payment will be forfeited for participants who cancel or fail to attend.

Schedules may change without prior notice.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catch the McDonald's Soccermania at SM Malls!

Kyle happily holding the soccer ball.

Catch the McDonald's Soccermania at selected SM Malls. The Futkaleros will conduct  free soccer clinics open to kids ages 6 to 12 years old. Girls and boys are welcome to join the fun and games. There will also be lots of freebies including a free photo opportunity and winning Disney's Supastrikas items. We went to the Sm Megamall leg last weekend that despite Kyle having gone from an injury, he insisted that we bring him to the Soccermania because he's a great fan of the Azkals' goalkeeper Neil Etheridge. He says he wants to know how street soccer is played.

Ready to strike a kick!
Have your kids experience the fun of playing football and gain friends as well. McDonald's Soccermania is scheduled to be held at SM Manila on April 15, 16, 17 from 10 AM to 7PM.

Freebies include photo op.

For more info, visit the Facebook fan page of McDonald's Soccermania.

Let your kids enjoy the sport and feel the rush of Soccer!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Even After: A Workshop for Single Moms

Calling all single moms, those never married, once married, widowed, OFW wives and  other single mommies: 

There's going to be a workshop for single moms called Happy Even After on March 20, 2011 Sunday at  Powerbooks Live, Greenbelt 5, Makati.  Registration fee  of P200 covers snacks, giveaways and lootbags from Myra-E, Nivea, Del Monte Fruit Juice and P & G Salon Professionals. 

This workshop is from the same people (spearheaded by the lady behind Sex and, Ms. Anna Santos)  behind the first event I've previously blogged about single moms. Do check out my old blog post if you want to have an idea how it will be like. 

So if you're not doing something for weekend, check this out. 

Have a great weekend ahead!

Better to be Safe than Sorry

I received a text message last night--it came from a friend and she was asking for prayers. She had a biopsy last week and when results came, it turned out she had breast cancer. Prior to learning about her disease, my friend had a large cyst on her ovary. But I don't know if it was a miracle that even without any medication, the said cyst eventually got smaller. Then came this news about her cancer. The doctors told her she needs to undergo an operation ASAP because the cancer may have widely spread in other areas of her body. 

I began to wonder, my friend had always been the most "health-conscious" among us. She'd only eat organically grown veggies and fresh fruits, stayed away from red meats and used only products that had no chemicals or those referred to as environmentally friendly. She does not drink, smoke or do drugs either. In other words, she's clean living. She's the least among her friends to have cancer.

My friend is only in her early 30's. She's happily married to a lawyer who comes from a prominent family. They only had one child who's only three years old. But apparently, she later learned the culprit--breast cancer is in her genes. Her great grandmother died of such disease. 

Taking stock of your health means active screening against cancer. Diligence in getting recommended health checkups and cancer screenings, and going to the physician when something is wrong are as important as the other issues women are facing today. 

Cancer can strike women at any age, and with the odds one-in-three of a woman getting cancer in her lifetime, or needs to be proactive in screening out their disease. 

Women everywhere should take it upon themselves to be empowered on controlling their health. Simple steps such as staying away from tobacco, maintaining healthy weight, limited alcohol intake, skin protection from harmful UV rays, knowing one's family medical history and risk factors, as well as scheduling regular checkups on a regular basis.

When it comes to your health, it's better to be safe than sorry. 

You may visit for more info on cancer.

Be safe and God bless!

Mommy Diaries Event

Saturday, May 28 and May 29 from 10:00AM until 8:00PM

The NBC Tent

Created By

More Info
The 2-day expo will have a festive atmosphere perfect for the Mother’s Month of May. With more than 150 booths featuring houseware items, personal care products, children’s items, baby products and accessories all under one roof, this will definitely be a one-stop shop and place to be for all deserving mommies out there!

Aside from that there will also be special cooking shows and demonstrations, talks by pediatricians and psychologists, special treats and entertainment for the kids, as well as a raffle drawing every hour.

*Basic Life Support
*Breast Cancer
*Weight Management
*Cervical Cancer

*Bone Density Screening
*Sugar Level Screening
*Cholesterol Level Screening


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 11 Tsunami in Japan: Why this has happened?

March 11, 2011

I went into the kitchen to eat snacks, and I saw my relatives’ eyes glued in the TV screen. I looked up to see what was so important, and I saw Tsunami and an 8.9 intensity earthquake in Sendai, Japan. I ended up online checking on my friends Marisol Peralta and Marielen Borlaza-Sugawara. And just like my relatives that time, it was all over the Internet and Facebook. With a rosary in hand, I started to say a prayer for them as well as for the Filipino communities in Japan. 

There was so much to be done—bodies to be found, debris to be picked up. But what impacted me the most were the people on the news asking about their missing family members. Since that day, I feel like many of us are still searching for an answer, wanting those missing bodies found, wanting the Sendai and Fukushima Islands restored like the whole thing never happened. And with it thousands of innocent lives, their hopes and dreams for the future ended. Yet there were people left behind to find light from underneath the rubble.

I know the Tsunami has ruined lives and directly affected my friends. I have been more fortunate than most, and some say that I have nothing to complain about (and sometimes I couldn’t agree more). A priest once said in his sermon, why did God allow disasters such as these? He wants to introduce doubt to the people. Temptation in itself wasn’t bad, but giving in to such is a sin. We had to go through earthquakes (like in New Zealand), an Ondoy like super typhoon in our country and Japan’s killer Tsunami to understand that despite Japanese technologies and industries, the people still needs to know that there is GOD. Yet, I know that March 11th has taught me, life lessons I have learned from the courage, faith and strength of others, all these and more, I will carry into the future.

ADHD is a GIft

Kyle trying to walk using his crutches.

Kyle’s recent accident wasn’t the first time his life was put on a string. His life was threatened the first time when he was just about four to six months old. A cousin (father side, then on his teens) was so jealous of him that he put a rubbing alcohol on Kyle’s bottled milk. We’d like to believe his guardian angels saved him because young as he was, he’d turn down the bottle each time that milk would be offered to him. Perhaps, it was his olfactory nerves that we should thank for. Perhaps Kyle had smelled the rubbing alcohol as a baby and knew that particular milk would not be good for him because of the strong smell. 

I didn’t know how he was saved at that time, all I knew was that I had taken care of him before he turned a year old for fear that Kyle’s life would once again be put in danger. He had long forgiven that Uncle (remember he’s our cousin) and they’re even friends now on Facebook.
I recently read that people with ADHD are accident-prone. I didn’t know this until my recent read. After what happened to his tricycle accident and his near-death experience of hitting an Isuzu car almost a month ago, I knew I had to watch Kyle more carefully.
Just being with Kyle makes me smile. He invariably had something special in him—a spark, a delightful quirk—which he’d sometimes try to hide, but which I usually can find. Then he’d relax, brighten up, and make me laugh and learn. Indeed, I think that people dealing with Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) represent some of the most fascinating, fun, and fulfilling of all the people I meet.
People would often ask me, what’s hard in raising a child who has ADHD? The answer to the question “How many times do I have to tell you?” is about two thousand. Kids with ADHD are popular among their peers because they’re often the topic among teachers and parents alike. They would ask, “What are we going to do with___ (insert the child’s name)? They’ve been often subjected to a number of issues involving in school behaviors and often “labeled” by insensitive and sometimes harsh people of the society. 
With all the negative traits I’ve written, it’s easy to say that having an ADHD is a curse. To be honest, I used to think the same thing myself. I didn’t know much about the advantages (Yup, you’re reading this right, Mommy!) of ADHD until I came across this book I’ve recently read called Super-Parenting for ADD (An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child) by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and peter S. Jensen, M.D.
So, what are the advantages of having an ADHD or ADD child? Energy. Curiosity. Creativity. They’d easily forgive. People with ADHD can’t remember a grudge long enough to hold one. Kyle immediately forgave Jamie after seeing her at the hospital the day she visited him. Kids with ADHD are often big-hearted and generous. They also have a tendency to be highly sensitive, plus a tendency to surprise people with sudden unexpected insights.

Kyle’s highly imaginative and has a real knack for thinking outside the box and being artistic in so many ways. He’s special, sometimes his zany sense of humor drives me crazy, alright, but it is also cute.  He’s got a special quality that draws people in, a kind of charisma even.
When he went back to school last week, he received a very warm welcome from his classmates and other third graders, two girls even wrote “Welcome Back Kyle, Love Teachers and Classmates” on the black board, bringing tears into my eyes. The boys seemed to be happy that he’s back, giving him high-fives as well.
Each time I look at his baby book, I couldn’t imagine how fast Kyle had grown into a fine young lad. Besides enjoying making people laugh at his jokes and playing pranks on people, he’s still the same old kid I know. Nothing much has changed in him and I will savor every moment of these remaining months or years that he sees himself as a child. With his third lease on life, I will forever be grateful that he’s still alive and kicking. 

Vix en Vance

Mommy Vix with her son, Ethan Jared.

When I first met her some months back, the first thing that struck me and caught my attention was her smile—it was spontaneous albeit shy. It had a childlike quality that complimented her demureness and I felt deep within me that I was beginning to admire her. At that moment, I became an instant fan.

Vix Parungao may not ring a bell yet, but I am certain she’ll be well-known someday. I find it funny that she’s been rubbing elbows with more popular bloggers (some of whom she writes for as a ghost writer) but they never got to know her at all. I consider myself blessed and lucky for knowing her and becoming her friend.
A hands-on mom to Ethan Jared, Vix and I shared a lot of things in common: we both love to read—if given the chance, we could’ve probably spend an entire day at FullyBooked or Powerbooks, we’re both fans of Kinsella, Coelho, Albom and Sparks. We both love the now defunct duo Savage Garden whose last hit song, “I Knew I Loved You” continues to bring chills down my spine as thoughts of college days haunt me. (But that’s another story…),We like joining contests (no matter how corny the prize may be), we love to attend mommy forums, seminars and events, we’re both cheesy sometimes when we talk about LIFE—and we’re both simple when it comes to dressing up, sans any makeup.

What I love most about Mommy Vix, she’s genuinely nice and she has a kind heart. She’s not someone who holds grudges—perhaps she doesn’t like to carry emotional excess baggage. And unlike other people I’ve met in the past, Vix is only one of those of few whose smile aren’t like shovels rusting in the rain. You see, some people may smile at you approvingly, but the moment you turn your back on them, they’d start to gossip and whisper bad stuff about you.
Did I mention that Vix had a big heart? She shares stuff with me without hesitation—her time, talents, knowledge, tips, infos—and she does that without expecting anything in return. She isn’t NOKIA (read: User-friendly).

I could still vividly remember how I met her, it was my first time to attend a mommy blogger’s event. We hit it off immediately. Yeah, it was like an instant connection between us were transpired. I knew right away that she’s not like the others., that she’s different, she stands out among the rest.
I didn’t want to go to that event. Now I kept thinking if I hadn’t made it there, I wouldn’t have gained a friend in Vix. I keep thanking God for Vix, she’s God-sent to me. She’s like my angel loan on earth.
Mommy Vix, this entry post is for you. I’d like you to know how I felt about knowing you. I may not offer the greatest kind of friendship but what I am is certainly my best. Thank you for the friendship. May the good Lord bless you and Jared always!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pope John Paul II will be beatified on May 1!

I consider myself a woman of faith. I’ve always believed in God and I never questioned His existence. And as a Catholic, I believe—or at least try to believe—what my church teaches. But I am also practical and pragmatic person. Sure, I know that miracles happen every single day: the birth of a child, the blooming of a flower, rising of the sun etc. These are all everyday miracles we have taken for granted. I don’t know, for I think I’ve gotten a bit jaded over the years. I’ve seen so many priests, some of them I personally know who turned out to be feigners or fakes, or was involved in either sex scandal or corruption after their holier-than-thou personalities have been unmasked. But my skepticism was challenged to the hilt in 1995.

I saw the huge crowd lining up to see this man. I suddenly found myself overcome with emotion. I couldn’t explain it. Before I knew it, I was crying like a baby. And I had to run and hide because I didn’t want people to see me weeping and sobbing for reasons I couldn’t understand. I really didn’t know what happened to me. My friends say I was “touched by the Holy Spirit”.

Dang, I tried to give a logical explanation—that maybe I was moved to tears because I’ve never seen such a huge crowd in my life before or that I pitied the crowd—or something. But the more I think about it the more I am convinced that there was indeed something divine that touched me. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like my life has turned 180 degrees. It’s not like I had a very Saint Paul moment on his road to Emmaus. But that experience had a profound effect on me, I was humbled in many ways. That was the moment I saw his holiness, Pope John Paul II—I felt something in me that needed healing—my ego, my struggles in the world, my pride, my worldliness, my lack of faith, spiritual dryness, my anxiety among many others.

I’m still the same girl—with the same quirks and crazy inclinations. But now, I have a different perspective. More than ever, I am convinced that there is something beyond this physical world. That there are things that can never be explained by Science and that no matter how we deny it, all of us were touched by the late pontiff we all loved.

Pope John Paul II, Karol Jozef Wojtyla passed away on April 2, 2005, Saturday at 9:37 PM. He had celebrated his final earthly Easter week in enforced silence and in increasing and very serious sickness—multiple organ failure and heart failure.

Some say that at the last he rallied from semi-consciousness, looked toward his bedroom window and whispered “Amen.” And now he’s about to be beatified—which meant one more miracle in his name and he’s off to sainthood.

He had offered the world a great example, forgiving the man who failed twice in his attempt to assassinate him. The way Pope John Paul II lived his life offered lessons to the world on forgiveness, aging, illness, suffering, courage and on love and faithfulness. He will forever be in my heart and in my prayers.

I’d have to say, the late Pope truly deserves it. I will always remember him in my heart and in my prayers. He had offered the world a great example, forgiving the man who failed twice in his attempt to kill him. The way Pope John Paul II lived his life offered lessons the world on forgiveness, aging, illness, suffering, courage and on love and faithfulness. 

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