Thursday, April 29, 2021

Coffee That's Really Good For You: Glorious, Isn't It?


Sweet & Fit Stevia is best for coffee and tea especially if you're diabetic. 

For decades, coffee had received a bad reputation. Besides allegedly triggering high blood pressure, insomnia, and hyperacidity, the Filipino habit of adding lots of sugar and cream to one’s cup has been said to aggravate diabetes.

While there’s no denying the Pinoy coffee fan his morning cup, there is concern over the amount of sugar present in commercial 3-in-1 coffee mixes. The leading brand has 14.6 grams of sugar in one 20-gram sachet alone. Imagine how much sugar you’re taking in if you drink an average of three cups of coffee a day.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Experience a different kind of summer with Singapore-based app ‘Bigo Live’ featuring Filipino Celebrities and Influencers


Are you craving a different kind of experience? Have no fear, Bigo Live is here! With over 400 million users in more than 150 countries around the globe, Bigo Live is the most accessible and diverse live streaming app to date. 

Bigo Live even makes it more exciting for Filipino users, as it allows fans to connect in real-time with their favorite local celebrities and influencers with interactive live streams available every day at any time!

Catch the best-loved Bigo live streamers like ASAP Celebrity DJ and ABS-CBN Sports Anchor Jimmy Parcon, Hashtag’s Wilbert Ross, and Abbie Tolentino from 5PM onwards exclusively on Bigo Live.

Check out this month's line-up:


- Appears on ABS-CBN’s ASAP and Sports & Action

- Catch him live on Bigo via BIGO ID: jimmynocon, frequently every 5PM

Sunday, April 25, 2021

10 Personal Financial Tips to help you save for the rainy days


We need money to be able to buy our essentials and to sustain our needs. However, with all that we see and hear about money, the truth of the matter is, only a few people have truly mastered how to handle money properly. Money isn’t bad. What is wrong is the greediness of people and their love for money. It is when we allow money to control our lives that makes it bad. Money should enrich our lives instead of controlling us.

I don’t mean to become a ray of sunshine here. I'm no financial expert either. I just want to share what I had learned about keeping my finances in the hope that it might work for you too. But people, in general, must learn more about money management. About having too little or too much. About how to spend and save wisely as well as know when to invest. About the satisfaction it brings and the hassle it can cause if you don’t manage it well. 

Contrary to what we have been made to believe, mastering money doesn’t need any financial related degree or expert investment strategies. It only takes both short term and long-term planning, being consistent on the plan, also entails lots of discipline and having the right attitude. 

Here, I am sharing some personal finance tips to get you started:


    Back when I was a teenager, I was given a supplementary card of my mom’s credit card. When you’re at that age, swiping cards seemed so cool! So out of my immaturity, I would use my credit card each time I’d dine in restaurants and cafes with friends and when I’d go shopping. Until such time when I’ve maximized my card’s credit limit. Can you imagine how my mom got the shock of her life after she has learned what I had done? The lesson here is it’s still best to use cash instead of a credit or debit card so you can monitor well your outgoing expenses. You have to use your money wisely. Cliche as it may sound, but it's true, it's important to distinguish your needs versus your wants. The thing is, if you can't live without it, it is a necessity. But if it's one of those things you've been jonesing for, it's best to forget it. 


    This isn’t really easy especially if you’re doing it the first time. If you’re not sure where to begin, follow this simple formula: Salary-Savings=Expenses. Or make it 60-20-20 because you might feel that you’re going to be short each time you receive your salary. Try to save a small amount of money on a weekly basis.  For example, each week try to save P125. It may be a small amount but at least you will be having P500 savings per month! It isn’t bad to start with. Once you’ll get used to saving weekly, you can try to save bigger money. 

How my family and I cope up with boredom and stress while on quarantine during Coronavirus


Experience a lot of family togetherness during quarantine

We must all have experienced lots of family togetherness since most of us are currently in quarantine. Let's face it, being stuck at home may not necessarily be synonymous with fun. But there are lots of enjoyable ways to combat self-isolation from COVID-19 with a little help from your family. 

Boredom can get to you during quarantine

While it's not fun being cooped up due to self-isolation and social distancing, it needs a little effort to come up and create entertaining things to do at home as you help the time pass while at the same time still making memories as a family.  Yes, boredom can get to each member of the family after some time. 

It has been more than a year that we stayed at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How I survived the boredom, you ask? Well, playing online games helped me and my family cope up with all the stress and boredom.

Play online games with the entire family website

I recently stumbled upon this website called where they offer free and fun online games for the whole family. They are still in beta test mode since it's a relatively new game site that's launched just this year. But the good thing about their site is that they have various games to choose from arcade favorites, simulation, role-playing, puzzles, word games, math, logic, sports to kindergarten educational games. caters to all ages--so regardless of your age [yes, kids-at-heart are very much welcome], you don't necessarily be a hardcore gamer, for as long as you know how to follow instructions and you are totally rad about playing online games, you're good. Spellschool is a hit among pre-schoolers

Fact: Our kids love games and so do we [those kids at heart like me]. Kids are always excited to learn new things and can retain information better when the process we applied is enjoyable. Thus, we often try to make learning fun. This is what I love best about Spellschool, one of the games available at They have amazing game materials where you can exercise your brains and learn at the same time while having fun. Their Spellschool for instance is designed to develop skills in word recognition and correct spelling among other lessons. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

5 Tips To Convert Your Home Into a Minimalist Sanctuary


A minimalist living room

In this day and age,  where clutter seems everywhere, many seek the clean and refreshing ambiance of minimalism. We see them everywhere, from social media feeds to their home's interiors, people are now into the Zen-style or adopting the Komari method of living. Following the "less is more" concept to achieve a more organized and decluttered concept in order to get the relaxing benefits of minimalism. This is especially true since most people are staying safe at home while in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You might want to take this opportunity to gradually convert your home into a minimalist sanctuary. 

Check out these five tips to achieve your own minimalist sanctuary: 

Nothing like having a comfortable & good sleep in a minimalist room

To Toss Or Not To Toss?

Having a few items is the key in minimalism, so it is crucial to plan how to clean up your home and choose which items to keep and give away. Generally, objects that you haven’t used in at least three months, such as extra clothing items or novelty trinkets, should be given away.  You may categorize all your stuff in a pile and streamline them until you’ve decided which items to keep or donate. Doing so lets you clean your home easier and reduce the items that may cause clutter.

Start With A Clean Slate

Since minimalism revolves around the concept “less is more,” starting with an almost blank slate may help you decide on the new minimalist layout of your home. By clearing out your home (as stated in the first tip), you should have opened up more space and reduced clutter in your house. Clearing the space is integral to the Zen concept of minimalism. 

If you are planning to remodel your new home, like a recently bought Pag-IBIG foreclosed property, you can use it as a “blank canvas” for your imagination. You can change the wall paint of the foreclosed property, add more hidden storage, and select furniture and decoration pieces to complete your minimalistic abode.

A minimalist sanctuary gives off lots of positive vibes

Optimize Hidden Storage

You might be wondering: where do minimalists keep their other “unseen” items? It might seem far-fetched to maintain a minimalist home while still keeping a lot of stuff. With most homes, whether it is a house or condo unit, having built-in wardrobes and cabinets can help you organize your things while keeping things out of sight.

For example, the cabinetry in your kitchen could give you ample space to store ceramic ware, ingredients, and bulky cookware. In your bedroom, the wardrobe cabinet may have enough drawers to store clothes, shoes, and other trinkets. You may also add hidden storage compartments if your home has wide walls. You can use these to store oversized items, such as cleaning tools, seasonal clothing items, home decorations, and pet food. 

Suppose you want to add more storage through discreet means. In that case, get furniture pieces with secret storage spaces. For example, a bed with drawers underneath is an excellent storage place for clothes. A couch with built-in storage is perfect for storing reading materials, pet toys, and guest indoor slippers. These furniture pieces can also recreate the Zen-like ambiance of many modern Japanese homes.

Stick to Simple Designs

For your walls, use neutral shades such as beiges, creams, and grays. These hues are perfect for your minimalist home as they don’t overpower your space and can provide a soothing atmosphere. For decoration pieces, choose simple yet elegant items. Avoid objects that have a lot of visual weight to keep your rooms clean and balanced.

Take Small Steps At A Time

Because minimalism takes a lot of patience and effort to maintain, it is vital to take small steps in converting your home into a minimalistic sanctuary. Even before you start the previous tips, you may begin by reducing waste at home and narrowing your collection. Appreciating what is essential is one step closer to your minimalist lifestyle.

To sum up, converting your home into a minimalist sanctuary might be challenging to do and maintain. But starting with these five tips may help you eventually reach a simplistic yet stylish abode.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

You Can Now ‘Mine’ a Lumina Home through Live Selling Brgy. Lumina

Luminma Homes Tanza Angeli Townhouses

Online selling or e-commerce is the latest trend nowadays especially since most are still in quarantine to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus. There are also various benefits of online selling such as you can sell across towns, cities, provinces, and even across borders, removing all geographical limitations. For the buyer, it is the convenience of being safe right at the comfort of your home with just a few clicks from your fingers that makes purchasing online a hit among many consumers. 

Lumina Homes understands the dilemma and in situations like this pandemic, they've come up with an easier way for you to have access to your ''dream house.''  If you've always wanted to buy your own house, Tune in to Facebook page of your preferred Lumina project this April 24, 2021 and get ready to "mine" the Lumina house that you want!

Lumina Homes Property

Sunday, April 18, 2021

I’M Hotel’s The Common Good Restaurant Launches DIY Laksa Kit


Craving for Laksa? Fret no more with I'm Hotel DIY Laksa Kit

Are you craving the goodness of authentic curry noodle soup Laksa? Fret no more, I'm Hotel's The Common Good Restaurant has heard you as they have launched their signature and most sought-after dish, Laksa which you can make right at the comfort of your own home. 

I'm Hotel Laksa DIY Meal Kit

Laksa is a spicy curry noodle soup made popular in the Peranakan cuisine of Southeast Asia. It has two variants: Laksa Lemak made from coconut-based soup and Assam Laksa, a clear, sweet soup base. The most loved version is the Laksa Lemak of Singapore which is a seafood-based soup with prawns and dried shrimps as toppings. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

How do we help kids cope up with the changes resulting from Covid-19 virus outbreak?


Who wouldn't love being thrown up in the air as a kid?

Do you ever have experience being lifted up in the air by one of your parents as a kid? My mom used to do it back when I was still a child. I remember the feeling of being thrown up in the air [exactly just the way it was shown in the photo above] and it felt like I was a superhero who can fly even for a minute. Those bonding moments I had with my mom as a kid were truly special. 

Let's face it, kids will always be kids. They like active playing such as rough games most especially younger boys. Children in general love to roll around, jump and climb. And in times like this that almost half of the world's population are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, kids also develop anxiety, worry, and fears especially since most schools temporarily had to close down and they had to contend themselves to study via online classes. They can't even go out and much more socialize with children their age. 

Children love rowdy play that can distract work from home.. 

Children may no longer have that sense of structure and proper stimulation needed by their young minds. They have less opportunity to be with their friends and get that social support that is intrinsic for their healthy mental well-being.

A tumble mat is so much better than any playmat because you can be assured of your kids' safety.

 I read somewhere that children respond well to stress in various ways: they can become more clingy, withdrawing, angry or agitated, even to the point of bedwetting. As parents, we can respond to our children's reactions in a supportive way. By listening to their concerns and giving them the necessary TLC and our full attention. We need to speak kindly to them and reassuring them that everything will be okay in spite of the health crisis. 

Dr. Joselyn Eusebio, a developmental psychologist recommends keeping a regular routine with your children while avoiding being away from them. You can start by playing with them on a tumble mat. Most children love to do cartwheels, somersaults, flips, and twists. If your kids are into gymnastics, they'll find tumbling really easy to get into. You can start by learning how it feels to perform simple tricks on the floor. Then, as their techniques and confidence grow, you'd be surprised they can perform amazing sequences soon. Of course, you don't need to be a professional gymnast to enjoy the air tumble mat. You can always have it for fun and just go with the flow. 

Tumble Mat

Gymnastics is a great activity for kids. As a parent, you need to keep your kids fit and you will help them burn off your kids' extra energy into something fun, exciting, and creative if you will have your very own tumble mat at home. It will keep them fit and active amid the pandemic. Gymnastics is fantastic for helping children gain strength and take risks ultimately which they can use later in life.

Kids can learn so much and develop motor skills with a tumble mat


The Effects of Covid-19 in the Philippine Real Estate


We are all facing an invisible enemy. We are at war with the Coronavirus or COVID-19 which seemed to have plagued the world with its omnipresence in our lives and media coverage concerning it. It has changed our lives radically without ever revealing itself directly. The pandemic is now truly what we can call a global phenomenon. Imagine it has affected 2.6 billion people (roughly a third of the world’s population) as we are all living under some lockdown or quarantine. We are all asked to stay home as offices and shops temporarily close and a small percentage of working individuals are instructed to work from home.


COVID-19 had changed the way we go out as we need to follow specific health and safety protocols as well as be cautious of social distancing. Wearing of face mask & shields, bringing of alcohol or hand sanitizers have become a must for everyone. This is what “the new normal” is all about.


Admittedly, the rapid spread of the dreaded Coronavirus disease of COVID-19 has thrown a big curveball on most professional industries. Who would’ve thought how the Covid-19 pandemic would turn out to be one of the most challenging crisis the entire humanity would face? No one had the slightest idea, we had probably underestimated Covid and thought it would just be as simple as having a flu virus. But now that we knew the severity of the Covid virus with its different variants, it was staggering and at the same time devastating because it has brought the whole world to its knees. It has made the rich and the poor equal. It has stirred uncertainties and confusion. It has overwhelmed the frontliners in the healthcare system. It has eradicated established pioneer industries and businesses we thought would last forever. Indeed, COVID-19 disrupted every known aspect of people’s lives, the government, businesses, and economies worldwide.


 Now, how bleak is the Philippine real estate after it became uncertain as the pandemic halted much business, travels were restricted as well as non-essential activities. The workforce was also put temporarily on hold and some of which eventually led to permanent closures. There were many properties that bore the biggest blow out of this pandemic. Amid all the drastic changes as well as learning all the lessons the hard way, real estate stakeholders and experts have long been eyeing recovery. The Filipinos are more than hopeful for more opportunities to be able to bounce back in the next coming months.

Inquirer Property recently polled industry experts who shared their insights and forecasts as well as vital key points on how we would all rise from this pandemic. According to them, recovery in real estate shall return once the consumers and investors gain back their confidence. Investor confidence shall further boost both the residential and office sub-sectors. The COVID-19 pandemic sabotaged an upward trajectory for the real estate industry. The sector ground a halt in March of 2020 and is getting its bearings only in late 2020. 

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