Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang now offers Take-Out and Pick-up Food Service + Menu

The ongoing crisis that we all now experience (not just in the country, but all over the world), because of the pandemic Covid-19 virus that has plagued most parts of the world which had caused thousands of deaths made us all stay home. The enhanced community quarantine gave us limited time to buy our own food. So it's like having a ray of sunshine when you hear that your favorite all-time buffet restaurant, Cafe Ilang-Ilang from The iconic Manila Hotel now offers take-out and pick-up service. 

It may be a limited menu from The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-ilang, but it will surely satiate your cravings of Filipino comfort food. The Manila Hotel Cafe Ilang-Ilang Takeout Menue may also be booked through pic-up services like Grab Express, LalaMove etc. The said takeout food service officially kicked off last Friday, April 3, 2020. 

Here, allow me to share with you the special limited Cafe Ilang-Ilang Takeout Menu from The Manila Hotel: 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

SM Distributes PPEs and Medical Supplies to over 50 Hospitals Nationwide

Through SM FOUNDATION. SM is donating over PHP170M towards the fight against COVID 19, surpassing its initial allocation of PHP100 M to help ensure: Healthcare workers in hospitals nationwide are armored with personal protective equipment; Testing is made more widely available; Providing ICU-grade ventilators to help hospitals manage patients with severe cases.

Among the hospitals that received PPE donations as of March 27, 2020 are the following designated COVID Hospitals: University of the Philippines PGH, Lung Center of the Philippines and Jose N Rodriguez Memorial Hospital.

Major government hospitals are: Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), National Kidney and Transplant Institute, San Lazaro Hospital, East Avenue Medical.Center, Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center, Philippine Heart Center, National Children's Hospital and Rizal Medical Center.

Other hospitals include Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, Chinese General Hospital, University of the East Ramon Magsaysay (UERM) Memorial Medical Center, Manila Doctors Hospital, University of Sto Tomas Hospital, Makati Medical Center, The Medical City, Ospital ng Muntinlupa and more.

Several shipments of PPEs are also on their way to provincial hospitals nationwide.

SM has committed to be of service to the Filipino public, its hospitals, and its government, in ensuring that we all contain and overcome the COVID-19 crisis together.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

SM Foundation delivers vital medical supplies to Rizal Medical Center

Sharing this piece of good news amidst the pandemic Covid-19 virus infection that has plagued the country and the world today. SM Foundation's #HappyToServe spirit were recently shown at Rizal Medical Center. The said hospital has received medical supplies from SM Foundation! 

Rizal Medical Center received a number of Personal Protective Equipment from SM Foundation which arrived on Saturday, March 28, 2020.
The medical supplies included N95 masks, protective goggles, nitrile gloves, hygiene kits and alcohol among other supplies. 

Through SM Foundation, SM has donated and pledged over PHP170 million as it focused its efforts on giving critical medical supplies and equipment to about 50 hospitals nationwide. 

Kudos to your unwavering efforts in this fight against COVID-19 pandemic, frontliners of RMC.


Help displaced creative workers through Open House’s live online entertainment

Press Release:

COVID-19 has robbed many workers of their livelihood, and this is no less true in the performing arts sector, where live performances have been canceled to secure the health and safety of both audience and employees. With a number of freelance workers in the industry in urgent need, the most vulnerable of them displaced and deprived of the protection of the state due to the contractual nature of their work, Artists Welfare Project, Philstage, SPIT, Third World Improv, the Theater Actors Guild, and Ticket2Me created the online fundraising project Open House. With Open House, you can stream live online classes, shows, and workshops featuring some of the industry’s biggest names for FREE! But everyone is encouraged to donate suggested amounts in the form of tickets to simulate the tradition of live theater and help raise funds for the project. 

Viewers may click on to to donate. All proceeds go directly to production workers like dressers, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians, stagehands, musicians, and more through the Artists Welfare Project. Every P2,000 donation to Open House will go a long way in supporting a displaced worker in the performing arts community and his or her family for one month during the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

OMF Literature releases new book for the Gen Z's called Kaya Ko Pa, Bes! (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)

OMF Literature releases new book for the Gen Z's called Kaya Ko Pa, Bes! (And Other Lies I Tell Myself)

Press Release: 

With progress and innovation comes change. This change is evident in how the younger generation vastly differs from the older generations. Gen Zs—those born from 1997 up to 2012—are exposed to a barrage of information and stimulants. It’s not always easy for them to distinguish the lies from the truth. Gen Zs encounter these lies through the media, the internet, and their peers and have come to believe them. Here are some lies Gen Zs tell themselves, and how they could respond to them biblically:

“Right and wrong changes over time." 
Many young people today believe that society dictates what is morally right and wrong. Truth has become relative, and it is up to the person to judge whether something is acceptable or not. Gen Zs who are followers of Jesus can be firm in their stand that truth is absolute, and that the Bible is our primary guide in discerning the truth from lies. 

“I need to stay connected 24/7.” Gen Zs grew up with technology. Today, many young people own electronic gadgets, and they spend a lot of time online. Let’s ask ourselves: Do I spend too much time on social media that I neglect to do other important things? Am I letting my connections online affect my relationship in real life?

“My value depends on the number of IG and Twitter likes I receive.” 
For many young people, posting on social media is not just a way of expressing themselves; it is also a way to get appreciation and affirmation. The problem is when we expect, or even demand, others to affirm us. Remember: You will be disappointed if you only do things to please people. Why not aim to please the Lord instead?

Because Gen Zs are still in their formative years, they need guidance in molding their core values and beliefs. To fill this need, bestselling author and the founder of the Lovestruck Movement, Pastor Ronald Molmisa gathered five millennials to write Kaya Ko Pa, Bes! (And Other Lies I Tell Myself), a devotional aimed at the Gen Z crowd. The 52 entries in the book tackles how Gen Zs can be strong amidst the challenges they face. The book also shares reflections on how each person’s story is connected to the Lord’s great plan for everyone.

Also included are “Woke Prayers,” short and sweet prayers that readers can use to jumpstart their conversations with God. Finally, the “Challenge Accepted” activity section encourages readers to apply the lessons they learned in the reflections. Published by OMF Literature, Kaya Ko Pa, Bes! is available at OMF Lit Bookshop and other leading bookstores nationwide for P225.00. The book can also be ordered online

Sunday, March 22, 2020


Award-winning scriptwriter Ricky Lee conducts free online scriptwriting classes during the enhanced community quarantine and Luzon Lockdown

Ricky Lee has written 150 produced film scripts since 1979, earning him more than 50 trophies from award-giving bodies, including a lifetime achievement award from the critics' group, Urian. Most of his films have been shown in Cannes, Toronto Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival, and other foreign festivals. Among these are Himala, Moral, Brutal, Relasyon, Karnal, Bulaklak ng Maynila, Gumapang Ka sa Lusak, Jaguar, Salome, The Flor Contemplacion Story, Dolzura Cortes, Muru-Ami, Bagong Buwan, Rizal, Nasaan Ka Man, Madrasta, Anak, and Dubai.

What I liked about Sir Ricky Lee and probably what makes him a cut above the rest was the fact that he knew how to pay it forward by helping out fellow scriptwriting aspirants and film enthusiasts by conducting free scriptwriting workshops all these years.

Since 1982, Lee has been conducting workshops for beginning scriptwriters and he has produced hundreds of graduates who now work for either Television and Film productions, both on mainstream and indie films. His free scriptwriting workshop has attracted thousands of aspiring writers nationwide. The said free scriptwriting workshop has a stringent screening process because it is free, the organizing committee has to select the creme of the crop from amongst the applicants. 

I tried my luck before to apply for Sir Ricky Lee's scriptwriting workshop. I was able to make it on the callback but for some reason, I ended up attending ABS-CBN's Comedy Scriptwriting Workshop instead. I had no regrets anyway because I was able to learn a lot and I have met participants from that writing workshop who eventually became my lifelong friends. The only difference was, the ABS-CBN scriptwriting workshop I had attended didn't had Ricky Lee as our mentor-teacher because it was organized by ABS-CBN. Instead, we had with TV director Philip Pelino and another award-winning scriptwriter/film director, Jose Javier Reyes to teach us the basics of scriptwriting and how to properly weave a story. Anyway, that's an entirely different story that I had already shared on this blog a few years back. 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Make your dessert dreams come true with the Queens of Buttercream and The Maya Kitchen

The Maya Kitchen brings in Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong, also known as the Queen of Buttercream and popular Filipino owners of the London-based Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes shop, for a special cupcake decorating workshop

Baking a cake is impressive enough. But frosting it hits every sweet spot. Add a few swirls, and you’re giving the cake a personal touch and making it more fitting for any celebration. Elevate it further by turning your cake into a showstopping centerpiece with a few piping tricks from baking royalty.

The Maya Kitchen brings in Valeri Valeriano and Christina Ong, the popular Filipino founders and owners of the London-based Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes shop, for the special Dessert Dreams with the Queens of Buttercream workshop. The session includes a cake decorating demo using local and easy to find ingredients like MAYA products and a hands-on exercise where participants get expert guidance on frosting a cupcake.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Manila Mayor Isko "Yorme" Moreno is Novuhair's Latest Brand Ambassador

Manila City Mayor Isko "Yorme"Moreno is Novuhair's New Brand Ambassador

If there's one rags to riches Filipino story that's truly inspiring, it's got to be Manila City Mayor Francisco Domagoso's life story. More popularly known in the showbiz industry as Isko Moreno, the actor-turned-politician had climbed his way up the ladder in Philippine politics when he started by running as the city councilor. He eventually won and soon ran for Vice Mayor and now as the city of Manila's mayor, he's able to transform the glory of Manila. 

Mayor ISKO MORENO threaded an impoverished area in Manila while growing up.  As the elected City Mayor of Manila, more popularly known to Filipinos as Yorme, he never wavered amidst adversities hurled at him for taking several steps in making a better version of the city he fondly calls his home and crowning glory.  Bold and fearless, Yorme puts his heart and mind in anything he does - “Believe in yourself! You’ve got nothing to lose.”

Yorme recently signed Ordinance 8607 declaring the permanence of Arroceros Forest Park dubbed as the “Last lung of the City”, home to 61 tree varieties and 8,000 ornamental plants. The new ordinance forbids the cutting of trees and dumping of waste within the park. Part of his plan is to allocate P1 million solely for its preservation and maintenance away from urbanization and all these efforts stem from his greater plan to make Manila a Green City”.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Mint Relief Product Review + Impressive Health Benefits of Mint You Didn't Know


I have always been a fan of peppermint for as long as I can remember. From mint balms, mint chocolates and candies to mint teas--name it, I must've had it. In fact, my mother used to ask and wonder what made me love mint teas--when for her it tasted something like "pinagkawkawan ng paa," [read: a tea that seemed to have been made from foot soaked in water]. My mom said such because mint is usually used as an ingredient when you have foot soak in spa centers. 

I love the smell of mint because they're very refreshing. And please don't underestimate the potent powers of these leaves. No, mints aren't just for garnish. This classic favorite deserves a spot in your garden and as part of your food supplement. Here's why:

Mint Relief  Gel Capsules
Peppermint oil has been linked with reducing pain, stomach upset, and other symptoms of IBS, largely because of the anti-spasmodic effects of methanol found in the stuff. That said, it's no longer a surprise that these benefits have been seen in capsule gel form of Mint Relief from Wellness Refill. But it is advised to see your doctor first before taking on any food supplement for regimen. 

I had the privilege of trying out a new product called Mint Relief as recommended by a friend. Being a mint fan, I had no hesitation at all. My friend had also assured it's natural and proven to be safe and effective. Best of all, it's BFAD approved so I knew it there's nothing to worry about. I was truly excited the first time I tried taking Mint Relief! You could really feel the soothing properties of peppermint in a gel capsule. 

I had been suffering from menstrual cramps or primary dysmenorrhea, an uncomfortable part of life for most women on a monthly basis. Each time I surf the crimson tide, my daily work gets disrupted because of the pain I get from having dysmenorrhea. I don't want to resort to taking Ibuprofen because doing so might make me dependent on the medicine. I used to drink more water to help ease bloating, but it only makes the symptoms worse. I guess I'm lucky in the sense that some women experience vomiting episodes in conjunction with menstrual cramps.

Monday, March 9, 2020

Manila Coffee Festival 2020 has been postponed

Manila Coffee Festival 2020 has been postponed until further notice

It is very unfortunate that due to the sudden rise in number of the contagious COVID-19 cases, the organizers of the highly-anticipated 2nd Manila Coffee Festival 2020 have postponed the said event until further notice. On their Facebook page it says: 

“With the country currently in a State of Public Health Emergency due to the rise in COVID-19 cases, we regret to announce that Manila Coffee Festival 2020 has been postponed until further notice. In line with the official Malacañang and DOH’s advisory, the MCF 2020, with the city government of Manila and The Manila Hotel Management, is taking this step as a precautionary measure of keeping everyone safe. Please hold on to your tickets, as we will keep you posted on the new schedule. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!”

Please stand by for the announcements on new dates of the concert. Thank you,” said the organizing body of Manila Coffee Festival.

President Rodrigo Duterte has placed the country under a state of public health emergency after health officials confirmed local transmission of the coronavirus.
There are 24 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the country as of press time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Manila Coffee Festival 2020 is brewing at The Manila Hotel

Attention: Coffee Lovers Unite!!! Manila Coffee Festival is back!!! This time they'd be having it in the historical city of Manila. The highly anticipated event will be held from March 13 to 15, 2020 at The Tent, The Manila Hotel. The historical The Manila Hotel will be such a fitting backdrop to the largest coffee event in the country today. Patterned after popular coffee international festivals, Manila Coffee Festival 2020 prides itself as it converges  the best Philippine coffee with music, entertainment, art, local tourism and the like all under one roof! 

Monday, February 24, 2020

TG Beauty Cafe Introduces Pizza with Filipino Twists

Pizza purists might not agree if I'd tell them that the owner of Tony Galvez Beauty Cafe came up with his very own pizza simply because he's never been satisfied with the ones commercially available in the market today. To be perfectly honest about it, I totally agree with Sir Tony. Nowadays, it's either you find pizza that may be considered as too greasy or they lack in flavor because most pizzerias scrimp on their ingredients. If you want a slice of the real stuff, you better make your own just like what exactly Sir Tony Galvez did. And luckily, Sir Tony takes his own version of the classic pizza with some interesting twists using the finest Filipino ingredients. 

Chicken Adobo Delight Pizza from TG Beauty Cafe
Wondering what makes TG Beauty Cafe's pizza great? Regulars say the secret lies in simplicity and balance--you won't find gouda and foie gras topping these pizzas. Instead, TG Beauty Cafe's ingredients include the basics like pepperoni, garlic, pineapple, bell pepper, black olives, kinchay, and twice-cooked Adobo flakes. You can opt for the plain four cheese pizza or Quattro formaggi composed of traditionally four kinds of cheese include mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, and fresh creamy cheese such as Robiola or Stracchino.

Thursday, February 20, 2020


There are some agencies that make people with disabilities gain joyful employment

Are you 21 years old and above and do you want to work in a call center or in Business Process Outsourcing? Edulynx Corporation is in need of applicants and participants to their FREE-15 day training for Call Center Agents. Edulynx Corporation is located at 11th floor Belvedere Tower, 15 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. 

Free BPO/Call Center Training for PWDs

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

South Spring Mushroom Chicharon Product Review and the Health Benefits of Eating Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms
Long before the hype on Oyster Mushroom began, I have tried experimenting on white oyster mushrooms by making what my cousins then called as "fake fried chicken." I would put some breading and dredge them over eggs before having them deep-fried and thus making them taste like it's real fried chicken when in reality it's a lot cheaper and perhaps healthier versions. Two years ago, I also had a privilege to visit some of Bulacan's mushroom farms. So I'm no longer surprised when people started exploring with oyster mushrooms. While there are other kinds of mushrooms like abalone, shiitake, button mushrooms and many others, Oyster mushrooms still managed to become a favorite among fungi because of their distinct flavor and extensive health benefits. 

Oyster mushroom is called as such because of its obvious similarity in its appearance to oysters. It has become an instant favorite by many because of its versatility and with a mild flavor and licorice-like aroma, it's become an integral part of many Asian dishes. Best of all, health expert says that oyster mushroom has been proven to be packed with anti-oxidants, lower cholesterol levels, alleviate inflammation, boosts brain health and may also block certain cancer growth.

South Spring Oyster Mushroom Chip in Sour Cream flavor

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati offers 25 Scholarships for TVET Courses

Scholarships are up for grabs at Don Bosco Technical School in Makati

If you know someone interested, especially those out-of-school-youth who aren't doing anything productive at the moment, now is the time to start applying for scholarships! And there are 25 scholarships up for grabs of FREE 1 month training of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) and Electrical Installation and Maintenance (EIM) thanks to Don Bosco Technical Institute Makati. This scholarship is also open to anyone who's 18 years old up to 50 years old. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Solmux Advance is the First of its Kind in the World that Combines Carbocisteine and Zinc for Faster Recovery from Cough

cough is a reflex action to clear your airways of mucus and irritants

We all cough from time to time and it's basically a normal and natural reflex of our body to clear our airways of mucus, smoke and other irritants. But when your cough is more than a frog in your throat and it becomes persistent and starts showing symptoms of respiratory track infection, what would you do? With the recent Novel Corona Virus or NCov2019 scare, a new strain of virus that's said to be contagious and fatal--an outbreak of respiratory illness that began in Wuhan, China which have been growing in number and has reached the country recently, we all need to be vigilant. 

Everyone's scared of the NCov Virus nowadays

We rarely pay attention to a cough as most of us believe it goes away on its own after a few days. But cough as it is shouldn't be taken lightly, especially when it is persistent. Thank God for the research of our folks from UNILAB,  a pharmaceutical company that's been trusted by Filipinos for 40 years and counting which created a unique drug that will aid you back to good health in no time.
Solmux Advance (Carbocisteine with Zinc) by UNILAB
UNILAB  introduces SOLMUX ADVANCE. It's an over-the-counter medicine that provides complementary action against Respiratory Track Infection addressing both sticky, hard to expel phelgm and lowered immunity when one is sick. 

Monday, February 3, 2020

Get a Date this Valentine's Day with Araneta City's Speed Dating

Are you up for speed dating this Valentine's Day?

It's going to be Valentine's Day next week!!! How do you plan to spend that special red-letter day? Are you single and still looking for a prospective date? Fret no more! The folks at the Araneta City could hear you. So if you're up for the challenge and game to meet potential partners or simply want to meet new friends, then you must take this opportunity as Araneta City organizes a speed dating event billed as "Love for the First Time." 

Araneta City conducts Speed Dating for Valentine's Day 2020

It's about time you get out of your comfort zone and meet fellow eligible singles as you enjoy the formalized matchmaking process. This is the first time Araneta City will be doing this kind of event. It will be held at the Cyberpark 1 Tacobell branch on February 13, 2020 (so that you can still have a day before the V-Day itself and make plans).

Interested to join? Here's how:

  • This is open to all Araneta City-zens
  • First 15 male and 15 females to pre-register will be able to join the speed dating event.
  • Wait for a text message from Araneta City to confirm your participation
  • Pre-registration will only run until February 9, 2020 (so hurry up and sign up NOW!!)
  • To register, please click on the link

That's it! Good luck! If you're lucky enough, you can get into the first brave 15 men and women to go on Araneta City's first speed dating event. And who knows, you might even meet your first love here too. Have fun guys! 

If you have any questions or you have changed your mind, contact Mr. Michael Clemor via

Olay Regenerist Whip now with UV protection so you can stay and glow all out even under the sun

Let's admit it, if you're like me, there are times when you must have been guilty of forgetting to put on sunblock or sunscreen when you out and spend time under the sun, or on worse cases, you might even forget bringing an umbrella with you, right? The thing is, we aren't getting younger and so does our skin. If we continue exposing our skin to the harmful rays of the sun without taking precautionary measures, we might just be sorry later. 

According to a research, an average people experience about 18 hours of total sun exposure per week just by doing a regular daily routine? Olay, a trusted brand in the beauty and cosmetics industry created a research that says such amount is equivalent to the same amount of sun exposure we get when at the beach. Unfortunately, 1 out of 3 women beg off from using SPF daily because of the sticky texture, especially in the humid Philippine weather. Of course, everyone can easily relate to that. 

In case you missed out on the big news, UV rays are the cause of sun damage and you can get it whether you’re indoor or outdoor, even during sunny or rainy days. This is exactly why sunscreen is highly recommended to be used every day as there’s no escaping from these UV rays even if the sun is hidden. The good news is that Olay redefines UV protection with its all-new Whips UV SPF 30 - so you can bid goodbye to your greasy sunscreen and enjoy the double benefit of a hydrated skin and sun protection. 

OWNDAYS PHILIPPINES CUSTOMER WARRANTY SUCKS (How I became disappointed with Owndays)

Eyeglasses are so important  but with Owndays' disappointing warranty, it's not your money's worth.

I was so disappointed with OWNDAYS. My Aunt and I bought each a pair of specs in January 2019. I was the one who encouraged my aunt to buy her glasses from their Gateway branch store since I thought it was a good brand since it's originally from Japan. My aunt's specs had cost her around Php17,000++ while I got mine for a little less than Php5,000. 

I actually have two pairs: one is for my laptop/PC use which is good for bluelight coating while the other one has prescription lenses. Both are made from plastic frames. I figured there's no need to look very nice for work and in fairness, what actually made me purchase them was the fact that they were really lightweight too which I liked. I actually used to liked OWNDAYS. I even used to recommend them to friends and would even post when I use my specs on my social media accounts.

OWNDAYS customer guarantee says that eye glass cleaning will be free, all one has to do is to bring it to the nearest OWNDAYS branch near them. They also replace nosepads free of charge. 

I used to love OWNDAYS  because I thought they were really concerned with their customers. This was what I thought of them until my prescription lens eye glass frame had suddenly cracked on its own. It was an accidental crack for most eye frames when I consulted another optical shop. I was on my way to an event I needed to cover that day when a I heard a "crack." I just went on my day but I already felt something wasn't right with my glasses that day. It felt a bit loose. When I had it removed, one of the lens fell on the floor. And after my inspection, I saw a small crack on the upper part of the frame. 

My OWNDAYS eye glass with the broken frame and the lens fell off

Saturday, February 1, 2020

How to Use Sodexho Mobile Pass?

You need to download the Sodexho Mobile Pass App

Ever heard of Sodexho Mobile Pass? I didn't know anything about it before until I came across Sodexho Mobile pass after I've won in a video making contest last December 2019. What I do know and am more familiar with is the Sodexho Gift Certificates--the tangible ones I frequently use at SM Department Stores and its many other partner merchant stores. 

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Clinics that Provide Free Psychiatric Consultation in the Philippines

Fidget Spinner helps ease anxiety
I recently watched the Hollywood film, "Joker" starring Joaquin Phoenix. And although Phoenix gave justice to the lead role, I can’t help but I felt sort of devastated after seeing the said film. I felt "heavy" and I wish mental health would be given more attention here in the Philippines. Although the first mental health act legislation in the history of the Philippines has been officially signed into law and was enacted as the Republic Act no. 11036 last June 2018, still it needs more help. 

The said controversial bill provides a rights-based mental health bill and a comprehensive framework for the implementation of optimal mental healthcare in the Philippines. As a mental health advocate, I'd like to share with you a list of clinics that provides free psychiatric consultation  in the Philippines. 

Let us make it clear that setting an appointment for a consultation with a psychiatrist isn't synonymous to mental illness. Stigma is when someone sees you in a negative way because of your mental illness. Discrimination is when someone treats you in a negative way because of your mental illness. Social stigma and discrimination can make mental health problems worse and stop a person from getting the help they need. This also prevents someone from making that first step on getting that first consultation. 

Now the question is, where can we seek solace when we feel the blues? It is common knowledge that psychiatric consultation may cost us a leg and an arm. Luckily, due to the initiative of certain individuals and organizations, there are clinics that offers free psychiatric consultations in the country today. The key is to book an appointment and to come early during your given slot. 

Check out these clinics that care for our minds as well:

Philippine General Hospital (PGH)
Address: Taft Avenue, Ermita, Manila, 1000 Metro Manila
Contact Number: (02) 8554.8400

Individuals seeking free psychiatric help need to get a referral from the Out-Patient Department (OPD) which is open from Mondays-Fridays from 9AM-4PM.

National Center for Mental Health
Address: Nueve de Pebrero St. Mauway, Mandaluyong City
Contact Number: (02) 85319001
Consultation Hours: 8AM-4PM (Mondays to Sundays)

Individuals who are seeking free psychiatric help have to undergo an interview with a group of social workers. 

Ateneo Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM)
Address: Seminary Road, Marikina, 1800 Metro Manila
Çontact Number: (02) 84264289
Consulation Hours: 8AM-5PM (Mondays-Fridays)

Provides free consultation, family and individual counseling via a psycho-spiritual approach.

*Donation basis, no set fees charged.

Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center
Address: Sumulong Highway Sto. Nino, Marikina
Contact Number: (02) 89415854
Consultation Hours:8AM-5PM (Mondays to Fridays)

University of Sto. Tomas Graduate School Psychotrauma Clinic (UST)
Address: Espana Blvd., Sampaloc, Manila
Room 104, Ground Floor, Thomas Aquinas Research Complex
University of Sto. Tomas
Contact Number: (02) 4061611 (loc 4012)
Consultation Hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays 10AM-5PM (except during holidays, class suspensions and school breaks.)

Provides free psychological services (e.g. assessment and evaluation, counseling, and individual and group psychotherapy)

Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center (EVRMC)
Address: Corner Enage St., Magsaysay Blvd. Tacloban City, Leyte
Contact Number: (053) 3237110

Provides free consultation and medication assistance.

Batangas Medical Center 
Address: Bihi Road, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City
Contact Number: (043) 7408307
Consultation Hours: Mondays-Wednesdays and Thursdays 8AM-5PM

Cainta Municipal Hospital
Address: Bonifacio Avenue, Rose Pack Compound, Cainta, Rizal
Contact Number: (02) 6962604
Clinic Hours: 24 Hours

Provides free consultation for residents, and free medication (if available from the hospital)

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Gundam Celebrates 40th Year via an Exhibit and Gundam Caravan Workshop and FREE Toy Kits!

Gundam Caravan
If you're a Gundam Toy fanatic, you may want to check out the ongoing Gundam Caravan happening at the SM Mall of Asia from January 27 until February 2, 2020. In line with the 40th anniversary celebration of Gundam, there will be a Gundam exhbit at the said mall's main atrium as well as sale gunpla, new arrivals and exclusive access to limited items of Gundam toy collections. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Celebrate Arts Month with Metropolitan Art Museum of Manila Appreciation Art Workshop

If you're into art, you'd be happy to know that there are fellow art enthusiasts who are celebrating Arts Month at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Manila) with a two-hour art appreciation workshops happening from February 1 to February 29, 2020

Museum workers will share with you some tips as well as exercises to better understand and appreciate the various forms of arts. There's definitely a lot of exciting activities during the said lined up workshop where you'll get the chance to enhance your knowledge on the art in the bigger picture. Don't miss this rare opportunity to visit the museum and learn all the how to's on everything there is to know about art! 

The workshop is open to anyone ages 13 years old and above. If you're interested, please sign up through the following link: 

For inquiries, please contact 8708.7929
You may also email them at

Disclaimer: I am not compensated with this post. Opinions expressed are 100%my own. 

Monday, January 27, 2020

Pag-ibig Fund Sponsors FREE Wedding Ceremonies for its Active Member Couples this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Probably one of the most anticipated events of the year, malls will be spruced up and adorned again with everything in red colors along with flowers 🌷, heart shaped ❤️ stuff and chocolates 🍫 to the delight of the women. Truly, love is in the air this month of February! For singles out there, Valentine’s Day may not exactly be something to look forward to, but it is an entirely different story for couples—and practically anyone who has someone special to share it with.  

I have good news for couples who have been living together as well as those who are in serious relationships who have plans of getting married but unable to do so because of not having enough money or savings to get married even in civil rites. Pag-ibig Fund has annually sponsored unmarried couple members who would like to settle down legally by means of holding a mass wedding for their active members.

Now on their 9th year, Pag-ibig Fund grants every couple active members' wish to be able to get married sans the hassle of an expensive and lavish wedding because Pag-ibig Fund shall be shouldering all the necessary expenses during your wedding rites. How good can that be, right? 

So how can you avail of the free wedding? What are the requirements needed in order to be part of thhe free PAG-IBIG Fund's Valentines Day Mass Wedding?

Here's how:

1. The couple must be both an active Pag-ibig Fund members
2. You must go to the nearest Pag-ibig Fund office to submit necessary documents as well as to fill up the form. 
3. Submit a CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage)
4. PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority formerly known as National Statistics Office of NSO) Bith Certificate
5. Bring 2 valid ID's of each couple

Here's the Perks that awaits each couple:

Pag-ibig Fund will be providing the venue, food, transporation from branch to the venue and guess what, you also stand a chance to win House and Lot for Free as well as other exciting prizes during the raffle! Yes, you read it right, one lucky couple gets to go home with their very own house and lot from Pag-ibig Fund so that they can start their own family soon. 

So for couples who would like to settle down and be married, this might be your chance. The Pag-ibig Fund mass wedding will be held on February 14, 2020. What are you waiting for? Grab this once-in-a-lifetime chance to show your significant other how much you love them and seal your love forever. 
For more information, please visit Pag-ibig Fund's website at

You may also visit the Pag-ibig Fund office nearest you for further details. 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

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