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An opera brings its audience to a world created through an interesting collaboration between a librettist and composer. Opera is brought to life by vocal pieces and arias performed by singers, with live instrumental accompaniment from an orchestra. 

This May 7, the CCP’s The Met: Live in HD presents its second installment for its ninth season - French composer Georges Bizet’s Carmen, a tragic opera about a gypsy woman named Carmen who seduces an army corporal guarding her prison cell. Their tumultuous love affair ends when Carmen turns her attention to a bullfighter. The corporal’s love turns to jealousy and violence. 

Through this program, the Cultural Center of the Philippines aims to reintroduce to Filipino audiences, especially to the younger generations, classical opera masterpieces whose stories transcend boundaries and cultural backgrounds, while remaining relevant to the time. 

Before you head to Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 in Makati City for the special opera screening, here are some interesting facts you probably should know about Carmen: 

1. The plot of Carmen was based on the novella of the same title by Prosper Merimee, which was published in October 1845 in Revue des Deux Mondes. It was said that Merimee was inspired by a poem written by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. French librettists Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halevy wrote the libretto for the opera, with music by Bizet. 

2. Bizet never saw Carmen rise to fame. He died from a heart condition at age 36, three months after the opera premiered in 1875. When it was first staged, the members of the ton rejected the opera. Bizet died believing Carmen, considered his last opera, was a failure. He had never known that the “scandalous” opera would go on to become one of the best-loved and most-performed operas of all time. 

3. Its hummable arias Habanera and Toreador have been featured in various commercials like the Doritos ad, dubbed Mouse Trap, in 2008. The Pepsi commercial in 2002 featured Beyonce singing to the tune of the Habanera aria, just with different lyrics. 

4. During the 1988 Winter Olympics, champion skaters Debi Thomas and Katerina Witt performed in the figure skating programs with Habanera. 

5. Carmen in pop culture: Disney’s Pixar used Habanera in an emotional scene in the film Up (2009). Sesame Street, the defunct children’s show, featured Habanera several times, including a scene with an orange singing the aria and as a lullaby for Elmo (both performed by opera singer Denyce Graves). In one of its episodes of The Simpsons, Bart, Homer, Lisa, and Marge are seen going to the opera house to watch Carmen, with Toreador playing in the background. The Swedish Chef and Beaker of The Muppets croon Carmen’s Habanera. 

6. Carmen has been adapted into films, ballet, and Broadway. In 1943, the musical “Carmen Jones” hit Broadway and later became a movie with the same title in 1954. Both featured music by Oscar Hammerstein. In the 1960s, director Wang Tian-lin adapted it into “The Wild Wild Rose,” starring Grace Chang, and set in Hong Kong and with songs sung in Mandarin.  

7. Beyonce made her acting debut through the recent adaptation of Carmen, titled “Carmen: A Hip Hopera.” Directed by Rober Townsend, the 2001 film is a contemporary retelling of the classic tale, following a police sergeant (Mekhi Phifer) whose life is turned upside down when an irresistible woman (Beyonce) enters his life. 

8. Although Carmen was written in French, Spanish culture strongly inspired the opera. This is quite evident in  Carmen’s Seguidilla, Don José’s Flower aria, and Escamillo’s famous Toreador’s Song. While you can see the Spanish influence, Bizet never actually set foot in Spain.

9. The first Carmen, French mezzo-soprano Célestine Galli-Marié, forced Bizet to rewrite Habanera - 13 times! - until she was satisfied. 

10. Carmen can be found in your kitchen or your favorite restaurant.  Famous French chef Auguste Escoffier, known as “the king of chefs and the chef of kings,” loved the opera so much that he created and dedicated two dishes - the Carmen chops and Carmen salad. 

Catch the CCP The Met: Live in HD - Carmen on May 7, 5:30 pm, at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1, Makati City. This program is presented in partnership with the Metropolitan Opera of New York, the Filipinas Opera Society Foundation, Inc., and Ayala Malls Cinemas. 

Ticket prices are Php 100.00 for students and Php 350.00 for regular audiences. You may visit the ticket booth or book via www.sureseats.com

For updates on future productions and showings from the Metropolitan Opera of New York and other partners and programs of the CCP, you may follow the official CCP and CCP FBNMD social media accounts on Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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Petron Announces ‘Win Milyun-Milyong Lazada Credits’ Raffle Promo


Industry leader PETRON Corporation ramps up the excitement with its loyal customers with the launch of the Win Milyun-Milyong Lazada Credits raffle promo on the Petron Rewards Facebook Page.

In addition to the endless opportunities and rewards exclusive to Petron Value Card (PVC) holders, 600 lucky winners will be drawn to receive Php 10,000 Lazada Credits to fuel their shopping sprees.

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss this promo:

 Millions of Lazada Credits Up for Grabs: Imagine all the things you can buy with Php

10,000 worth of Lazada Credits! From gadgets and clothes to car accessories and sports gear, the possibilities are endless.

 Easy to Join, Easy to Win: Every time you gas up, get a lube change, or buy something at a Petron station or outlet, you automatically earn raffle entries! The more you spend, the more chances you have of winning.

 Weekly Winners:  Winners of the Lazada Credits will be drawn every week, giving you multiple chances for you to be a winner!

Don't wait! Here's how to join the Petron Win Milyun-Milyong Lazada Credits Raffle Promo:

1. Make sure you have a Petron Value Card: If you don't have one yet, you may head to any Petron station to purchase one for a minimal fee.

2. Update your PVC Information: Ensure your name, mobile number, and mailing address are updated. Call the Petron Value Card hotline at (02) 8802-7777 for any concerns.

3. Fill Up, Shop Around, and Win! Every transaction at a Petron station earns you raffle entries. The more you spend, the more entries you get!

Tune in for more exciting promos and rewards! Like and follow the Petron Rewards Facebook Page (@PetronRewards) for exclusive content, deals, and updates on future Petron promos. This promo runs from April 8 to June 6, 2024. Don't miss this chance to win big! Visit your nearest Petron station today and start fueling your Lazada dreams!

For full promo mechanics, visit https://www.petron.com/petron-value-card/.

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Experiences that truly matter with Solaire’s Lifestyle Card


Solaire Resort offers the most rewarding experiences with its Lifestyle Card where you can enjoy the best offers and rebates just by dining, shopping, and booking a hotel room or your favorite award-winning theatre shows. With that comes 5-star service and world-class facilities, a breathtaking view of the radiant sunset of Manila Bay, a culinary indulgence like no other, and a row of luxury brand retail stores all in one address.

Experience the highest level of elegance and sophistication with exclusive accommodation at Solaire. The resort features two towers-- the Bay Tower, with exquisite view of the Manila Bay and captivating city view, and the Sky Tower, offers a unique and tranquil ambiance. Solaire Resort Entertainment City holds the Forbes Travel Guide 5-Star Rating for the eighth consecutive year, known for offering unique experiences of comfort, elegance, luxury, and continues to demonstrate excellence in service and world-class facilities. Book your room directly on the website to receive two signature welcome drinks, pool access, complimentary use of pool day beds, and Solaire Bonus Peso. You can enjoy and earn a 5% rebate when you use your Lifestyle Card.

Solaire Resort Studio

The resort boasts 19 restaurants and bars, inclusive of 3 signature restaurants featuring experienced world-class chefs, that curate a blend of delectable cuisine. Experience exciting offers at Yakumi’s Sunday Brunch, with a selection from eight buffet stations. Savor authentic Japanese dishes and fresh sashimi sourced straight from Toyosu Market. Indulge in Red Lantern’s Dim Sum Brunch Buffet, featuring over 46 delectable dim sum varieties and homemade Chinese barbeque. Experience the sophistication of Finestra’s Sunday Champagne Brunch, where you can enjoy unlimited flutes of champagne and a diverse selection of alluring Italian dishes. With your Lifestyle Card, you can get up to 20% off and earn up to 20% rebates when you dine at any of Solaire’s dining establishments.

Solaire Resort Finestra

Experience top-tier entertainment at The Theatre at Solaire with Broadway shows, ballet performances, and concerts showcasing both local and international artists. Don’t miss Cameron Mackintosh’s Miss Saigon, an adaptation of Giacomo Puccini’s classic opera, “Madame Butterfly”. This love story will transport you back to Vietnam in the 70s with music that instantly resonates and tugs the hearts of the audience. Book your tickets now and get up to 20% discount with your Lifestyle Card.

Shop for your loved ones as you discover a whole new level of sophistication at The Shoppes at Solaire, where a row of luxury brand retail stores gives you a different kind of shopping experience including Givenchy, Stefano Ricci, Amazing Cre, Dior, Bulgari, Tiffany & Co. and more. With your Lifestyle Card, you can earn 5% rebates on purchases at participating retail outlets.

Make the most out of your 5-star experience with Solaire’s Lifestyle Card, unlocking exclusive invitations to premier Solaire events, granting you access to unforgettable culinary experiences and gatherings. Secure your spot ahead of the crowd and gain priority access to pre-sale tickets for theatre and F&B events.

Sign up now to become a member by downloading the MySolaire App. You can also sign up when you visit our Solaire Rewards booths at Ayala Malls Trinoma from April 6-28 and get a chance to win Solaire Bonus Peso.

Why Professional Family Portraits Matter for Filipinos


In today's digital age, where snapping photos with smartphones has become the norm, there remains a timeless allure to capturing the essence of family love and connection in a professional studio setting. While smartphone snapshots are perfect for everyday moments, there's something special about preparing for a portrait shoot with your family. It's an opportunity to step into an environment where every detail is carefully crafted to immortalize the bonds you share. 

For Filipinos, family is at the core of their culture, and preserving memories through professionally captured portraits holds significant importance. Great Image, a renowned name in the photography industry, delves into why it's still crucial for Filipinos to have their family portraits professionally taken and the enduring benefits it brings. 

A way to honor family traditions 

Family reunions and celebrations are treasured customs in Filipino culture that have deep historical roots. From birthdays to reunions,these events provide opportunity for families to get together and deepen relationships. Professional family photographs taken during these gatherings honor these traditions by capturing the essence of familial love and unity for future generations. 

Celebrating milestones and achievements 

Filipinos love celebrations and they take pride in commemorating milestones and achievements, whether it's a graduation, a wedding, or a new addition to the family. Professional family portraits serve as visual commemorations of these significant moments, marking milestones in the family's journey. These portraits not only capture the joy and pride of the moment but also serve as reminders of the family's resilience and triumphs. 

Documenting family legacies 

It is important for Filipinos to pass down traditions from one generation to the next. These family portraits serve not only as a way to capture memories, but it also serves as a tangible record of family legacies and histories. Professional family portraits become treasured heirlooms, preserving memories of ancestors, and loved ones for future generations to cherish and reflect upon. 


A testament of embracing Filipino values 

Professional family portraits serve as visual representations of Filipino cultural values, including close-knit family ties, respect for elders, and love for one's heritage. These portraits capture the warmth and unity shared among family members, honoring the wisdom of elders and celebrating Filipino identity and heritage. Through these images, families feel a sense of pride, belonging, and unity, reinforcing the cultural values that define Filipino society. 


Capturing timeless memories 

While smartphone photos may capture fleeting moments, professional family portraits have a timeless quality that transcends trends and fads. Photographers skilled in their craft can capture the essence of each family member, freezing moments of joy, love, and connection in beautifully composed images. These portraits become cherished mementos, evoking emotions and memories that endure through the years. 


Professional family portraits serve as more than just images; they are reflections of cherished traditions, celebrations of milestones, and legacies of love and resilience. By investing in professional family portraits, we can preserve our family bonds and create lasting memories that will be treasured for generations to come,” Ms. Evelyn Palomo, Chief Executive Officer at Great Image.  


Fortunately, Great Image is here to assist Filipinos in immortalizing their family memories, capturing the essence of cherished traditions and values. Established in 1983, Great Image has been providing excellent, professional, and reliably fast and creative photography services for 40 years.  


Equipped with the latest photo equipment in the photography imaging industry, along with skilled photographers who are at the top of their field and proficient in the latest industry standards, Great Image ensures that every shot reflects the love, joy, and connection shared among family members. Whether it's multigenerational portraits or milestone celebrations, Great Image guarantees timeless images captured with love. 


But that's not all! Great Image presents some of the greatest deals in town. Avail the Collection of Love promo and receive five 5R frames for free with every purchase of five pieces of prints and soft copies. And don't miss out on the all-new Great Image Gratitude Card. Sign up for only PhP999 and unlock exclusive perks and freebies with every session. To even get the best out of your shoot, use this code GI3RPR to get a FREE 3R Print Copy in all Great Image branches nationwide. 

To explore more about Great Image and their photography services, visit their website at www.greatimage.com.ph or connect with them on their Facebook and Instagram pages. 


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Planning Tips for an At-Home Wedding


Planning a wedding is an exciting and joyous occasion, and opting for an at-home wedding adds a unique touch of intimacy and personalisation. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a memorable and beautiful wedding celebration right in the comfort of your own home. In this article, we will provide you with valuable tips and guidance to help you plan your at-home wedding.

1. Choosing the Perfect Location:

Selecting the right location is crucial when planning an at-home wedding. Consider the size of your property, the availability of parking, and the layout of the space. If your home lacks sufficient space, you may need to consider alternative options, such as renting a marquee or a nearby venue with a garden or outdoor area. Check out glamping tents hire; Tinkerbell Tent Hire's bell tents are a great option. Guests can stay in your garden if you have enough room.

2. Informing Neighbours and Local Authorities:

Before hosting an at-home wedding, it is essential to inform your neighbours about your plans. This will help manage any potential noise concerns and ensure compliance with local regulations. Reach out to your neighbors in advance, sharing your wedding date and expected timings. 

3. Catering and Bar Services:

One of the highlights of any wedding is the food and drinks. When planning an at-home wedding, consider hiring professional catering services. They can create a tailored menu and handle all aspects of food preparation and service. Additionally, consult with a reputable bar service provider to ensure a well-stocked and well-managed bar area, providing your guests with a delightful selection of beverages throughout the celebration.

4. Renting Equipment and Facilities:

Depending on the size of your guest list and the facilities available at your home, you may need to rent additional equipment. This could include tables, chairs, linens, lighting, dance floors, and restroom facilities. Renting from professional suppliers ensures that you have high-quality equipment and alleviates the stress of arranging and setting up everything yourself.

5. Weather Contingency Plan:

The weather can be unpredictable. Be prepared for any possible weather conditions by having a solid contingency plan. If you're hosting an outdoor ceremony or reception, consider renting marquees or look into bell tents for hire to provide shelter. Ensure that you have sufficient heating or cooling options to keep your guests comfortable. It's also a good idea to have a backup indoor space available in case of inclement weather.

6. Parking and Transportation:

Providing ample parking or arranging transportation options for your guests is vital. If parking is limited at your home, consider nearby parking facilities or hiring a shuttle service to transport guests from designated locations. Communicate parking and transportation details clearly in your invitations or wedding website to ensure a smooth arrival and departure for your guests.

7. Sound and Lighting:

Create a captivating ambience by investing in professional sound and lighting services. High-quality sound equipment ensures that your guests can hear your vows and speeches clearly. Thoughtfully designed lighting can transform your outdoor or indoor space into a magical environment, enhancing the overall atmosphere of your wedding.

Planning an at-home wedding offers a unique opportunity to create a personalised and intimate celebration. By carefully considering all the details, you can ensure a memorable and stress-free event.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Pop Music Icon Debbie Gibson set to electrify Manila with an Electric Youth Anniversary Show!


Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the mega-hit album “Electric Youth”, the record- breaking singer-songwriter-producer is set to electrify the Philippine stage in a massive 2-hour long concert full of hits and surprises on 26th April 2024 (Fri), 8 pm at New Frontier Theater! Get ready for a fun and emotional night of nostalgia and “newstalgia”, as Debbie performs favorites from the Electric Youth and her greatest hits!
One of the Best-Selling albums in Philippines in 1989, Electric Youth defined an entire generation and had us wearing out the cassette in our Walkman, while memorizing the lyrics to classics such as “Lost In Your Eyes”, “We Could Be Together”, “No More Rhyme”, and of course, the inspiring title track “Electric Youth”. The tracks “Who Loves Ya Baby”, “Over The Wall” and Silence Speaks (a Thousand Words) were also fan favorites from the album.
Fast forward 35 Years later, the album has stood the test of time, with the songs still on regular radio playlists while racking up hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify. Debbie Gibson has grown from strength to strength as a timeless force of artistry. She has tread fearlessly and successfully into multi-genres of the entertainment world. After conquering the pop world with her first 3 albums, she starred in 17 musicals over 17 years, playing iconic characters such as Eponine in Les Miserables, Sandy in Grease, Fanny Brice in Funny Girl, Velma Kelly in Chicago and Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
In 2020, Debbie Gibson returned to the Billboard charts with a #4 Dance Chart smash “Girl’s Night Out”. In 2021, she guest starred in “Lucifer” on Netflix, and did a successful residency at The Venetian in Vegas with New Kids On The Block member, Joey McIntyre. In the same year, she released her first album in 20 years, “The Body Remembers”, which shot to #2 on Apple Pop Sales Chart, achieving over a million streams in the first month. In 2022, she released her first holiday album, Winterlicious, and completed a sold-out Winter Tour in the USA. In 2023, she was invited to perform as the “Nightowl” in the hit TV series, The Masked Singer, and announced a book deal for her upcoming memoir.
Debbie Gibson shows no signs of slowing down. She was honored with the Trailblazer Award in January 2024 from The Women’s International Music Network at the 12th Annual She Rocks Awards.
Come celebrate with the legendary Debbie Gibson, and We Could Be Together this 26th April 2024 (Fri), 8pm at New Frontier Theater.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Mang Inasal launches all-in-one meal via Solo Fiesta


As an answer to the public’s strong desire for a complete Ihaw-Sarap and Unli-Saya experience, Mang Inasal, the Philippines’ Grill Expert, introduces the all-in-one meal perfect for all Mang Inasal fans – the Solo Fiesta!

“The Mang Inasal Solo Fiesta combines all of our customers’ favorites – from Chicken Inasal Paa or Pecho and Pork BBQ, to Palabok, Lumpiang Togue, and Java Rice,” said Mang Inasal President Mike V. Castro. “It’s something that we are excited for everyone to enjoy because a lot have requested for a solo version of our Fiesta bundles. And now, our customers in Luzon can try it.”

Starting at a dine-in price of ₱189, Solo Fiesta comes in five different bundles perfect for anyone’s cravings. It is a complete meal with the Ihaw-Sarap Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal and/or Pork BBQ, combined with Palabok, Java Rice, and their recently launched Lumpiang Togue.

Enjoy Mang Inasal Solo Fiesta now through dine-in or takeout at Mang Inasal stores in Luzon It can also be ordered via delivery through the Mang Inasal Delivery App, https://manginasaldelivery.com.ph/ or through food delivery apps GrabFood and FoodPanda.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024



Take the trip down the Ancient Babylon with Giuseppi Verdi’s Nabucco, premiering in the Philippines through the CCP The Met: Live in HD on April 2, 5:30pm, exclusively at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 1 located in Makati City.

Verdi’s third opera is a stirring drama about the fall of ancient Jerusalem at the hands of Nebuchadnezzar (Nabucco) and the subsequent exile of the Hebrews in Babylon.

The opera plot is as exhilarating as the story of its beginning. History has it that Verdi vowed to quit composing after the death of his first wife and the disastrous reception of his previous work Un Giorno di Regno. But after seeing Solera’s libretto, Verdi changed his mind and started composing again; creating an opera that launched his career.

The opera had its world premiere at the Teatro alla Scala, Milan in 1842, with a resounding success.

While the story stayed as close to the biblical events based on Jewish scriptures in Jeremiah, 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Daniel, and the Psalms, librettist Temistocle Solera took some liberties with some of the characters.  

Baritone George Gagnidze made his Met role debut as the imperious king Nabucco, alongside soprano Liudmyla Monastyrska who reprised her thrilling turn as his vengeful daughter Abigaille. Mezzo-soprano Maria Barakova and tenor Seok-Jong Baek, in his company debut, are Fenena and Ismaele, whose love transcends politics, and bass Dmitry Belosselskiy repeats his celebrated portrayal of the high priest Zaccaria.

Daniele Callegari conducts Verdi’s exhilarating early masterpiece, which features the ultimate chorus piece, the moving “Va, pensiero,” also known as the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves in Act III.

When Verdi passed away six decades later, famous Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini led a vast number of orchestras and choruses from all over Italy to perform “Va, pensiero” during the state funeral of the Italian composer in Milan.

Catch this classic Met staging of biblical proportions, directed Elijah Moshinsky. Tickets are priced at Php350, with a special discounted price of Php 100 for students and young professionals upon presentation of ID.

For more information about the CCP The Met: Live in HD Season 9, visit the CCP website (www.culturalcenter.gov.ph) and follow the official social media accounts in Facebook, X, Instagrams and YouTube.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Planning Tips for a Summer Garden Party for Family and Friends


Hosting a garden party in the summer for family and friends can be a lovely way to get everyone together. Even if the weather isn’t that great, everyone will still have an awesome time. With some advance planning, you can create a fun and memorable event. Here are some tips for planning a successful summer garden party that isn’t remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Choose a Date

When choosing a date, look at the calendar and avoid conflicts with other events or holidays that guests may be attending. Weekends often work well for garden parties. Also, check the weather forecast and have a back-up indoor location in case of rain. Even better, look at hiring a yurt so everyone is kept dry, or in hot weather, cool. Yurt rentals such as Hooe's Yurts - UK's top yurt hire are ideal if you decide to rent a yurt.

Late summer is ideal when gardens are full of colour.

Make a Guest List

Decide who you want to invite - just close family, extended family and friends or a larger community event? Garden parties usually have 15-40 guests. Send printed invitations 4-6 weeks in advance and follow up closer to the event. Keep track of responses.

Plan the Menu

For a summer garden party, opt for cool, refreshing foods and drinks suited to being outdoors. Cold salads, fruits, chilled juices and lemonade work well. Have lighter hot foods like quiche if desired. Consider any dietary needs. Keep it simple with just 2-3 savoury items, a couple of simple desserts and some fresh fruit.

Set Up the Garden

Make sure the garden is tidy beforehand. Have enough tables and chairs for all guests. Set up a food/drink table. If hot food is served, chafing dishes keep it warm. Decorate with pots of flowers, bunting and lanterns. Have garden games available. Consider shaded areas if it’s a hot day.

Refreshments & Entertainment

Provide bottles of water and soft drinks as well as jugs of juice, lemonade or Pimm’s. Offer hot tea and coffee later on. Hire a steel band, jazz trio or acoustic musician to play music. Have some group games or activities planned like croquet, badminton or charades.

Serving the Food

Offer disposable plates, cutlery and napkins for convenience. Serve food buffet style and replenish as needed. Child-friendly foods like sandwiches, sausage rolls and crisps go down well. Adults may enjoy more elegant bites like scones, mini quiches and cheese straws. Have dinnerware available for those wanting to sit and dine properly.

Tidying Up

To make things easier, use compostable plates, cups and cutlery. Designate bins for waste, recycling and food waste. Encourage guests to help tidy up and take leftovers home. Stock up on bin bags and enlist help to get the garden back in shape once everyone has left. Send guests home with small gifts like potted plants, baked goods or garden produce.

Most importantly, enjoy this special time with loved ones! With attention to planning, preparation and hospitality, your summer garden party will surely be a wonderful occasion.

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Easter Delights at Solaire Resort Entertainment City


Easter-inspired afternoon tea at Oasis Garden Café

Solaire Resort Entertainment City's Easter Sunday celebration on March 31 is a family-friendly event that promises laughter and pleasure. Celebrate the spirit of Easter with a solemn Sunday liturgy at 11 a.m. at The Grand Ballroom. Solaire's iconic restaurants provide delectable brunch and Easter delicacies that will delight your family.

Celebrate Easter at Finestra with endless glasses of champagne and a varied range of appealing Italian meals. Savor the legendary seafood tower, either hot or iced, with an amazing a variety of seafood treats including poached or garlic prawns, oysters, crab, lobster, curacha, and mussels. Enjoy a fresh octopus carpaccio and leave space for the Tajima wagyu rump  served with sweet potato gratin and creamed spinach. Enjoy Easter deals such as the double crusted. Torta Pasqualina, a ribbon-like pappardelle pasta with amberjack fish and artichokes, and succulent grilled lamb leg.

Enjoy an endless supply of smoked meats, grilled seafood, and brunch staples at Waterside cuisine that entices your taste senses with each bite. Enjoy the scent of the famous paella. Come feast on the full roast lamb and lechon available at the carving station. Kids can also unleash their creativity at the interactive milkshake bar, where kids may design their own. Milkshakes with a variety of delicious toppings, colorful sweets, fresh fruits, and mouth-watering donuts.

Embark on a gastronomic trip to Japan with Yakumi's brunch special, featuring eight live buffets stations stocked with the finest ingredients. Enjoy wonderfully crispy ebi, fish, or vegetables tempura, fresh sashimi purchased directly from Toyosu market in Japan, and taste the creativity of various seafood teppanyaki. Immerse yourself in the richness and warmth of sukiyaki, Healthy shabu-shabu. Make sure to visit the robatayaki station that highlights the American lobster. Providing an unmatched flavor of the ocean. Enjoy an authentic Japanese dish, Tai Sakamushi. Perfectly steamed sea bream seafood. Satisfy your Japanese needs with Spicy kurobuta kakuni or delicate beef curry.

Guests can also feast with their families at Red Lantern for a memorable dining experience featuring an Eat-All-You-Can buffet of authentic Chinese cuisine. Delight in dishes like the flavorful “Dong-po” style braised pork belly, crystal skin lobster dumplings, and crispy deep-fried cheese and prawn spring rolls. Be sure to try the classic dumplings including the succulent Siew Mai steamed pork dumpling, the Hargao steamed shrimp dumplings, and the crispy deep fried “Jiao Zi” pork dumplings.

Experience a lavish banquet at Fresh with its international buffet stations. Savor Filipino delights like grilled pork belly skewers and lechon kawali, indulge in Chinese roasted delicacies such as Char siu pork and Peking duck, and dive into an endless selection of lobsters, ensuring a culinary journey that heightens your senses. Immerse yourself in the Easter spirit with special treats for the little ones at the dessert station, featuring a whimsical rabbit-shaped coconut cake. Share in the festivities with your family and enjoy entertainment such as a captivating magic show that will surely leave you amazed.  Other exciting activities include getting your portrait drawn by a caricaturist, making art with cotton candy and balloons, and capturing precious moments with your loved ones with a walking photo booth. You can also enjoy a wide array of delicate tea sandwiches and delectable pastries and sweets, perfect for an Easter-inspired afternoon tea at Oasis Garden Café.

Complete your vacation by booking a soulful stay for a serene retreat at Solaire. Get up to 38% off on the Best Available Rate for Deluxe Rooms which come inclusive of signature welcome drinks for two either at Oasis Garden Café, Waterside, or Dragon Bar and complimentary use of day beds for two by the tranquil poolside.

Book now and reserve your seats by calling 8888-8888 or email reservations@solaireresort.com for an Easter to remember at Solaire.

4As Philippines hosts forum on value of winning a Lion and how creativity can impact business


Cannes Lions Photo

Aiming to inspire Filipino brands and agencies who wish to join the Cannes Lions awards—the international festival of creativity that recognizes the most groundbreaking work in branded communication from across the globe—the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (4As) of the Philippines recently hosted a special forum on the value of winning a Lion, what it takes to win, and how creativity impacts business performance.

The event took place last March 8 at the Ayala Museum in Makati City.

The forum was headlined by Marian Brannely, Cannes Lions Global Director of Awards, who was joined by Philippine winners of the Cannes Lions: Kristine Go, Smart Communications Inc. Senior Vice President; Margot Torres, McDonald's Philippines Managing Director; and Raoul Panes, Publicis Groupe and Leo Burnett Manila Chief Creative Officer.

Teeny Gonzales, 4As President and Seven AD Chief Executive Officer, kicked off the event with a short speech urging creatives to make winning a Lion the benchmark to ensure that they are always able to deliver creative excellence no matter what."There's no need for you to win a Lion to be sure, and not every work we do will be Cannes-worthy, but if we make it our benchmark, then the work, at the minimum, will great."

Delivering the first presentation of the evening, Go talked about brand purpose, specifically how purpose should feel natural for a brand. "I think magic comes when you have the inflection between a brand and a societal cause,"she said. "You can't force purpose on brands. It's either you have it, or you don't. If your purpose is happiness, then just stay true to it."

She also said it's a must to build an ecosystem around that purpose, and for it to not be merely a one-off

thing. "If you start off by trying to win awards and you create one film, it's gonna win an award, but that's the only thing you're gonna do," she said. "So, it shouldn't be something you do and then leave it behind."

The second presentation, delivered by Torres and Panes, revolved around the importance of building an ecosystem of creative excellence that includes investing in partnerships, investing in a culture that promotes creativity, and investing in time and making sure it's maintained.

Torres also highlighted the importance of being consistent and always striving to improve. "You always have to remember that you're only as good as your last work. This forces you to raise the bar each time."

Meanwhile, Panes highlighted the need for creatives to be able to work in an environment that enables and inspires them. It's always important that we create a space where people are free to be creative, to experiment, to make mistakes, to fail, bounce back and be rewarded. I think it's important that it becomes part of their natural instinct."

Brannely delivered the final presentation of the evening, where she talked about the value of winning a Lion for brands and agencies, and gave a few tips on how entrants can learn and improve their chances of winning.

"The Lions exist to help you tell that story, to help you to demonstrate these creative ideas that you have invested your time and resources in," Brannely said. Brannely briefly took the listeners through the typical journey of a Lion winner, which goes from entering their work in the first year, learning from the winners and then polishing their work in the second year, and then finally pushing for creative excellence in their third year.

She also talked about the win rate for the awards in 2023, which was at just around 3 percent: from a total of 26,992 entries, only 2,791 or 10.3 percent were shortlisted, and from there, only 876 were awarded. "When you're crafting an entry, your audience isn't the jury. The jury are C-roles of the world's biggest brands. They're CCO, they're creative leaders across the world, and they don't know your market. They don't know your brand's challenges. They don't know the cultural nuances that are happening in places you work." So the core things that you need to put in your brief or pitch are your challenges, your idea, your solution, and the impact. You need to make sure that they are on top of the list, being you're clear about them." she said. "Make it easy for them to see."

Brannely ended her presentation by underscoring the importance of keeping the creative momentum going for brands and agencies. "Creativity needs to be sustained. It's an investment of time, it's a legacy, and you're building that culture of creativity that isn't a one-and-done. It really should be a sustained culture of creativity."

The event is in line with the 4As "Get Schooled" thrust for 2024, which aims to provide opportunities for learning that will help creatives become better equipped to meet the ever-evolving demands of the advertising and marketing industries.

To learn more about the 4As and its programs, visit https://4asphilippines.com.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Discovering the wonders of Mentholatum Acnes Skin Care Line to prevent pimples


Acnes Mentholatum Product line

Acne is a common skin condition that affects millions of people worldwide. It can be frustrating and embarrassing, leading many to seek out products that promise to clear up their skin. One such product is Mentholatum Acnes, a popular acne treatment that has been on the market for years.

Everyone has experienced waking up the night before a big occasion with a zit. A pimple can ruin a whole lot of plans, including dates, outings, and important presentations. Furthermore, since maskne is still a problem for some folks, we're all looking for fast fixes. I recently tested Mentholatum's entire Acnes collection, and this is what I discovered.

Acnes Anti-Pimple Patch

I'm constantly looking for strategies to lessen irritation and stop breakouts because I typically experience hormonal acne. As my cycle was about to begin, I began with the Acnes Creamy Wash (P150 / 50g, P252 / 100g), a mild, soap-free cleanser made with Centella Asiatica extract to soothe and repair the skin and salicylic acid to decrease oil production. I have dry skin, so even though it formed a thin foam with a nice herbaceous smell, it can be drying.

Mentholatum Acnes is known for its ingredients that help to reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne, while also providing a refreshing sensation when applied.

Acnes Mentholatum Creamy Wash

Acnes is a trusted acne care expert that features skincare solutions with best quality ocne-fighting ingredients lke Centella Asiatica or Cica extract proven to aid in the recovery of blemishes. One of the brand’s popular solutions is the Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel that's known to help shrink acne in as fast as 3 days! It also containes Sulbur to control oil production, Salicylic Acid (BHA) to unclog pores, Licorice Extract to calm skin, and Vitomin E to restore sun elasticty. To complete your acne care routine, Acnes also got Acnes Anti-Acne Pimple Patch for absorbing oil and pus, gentle soap-free cleanser Acnes Creamy Wash, and Acnes Oil-Control Moisturzer to moisturize and soothe skin.

Acnes Mentholatum Oil Control Moisturizer

Mentholatum Acnes also contains salicylic acid, a powerful ingredient that helps to unclog pores and prevent new breakouts from forming. This combination of ingredients makes Mentholatum Acnes an effective treatment for mild to moderate acne.

Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel

One of my favorite items from the series, the Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel (P283 / 18g), was applied after washing. Made with salicylic acid and 2% sulfur, it did a great job of drying up my aggressive acne. In addition, the spot gel contains a lot of vitamin E, which helps to repair skin suppleness and shield it while treating spots. The thick, sticky product applied best by tapping as opposed to spreading.

It's a myth that moisturizer is unnecessary if you have acne. In an attempt to make up for its excessive dryness, very dry skin might produce extra oil, which exacerbates acne. The P335 / 45g Acnes Oil-Control Moisturizer restores moisture while reducing oil production and reducing irritation. The product features a pump for convenient distribution and a nice apple fragrance derived from apple extract. To further combat zits, it contains active ingredients including centella asiatica and salicylic acid.

I covered my location with the Acnes Anti-Acne Pimple Patch (P222) at night to prevent myself from tossing, turning, or scratching while I slept. I would wear one as well before leaving. The patches are available in three distinct sizes and blend seamlessly with the skin to minimize visibility.

You can get rid of zits with just one of these products, but the whole series is a. I can see myself grabbing for their spot gel and pimple patches the next time I wake up with a zit, since fewer pimples are sprouting up and the ones that do dry and heal better.

Indeed, Mentholatum Acnes is a reliable product for those looking to combat their acne woes. Its cooling effect and powerful ingredients make it a go-to choice for many individuals struggling with breakouts.

The complete collection is available at the Mentholatum official store on Shopee and Lazada. Additionally, Watsons and Mercury Drug locations around the country carry these! 
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