Thursday, September 29, 2016

Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. invites aspiring entrepreneurs to the 15th Franchise and Business Expo

Enterprising Filipinos as well as aspiring businessmen will get the chance of learning directly from the mentors and CEO experts themselves—for free—at the upcoming 15th Franchise and Business Expo (through the Business Journey program) which will be held from October 14 to 16, 2016 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City. This is really a piece of good news to all our kababayans out there, especially those OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) who would like to start a business in the country but had no idea how. 

The Business Journey program is organized by the Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI) as part of the group's mission to provide support and empower entrepreneurs. The very first Business Journey program was held in 2015 and with lots of positive feedbacks from both mentors and participants, they are doing it all again, only this time, everything has improved, sort of a 2.0 version.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2nd Danish Film Festival 2016: Movie Line up and Schedule

Shangri-La Plaza Cineplex continues to serve as the home of foreign film screenings and in celebration of its 25th anniversary presents more exciting film to light up the silver screen with the anticipated line-up of cinematic works to be presented at the 2nd Danish Film Festival from September 29 to October 2 at the Shang Cineplex. Here are the movies to watch:
Rosita (Drama, Romance / 90 min), starred by actress Mercedes Cabral, is featured during the festival. It is about a young Filipina who travels to Denmark to work as a translator for the middle-aged widower Ulrik. Rosita and Ulrik’s son, Johannes, start to grow more and more attracted to each other which forces Johannes to take responsibility for his dreams and his future.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jollibee introduces its first augmented reality mobile app called JolliDance Showdown + Jolly Collectibles to enjoy

The country’s number one fast food chain, Jollibee recently launched its first-ever augmented reality mobile application called JolliDance Showdown. The said app was developed by renowned Los Angeles-based mobile innovation agency, Trigger. They were the same company which created and produced some of the best applications from clients such as Sony Pictures, Lionsgate Entertainment, and Lucas Film. 

This app will surely be a hit considering that Jollibee is well-loved by many. I actually don’t know anyone or any kid for that matter who do not know Jollibee. For most Filipino kids, Jollibee is not only one of the most trusted brands, but also a huge part of our culture. I myself grew up looking forward to family bonding on Sundays because it’s the time when we’d all go to Jollibee. 

For this particular game app, kids can dance with their favorite Jollibee mascot or Jollibee himself while having their own avatar. Nothing beats seeing yourself onscreen plus the fun you get while playing it. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Smart Partners with Rustans' Supercenter: You can now load up at Rustan's, Shopwise & Wellcome stores!

Smart Communications’ prepaid subscribers have all the reason to smile these days. As part of its commitment to bring in the best and because Smart understands the need of its consumers and values its loyal subscribers, they’ve recently partnered with Rustan’s Super Center Inc. (RSCI) to make it more convenient for Smart users to load up their mobile credits. Now, customers shopping at Rustan’s Supermarket, Shopwise, and Wellcome Supermarket nationwide can now conveniently buy Smart loads at checkout counters. 

“In the past, supermarket shoppers could only purchase Smart load products from the customer service counters of hypermarkets and grocery stores. We have worked with our fulfillment partner Remitbox to fully integrate the loading process effortlessly in the check-out counters of our partner RSCI, to save our common customers the time and hassle of having to proceed to a completely separate counter for their Smart load needs,” said Kat Luna-Abelarde, FVP and Head of Wireless Consumer Operations for Smart. 

As an added anniversary treat, Smart subscribers who load up at least P100 at RSCI stores will get additional P18 load for FREE!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Novuhair Supports Alopecia Areata Awareness in Celebrating Inner Strength

September marks the month-long commemoration of Alopecia Areata awareness worldwide. Alopecia areata is a condition when hair loss occur due to faults in the immune system attacking the hair follicles which results in partial or total loss of hair on the head and other parts of the body.

Leading this year’s celebration in the country is Alopecia Philippines, a group founded by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio in 2012. She has been championing the cause of empowering citizens with this condition.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Vina at 30 Concert at the KIA Theater: Vina Morales' 30th Anniversary in Showbiz

We’ve all seen Vina Morales grow up before our very eyes. She started out in showbiz industry as  a young provincial lass and managed by VIVA Films who actually saw her potentials back then. And the rest, as they say is history. Vina had nothing more to prove as an actress, performer, singer, and recording artist. As part of the celebration on her 30th anniversary in show business, DSL Events and Production House Inc. is producing Vina @ Thirty—a concert featuring The First Asean Ikon, The Ultimate Performer, Dancing Queen, The Ulimate Showgirl and Timeless Diva herself—happening on October 14, 2016 at the KIA Theater to be directed by no less than Mr. Johnny Manahan and choreographed by one of the most sought-after dancing guru, Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy of G-Force. 

Looking as good as she had always been, Vina Morales

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Center for Possibilities Foundation presents the advocacy film 'Yakap'

When my beloved nephew was still a toddler, I got so used that he’s being gawped at "as if he were a circus freak" and I totally hated it. "Children are one thing, they don't know any better. But these are adults. They look at him and their mouths fall open and they just stare. And I think: didn't anyone ever tell them how rude that is?" Kyle has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is considered as a learning disability. "He looks like any other child, but he behaves oddly – for example, he might sit there banging two toys together – and he sometimes makes strange noises." Especially when he was younger, he might have a massive meltdown – at the supermarket checkout, for instance. "I'd feel 300 pairs of eyes on us – all watching us, all judging us for being disruptive and difficult." This is just one of the many things you’d have to deal with and what you are up against when you have a child with special needs: other people tend not to be very kind. Which is particularly awful "because you've already got so much on your plate as it is. The odds seem stacked against you, and if people just gave you a bit of space and support, it would go a long way. But the opposite is more often the case: you're struggling to start with, then people knock you down further. They make assumptions about you, they find you wanting, they treat your child as though he or she is dangerous or badly behaved. It's soul destroying. It's so bad, so hard to deal with, that I have friends with special needs kids who don't even take them out any more." I know my heart for special needs individuals stems from him, seeing how little is expected from him, all while knowing how mighty his potential is. So when I recently got invited to attend the launch of an advocacy film on children with special needs from The Center for Possibilities Foundation inc., spearheaded by its founder, Dolores Cheng, I immediately said yes. 

During the said launch, Dolores Cheng, a single mom recalls why she had formed The Center for Possibilities Foundation (CFP) after coming to terms with the condition of her own son, Andreas, now 22 years old and diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay when he was three years old. "At the time, there were no support groups available, I didn't know where to go, who to see, where to find what I needed to know. I wanted to understand what it meant to raise a child with special needs. So I figured if i formed a group of my own, I would be able to find some people who might be on the same boat and needed some help," shares Cheng. 

Unmasking Your Thyroid: How to find out if you've got hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?

 I have often been asked if I had hypothyroidism by well meaning friends of mine. That's because I seem to have the symptoms (i.e. dry skin, slow metabolism, somewhat depressed). But to be honest, I didn’t know anything about it until Merck Inc. invited me to Unmasking your Thyroid Blogger’s Event held last September 21 at the Yakan Function room of Holiday Inn Makati.  During the said talk, Dr. Nemencio Nicodemus Jr., President of the Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Professor at the UP College of Medicine and Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health gave us an informative talk. He also made sure that bloggers who were present clearly understood the difference between hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. He was able to enlighten my thoughts on the different conditions concerning our thyroid glands. He talked about each symptoms and what we can do about it. So now, if you will allow me, I'd like to share what I have learned with you.  

Dr. Nemesio Nicodemus Jr., President Philippine Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism

So what is the importance of our thyroid glands? And when do you say that you have hypothyrodism and hyperthyrodism? Based on my own understanding of Dr. Nicodemus' lecture, The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ located in the base of your neck. It releases hormones that control metabolism—the way your body uses energy. The thyroid's hormones regulate vital body functions, including: Breathing, Heart rate, Central and peripheral nervous systems, body weight, muscle strength, menstrual cycles, body temperature, as well as our cholesterol levels. The thyroid gland is about 2-inches long and lies in front of our throat. 

How the Thyroid Gland Works

Monday, September 19, 2016

Ginny Guanco's First Art Exhibit: Boho in a Solo-An exhibit featuring hippie chic as art

Ginny Guanco is back and happy doing what she does best.
 Press release:

Ginny Guanco’s figures for her painting exhibit at the Galerie Y in SM Megamall are what can be described as a Bohemian’s rhapsody. The art show, which features all-female subjects, opens on September 15. Of the 32 colorful paintings of women, 26 of these are clad in classic boho chic designs in a bow to the artist’s roots as a full-bloomed flower child in the 70s.

Even in her growing up years, Ginny’s inclination to art was already very evident. In school, she participated in art contests. It was no surprise that after graduating high school from the College of the Holy Spirit in Mendiola, Fine Arts was the course she chose at  the University of Sto. Tomas.  As an artist immersed in her era, she believed in the message of peace, love, joy, and happiness against a backdrop of rock music and hippie art. “I was also really into bohemian fashion then as much as I am now. I did not outgrow my fashion taste, because I feel that it fits my personality and represents who I really am.”

Sunday, September 18, 2016

SM Foundation in partnership with Belle Corporation and Harbest Agribusiness Corporation gives farming opportunities at Tagaytay Highlands

Harbest Agribusiness Corporation's Mr. Arsenio "Toto" Barcelona partners with SM Foundation

SM Foundation is helping selected communities to build people’s interest in agricultural enterprises. These help generate income, create resilience and empower people to become business leaders in their own communities. In partnership with Belle Corporation and Harbest Agribusiness Corporation, 91 graduating Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan (KSK) farmers proudly showcased the fruits of their labor at the 5,000 square meter open land of Tagaytay Highlands after an intensive 12-week training under the SM Foundation’s Kabalikat sa Kabuhayan (KSK) Farmers Training Program. Dubbed as the Harvest Festival, the farmers gathered their latest crops and celebrate their bountiful harvest with fellow KSK farmers, trainers, project partners along with their benefactors. This is 111st KSK training is done via Belle Kaagapay, Belle Corporation's social responsibility arm. 

Belle Corporation's Vice President for Governance and Corporate Affairs
"This is the first time we've partnered with SM Foundation for their KSK Farmers Training Program," says Michelle Hernandez, Belle Corporation's Vice President for Governance and Corporate Affairs. "We're very excited to move forward with this project as we plan to magnify this by creating livelihood opportunities for our farmers by including them in Tagaytay Highland's the supply chain."

"During each KSK training launch, we tell our farmers that the core of this training is for them to be able to provide food for their family," SM Foundation Assistant Vice President for Livelihood Cristina Angeles said. "After they've fed their families, they can sell the rest of their produce for additional income." 

"What we are providing for these farmers are not simply livelihood or food on the table but opportunities--which they can use to create a better life for themselves."

Local farmers who were part of the SM Foundation's KSK Farmers Training Program

Friday, September 16, 2016

Green Day’s American Idiot garners 10 citations from esteemed 2016 Philstage Gawad Buhay

American Idiot Cast

Press release: 

The Philippine production of Green Day’s American Idiot led by Globe Live and 9 Works Theatrical is nominated for 10 categories for this year’s 2016 Philstage Gawad Buhay midyear citations. On its 9th year, Gawad Buhay is the only award giving body for the performing arts.
The high-octane musical is one of the top theatrical plays nominated in major categories including Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Musical; Outstanding Stage Direction for a Musical by Robbie Guevara; Outstanding Musical Direction by Daniel Bartolome and Onyl Torres; Outstanding Choreography for a Play or Musical by PJ Rebullida; Outstanding Costume Design by Mickey Hirai; Outstanding Set Design by Mio Infante; Male Lead Performance in a Musical for Nel Gomez; Female Featured Performance in a Musical for Yannah Laurel and Ela Lisondra; and the only citation for  Outstanding Production of Existing Material for a Musical.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

KIX RU Tough Enough? 2016 Search for the Toughest Filipino

KIX, the Ultimate action entertainment channel in Asia is searching for tough individuals  to compete for the grand prize of Php250,000 with its “R U Tough Enough?” contest, the search for the toughest Pinoy. 

KIX is an action channel that epitomizes toughness and the spirit of a champion. Our MMA (mixed martial arts) fight events, action movies, and action series all showcase people and characters who have persevered through tremendous hardships and obstacles. They want to bring this spirit of endurance and perseverance to life by launching a nationwide search for the toughest Pinoy. They hope to find a person who is just as tough, if not tougher, than the action heroes and heroines that populate our channel. 

 “R U Tough Enough?” 2016, features celebrity ambassador Mr. International 2014 and real-life police officer Neil Perez or Mariano Flormata Jr. in real life. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Can’t get enough of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge

Press release:

KIX, the ultimate destination for action entertainment, will air the third season of the hugely successful Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, Friday nights at 9pm, starting August 19. 

The show’s premise is quite simple, and it has remained unchanged, but like its host Stone Cold Steve Austin who has long been retired from professional wrestling, the appeal of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge endures.  As before, with each episode eight super fit athletes from diverse backgrounds ranging from MMA to crossfit to Spartan racing and many more, compete head to head in a series of brutal elimination challenges to see who is the toughest.  The winner then gets a crack at the Skull Buster, an obstacle course that has proven brutally efficient at separating true bad asses from pretenders.

Based on the intensity of those who compete in the Broken Skull Challenge, they would probably do the Skull Buster just to see if they could, but the show isn’t that unforgiving, it is also where the continuity aspect of the show comes into play:  Contestants who make it to the Skull Buster have a shot at making $10,000, but completing the Skull Buster isn’t enough.  A contestant only wins the $10,000 if he or she sets the fastest time ever for either men or women.  If a contestant fails at the Skull Buster altogether, or does not beat the standing record, then the standing record holder gets the $10,000.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Uplifting Kwentong Jollibee Stories from Wattpad & Jollibee

Most millennials and netizens know what Wattpad is all about. But for those who aren’t familiar with it yet, it is an online storytelling community where users post written works such as articles, stories, fan fiction, and poems, either through the website or the mobile app. Wattpad collaborates with one of the leading digital advertiser, AdSpark in partnership with the Philippines’ well-loved and number one fast food chain, Jollibee, they’ve all come together to share and further promote the Filipino culture through storytelling via #KwentongJollibee digital campaign launched successfully last year that has since tugged at the hearts of many Filipinos.

Wattpad writers Ilyn Danganan, Bianca Bernardino and Tina Lata.
The stories developed for Kwentong Jollibee on mobile are works from three of the top Wattpd writers such as Ilyn Danganan, Bianca Bernardino (author of the hit story turned into film “She’s Dating a Gangster,” and Tina Lata. Each story targets the different age groups of interest but highlights the Filipino values and culture of being hospitable, joyful and kind. Jollibee plays a special role in the lives of the lead characters as they each went through their personal journeys. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

One-of-a-kind venue experience at Globe ICONIC entertainment zone Wireless audio streaming through Globe Soundplay app and Interactive LED Omega Claw game

The ICONIC store, Globe Telecom’s premiere lifestyle destination, is revolutionizing the Philippine retail and entertainment industry. With the 1st phase of the entertainment facility completed last June, the venue was able to hold successful large scale events such as Green Day’s: American Idiot play, NBA Fit and HOOQ Hangouts.  
Aside from being the ideal entertainment venue for events, the two massive Times Square-like LED walls provide live video feed and on-ground entertainment. Informative and engaging videos such as short clips by Globe Studios and lifestyle ambient visuals are showed daily. Every 7:30 P.M., people are also treated to a lights and sounds show.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Reality Check: Not everything on the Internet is true

What happens when a netizen puts his complains and rants online against a well-known and trusted brand? And he used social media to get the attention and creates a few stir in order to stain that brand's online reputation. 

It is never a good idea to spread fake news against a company that did nothing personal against you. While it may sound like fun to some unscrupulous individuals, the effects of such online slur can be substantial to the company and can result in the loss of profits and eventually, loss of jobs for their employees. 

Such is the case of LBC Express. Netizens like Ramon Tumpap and Bakura Pagaduan have made posts against LBC. Tumpap's post contained a picture of volunteers in Taiwan sorting through relief goods being readied for delivery to Yolanda victims in the Philippines. It was posted with a caption claiming that the photo was taken in a LBC warehouse where the employees were regularly pilfering the packages. 

Tumpap aka Ramon Lobo, was confirmed to have never been a customer of LBC Express. Tumpap currently works in a restaurant in Madrid, Spain. 

A random interview with LBC revealed that all packages are sealed in front of the customer and all sealed packages are never opened until the package is in the hands of the registered recipient. I have been using LBC Express for all kinds of deliveries. I have used it from sending money for online purchases to sending items to relatives in the provinces. In the 8 years that I have been using LBC Express I have never encountered any pilferage, unauthorized opening of my packages or even loss of items. I am condemning such posts as false and malicious. 

As for me, I will continue to use LBC Express for all my courier needs. 

Monday, September 5, 2016


My Green Archers shirt from Coolegit Clothing
When I was in college, I was not at all interested in wearing my institution’s tees, sweatshirts or even owning a college ring. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my school, but there just seemed something cheap about wearing my generic college tee when it wasn’t game day (Of course, I need not explain the thrill that each UAAP season brings). Having gone to a big university that was obsessed with college sports (especially with basketball and our never-ending rivalry against the Ateneo Blue Eagles), maybe it was my own form of personal rebellion – wanting to stand out amidst my classmates. But looking back I feel a bit ashamed I don’t have a single hoodie or tee to my name after spending years at La Salle. So in my bout of nostalgia, I bring you three reasons why you should (proudly!) invest in college merch, particularly the ones being sold by Coolegit Clothing

I never liked being photographed. But for my alma mater, Purple Plum Fairy here shows how to rock in your alma mater shirt.
I’ll give you three good reasons why you should get and wear a college shirt: 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A four-point approach to beauty and wellness

Press Release: 

There was never a truly comprehensive approach to achieve beauty and wellness in the Philippines. Well, not until the arrival of an ensemble of nutritional supplements from Japan that surely changed Filipinos’ perception of how to accomplish lasting youthfulness, energy and vitality.

It all started with the arrival of the “modern-day fountain of youth” called HyC150, the flagship product of Bright Ray Enterprises, its distributor in the Philippines. Made by FiNE Japan Co., Ltd., this powerful premium food supplement has three main ingredients, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Ubiquinol, and all were effectively combined to harness their massive youth-generating potentials. Collagen is HyC150’s age-defying ingredient that helps keep young-looking skin supple and smooth by decelerating the aging process and combating the negative effects of too much exposure to the elements. Hyaluronic Acid (HA), meanwhile, helps lubricate the bones, joints and eye tissues and maintains healthy gums. It also works with Collagen to keep the skin nourished and hydrated, promote healthy and glossy hair, plus regulate protein for better and faster wound healing.  Ubiquinol provides the energy and physicality to make you moving younger than your age.

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