Saturday, September 24, 2022

Pacific Alliance Movie Nights at The Shangri-La Plaza: Free Movie screening from Sept. 21-25!


Filipinos have of course long been exposed to mainstream Hollywood productions, but film is not limited to global releases and big-name-led blockbusters. There are many more gems from different parts of the world that widen one’s perspective and tell insightful and poignant stories that resonate with the rest of us - truly proving that films cut across borders and boundaries.

Shangri-La Plaza, a strong supporter of the cinematic arts, is bringing a new film festival to the metro. For the first time, it is hosting the Pacific Alliance Movie Nights, in partnership with the Embassies of Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Singapore in the Philippines and the Film Development Council of the Philippines, screening for free at the Red Carpet at the Shang on September 21-25.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Repertory Philippines stages Carousel topbilled by Karylle Tatlonghair and Gian Magdangal with Toff De Venecia as director


Karylle Tatlonghair and Gian Magdangal topbills Repertory Philippines' Carousel

Repertory Philippines (REP) steps boldly on to a brand new stage as it re-opens its theater doors with a modern reimagination of CAROUSEL. The beloved Broadway hit musical will run from November 26- December 18, 2022 at the Tanghalang Ignacio Gimenez, making it one of the first shows to run at the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ newly inaugurated black box theater.

With Music by Richard Rodgers and Book & Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, Carousel became an instant hit lauded by critics and audiences alike. The original production won the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award for Best Musical. Hailed by Time Magazine as the greatest musical of the 20th century, its various revivals have also won several Tony Awards. A story about a whirlwind romance between carnival barker Billy Bigelow and millworker Julie Jordan, it features some of musical theater’s most timeless music and iconic songs including If I Loved You and You’ll Never Walk Alone.

REP’s CAROUSELis directed by Toff De Venecia who is determined to bring a bold, brave vision for the new generation of theatergoers. This glorious musical masterpiece is brought to life by a star-studded cast led by singer, actress, and OPM royalty Karylle Tatlonghari as Julie Jordan and sought-after theater leading man Gian Magdangal as Billy Bigelow.

“Today, we stand on the shoulders of giants and take on the challenge of reimagining this classic musical for contemporary Filipino audiences,” De Venecia says. “Featuring new artistic voices and talent as well as post-modern perspectives, the team boldly dreams up what ‘the best musical of the 20th century’ might look like today. It’s a radical departure from previous iterations, even from what we set out to do in 2020. We draw inspiration from Filipino creativity and the words of the original choreographer and dancer Agnes de Mille – that is, ‘taking leap after leap in the dark.’ This will be the ultimate 21st century test for a 20th century text.”

Saturday, September 17, 2022

The importance of finding the right undergarment


When you're a plus-sized woman like me, finding the right bra even in Asian sizes can be a bit difficult. Let's admit it, not all women are created equal: not everyone is blessed to be as statuesque or voluptuous as the models we see on print and social media. But that is perfectly fine because women come in varying shapes, curves, and sizes. However, finding the right size that will highlight your assets and hide your flaws can be pretty daunting. 

Personally, as a woman, I have come to accept the fact that I need to embrace my backfats, hold together my separated east-west breasts as well as love my love handles. I just need to find the right bra for me--the one that fits me to a T. After some trial and error and what seemed to be an endless search, I'm glad to say that I was able to finally find the right bra for me. It was definitely the most comfortable wireless bra I've ever worn in my entire life. I didn't need to struggle to fit in anymore. It felt like the bra size and style were tailored-made for me. 

Friday, September 16, 2022

How Curcumin from Turmeric provides natural pain relief?


Curcumin can be used for managing general inflammation to help address osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis that both cause joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. 

Our joints allow our bodies to move in ways that allow us to do the simplest of actions like walking or typing on our phones and computers, and also perform complicated motions such as those required in dancing and playing sports. This crucial role of our joints in movement means that they are subjected to continuous wear and tear, so it’s no surprise that we sometimes feel like our ankles, wrist, or knees are hurting.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Golden Chicken House Food Review in San Juan City and its noble advocacy


Golden Chicken House in San Juan

If you're looking for some delicious Chinese food, Golden Chicken House is the place to be! There are many great Chinese restaurants in the metro, but there are only a few that can actually give you true value for your money. While most people would probably think they can only get these from the Chinatown area in Binondo, San Juan City's Golden Chicken House offers amazing food at reasonable prices, so you can't go wrong with any of them. 

In 1983, in a humble food stall, Holy Chicken (the name the said restaurant used to carry) began. Golden Chicken is one of the oldest Chinese Cuisine located at 163 N. Domingo Street, San Juan City. The restaurant changed its name after the owner's father passed away. They've gradually also improved their food selections and tastes over time. But they still carry some of their best-selling and heirloom recipes they've got.

Purple Plum Fairy and two of her friends during their recent food crawl

Mr. Jerwin Guan, owner of Golden Chicken House

Friday, September 9, 2022

Celebrity Couple Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero named J's Diamond Jewelry Brand Ambassadors


J's Diamond Ambassadors Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero

Wedding is a matter of joy and excitement for wedding couples. After their wedding, they are authorized to spend their whole life with each other, sharing love, happiness, sorrow, and every difficulty of life. The wedding couple plans everything related to their wedding ceremony together with the consent of their families. Right before the engagement ceremony, they become busy thinking, planning, and deciding about their dresses for the wedding and engagement ceremony, bridal jewelry selection, decoration of the venue, and everything. 

Choosing jewelry for engagement and wedding purposes is a tough task, due to the involvement of two key persons. At the time of shopping for the engagement ceremony, the would-be bride and groom want to include things according to their individual choices. Jewelry manufacturers understand the vital importance of exclusiveness as well as the mutual interest of wedding couples. And when it comes to choosing jewelry that lasts a lifetime, its best to trust only the best--J's Diamond. 

J's Diamond is resolute in its commitment to commemorate the true gift of love, it stands the test of time and adversity – a testament much like how love truly continues to prevail whatever the circumstance.

Aubrey Miles showing her engagement ring from Troy Montero made by J's Diamond

“Similar to our beloved brand, J’s Diamond, which has been around for almost 10 years, the true gift of love is a celebration that translates a kind of connectedness and union that flourishes and empowers,” says Kenneth Mau, president of J’s. He continues, “It overcomes all of life's unexpected challenges and yet manages to still joyfully hold those dear to us even closer to our hearts.”

Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero during their launch as J's Diamond ambassadors

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Emirates and AEGEAN announce a codeshare partnership

2022: Emirates is activating a new codeshare partnership today with AEGEAN, allowing its customers to benefit from increased connectivity to eight domestic Greek points via Athens, using a single ticket. Emirates will place its code on AEGEAN-operated flights, providing customers with a convenient and seamless booking experience as well as one consistent baggage policy, to popular destinations: Kerkyra, Chania, Irakleion, Mikonos, Thira, Rhodes, Thessaloniki and Alexandropoulos. Under the codeshare agreement, AEGEAN will also place its code on Emirates-operated flights between Dubai and Athens for their customers to benefit from smooth connections to Dubai and onward. Travel itineraries can now be booked on and,

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Bring the digital revolution to sari-sari stores with Packworks


Sari-sari stores are an integral part of every Filipino neighborhood. It is even said that for every 100 Filipinos, there is one sari-sari store. From household essentials to quick snacks, they have it all, that’s why they have a special place in our hearts.

Though they play an important role in our communities, many sari-sari stores have been left behind by the pace of technological development. The reality is, that most of these sari-sari stores operate traditionally, still using the good old pen-and-paper method. While it undoubtedly works, it fails to enable these micro-enterprises to fulfill their full potential. To address this gap, Packworks was created.

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Capture meaningful moments this World Photography Day!


As we live in a world that seems to be the golden era of photography — how can one define a ‘picture-perfect’ photograph? For professionals, it maybe a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show their skills and passion for capturing powerfulphotos. while for content creators, it might be a snap of their aesthetically pleasing outfit to be posted on their socials. However one defines a ‘picture-perfect’ snap, one thing’s for sure — photographs tell powerful stories. And behind every photo is an interesting story to share.

The lifestyle partner of every Filipino Home Credit Philippines celebrates the art and scienceof photography this World Photography Day! With a plethora of high-performing camera phones available through flexible payment terms and low-interest rates, Home Credit encourages Filipinos to unleash their inner photographer and capture their own ‘picture-perfect’ moments.

Capture Memories with Canon EOS 7D Mark II

For professional-looking photos with a pop of creativity and color, the Canon EOS 7D is the right purchase. This camera is designed to meet the demands of photographers who want to explore various artistic opportunities in every shoot, producing the most creative outputs. For those wishing to share their snaps on socials right away, this camera is WiFi compatible and features USB 3.0 connectivity.

Friday, August 12, 2022

The Complication of Measles and how can we protect our children's lives with vaccination


When the five-month-old son of Marissa Santos had recovered from measles, more commonly known as “tigdas,” Santos thought that that would be her son’s last encounter with the measles virus. Six years later, Santos’ son started to show symptoms of a rare and serious complication caused by measles—subacute sclerosing panencephalitis or SSPE. Santos says she hopes parents can take advantage of vaccination to help prevent measles and SSPE among their children.

Measles is a serious and highly contagious viral respiratory disease. The symptoms of measles include high-grade fever, rashes, and the three C’s—namely cough, conjunctivitis, and coryza. Measles can result in serious complications even among previously healthy children. The virus that causes measles can mutate and cause fatal complications.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that in 2018, more than 140,000 people—most of them children under five years old—died of measles. This was despite the availability of a safe and effective vaccine against the disease. According to the WHO, before the measles vaccine became widely used, major measles epidemics happened around every two to three years. Measles led to an estimated 2.6 million deaths per year.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

How Flexible Learning Can Help Your Child Reach Their Full Potential


The Filipino school system has been the same for 100 years, with children boxed into traditional classrooms and rigid class schedules. But as we’ve observed since the beginning of the pandemic, learning does not have to be restricted to the boundaries of a classroom.


Each child is unique. They differ in how much time they need to learn something, what sparks their interest, and what tools and resources work best for them. So why pigeonhole all students into one outdated learning setup? For many children, flexibility is key to helping them reach their full potential. This is exactly what APEC Schools’ SmartClass offers. An innovative e-homeschooling program, SmartClass is designed for independent, curiosity-driven learners.


Monday, August 1, 2022

Score great deals on gadgets at Home Credit’s Back to School, Back to Sulit Big-time Sale


 This school year marks a new beginning for students as they gradually return to school to see their schoolmates, teachers, and friends in person after more than two years. While other schools will remain online, one thing remains the same — a reliable device is essential for schoolwork in both face-to-face and learn-from-home setups.


For those who have been wanting to purchase the learning tool of their dreams or eyeing to do a gadget upgrade, Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the country’s leading buy now, pay later (BNPL) provider, is ringing the class bells with a big-time sale on must-have gadgets and supplies with its Back to School, Back to Sulit campaign.


Sunday, July 31, 2022

UBX partners with WomenBizPH, SeedIn to boost women-led enterprises in PH


UBX, the leading open finance platform in the Philippines, cemented its role in empowering women in business by signing a groundbreaking partnership agreement with Women’s Business Council Philippines (WomenBizPH), the leading voice of women in Commerce, and mobile financing powerhouse SeedIn.

Under the memorandum of agreement, the three groups will collaborate to build a Women-to-Women (W2W) Investment and Lending Portfolio, a basket of financial assets that will help empower Filipino women to become successful entrepreneurs. The W2W Investment and Lending Portfolio will provide beneficiaries with financial tools such as investment products and credit lines to empower them in their journey to become entrepreneurs.

Women in SME businesses will have the opportunity to borrow using AI credit scoring fintech platforms starting with Seedin Philippines Inc. Qualified borrowers can be chosen by women investors. The network of top women business leaders and entrepreneurs of WomenbizPH will have priority to choose and act as investors for their chosen portfolio.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

Viva Films releases controversial film "Maid in Malacañang" by director Daryll Yap


Cesar Montano and Ruffa Guttierez play former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. and its first lady, Imelda Marcos respectively.

Before I get bashed here (just in case I'd get any), let me just say that I was just doing my job. The grand media press conference for the latest Viva Film entitled "Maid in Malacañang" was held at the Maynila Ballroom of the hotel I am working at. So it was normal that I had to cover the said starstudded press conference attended by the celebrity cast themselves along with invited media and online entertainment sites. This is not the first time I had encountered Sen. Imee Marcos. Back in 2018, I had the privilege of meeting her in Ilocos where I was able to write about the Palace Guard Brotherhood Association. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Mang Inasal and Selecta join forces to share ‘HapPinas’


The country's "Ihaw-Sarap"  expert, Mang Inasal partners with Selecta Philippines in

celebration of "Mang Inasal HapPinas Treat" days this July 29 to 31.
As part of Selecta's ongoing #ShareHapPinas campaign, Mang Inasal customers nationwide
will get a FREE one scoop of Ube Ice Cream for every purchase Mang Inasal Extra Creamy
Halo-Halo. This offer is available for dine-in and takeout across all Mang Inasal branches

Monday, July 18, 2022

Home Credit names Moira dela Torre as the official ambassador for Para sa Life campaign


Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), the country’s leading consumer finance company, introduced singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre as the brand’s ambassador for its “Para sa Life” campaign that aims to share a message of hope for a better
life for Filipinos. 

Moira, the most-streamed Filipina artist for bigness, performed the theme song “Para Sa Life” of Home Credit campaign video. 

“I loved it. It was so special to me,” Moira said, pertaining to the song.  “I’m glad that Home
Credit gives me the opportunity to be their ambassador so I can give voice to that wonderful
song to inspire more Filipinos,” she added.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

UnionBank discusses how Open Banking will drive the digital economy


Open banking and open finance are two models that are now slowly taking over the financial sector, with the promise of revolutionizing banking and financial services like never before and acting as a  "catalyst for the new wave in financial innovation."

This was the main point of discussion during the 14th edition of Union Bank of the Philippines
(UnionBank) virtual roundtable series E-TalkTales, which took place last June 28 via Zoom. The event was led by UnionBank's Fintech Business Group Head Erika Dizon as its main speaker.

In her presentation, Dizon explained that while open banking and open finance may differ slightly from each other—the former promotes data sharing on banking services, while the latter promotes data and capability sharing across the financial sector—the goal is the same, which is the creation of an open ecosystem.

Friday, July 8, 2022

Xiaomi × Leica Strategic Partnership in Imaging Technology

 Xiaomi officially unveiled the new Xiaomi 12S Series “co-engineered with Leica”. This outstanding imaging product series is the first culmination of the Strategic Partnership in Imaging Technology between Xiaomi and Leica. The entire series features different imaging systems jointly developed by Xiaomi and Leica, containing Leica Summicron lenses, and supports Leica imaging profiles, all of which aim to empower individual creators to express their creativity, while retaining the authentic style of Leica imagery.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mang Inasal celebrates July as “Ihaw-Sarap Month” with meals for only P99


Mang Inasal, declares July as “Ihaw-Sarap Month” with back-to-back treats for its customers starting off with a brand new offering beginning July 1 – the “Ihaw-Sarap Savers.”

"The world celebrates July as International Grilling Month, Mang Inasal brings this global festivity closer to the hearts of the Filipino families by serving them their char-grilled favorites and more,” said Mang Inasal’s business unit head, Mike V. Castro. “And to make our Ihaw-Sarap Month extra special, we are kicking it off with the ‘Ihaw-Sarap Savers’ that aim to delight our customers with complete meals that are filling and satisfying, yet also fit their budget.”

Sunday, July 3, 2022

Save Philippine Seas, Coca-Cola Philippines team up again to support community-based solutions on plastic waste


Reimagine Recycling, an annual program that aims to scale plastic waste solutions and promote a circular economy, is calling on individuals and groups that currently implement community-based plastic waste solution programs to submit proposals that it can support with up to PhP 500,000 grant funding. The deadline for submission of entries is on July 15, 2022.

Now in its fourth year, Reimagine Recycling is a project of Save Philippine Seas and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines that aims to help those with existing projects on preventing waste leakage in rivers and seas, mainstreaming gender sensitivity in waste management and improving the welfare of informal waste sector expand their projects through capacity building workshops on stakeholder management, communications, and business models, mentoring and financial grant funding.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

SM Cares and DENR-NCR celebrate World Oceans Day with special plastic waste collection program


In observance of World Oceans Day, SM Cares held a special version of its Plastic Waste Collection Program in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources- National Capital Region (DENR-NCR) to underscore the importance of adopting sustainable habits such as reducing plastic consumption and planting trees.

Conducted simultaneously in the following SM malls: Megamall, Mall of Asia, North EDSA, Fairview, Southmall, East Ortigas, Marikina, and Marilao, the activity supported DENR-NCR& Community PanTREE, a program that was launched in 2021 with the aim of providing free fruit-bearing seedlings to encourage urban and backyard gardening.

Participants who brought at least 1 kg of plastic waste each got a free seedling from the Community PanTREE. More than 700 kg of plastic was collected through the activity and has distributed 700 pcs of seedlings across the 8 collection venues.

“The goal of this activity is to help divert plastic waste from ending up in landfills and bodies of water while also giving the participants the opportunity to grow their own trees,” said Director of SM Cares &  Program on Environment Engr. Liza Silerio.

SM’s Plastic Waste Collection program has gathered over 16,000 kg of plastic for re-processing since it began in 2021. Currently available in 12 SM malls, it is just one of SM Cares' numerous sustainability projects. The pioneering Trash to Cash recycling market and the E-Waste Collection Programs round up the initiatives on solid waste management. Other projects include the annual Green Film Festival, which promotes environmental awareness; the AweSMSeas project in partnership with the USAID and PRRCI, which promotes responsible plastic waste management; and the International Coastal Cleanup which gathers thousands of volunteers every year, among others.

Through these efforts, SM Cares supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),particularly "SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation," "SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities," & "SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production,"& "SDG 13: Climate Action," "SDG 14: Life Below Water." & "SDG 15: Life on Land".
To learn more, visit

Monday, June 13, 2022



The Manila Hotel's Red Jade Restaurant reopens

Red Jade Chinese Restaurant at The Manila Hotel welcomes guests back this Friday, June 10,2022 as the renowned Chinese restaurant reopens for dine-in service. Fans of the original menu can expect the same items with an expanded selection of other exciting options.


Saturday, June 11, 2022

Coca-Cola Philippines and Plastic Bank® collaborated effort for collection and recycling ecosystem in Cavite


In celebration of World Oceans Day, Coca-Cola Philippines and Plastic Bank® announced that in 2022, they will together help to collect 10 million post-consumer PET plastic bottles to address and solve the global packaging waste issue while improving the lives of partner collectors and junk shops enrolled in the Plastic Bank Ecosystem Impact Program. This is double their target in 2021 when 5 million used PET bottles were successfully recycled and diverted from landfills and oceans.


Through the Ecosystem Impact Week event, which will run from June 8 to 12, 2022 at Robinsons Place General Trias, Coca-Cola Philippines, Plastic Bank® and the local government of General Trias, Cavite, aim to educate more Filipinos on the value of collecting and recycling recyclable plastics. A collection booth has been set up for consumers visiting the mall, where they can bring clean and used recyclable plastic bottles and help give these a second life.


“At Coca-Cola, we recognize that we have a big role to play in helping solve the plastic waste problem,” said Tony del Rosario, President of Coca-Cola Philippines and Vice President for East Franchise Operations of Coca-Cola ASEAN and South Pacific.


“With partners like Plastic Bank, the government, non-government organizations, civil society, industry and private sectors, we know that a World Without Waste with measurable, positive impact is possible.” Del Rosario added.

Plastic Bank is a social enterprise that builds collection and recycling ecosystems in coastal communities by working directly with individuals in the informal waste sector and micro and small enterprises like junk shops. Through the Plastic Bank Ecosystem, collector partners are given access to training, tools, and equipment for efficient waste collection, and a source of livelihood. The program also connects collector partners to the market (Material Recovery Facilities or junk shop branches) that buy their collections to ensure the sustainability of the program.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Introducing NEW Pocky Range Redesigned To Appreciate The Goodness Of The Natural Ingredients For The Better Taste!

Since its launch in Japan in 1966, Pocky has maintained its core concept while gradually changing its packaging and formulation to meet the times and society. The new Pocky range will be launched in the Philippines on June 8 to suit the changing consumption scene and purchasing behavior in Southeast Asia. It will be available in major supermarkets and online stores such as LazMall and Shopee Mall.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Must-Visit Silang Cavite Farms: Arid & Aroids Living Gallery, Dhoie's Garden and Perlas ng Silang


 Have you ever been on a farm tour? How about visiting a living plant nursery? If you haven't tried either, then you're missing something here. Not only will you get to travel, but you will also learn so much from visiting local farms such as the one we recently had in Silang Cavite. Our dear friends Mr. Ray Ong and Rence Chan invited my husband Jason and me to join their Silang Farm tour where we revisited Arid & Aroids Living Gallery, Dhoie's Garden, and Perlas ng Silang Flower and Garden Restaurant. Check out why these are some of the must-sees in Silang Cavite:

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Manila Prince Hotel has officially reopened and with an introductory rate of P1999 nett rate with plated breakfast for two!


Deluxe Room at Manila Prince Hotel

The Manila Prince Hotel by The Mania Hotel is delighted to officially announce its highly anticipated reopening on June 1, 2022. This heralds an exciting new chapter in the property’s history as it establishes itself as a perfect staycation place in the heart of the city.

The newly reopened Manila Prince Hotel offers guest affordable luxury with a reopening rate of only P1,999 nett for an overnight stay in a Deluxe room. This royal treatment can be enjoyed by two (2) adults and two (2) kids 12 years old and below, along with set breakfast for two.

Marcelino Street Cafe

Staycation seekers, weary urban warriors, working folk, and even guests from outside Metro Manila can expect unrivalled comfort and inimitable service while enjoying the hotel’s facilities and spaces. The hotel boasts of a pool where you can take your kids to enjoy an afternoon of fun, while the rest of the day can be spent having a hearty meal at the hotel’s Marcelino Street Café, which serves a la carte dishes for now. Eventually, Manila Prince Hotel’s amazingly decorated Chinese restaurant, Dragon Court, will reopen at a later date. 

Grand Ballroom

Tuesday, May 24, 2022



SunLife Philippines building on BGC Taguig

Even amid multiple crises the country faced last year, Sun Life Philippines (Sun Life) fulfilled its commitment to clients and paid around PHP 6.5 billion in death and living benefits.


“The payout of claims and maturities bring to life our promise to be here for our clients, especially during the most challenging of times,” Sun Life Philippines CEO & Country Head Benedict Sison said. “They can trust that Sun Life will always be here as their partner for life.”


Meanwhile, Sun Life also maintained its leadership in the insurance industry for the 11th consecutive year, finishing 2021 with a total of PHP 45.46 billion in Total Premium Income. This is according to reports released by the Insurance Commission based on submitted unaudited Quarterly Reports on Selected Financial Statistics.

Apart from leading the life insurance industry in premium income, Sun Life’s consistent performance in the industry metrics of New Business Annual Premium Earnings, Assets, Net Income, and Net Worth over the years demonstrates its strength, stability, and resilience amidst uncertain times.


Benedict Sison, SunLife Philippines CEO and Country Head

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Why a collagen supplement is worth a spot in your skincare routine


One of the building blocks of healthy skin – not to mention hair and nails – is collagen. There are around 28 types of human collagen, but the most common are Types I, II, III, and IV. The most abundant of these is Type I which is found in skin, bone, ligaments, and organs. That’s why, familiar to many of us who are into skincare, collagen plays a vital part in creating and maintaining plump, supple skin.

But as with all good things, age does put a damper when it comes to our body’s collagen production, and in turn triggers the loss of elasticity, radiance, and firmness. Sad, we know, but though we can’t prevent the loss of collagen, we can still find ways to slow it down. Some studies have provided good points that taking a collagen supplement could help too.

It isn’t surprising that a collagen supplement has taken a spot in our skincare routine, which is constantly evolving. Before, the usual regimen involved only the basics such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Then we discovered essences, serums, and face masks. These days, we’ve looked more into tackling concerns from the inside out, with ingestible beauty supplements that instantly perk up dull skin.

LifeFood Collagen jelly comes in a convenient package for a fun and quick snacking. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Emirates launches full Premium Economy Experience


Emirates Premium Economy will be deployed on high-traffic A380 routes to London
Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Sydney, and Christchurch

Flyers can look forward to another distinctive Emirates travel experience as the airline unveils its full Premium Economy offering onboard and on ground, and announces it will open this highly sought-after cabin for sale from June 1, 2022.
The new cabin class, which offers luxurious seats, more legroom, and a service to rival many airlines’ business offering, will be available to Emirates customers travelling on popular A380 routes to London, Paris, Sydney from August 1, and Christchurch from December.
Emirates is the only airline in the region to offer a Premium Economy cabin. As with everything we do, Emirates Premium Economy will be exceptional in its class, with minute attention given to every aspect of the customer experience. Customers trading up from Economy will be getting excellent value,” said Sir Tim Clark, President Emirates Airline.

Announces at Arabian Travel Market that this new cabin class will be open for sale on June 1, for flights from August

Since we first introduced our Premium Economy seats in January 2021, the positive response and demand has been tremendous. We currently have six A380s equipped with this cabin  class, which limits our initial deployment, but our intention is to offer this experience to many more markets across our network. This November, we will begin our retrofit program to install Premium Economy on 67 A380s and 53 Boeing 777s. At the end of the program, Emirates will  have 126 aircraft fitted out with Premium Economy cabins, as well as our latest interiors across other cabins. It is a major investment to ensure our customers continue to have the best experience in the sky.
Emirates Premium Economy is in a class of its own, offering a signature experience unmatched in the industry.  Dedicated airport experience: Customers can look forward to a dedicated check-in area for Premium Economy at Dubai International airport, or utilize one of the many convenient self-service check in kiosks in the hall to avoid queues.
Luxurious seats: Once onboard, customers will immediately notice the quiet luxury in Emirates’ Premium Economy cabin. A wood panel finishing similar to Business Class sets the cabin’s mood, and each seat is designed to provide optimal comfort and support with 6-way adjustable headrests. 

The cream-colored leather seats have a generous pitch of up to 40 inches, is 19.5 inches wide, and reclines 8 inches into a comfortable cradle position with ample room to stretch out. It also offers calf rests and footrests for additional comfort, in addition to many other thoughtful touches such as easily accessible in-seat charging points and a side cocktail table.
Comfort: Customers can get comfortable under soft, sustainable blankets made from recycled plastic bottles, and snuggle into the generously sized pillow, both designed uniquely for Premium Economy. They can also refresh themselves with the complimentary amenity kits which come in reusable, sustainable bags, and contain items which are all made with some element of recycled or sustainable materials.

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