Monday, May 28, 2018

5th Las Piñas Food Festival 2018: Showcasing the Best of Las Piñas City

5th Las Piñas Food Festival 2018 held last May 18, 2018 at Villar Sipag C5 Ext. Road

The Las Piñas Food Festival is an annual event that takes place every year and it is organized by the Villar SIPAG (Social Institute for Poverty Alleviation and Governance) headed by no less than Sen. Cynthia Villar herself. A brainchild of the Senator,  the Las Piñas Food Festival composed of weekly core events, themed celebrations, culinary workshops, and competitions organised baranggay-wide, this month-long festival celebrates the local perennial food favourites  in the hope that might just give Las Piñas City a reputation of a diverse food heaven.

Purple Plum Fairy along with other media friends were privileged to be invited in the recent 5th  Las Piñas Food Festival held at the Villar SIPAG C5 Extension Road, Las Piñas City. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

My Novuhair and Fanny Serrano Boutique and Salon Experience

The signage says it all: Fanny Serrano's signature boldly displays fab and prestige

My latest experience at Fanny Serrano's prestigious salon was fabulous. Fanny Serrano lives up to his name, in case you don't know yet, his name rings a bell because he's the famous celebrity stylist and makeup artist to the stars. So I was so nervous about finding a new hair place. It had one of the highest reviews, plus I know for a fact that his salon is the go-to-place for most local celebrities. I decided to give it a go. And I don't regret one snip. 

Fanny Serrano's Salon in Sct. Borromeo had an Asian feel

Fanny Serrano Boutique and Salon was indeed a cute place with wonderful people. Fanny himself was amazing so was his staff like Bambi. It was through him that I got the best haircut that I have had in a long time. And not only that, although I've long been writing about Novuhair, yes, that miracle potion bottle called Nature's Answer to Hairloss," it was only because I saw what it does to my mom's hair. I had also heard about its many testimonials on gaining back their hair. But I had never realized I needed them myself until my visit to Fanny Serrano's Salon the other day. 

Novuhair conducts free hair and scalp analysis

I had undergo Novuhair's Scalp and Hair Analysis. It had a camera connected to the laptop where you get to see your scalp and hair up close or in extreme close up. It was then that I saw how oily my scalp was and how thinning my hair has become. You see, I always had problems with falling hair. This is also the reason why I hate combing or brushing my hair because I could see my hair strands falling. After having the scalp and hair analysis conducted by Novuhair, I realized I had to do something about my thinning hair before it's too late. 

Do you notice the strands of my hair? They seem to be apart, right? It indicates hair thinning.
Novuhair's 3-step solution: Herbal conditioner, Herbal shampoo and topical scalp lotion

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Emborg Celebrates Mother's Day with Pampering Treats and a Cook Off

The awesome Emborg dairy products which are all healthy for the whole family

Mothers aren't perfect, but they do things in the best possible way. There's no manual or instruction on how to be a good mother. Being a good mother isn't something that you learn from school--it really comes from within. Being mom isn't a walk in the park. You're 24/7 working without any leave, without any pay (except maybe for those sweet little kisses from our kids) and with a whole lot of sacrifice. And as moms, it is one of our duties to make sure we feed our family, especially our kids well with something healthy. 

When it comes to dairy, I make sure to read all the labels before giving them to my family. I only trust some brands, those brands that we actually use and consume. So when I got an invite to attend an event Emborg has prepared for Mother's Day, I decided to go. 

Glorietta Activity Center in Glorietta 2 had transformed into a "Mommies Day Out." Dubbed as Emborg Ämazing Moms," the event aims to celebrate mother's day by giving all Mommies some pampering treats on their special day. The event was open to the public. Guest Mommies need to finish off the stamps on a passport given to them upon entry. Once all the passport has been stamped, they get a chance to win awesome prizes.

Moms passport to the treats Emborg has prepared for them during the special Mother's Day treat

There were lots of activities that was prepared for all mommies to enjoy. There was a massage booth where moms can enjoy a few minutes of massage of their own choice. They can have a relaxing back massage, a soothing foot massage or a hand massage too. I chose the foot massage because my feet needed some TLC after all the walking I've had the entire week.

Free massage for all mothers

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Install Jeep crate engine and storage boxes for safe rides

You can ask any outdoor enthusiasts why they choose to own a Jeep and most of them will tell you all about the usefulness of Jeeps. A Jeep is designed to travel on all road conditions depending on the type of tires installed. Jeep is one of the most practical and useful vehicles to have around for adventures and in times of emergency.

If you have been putting your Jeep to a lot of use, sooner or later you might experience some problem with a failing or broken engine at some point along your way. You will have the choice to modify or simply to replace the broken engine. The engine is the heart of your Jeep and the engine should generates the horsepower and torque necessary for operation to maximize fuel efficiency and effortlessly for your Jeep to handle diverse terrains.

Driving with a failing engine will put you and your passengers at risk. To avoid unnecessary delays or getting stuck in some out of reach places, it is advisable to properly equip your Jeep with a high quality Jeep 4.0 crate engine. Get your Jeep engine replaced for safer rides and better performance.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Share What’s Good with Welch’s Grape Juice

Welch's Grape Juice

Mommies all trooped to the Garden Area of the Ayala the 30th Mall last weekend to celebrate Welch’s relaunch in an afternoon of nutrition information and parenting talks. Our well-loved Welch’s Grape juice organized this event primarily to educate parents, particularly moms to choose what’s good for their family.

Welch's Cranberry Juice Cocktail is recommended by Purple Plum Fairy
Purple Plum Fairy says you can also try Welch's Apple Cranberry Juice

Welch's Concord Grape Juice is highly recommended by Purple Plum Fairy

Welch's Event host, Dr. Gia Sison, Mom blogger Louisa Mercado and Welch's Erika Rodriguez

Guest panelists that afternoon during the said event were Mommy and Lifestyle blogger, Louisa Mercado, the face behind The Art of Being a Mom and Social Media influencer and Thomasian doctor Gia Sison, a certified nutritionist also taught the mommies who were present on the do’s and don’ts of proper nutrition.
Welch's 100% Grape Juice gets a thumbs-up by Purple Plum Fairy

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Paint-Me-A-Bag Workshop at Gateway Gallery

Hand-painted unicorn bag by artist Ginny Guanco

Press release:

Gateway Gallery offers another creative pursuit this summer under the Artsy Workshop banner, a program that started in 2015.  The art workshop gives kids and teens, aged 8 to 16 years old, the chance to learn painting, using bags as material under the mentorship of one of the most passionate artists today, Ginny Guanco. The Paint Me A Bag Workshop happens on May 26, Saturday, from 1 to 5 pm at the Gateway Gallery. It is open to all boys and girls who are inclined to the arts, especially those who have not taken up any formal art lessons. It is an inspiring introductory activity that will thrill the students as the end-product is a mobile art that can be used by the student.

The paint-a-bag workshop is the first of its kind to be offered by Gateway Gallery. In the half day workshop, Artist Ginny Guanco will guide the young ones on the rudiments of basic drawing, shading and of adding highlights on the design using motifs that appeal to the young.  She will also guide them on the proper painting techniques on fabric bags and develop their confidence in branching out to other clothing items such as t-shirts, denims, jackets and even sneakers.

A colorful owl in my favorite color is one of the awesome hand painted bags by Ginny Guanco
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