Monday, November 3, 2014

AMWAY's NUTRILITE Celebrates 80th Year Anniversary

In celebration of its 80th anniversary, current president of Nutrilite Health Institute, Dr. Sam Rehnborg paid the Philippines a visit. AMWAY, NUTRILITE's exclusive distributor in the country held a press conference cum luncheon to celebrate the world's number one selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements. Backed by 80 years and counting of Science and Research, the NUTRILITE team has perfected a proprietary "seed-to-supplement" practice to preserve potency and maximize the consistency, efficacy and safety of its products. 

NUTRILITE products are developed for personal daily nutrition, heart health, strong bones and weight management. Its top selling products are NUTRILITE Protein Powder, Double X/Triple X Vitmin/Mineral/Phytonutrient and Vitamin C. The Nutrilite brand is the first of its kind and the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms, which are located in the United States, Mexico and Brazil. 

"I am continually amazed to see how Nutrilite has grown from its very humble beginnings to what it is today. Our research facilities, our farms, the center for optimal health, the global sports partnerships, the breadth of the product line," said Dr. Sam Rehnborg, son of the Nutrilite founder, Carl F. Rehnborg, who developed the first multivitamin/multimineral product rich in phytonutrients back in 1934. 

The Nutrilite Global Phytonutrient Report reveals a gap between the amount of fruits and vegetables recommended by the Wold Health Organization and what people actually eat. The gap can be caused by hectic schedules, limited access to any or variety of fresh produce, as well as personal taste preferences. 

"These results are a big part of helping people understand how they can and shoukd eat in order to fill in their nutritional gaps and become an investment each day and everyday to live healthier lives for their families benefit. Nutrilite's philosophy of optimal health embodies healthy balanced nutrition that includes an abundance of plant foods + regular physical activities," he added. 

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