Thursday, April 20, 2017

Swiss Family Film Festival: Free Movie Screenings for the Family at the Shang

As part of the celebration of the 60th year of good diplomatic relations between Switzerland and the Philippines, the Swiss Embassy Manila proudly presents the first ever Swiss Film Festival which will feature family-friendly quality Swiss films with English subtitles. It's another reason for movie buffs to be happy about. What's more, the Swiss Film Festival, just like other annual international film screenings will be held open and FREE to the public! 

Yes, you're reading this right. Shangri-La Plaza, the metro's lifestyle and shopping destination and the home of international film screenings, will once again be the venue and host on the upcoming first Swiss Film Festival in the country. 
Swiss Ambassador the the Philippines, Ms. Andrea Reichlin

In partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland and Shangri-La Plaza, the first ever Swiss Film Festival will be held for two consecutive weeks beginning from April 28 to 30, 2017 and from May 5 to 7, 2017 at the Shangri-la Mall's Cineplex Cinema 4. 

It will be featuring three of the best Swiss films with family-themed movies such as Heidi, the award-winning film Vitus and Rascals on the Road. Shangri-La Plaza and the Swiss embassy Manila presents these inspiring and timeless classic stories for kids and kids at heart to enjoy and be able to relate with.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mega Prime Golden Corn Kernel and Cream Style Cream Makes Summer Fun and Exciting

With summer's arrival, the pursuit of refreshing drinks to quench your thirst has never been more urgent. I'm sure most moms will agree that we can all feel the debilitating heat of the sun. Well, I've recently discovered Mega Prime Whole Kernel Corn and Mega Prime Cream Style Corn. These are new products which we've found out can help us alleviate the heat by coming up with a refreshing summer drink/smoothie. 

Forgo those dangerous detox cleansers, all you need is a blender to begin with and a can of Mega Prime Cream Style Corn. Your kids might also be able to lend you a hand while doing this special smoothie. Corn are known to be loaded with nutrients such as Ferulic acid, cancer-fighting beta-carotene, vanilic acid, coumaric acid, caffeic acid and syringic acid as well as other key phytonutrients provide by corn. Corn is also a good source of panthothenic acid, phosphorus, niacin, dietary fiber, manganese and vitamin B6.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Shangri-La Plaza's Chocolate Wonderland

One of the many attractions at the Shangri-la Plaza's Chocolate Wonderland is a huge chocolate decor fountain

If you're a chocolate lover, you'll surely be amazed with the ongoing Shangri-La Plaza's Chocolate Wonderland happening at the metro's top lifestyle destination, the Shangri-La Plaza Mall in Mandaluyong. Upon entrance, you'll be welcomed by a gigantic chocolate fountain decor along with a huge ice cream on for lots of photo opportunity. Be ready to be transported to the wonderful world of chocolates that kids and those kids at heart will surely enjoy.

Huge ice cream great for photo opps

Another place where you can have your photo taken

Chocolate is a food derived from the beans of the tropical cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), much of it grown in western Africa where high temperatures and rainfall provide perfect growing conditions. The chocolate you eat is produced from cacao beans in a multi-stage process. After harvesting, the beans are allowed to ferment, then dried, cleaned, and ground to produce a paste. This is then pressurized to form two ingredients known as chocolate liquor (also referred to as "cocoa liqor" or "cacao liqor") and cocoa butter. Different types of what we call chocolate are made by blending the liquor and the butter in varying proportions. The finest dark (plain) chocolate is made with at least 70 per cent cacao liquor and butter, while milk chocolate is made with only 50 per cent. White chocolate is make from cocoa butter without added cacao liquor.
From imported one like Marks and Spencers, chocolate bars are made available for everyone

You’ve probably read that chocolate affects your brain by causing the release of the “happiness neurotransmitters” – serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Just like coffee, chocolates are good source of polyphenol antioxidants. 

Shangri-La's Chocolate Wonderland began last Easter Sunday and you better hurry because it will end this coming April 23, 2017! It's really worth checking out. The festival is filled not just with chocolatey goodness to sink our teeth in but stuff to keep you entertained like jugglers, musicians, magicians, stilt-walkers and dancers to add more magical experience to the Willy Wonka-chocolate-one-of-a-kind-place. 

Villa del Conte chocolates in their signature orange and brown boxes

Almond Roca from Candy Corner

Specialty truffles in chocolates

Shangri-La's tenants Candy Corner, Epicurious, Marks & Spencers, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Rustan's Supermarket, Villa del Conte and Wicked, including Shangri-La's premiere hotels EDSA Shangri-La Manila, Makati Shangri-La and Shangri-La The Fort, as well as international brands Toblerone, Cadbury ans Kinder Chocolate Cereals also participated in the said chocolate fair. 

Kid's favorite Kinderjoy Mascot

Chocolate Polvoron
Local chocolate enterprises and chocolatiers are also very much represented in the chocolate fair. The country's very own Theo & Philo, Malagos Chocolates, Coco Dolce, Hiraya Chocolates, Cacao de Davao, Chocoliz, Top Chefs, ChocoATBP, Cocoa Monster, Machiavelli and Manila Chocolatier, NIJI Desserts, Choco-Liquor Cakes by celebrity Maricar Reyes-Poon, BiteSize PH, Truffles by K, Hungry Pac, Agueda Manila, Raneese PB Cups, TsokoFino, Ginto Premium Chocolates, Shorts Gourmet and CMBV Confectionaries. 

Matcha lovers will be glad they've got Matcha Oreo Barks being sold too.

Cacao from Davao is also a hit

There will also be games and free sampling of chocolate confections, activities, demos and workshops to look forward to. You may join the workshops on April 22 with the Chocolate Praline Making Demo by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts at 3:30PM, Truffle Making Workshop by Wicked follows at 5:00PM; Chocolate Tasting Workshop by Hiraya Chocolates at 6:00PM. And on April 23, there will be another Chocolate Praline Making Demo by Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts at 3:30PM and Matcha Chocolate Making Workshop by Top Chef follows at 5:00PM. 

Also in line with the CSR of Shangri-La Plaza, together with the Department of Social Welfare and Development, Shang also took the chance and treated children from 4Peace Mandaluyong Chapter with special lunch, goodies, plus a delicious brownie decorating workshop. 

So, what are you waiting for, grab this chance to visit the Shangri-La Plaza's Chocolate Wonderland from April 16-23, 2017! See you there!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ice N Cream by Novotel Manila Opens

Ice N Cream by Novotel opens this April 16, 2017
Ice cream lovers unite! Ice N Cream by Novotel gives ice cream fans an exciting news to be happy about. Novotel Manila Araneta opens Ice N Cream, the newest ice cream destination to beat the summer heat! Starting this April 16, 2017, which falls on the Easter Sunday--Ice N Cream launches their awesome flavors and they're so generous that they're giving free complimentary scoop of ice cream for every ice cream scoop purchase. This promo begins from the store opening, April 16 up to April 29.

The delightful way to create your ice cream at Ice N Cream by Novotel Manila

Monday, April 10, 2017

Introduction to Crystals: How Crystals Help Empower You

Money Magnet Charm

Interested in crystals and curious about how you can harness some of their power in your own life? Join Ms. Sylvia Mariano of Minex Crystals—a leading expert on crystals—for an exclusive seminar to learn how to use crystals to attract true love, be a money magnet and give solutions to other problems. Just register on their Facebook page to snag your free spot. 

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations have used crystals to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages. Since crystals come from the earth, when they're placed on your body, they help you connect to the planet's healing energy, leaving you feeling more relaxed and balanced. Each crystal has unique properties and energies to heal different aspects of your life.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser: Go deep with the science of gentle Not all skincare brands are made equal

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

I have a very sensitive skin. My skin pretty much reacts almost anything I slather on it. Skin reactions such as skinbumps or skin erosion. During the summer and the cold holiday season, I'd experience skin flushing with itchy overly dry skin. After consulting with m derma, I've found out I have this skin condition called rosacea. That's how I discovered Cetaphil. Since then, it's been part of my daily beauty routine. My dermatologist then had recommended for me to use Cetaphil cleanser because it won't be harsh on my sensitive skin.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


With four new eye-catching colors, Banana Peel flip flops, the local flip flop concept store in the Philippines, introduces its next new attraction—the Hopscotch Collection for kids.

The Hopscotch collection is all about fun as kids get to choose from a variety of bright colors (Knucklebones/Mustard Yellow, Spud/Black, Simon Says/Bezique Green and Cariboo/Pink) to match their personalities and energy. Kids are always up for excitement and adventure and Hopscotch flip flops are designed to go along with them, wherever they go.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

PowerClean Chemicals by Oxychem Product Review: Effectively cleans and affordable high quality cleaning product


Cleaning dirt from clothes can be difficult for working mothers

Whether you go with old-school bleach or earth-conscious bi-carb soda, finding a surface cleaner as well as trusted household cleaning materials  that actually produce satisfying results can really be difficult. Fact is, sorting through shelves bulging with big claims and cool packaging of cleaning products in the market today, it’s revealed that price is rarely an indicator of its performance.

Coming home and seeing all these kitchen mess seems like hell right?
I spend a lot of time in the kitchen (I think we all do) but sometimes cleaning up can feel like a chore. We also don’t have a dishwasher, since I am forever washing dishes. There are a lot of companies that use strong chemicals and detergents in their products that isn’t great for the environment—or your skin. I recently stumbled upon PowerClean Chemicals by Oxychem.

Collectors Hive: A site exclusively for all collectors and enthusiasts

I have a confession to make: Only a few people who are really close to me knows that I am a certified toy collector. Consequently, over the years, I have amassed toys: from my McDonald’s Happy Meal items, stuffed toys, rugged dolls, Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, to cute little trinkets among other things. These toys help me alleviate my loneliness on being alone. One of my biggest worries, however, is that if I should expire soon and my loved ones discover my toy collection after my demise, they will surely be shocked. 

I recently learned about Collectors Hive, an online portal made exclusively for collectors by collectors themselves. It’s made to address the needs of hard core collectors. Collectors Hive provides a venue for active collectors to keep valuable memories and in the process create a wholesome atmosphere for fellow collectors. Regardless of what you collect, whether it's a stamp collection, postcards, Gundam toys, die-casts, Coke items, Barbie dolls, Santa Claus items etc.--there'll surely be something interesting that you'll definitely find at Collectors Hive. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Repertory Philippines stages a Victorian sex comedy The Vibrator Play starting March 24

Catch Repertory Philippines, more popularly known as REP, anticipated staging of In The Next Room or The Vibrator Play on March 24 to April 23 at the Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1 Makati City.

The provocative and brilliant comedy about the vibrator, written by multi-awarded playwright Sarah Ruhl, gets you laughing and leaves you moved with genuine emotion, too. At the time when electricity was just discovered, the newly invented electronic vibrator was used to induce orgasms – then called “paroxysms” – to relieve men and women of their so-called hysterical tendencies.

REP’s The Vibrator Play stars Joshua Spafford, the acclaimed actor who on the theater company’s 50th anniversary has #ComeHometoREP. He plays Dr. Givings who specializes in gynecological and hysterical disorders, and treats his patients in his ‘operating theater,’ in other words his home clinic which is right next to their living room.

Giannina Ocampo plays opposite Joshua as Catherine Givings, the good doctor’s unhappy wife who has been neglected for so long, especially in their marital bed. She listens curiously to the sounds and cries coming from the patients with absolutely no idea of what goes on in the next room. When Dr. Givings refuses to administer the treatment on her, Catherine takes matters into her own hands. 

Caisa Borromeo as Sabrina Dauldry and Giannina Ocampo as Catherine Givings

Thursday, March 9, 2017


How does going out on a virtual date with celebrity heartthrob Piolo Pascual over coffee and stand a chance to win free trip to Dubai sounds like? With Sun Life Financial’s latest promo dubbed “Coffee with Piolo,” Facebook users can go on a virtual coffee date with brand ambassador Piolo Pascual, and even win a trip to Dubai while at it.

Interested? Here's the mechanics of the contest: To join, users simply log on to Facebook, visit Sun Life’s Facebook page (SunLifePH), and click on the “Coffee with Piolo” app. After entering the required details, the user should click “Submit” to generate a personalized “Coffee with Piolo” video. 

“Each ‘Coffee with Piolo’ video bears a message specifically tailored to the user’s financial needs. We’re very excited about this because it allows us to communicate with our clients in a digital manner, without losing the personal touch that is part of the Sun Life brand of service,” said Sun life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa.

After generating the video, the user may share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to qualify for the raffle, where 20 Sun Life Prosperity Cards worth Php 5,000 each and a trip for two to Dubai are up for grabs.

“This is just one example of how Sun Life always strives to be creative in the way it communicates the importance of having money for every stage of their life to ensure financial security. We hope that this will inspire more Filipinos assess their financial goals,” Lopa said. “At the same time, we wish to remind them that this is a journey they need not pursue alone. Sun Life is here to guide them every step of the way.”  

So Piolo fanatics, what are you waiting for? Hurry and join this once in a lifetime promo from Sun Life. 

For more info, visit

Shakey's Launches New Scallop Primo Pizza

 We all love to eat. But if you're a practicing Catholic, it's a must to observe fasting this Lenten season. And if you're a pizza lover like me, Shakey's had good news for you. Shakey's introduces an all new pizza flavor featuring scallops which had never been featured before in any Philippine pizza. Yup, grab this chance to discover the mouth-watering flavor of Shakey's Scallop Primo! For a limited time only, the Shakey's Scallop Primo will be available fro March 1 to May 31, 2017! So you've got the entire summer to enjoy them while they last!

Ghena Austero, Shakey's Marketing Manager unveils Shakey's Scallops Primo Pizza

Shakey's Scallop Primo pizza is an exciting combination of fresh scallops and tasty kani sticks. It captures the summer combination of succulent scallops and thinly shredded crab sticks, aged cheddar cheese, fresh herbs of basil and parsley and a dash of chili flakes for some added kick!

The newest part of the menu:  Shakey's Scallop Primo Pizza

Monday, March 6, 2017

Minola Premium Cooking Oil: Good for the Heart

Minola Lauric Cooking Oil is one of the leading and most trusted brand in the country for the past 50 years. Yes, it's a brand that my great, great grandmother have been using in the kitchen for years, and probably a legacy that has been passed on from one generation to another. What was their secret in making them the best kitchen partner of most Filipino moms? 

Minola Cooking Oil is made of coconut oil that is minolauric, which means it has full of lauric oil. According to the Philippine Coconut Authority, "Coconut oil is the most readily digested of all the fats of general use in the world." Minola is a Philippine brand of refined, bleached and deodorized coconut oil.  As the package says, “Solidification of coconut oil at a certain temperature is its natural characteristic and does not affect the quality.”  What is important is that this oil does not coat arterial linings in the same way that animal fats do.  

What is it about Minola oil that makes it the best-selling brand in the market? Here are the essential points of coconut oil:

“Research shows that coconut oil:
  • contains Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) which provide energy and do not accumulate or deposit in the body tissue.
  • is trans fat free, a natural product that does not contain hydrogenated fats.
  • is a lauric oil and when absorbed by the body becomes monolaurin which is known to have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  Monolaurin is also found in mother’s milk.
  • promotes good health and helps build a stronger immune system.”
Refining removes the impurities, bleaching removes much of the yellow color and deodorizing removes the burnt odor of sun-dried coconuts.  Thorough refining, bleaching and deodorizing would thus produce a slightly yellow and odorless oil, such as Minola Lauric Oil.

Using Minola Cooking Oil is not only a healthy alternative but it is also budget friendly that won't put a hole into your pockets. No wonder, Minola Lauric Cooking Oil is the brand of choice for many Filipinos then and now!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Rustan's offers premium Schott Zwiesel double wall glassware

Press release:

 Rustan’s Supermarket continues to cater to their loyal customers and provide products of only the best quality as they offer glassware from the industry’s most trusted brand.

 Schott Zwiesel has become the market leader among glass manufacturers around the world, used by leading hotel chains, 50 airlines, and 10 of the biggest shipping lines world-wide, plus everyone from sommeliers, wine makers to internationally acclaimed chefs. The German brand offers an extensive range of crystal glasses, from their popular stemware to decanters, that are individually handblown by artisans to maintain a high-quality standard, making them a perfect kitchen and dining companion for businesses or for the home.

Now available at the leading supermarket is the brand’s Double Wall Glasses. Stylish with superior functionality, double wall is stronger but lighter than traditional glass. Aside from looking fantastic on your shelf, table or bar, these are well insulated so you can serve both hot and cold beverages and food, and keep them at the right temperature for longer. Double wall glass items won’t shatter or crack as easily as normal glass since they can reliably withstand swings in temperature – and what’s even better is that they’re break and scratch resistant.

Schott Zwiesel’s beautifully designed double wall pieces also have perfect optical clarity, meaning they remain clear and don’t turn cloudy even after continuous washing. To top it all off, these are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  

Rustan’s Supermarket is carrying 6 types of Schott Zwiesel double wall glasses that can make for wonderful additions to your home. Serve espresso shots, panna cotta and other desserts in the Small Double Wall Glass (set of 2 retails for P900), and cold and hot drinks in the Medium Double Wall Glass (set of 2 at P1,200).

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Bo's Coffee Opens at UP Town Center

Bo's Coffee branch at UP Town Center in Quezon City warmly welcomes guests

Bo's Coffee, the country's all-Filipino specialty coffee shop recently opened its 93rd outlet at UP Town Center, the first and only university town center in the country to further cater to the caffeine-induced clientele in the said area. 

Bo's Coffee executives cut the ribbon during the opening of their 93rd outlet at UP Town Center

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Discover Flavorful Cooking with Ajinomoto Sarsaya Oyster Sauce and Coco Martin

Coco Martin's tarpaulin featuring Sarsaya Oyster Sauce welcomes guests at the event

AjinomotoPhilippines recently launched its newest product, Sarsaya Oster Sauce featuring its celebrity endorser, award-winning actor and “Ang Probinsyano” himself, Mr. Coco Martin.

Purple Plum Fairy's Media ID during the launch

Unlike other brands available in the market, Sarsaya Oyster Sauce is made from concentrated real oysters, complete with seasonings to provide a delicious blend of savor, sweet and salty taste to any dish.

Minex Crystals by Sylvia Mariano: Powerful Crystals that can Change Your Life

I have always been fascinated with crystals. Well, you can call it serendipity when I recently stumbled upon Minex Crystals, a showroom (filled with all the crystals you need) along J. Bocobo Street in Malate, Manila while I was doing my shopping at Robinson’s Place nearby. I love crystals and their ability to subtly but profoundly change our energy, health and aura. And maybe it was truly my lucky day because I was also given the opportunity, not only to meet but be given numerology, destiny life path and graphology reading by Minex Crystal's owner herself, Ms. Sylvia Mariano! I will tell you more about her readings later, but first allow me to share with you what I know about crystals and its powers.

Minex Crystals lovely boss Ms. Sylvia Mariano and Purple Plum Fairy
Each type of stone gives off its own unique form of subtle energy.  The particular energy given off by a stone is determined by its internal crystalline structure, and by the atomic vibrations that are specific to that structure.  Certain stones, including most of the stones normally thought of as healing stones, vibrate in a way that resonates with and strengthens particular energies inside each person.  These are the energies of the inner self, the energies that make up the attitudes and human qualities of a person.  This resonance can occur because the inner self operates by using a type of subtle energy that is similar to the subtle energy of crystals and stones.  The reason this type of energy is called "subtle energy" is because, although it is physical, it is less physical in nature than normal types of energy such as heat, electricity or mechanical energy.

Crystals and stones can be of really good help in personal growth, but keep in mind that they are not magic.  What they do is give you an edge in growth because of how the vibrations of their crystalline structure interact with the inner self.  Crystals and stones have the ability to resonate with the different energies of the inner self, thereby strengthening those energies.  This additional strength gives you the internal boost your energies need to make it easier to take steps towards growth.  It gives you the extra insight and determination you need to take the leap of faith that is necessary in adopting a new attitude.  It also gives you the strength to not be afraid to change something about yourself.  But in spite of all this, you must still do the actual learning and growing on your own.
As I was saying earlier, I was fortunate to be given a personalized reading session by Ms. Sylvia. In as much as I'd like to share with you details of what she had said about me, it's a little bit personal that doing so would mean divulging too much about myself on my blog (and I wouldn't really want to do that because I'm such a private person). Anyway, Ms. Sylvia gave me some insights about my life path as well as what I can do to make it better. The one-on-one personalized reading session can help one make clear decisions in various areas of one's life. As long as you come with an open mind, your experience will be a very pleasant one. Similar to taking an online-quiz about one's personality, Ms. Sylvia's readings simply help me learn about myself and in what I can do to help improve shady areas of my life. I was able to understand my life path, my destiny number as well as what I can do to fix what I lack in both energy and vibration.
As I gained insights into my personality (and I swear, until now I couldn't believe that she's got it all right about my personality yet it's only the first time that I've seen her). The reading session actually felt like another way for self discovery. Ms. Sylvia was very helpful in guiding me through the reading session and she was receptive in answering all the queries I had and everything I thought was unclear about. 
Through the said reading, I learned that I lacked four items (out of nine) in order to complete the vibration and energy I needed. Crystals affect the human body by virtue of their vibration in the same way any one thing affects any other thing. The human body is crystalline in nature, though, and that is why crystals and humans connect so deeply. 
Although it's been said that humans are designed to carry their own vibration, a crystal, aside from being a very nice tool (and friendly too) assists one in regaining vibrational alignment. Did you know that crystals can help with your law of attraction success? Yes, you're reading it right. 

This is The All-in--One Bracelet I bought from Minex Crystals
I bought a personalized bracelet from Minex Crystals to align my vibrations and energy. A personalized bracelet is a collection of different stones to fill my missing energy. It is also believed to balance my energy and uplift my power as a person. It's necessary to fight all the negative vibrations from the environment as well as from the people I meet every single day. In order to assist certain areas of my love life (ehem...yes, apparently, it exists in my life), I needed the Love Bracelet too. 

This is the Love Bracelet to help increase my appeal on the opposite sex
So what makes Minex Crystals a cut above the rest? I'm sure you guys are wondering what makes it a standout? For one, I love the fact that they use only authentic and genuine crystals. What they have are real powerful crystals and they do not incorporate plastic ones (unlike the others)in bracelets, necklaces and other accessories they make, instead they use separators. So you're guaranteed that you're actually getting exactly what you've paid for. The prices are also reasonable enough. And you could also make an appointment for your personalized reading with Ms. Sylvia for free. 
I was so happy with my purchase that night that I went home feeling so positive not just due to the purchases I've made from Minex Crystals but also because I could sense that my life will no longer be in such a deep rut. After the reading I've had with Ms. Sylvia, I know how to turn my life all around. Sometimes, it's not just the attitude, but knowing yourself well enough also plays a huge factor. Ms. Sylvia also stressed that to succeed in every endeavor, one must learn to work hard and establish good relationship with other people. 

The author, Purple Plum Fairy herself wearing the two powerful crystal bracelets she has purchased from Sylvia Mariano's Minex Crystals

True enough, a few days after I started wearing my Minex Crystals bracelets (after having them cleansed and programmed), things started to get going for me. It's as if everything else is falling on their right places. I've made a few client deals after what seemed like some kind of slump for a couple of months. What's more, new opportunities are also coming my way. No kidding, I've never felt so optimistic in my life, except now! My fave author, Paulo Coelho once said, "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." With a positive outlook in life while wearing these Minex Crystals bracelets, it's easier for me to visualize the things that I would want to achieve plus all the other goals I have in this life. 
Interested? Curious what these precious crystals can do for you? Would you like to get a free reading as well? (Yes, they're free provided you book for an appointment.) 
Visit the Minex Crystals Showroom at 1621 J. Bocobo Street (They're just across Robinson's Place), Malate, Manila.
Like them on Facebook at
Contact them at: (632) 526-0741/0928-3483534
Visit their website at

Thursday, February 16, 2017

John Legend's daughter Luna joins him on his Darkness and Light Tour

Singer John Legend

Parents want nothing but to be able to spend more time with their kids. Many parents feel that the main reason why they couldn’t spend more time with their children are because of their jobs and the difference with schedules. And, if there’s one thing that parents wish the most – it’s to be able to spend more time with their kids without worrying about any missed deadlines and schedule at work.

Not unless you can take your family with you to work.  We’ve seen more and more celebrity parents do this and it’s wonderful to think that even at work, parents can still spend time with their kids. The recent addition to this list is the lovely Legend – Teigen duo.

John Legend with wife Chrissy Taigen and daughter Luna

During his recent Facebook Live session on Monday evening, Legend, 38, announced that his lovely wife, Chrissy and their adorable daughter, Luna Simone, will be with him during the Darkness and Light Tour. So aside from listening to Legend’s admirable music, fans might also have the chance to see Luna, who knows.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Repertory Philippines presents Agnes of God: A Murder Mystery in a Convent

Repertory Philippines, more popularly known as REP, celebrates its 50 years by bringing back this gripping and thought-provoking drama, Agnes of God, in celebration of its golden anniversary.

Written by notable playwright John Pielmeier, Agnes of God was a long running hit on Broadway which opened in 1982, and adapted into film in 1985. The play explores the lives of three women and their own dark pasts. Their stories are interwoven into the mysterious case of the young nun Agnes who is accused of conceiving and killing her own baby in the convent.

REP first staged Agnes of God back in 1983 with veteran actress Pinky Amador playing the role of Agnes for which she won Best Actress in the 1983 Aliw Awards. Pinky returns in this re-staging of the critically-acclaimed production, but this time as Mother Miriam Ruth, the strong-willed Mother Superior who fiercely protects Agnes and claims her pregnancy was an Immaculate conception.

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