Monday, September 30, 2013

Marriott Hotel Manila: Help Cancer-Stricken Kids by Buying Cute Teddy Bears this Christmas

These cuddly teddy bears are for sale to help kids with cancer.

They say Christmas is for the children. Make the upcoming holiday season extra meaningful for you and your family by means of giving back and sharing all the blessings you have received this year. As part of Marriott Hotel Manila’s aim to do their share this season of joy, they are partnering with the Philippine Children’s Medical Center this Christmas. As of this time, the hospital has a total of 130 cancer-patient kids. Unfortunately, survival rate of these kids is only eight out of ten. So Marriott Hotel Manila together with Philippine Children’s Medical Center goes hand-in-hand to put a smile on the faces of cancer-stricken kids. 

Christmas is for Kids campaign of Marriott Hotel Manila

From November 12 to December 31, 2013, Marriott Hotel Manila encourages all their guests and loyal clientele to purchase the lovable plush Christmas Teddy Bear at Marriott Hotel Manila for only Php400 each. All proceeds will go to help cancer-stricken kids and help buy oxygen tanks for them. Yes folks, your Php400 will surely go a long, long way. 

A purchase of these stuffed toys will give cancer patients with oxygen tanks.
Marriott Hotel Manila's manager holds these two cute teddies.

Christmas is all about HOPE. Let’s buy those cuddly Christmas Teddy Bears at Marriott Hotel Manila and give each cancer-patient kid some ray of sunshine and a reason to smile and celebrate the Christmas season. 

For more information, please log on to or call +632 988-9999. The next time you visit Marriott Hotel Manila, please don't forget to buy a teddy bear to help kids in need. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Relient K Band Delights Filipino fans at the Ayala Malls

Relient k Band Members: John Warne, Matt Thiessen, Jon Scheck, Matt Hoopes and Ethan Luck

Ayala Malls had been receiving requests from fans of the American rock band, Relient K to perform in the country. And as Ayala Malls aim to continuously provide a premiere lifestyle experience, it is giving what many fans had been clamoring for: live performances from Relient K in your favorite Ayala Malls!

The Relient K band live in Makati

From a group of high school students who formed a band in 1997, using such catchy band name that actually stemmed from an old car given to one of the band members by his dad, Relient K had definitely come a long way. The band is composed of John Warne, Matt Thiessen, Jon Schneck, Ethan Luck and matt Hoopes. Known for their Christian rock style in the past, Relient K has recently experimented on a new genre with more catchy tunes and lyrics. “As we got older, we wanted to improve our music more, we tend to expand our music too” says Relient K member Matt Hoopes during the press conference held recently at the OZ Bar Roofdeck, Holiday Inn Makati.

Photo taken during the press conference in Makati

The two Matts from Relient K Band

Matt was welcomed warmly by Filipino fans

In their latest album “Collapsible Lung”, the group collaborated with amazing writers like Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga), Ari Levine (Cee Lo Green, Bruno Mars), Evan Bogart (Beyonce, Rihanna) and Tim Pagnotta (lead singer/writer for Sugarcult). The album includes 12 sure chart-bursting cuts such as “Don’t Blink”, “If I Could Take You Home” and “Boomerang”. 

The signed copy of their latest album called Collapsible Lung

When they were asked how different is Collapsible Lung from their past albums, “It was truly different. We kind of wanted to make a record where we would surprise ourselves, push ourselves musically, stuff like that,” explains front man Matt Thiessen.

Relient K has indeed come a long way from their high school band\.

The Grammy-nominated band has over two million records sold, two Dove Awards and three RIAA Gold-certified albums attesting to their success. Its front man Matt Thiessen also had songwriting collaboration for some top pop hits including Owl City’s 2012 summer hit “Good Time”, Kelly Clarkson’s “Long Shot” and the award-winning “When Can I See You Again” from the animated film Wreck-It-Ralph.

Here's a brief video of the press conference during their visit to Manila:

Catch Relient K’s heart-tugging lyrics and fresh new sound as they perform live at the Glorietta 5 Atrium on September 28, 6:30PM; Alabang Town Center Activity Center on September 28, 4PM; Market! Market! Activity Center on September 27, 6PM; and Trinoma Activity Center on September 29, 6PM. 

Jollitown's new season goes interactive with The Jollitown Kids Show



Kids can still catch the sixth season  of  Jollitown  with a new and even more  exciting live format. The Jollitown Kids Show—which airs on GMA 7 provides an even more engaging and fun learning experience for kids.


This season, The Jollitown Kids Show reunites the audience with their favorite friends—lovable Jollibee, talented Twirlie, cheerful Hetty, athletic Popo, and smart Yum. The show also introduces new friends, cheerful big sister Hannah, techie boy Justin, and the baby of the group, Gabbie, who  joins the whole Jollitown gang this season.


The Jollitown Kids Show also features a variety of new segments, such as the Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) Corner which features exciting activities and fieldtrips of JKC members. The series also include entertaining stories that teach responsibility, teamwork, love for family and other positive values. Fun games that illustrate the value of sharing and perseverance, plus song and dance numbers that showcase the talents of Jollibee and friends are just some of this season’s other highlights.  What makes this season even more exciting is that JKC members get the exclusive opportunity to be part of the live audience. Not only do they get to watch the show live, they can also join the show’s fun activities and games. Kiddie viewers can expect special guests that are sure to make each episode enjoyable and unforgettable.


“Jollitown is all about teaching positive Filipino values in the most fun and entertaining way,” said Inna Gimenez, Jollibee Senior Brand Manager. “With The Jollitown Kids Show’s new format, the interaction between the Jollitown gang and our kiddie viewers becomes real and exciting.”


“We commend Jollibee for coming up with a kid-friendly TV show that proves learning can be fun,” said Brenda S. Vigo, Council for the Welfare of Children Executive Director. “By watching responsible TV programs like The Jollitown Kids Show, Filipino children can imbibe positive values such as respect and care for others, especially for our elders, and concern for the environment. Let us continue to work to be a child-friendly Philippines—a caring and protective society for, by and with children.”


The Jollitown Kids Show airs on GMA-7 every Saturday at 8:40 a.m. until October 12.  For more fun, visit our website .


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Help Lito Casaje fight Cancer by buying his books

Cancer sucks. It is something that we all dread. Many have fought a good fight with it including popular celebrities. Some had been lucky while others unfortunately did not made it. When someone has cancer, we knew how difficult it could be both for the patient and the family that surrounds him. It seemed like the entire family has cancer.  It is truly a rough time because even if there are alternative medicines and chemotherapy, itvis a process in which the patient agrees to put "toxic" substances into his body and his system just to kill the cancerous cells inside him.

The name Lito Casaje may ring a bell for most people, especially  if you're into theatre or the arts. The multi hyphenated Lito Casaje who also happens to be an award winning playwright and veteran director is in dire need of our help right now as he's suffering from lymphoma--a certain kind of cancer. Casaje, for those who are not familiar with him is the president and founder of Dramatis Personae which he founded in 1989--an alternative theater is also a stage actor, scriptwriter/screenwriter, photographer, video and movie director (he did the film Batang Pro in 1999 with Golden Harvest Films of Regal.)

Also known as Dr. Carlito P. Casaje outside of theater and show business, he's a licensed optometrist (Doctor of Optometry, CEU 1977) and he's from the famous Casaje clan that owns Casaje Optical. He was a professor and chairman of production design at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, chairman and professor of the Department of Language and Mass Communication at La Consolacion College-Manila. He also taught at the San Sebastián College Manila and at Thames International Business School.

Lito Casaje needs our help. This blogger is calling the attention of his former students and fellow teachers as well as those whose lives he was able to touch and those who had read and seen his works. It's time to do our share and help this man who has certainly contributed a lot to the industry and to the field of learning. For someone who has selflessly shared his knowledge and passion for the arts, we are appealing that it is time we do our share by helping him pay for his regular chemotherapy treatments.

How can you help Lito: there are actually Three Ways to help Professor and Director Lito:
1. Pray for his good health and may he be on his way to complete wellness.
2. Purchase his books. By doing so, you will become a great help to him. Every book you purchase will certainly go to his chemo treatment.
3. If you have time, go and visit him. He needs help emotionally as we'll. Knowing fully well that there are people that still needs him and inspires him will certainly uplift his spirit more.

As they say in Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, there will always be some teachers that will make you realize who you wanted to be, someone who will inspire youto achieve more, to become who they really are meant to become. And for those who were lucky enough to meet Lito Casaje, you know within your hearts he's such a good man with a huge heart. So it's time to give back and do your share.

If you don't know Lito Casaje but have been touched by his masterpieces, please share this blog link so that more and more people will learn about him and will be able to help him. Please spread the word. Should you be interested to buy his books, Lito Casaje's books are available at UP Diliman Bookstores. Or you may contact his good friend, Juno Parungao at 09209112087 or 09178358335

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Every day is a SpongeBob’s adventure with Jollibee Kids Meal toys

Everyone’s favorite underwater trio SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward from Nickelodeon’s popular series SpongeBobSquarePantswill surely delight kiddie fans with the SpongeBob Adventure Kit from Jollibee.

Everyone’s favorite underwater trio SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward from Nickelodeon’s popular series SpongeBobSquarePants will surely delight kiddie fans with the SpongeBob Adventure Kit from Jollibee.
The terrific trio never fails to takekids on a hilarious and exciting journey in their hometown Bikini Bottom. Like them, youngsters can bring colorful adventures to life with three cool toys that come in every Jollibee Kids Meal.

With the handySpongeBobJournal, kids can scribble notes and make their own drawings. For added fun, they can choose from a selection of SpongeBob’swacky facial expressions to feature on its cover. Simply replace the cover to feature something new every day!
Kids can go on amazing adventures with the Squidward Wobble-Head Pen that lets them draw doodles and make bubble patterns on paper. Shake the pen and see Squidward’s head wiggle and wobble!
Boys and girls can also light up their rooms with the Patrick Night Light. They can simply switch on the light and watch their favorite pal Patrick change colors and glow in the dark.
With the SpongeBob Adventure Kit, every day becomesan amazing journey with friends. Hurry and collect all three toys with your favorite YumburgerMeal for only P80, Spaghetti Meal for P82 or 1-piece ChickenjoyMeal for only P99. The Jollibee Kids Meal SpongeBob Adventure Kit is available from September 1-30 at all Jollibee stores nationwide.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smart Concept launches “Affiliate Marketing Program”

With the aim to help provide further assistance to the rising unemployment rate among Filipinos and some additional income for everyone comes the idea of Smart Concept, Inc., one of the country’s fast-rising direct advertising and marketing companies, recently launched a marketing program that will surely bring some ray of sunshine to unemployed ones or those who’d like to increase their income.

Called “Affiliate Marketing Program”, it is a performance based marketing system that allows its members; called “affiliates” to be rewarded for each retail or even online customer they can recruit. The idea is to promote a long-term business relationship between four core team members within the system of the Smart Concept itself, which is the marketing company, the “merchant” or the product or service provider, otherwise known as the “retailer”, along with the “affiliate” or independent distributor and finally the “customer” or the client or actual consumer of the product or services.

Established back in 2008, it Smart Concept was first introduced via the Smart Concept Discount Catalogues or “Loyalty Coupons”, which offer discount benefits and freebies through its partner-merchants and establishments that include Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Salons, Spas, Health and Fitness centers, Amusement and Entertainment establishments, Car care centers, medical and dental clinics among many others. The “Discount Catalogues” help more people to experience prestigious brands and essentially help drive consumption and elevate their brand status to a higher level.

“The real essence of this system is that aside from Filipinos patronizing products and service of Smart Concept merchant partners, those who will join can also invite others to become members and be part of the growing community. Together with their recruits, both can enjoy rewarding benefits they will surely enjoy,” explains Minerva “Minnie” Tun, Chief Operating Officer of Smart Concept, Inc.

There are 3 ways to earn incentives under the Smart Concept Affiliate Marketing Program: Retail, Referral and Rebate. Retail incentives include a 25 % discount for every Loyalty Coupon purchased by the customer. One can sell or share the coupon to family members and friends. As for referral, it is recruitment-based and it means that the higher number of “affiliates” a person refers, the higher the referral bonus. For rebate, incentives come in “personal sales rebate” where the higher the rank, the higher the rebate one gets.
Smart Concept was formed with the objective to become the first and largest fully Filipino-owned direct advertising and marketing firm in the country. Its personnel has more than a decade’s wealth of experience and expertise and has offices in key areas such as Quezon City, Mandaluyong City, Cebu City and Davao City. For more details about Smart Concept Inc call (02) 470-1554 or (02) 470-1556, (+63) 917-5369551 or email or log on to
Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Timezone Philippines’ 2nd On-the-Spot Coloring Contest

Then five year old Kyle Madrid when he won 2nd place in Glorietta 5 in 2009.

Time flies really fast. It seemed like only yesterday when my beloved five-year-old nephew/adopted son Kyle won as second placer (Category A: Kids ages 4-6) in the Timezone Philippines’ 1st On-the-Spot Coloring Contest held at the Glorietta 5 Atrium. If I remember right, it was the year when Disney Pixar had my favorite animated film “UP”.  At the time, honestly, although I knew Kyle had earlier shown his artistic inclination through his drawing and sketches, but I never knew he’s also good in coloring. Don’t get me wrong; I had never doubted the boy’s talent. It’s just that I used to see his works using dark colors, not as colorful as the characters on the animated film “UP”. I could still vividly recall that I’m a picture of a proud aunt when he came home with his awesome prizes that day.

Four years later, my beloved nephew/son Kyle finally notched the first place (Category B: Kids 7-10 years old) in the 2nd Timezone Philippines’ On-the-Spot Coloring Contest, held recently at the Trinoma Cinema Lobby.  Imagine my happiness that Kyle nailed it once again! His grandma even cried tears of joy after Kyle’s name was announced as the first place winner. It was indeed the perfect birthday present for our dear Kyle who had just celebrated his 11th birthday after the day of the competition.

Ten year-old Kyle Madrid emerges as first place in Trinoma mall, 2013.

Kyle Madrid accepts his awards and prizes from Cherifer mascot, Timezone personnel and Intermed (makers of Cherifer and Pedzinc with host DJ Chikki.

“I’ve prepared myself for the contest. I even arrived early at the event just to make sure I’d get a comfortable seat. And I’ve also studied the colors of the main characters from Disney’s Planes. But I also had sweaty palms and jelly knees during the contest proper. There have been a lot of kids who colored their entries well. I just gave it my all,” relates Kyle.

Kyle won gift certificates from Timezone Philippines, Vitamins from Cherifer and PedZinc as well as toys and other goodies from Goldilocks, Tender Juicy Hotdog and other sponsors.

For future updates and promos, follow Timezone Philippines on their facebook fan page at While you’re at it, please like for future updates and contests on my blog.

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Young Filmmakers Take Centerstage at Nick's SpongeBob SquarePants Global Film Competition

Two aspiring short filmmakers bagged top prizes in Nickelodeon’s first-ever global SpongeBob SquarePants-themed short film competition, SpongeBob SquareShorts: Original Fan Tributes. Nicole from South Africa won in the 18 and over category with her live-action, silent film-esque “Finally Home” entry while David from USA won in the under 18 category with his “The Krabby Commercial” animated short film. Both entries bested more than 1,000 submissions from more than 70 countries and featured original storylines and stayed true to SpongeBob’s quirky charm, wide-eyed innocence and positive attitude.

“Finally Home” takes a peek into the life of a true-blue SpongeBob fan as she follows her heart and journeys to her ultimate dream home while “The Krabby Commercial” features Patrick teaching SpongeBob and friends a thing or two about optimism in the midst of a failed attempt to shoot a commercial. Apart from an international panel of judges comprised of Nickelodeon executives, fans via social media and online voting at the competition’s official site also helped choose the winning shorts.

Both Nicole and David were awarded a US$2,500 cash prize and a trip for four with accommodations to a grand screening of their own films at the SpongeBob Fan Shellabration at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. A celebration of all things SpongeBob, the inaugural event takes place on the weekend of September 7 and 8 with themed games and activities.

Monday, September 2, 2013

LifeProof Fre Case: A must-have for every gadget fan

LifeProof, the award-winning maker of all-protective, everyday cases for smartphones and tablets finally made it to the Philippine shores giving more techie gadget lovers a more worry-free life when protecting their beloved gadgets.

LifeProof, the award-winning maker of all-protective, everyday cases for smartphones and tablets finally made it to the Philippine shores giving more techie gadget lovers a more worry-free life when protecting their beloved gadgets.

The innovative LifeProof fre case offers full access to all key functions with its sleek, lightweight design that provides 24/7 protections against water, dust, dirt, snow and even shock. It’s really cool and a must-have for every gadget fan to have one. LifeProof fre case makes everything possible for its users to swim, bike through rugged terrain, use fitness apps on the run without ever worrying about what will happen to their gadget.

“Our consumers love the freedom that LifeProof fre case gives them to take their device anywhere without concern. We’re pleased to introduce the slimmest fully protective LifeProof fre case here in the country,” explains Evelyn Medina, Sales Manager for JCordon, the exclusive distributor of LifeProof in the Philippines. “As with all our products, we carefully design, build and test the case to our company’s standards to assure high quality and exceptional reliability.”

LifeProof even showed bloggers and members of the media how effective the LifeProof fre case was when they handed us with water guns during the product launch as we pointed our water guns to their brand ambassador model/TV host Marc Nelson’s iPhone.  “I’m a very active and sporty person. I’ve been really happy with LifeProof fre case. I can always focus on what I do knowing fully well that my gadgets are well protected by LifeProof fre case,” says Marc.

LifeProof has also introduced the nuud cases for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII. The nuud case offers protection with no need for a screen cover. It provides a waterproof seal to the touch screen while protects the device from leaving the screen open for direct touch. It also provides zero interference, glare, and loss of contrast or saturation and remains waterproof, drop proof, waterproof, dirt proof and snow proof. Life Proof gives you the confidence and freedom to make your device your constant companion.

LifeProof cases and accessories are available for sale at all ICON, PowerMac, Digital Hub, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Switch, iStudio, AShop, Astroplus and Technoholics outlets.
Purple Plum Fairy thanks LifeProof Fre Case, Ms. Joy Calipes-Felizardo and Style RPA.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Max’s Restaurant Grand Inaanak Fun Day at SMX Convention Center

Well-loved Filipino brand Max’s Restaurant recently held their very first and biggest “Grand Inaanak Fun Day” at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.  An assembly of roughly 2,800 participants, Max’s Grand Inaanak Fun Day was well attended by Max’s Restaurants loyal patrons who had their child’s baptismal/christening reception held at any Max’s Restaurant in the country.

Launched in 2011, the “Ninong Ko si Max’s” campaign pays tribute to the iconic member of the Filipino’s extended family—the Ninong (Godfather). Max, the celebrated figure behind Max’s Restaurant was introduced as the official godfather of every child who will celebrate their christening reception at Max’s Restaurant. Every year, until they reach the age of 7, inaanak’s will receive Christmas and birthday presents from their doting Ninong Max. With a minimum purchase of Php200, for every store they visit, they will also receive yummy freebies like Max’s Corner bakery treats. They also get 15% VIP discounts on their 1st and 7th birthday celebrations at any Max’s Restaurant in the country.

At Max’s Inaanak Fun Day, kids had a blast with the free game booths, art activities, musical theater play by Trumpets, free showing of the well-loved animated series Superbook, storytelling by My Masterpiece, and other family oriented and kid-friendly activities for everyone. There have been games and surprises too!

Max’s Restaurant has celebrated the most important milestones in almost every Filipino family for nearly seven decades. In all these years of sharing treasured memories together, Max’s has played a very important role in strengthening the family relationships from generation to generation. With the recent Max’s first Grand Inaanak Fun Day, Max’s would want to create unique and memorable experience that will further make closely-knit family tradition inherent among Filipinos.

Learn more about Ninong Max’s growing family and how you can become his official “inaanak” by logging on to
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